Update: Tuesday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 428-429)

Tanu brain washes Abhi against Pragya. She tells Abhi that her only concern is the child she is carrying and would do anything for its bright future. She emotionally blackmails Abhi and says if he want to leave her then he can. She will not let her baby suffer and will give a good life and upbringing her child. She cries and says she will work for her baby’s good life. Abhi falls victim to Tanu's cunningness.

Abhi apologizes. When Abhi gets trapped in Tanu's emotional trap, she tells him they can’t marry until he get divorce from Pragya and asks Abhi to divorce with Pragya as soon as possible. Abhi says he will talk to Pragya and asks her not to cry. Tanu looks on. Abhi immediately leaves to meet Pragya in his room but finds that the latter is fast asleep against the headboard. He repositions her but she falls on the bed and he decides to sort the matter in a rather calm manner as Pragya might refuse to divorce him. The next morning, Pragya wakes up and thinks she was waiting for Abhi and slept. She sees Abhi sleeping and wonder when he came.

Pragya worries about her failed plans. She feels that her dreams of reuniting with Abhi overshadow her task of uncovering the truth and thinks she will prove the truth first and then will think of other things later. She covers Abhi with the blanket. Daadi comes to the room and takes Pragya with her. She asks Pragya about last night. Pragya replies that she came but saw her sleeping. Daadi says she might have waken her up. Pragya then explains everything that Tanu and her boyfriend came with the goons and took someone else thinking her to be the blackmailer.

Daadi says what is happening now and asks God to show them the way. Janki calls Daadi up and says she needs to talk to Pragya. Daadi gives the call to Pragya. Pragya asks about her mother. Janki informs her that Sarla is missing since yesterday. Pragya says she might have went to the market. Janki says she is not there. Pragya says she will come there. She tells Daadi that they should go there. Daadi prays to God again.

Mitali sees Tanu sleeping peacefully and wonders if Abhi didn’t tell her anything or she trapped Abhi with her cunning words. She wakes her up and asks her to pack her stuff and leave as Abhi will be mad at her. Tanu asks if she think Abhi will throw her out of the house. She tells Mitali that she can’t control her husband and think same of others. She says Abhi is not angry with her, but with Pragya as she diverted his anger to Pragya. Mitali says Tanu might be dreaming. Tanu says she wouldn’t marry Abhi even if she come there as Pragya and Abhi are not divorced yet. She solved a trouble yesterday. Mitali asks what did she do? Tanu asks her to go and talk to Raj. Mitali says he is just angry with her. Tanu says if she wake her up again then she won’t let her stay in peace. Mitali gets angry.

Pragya, Purabh and Daadi go to the Arora's house. Janki explains about Sarla not coming home. Pragya tells that they will enquire about her mother. Daadi says she will be found. Janki, Daadi, Purabh and Pragya search for Sarla on the road and enquire about her. Pragya gets tensed and thinks nobody saw her. She calls her uncle up and asks if he talked to her mother yesterday but there is no news as he says no. Pragya says she might be here only and disconnects the call.

Pragya’s students came to her and happen to be the student who gave lift to Sarla and greets Pragya that he come to invites her for their marriage. They tell Pragya about Sarla that they met her yesterday and dropped her somewhere. Pragya congratulates them for their marriage. Tanu comes to Abhi’s room and sees him sleeping. She thinks Abhi might not talk to Pragya till now. She wakes him up and asks if he talked to Pragya. Abhi says he got something more important to talk and asks where Pragya is. Abhi says he will meet her and calls her. Pragya says she can’t come home. Abhi asks her to come home. Pragya says she can’t argue. Abhi asks her to say where she is? Pragya says she is going to Malvani Church. Abhi says he will come there. Tanu tells him to divorce Pragya and come home. Abhi leaves.

Pragya comes to the hotel, but is stopped by guard. She calls the manager and tells that she is Sarla’s daughter. Abhi comes there and tries to talk to Pragya asking her to come. Pragya says her mother is missing since last night. Abhi asks why she's worried about her mother. Pragya says to discuss that later. The manager comes there. Pragya asks if her mother took catering order. The manager has no information and says Sarla took order before. Pragya thank him. Abhi tells Pragya they will inform the police. Meanwhile, the goons wake Sarla up.

Nikhil thinks Sarla is hiding something and he want to know if she knows the truth about them and asks her to tell the truth. Sarla denies everything. Nikhil doesn't believe Sarla and threatens her. Sarla says his game will end soon and that she will die but won't say anything. Nikhil asks if Pragya knows about it. Sarla says Pragya doesn’t know else his truth would have come out by now. She says she would have deal with Pragya rather than Tanu. Nikhil asks his goons not to give Sarla water or food so that she will tell the truth.

Pragya in Arora's house discussing with Daadi and Purabh about how her mother was dropped at a studio and that she went there, but came to know from the manager that she didn’t took any order. Purabh figures that it's the same studio and says it's the same studio used for blackmail and Sarla might have came there. Pragya asks why they couldn’t see her then. She recalls the goons kidnapping a woman and says she might be her mother. Pragya worries if Tanu and her boyfriend kidnapped her mother. Abhi comes there and hears her.

Pragya asks Purabh what if the goons kidnapped her mother. Abhi comes to Sarla’s house and comes into the room by that time. Pragya thinks Abhi might have heard her conversation with Purabh. Abhi informs everyone that he is also worried about Sarla's kidnap. He also asks them as to who would have the necessary of kidnapping Sarla when she doesn't have any enemies and says Sarla might not have been kidnapped else the kidnapper would have called them. Janki feels sad about Sarla.

Soon Pragya asks Abhi as to why did he come there instead of going to his house. Then, Abhi informs her and others that he went to the police station to file the missing complaint and assures all that Sarla will be found within a day and that he won't let anything happen to Sarla. He asks Daadi to come home, Pragya she will come soon and needs to check out some more places. Abhi take his Daadi back and while they are on the way, Abhi is disturbed for Pragya and he doesn't understand why Pragya is so inconsistent and tells his Daadi that it is difficult to understand Pragya and asks if she is like this or just pretending. Daadi tells him that she is all alone without Bulbul and Sarla. He talks about Aaliya.

Daadi says he is good at heart and that’s why he feel bad about her. Abhi says Pragya have snatched her everything, but never did bad with him and that if Daadi says he is clean hearted, Pragya must be too. Daadi tells Abhi that faith will solve their problems. Pragya and Purabh meanwhile suspect Tanu's involvement in Sarla disappearance. Purabh says if Sarla is with the kidnappers then it is dangerous. Pragya is worried about Tanu kidnapping her mother. She says she will check on Tanu and will call her as the blackmailer and she will keep an eye on her. They decides to confirm this suspicious. Purabh says he will come with her. Pragya says she will call her in the morning and asks him to come the next morning.

Next day, Daasi asks Rachna to read the newspaper. Rachna reads it. Daasi says her eye power is getting weak. Ajay says she is getting old. Daasi says the old one is his mum. Ajay says his Beeji. Daadi is silent. Daasi wonders why she didn’t comment anything. Mitali asks Rachna about Akash and Raj. Rachna says Akash came and is sleeping in the room. She asks about Raj. Rachna says Raj stayed there as there was some work. Mitali calls from her phone, but he declines and disconnects the call. Mitali calls from Rachna’s phone. He picks the call. Mitali asks why she didn’t come home. Raj is angry and disconnects the call.

Purabh and Pragya work on their plan as Pragya says she wants to see Tanu before calling. Purabh tells Pragya that he will send her video call and she can see Tanu through it. Pragya pretends to be the security guard and calls up Tanu as a blackmailer, Purabh records Tanu's reaction. Tanu tells Pragya that the real blackmailer has been caught and threatens her. Pragya says she will send a parcel on Abhi’s name. Tanu gets tensed and is surprised to learn that Sarla was not the one who had been blackmailing her. She immediately calls Nikhil up and passes this information to him. Nikhil says his hunch is confirmed and tells her to meet up with him at 7pm. Later Purabh almost gets caught by Tanu and asks Purabh what is he doing seeing him holding the phone? Purabh makes an excuse.

Abhi tells himself that Pragya is already tensed about her mum and thinks he can’t talk to her about their divorce now. Pragya walks into the room and see him. She thinks what Abhi might be thinking and wonders if he is upset about her mother or something else. Abhi sees her and asks if there is anything on her mother's whereabouts. Abhi tells her not to worry, he has talked to a commissioner. Pragya acknowledges him and walks out of the room. Abhi sits down and thinks to himself that he should keep Pragya in a good mood. He then takes out his phone. On the other hand, Tanu is tense and thinks she have to meet Nikhil at 5:30 and now there is much time and she will feel bore.

Daadi is anxious, Purabh tries to make her feel better and asks Daadi not to take tension. Daadi says she is worried about her family. Purabh says the truth is coming out finally and Abhi’s problem will be solved soon. Daadi asks about Pragya. Purabh says she is in the room and will do something great. Pragya comes there and signal at Purabh. Daadi and Purabh looks at Tanu. Pragya sends message to Daadi that Tanu will get shocked as she have scared Tanu about parcel. Tanu thinks to meet Abhi. Just then, the courier guy comes and says that parcel have come for Abhi.

Mitali signs and takes it. Tanu gets angry with Mitali and asks her to give the parcel to her. Mitali says she will give it to Abhi. Tanu asks her to give the parcel to her else. Pragya asks what is happening and instigates them more. She asks her to give the parcel to her and takes it. Tanu gives in to Mitali and asks why do Pragya want to see it and gives the parcel to Mitali, asking her to give it to Abhi. She gets tensed.

Abhi calls the commissioner talks to the commissioner yelling about lack of news. He asks him to use his team to find Sarla and to hurry up with investigation. The Commissioner assures Abhi that they are searching for Sarla, and will find her soon. Abhi says she is his mom. The Commissioner says he know. Abhi asks him to inform him if he comes to know anything. Mitali drops off the package, and Tanu comes to Abhi and is about to take the parcel. Abhi catches her and asks what she is doing?. Pragya and Purabh watch in hiding. He yells that Mitali sister in-law gave this parcel to him. Abhi opens the parcel and wondering who it is and says no name or address is written on it. Tanu recalls the blackmailer saying that he will send the parcel on Abhi’s name. Abhi opens the packet and looks at it in shock as a black box falls on the floor. Tanu gets tensed.

Tanu gets worried as Abhi opens the parcel sent by an unknown person. Then, Abhi checks the parcel and finds some photographs in it and asks Tanu as to why are their pictures torn. Tanu looks at the photos and thinks it is her photographs with Abhi and gets tensed as Abhi questions her. Pragya asks why she have torn the photos? Tanu says it came in the parcel. Later, Purabh takes out the letter and reads the message sent by the sender and mentions Abhi that his fans are requesting him not to marry Tanu. Tanu gets angry. Pragya says Abhi can’t upset his fans.

Abhi says he can’t marry his fans and will do what he want. If he have to marry her, then he will marry her. Tanu thinks the blackmailer have sent this parcel and thinks she won’t take it lightly. Tanu tells Abhi that she will call Robin to clear the stuff. Mitali thinks about Raj’s words and is pressing the clothes. Rachna comes and asks where is her attention. Mitali asks Rachna to tell Akash to bring Raj here. Rachna says she is getting punished for her sins. Mitali asks what wrong did she do? Rachna tries to make her explain to get right. Abhi tells Purabh to go to the Police station and enquire about Sarla. Purabh looks at Pragya. Abhi says they have to search Sarla fast.

Pragya says she has important work to do. Abhi asks her to stay there. Pragya thinks what to do, if she would leave. Tanu thinks what Nikhil might be doing?. Tanu decides to inform about the parcel to Nikhil and plans to meet him. Pragya decides to follow Tanu but Abhi stops her. She asks Abhi to leave her hand. Abhi asks her to clear his confusion first. Pragya says she is going to search her mum. Abhi says she don’t care for her. Pragya says she is her mum and she will find her. Abhi says he will also go with her and asks if she is a super woman. Pragya thinks only Abhi can take her to that place before Tanu, and asks him to take her without asking any questions. Daadi thinks why Daasi is standing here and thinks she will see if Abhi is there in the room first. She opens the door and finds nobody. Daasi asks whom is she searching for? Daadi deny it. Daasi insists that she is searching for someone, but didn’t take her name. She says Abhi went to marry Tanu in court, but she haven’t told her. Daadi asks her to spy and know.

Pragya asks Abhi to take a turn. Abhi gets angry as she asked him to take turn late. He argues. Pragya asks him not to question her and drive silently. Abhi and Pragya gets down the car. Pragya says she parked the car near here, and thinks to make Abhi busy. She says she came to meet Suman who saw her mother. Abhi asks how they will find her. Pragya says she has seen her photo and she is wearing blue today. She asks him to sit in the car. Abhi says it is his responsibility to search Sarla aunty and he will look out for the girl.

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