Update: Tuesday On Life Of Ami (Episode 25-27)

The anchor announcing that the 2nd round is going to start and the name of the round is Yeh Jawaani Hain Deewani which is under 18 years of age round. Then Khushboo comes and tells Ami that she will also dance with them but Ami’s friend say she can't as she is small. Khushboo gets disappointed and goes to her friend and her friend says that they will dance and they both say that they will make them loose. 

The competion starts and all the kids are dancing and even Aishwarya dances with a boy named Tejas. Then Tejas acts as if his leg got sprained and he tells Aishwarya that he can't dance so they should go in a side and rest and they will dance again. Aishwarya then agrees to this and they go in a side and have gola outside near the parking area. While inside they all are dancing. Shruti seems delighted on seeing Ami enjoying the Dandiya night. She thanks Sanjay for bringing them to the place and making Khusboo and Ami smile and enjoy. Sanjay says that they are not happy because of him and that they are happy because of Shruti and her love.

The anchor announces the results and it's the 2 friends of Ami who win. Khusboo gets upset on failing in the competition but Shruti convinces her and says that they shouldn't take part in a competiton to win but should take part to get knowledge and not always to win. Tejas misbehaves with Aishwarya after the dance and she shouts at him to let her go. Ami hears her shout and goes to her rescue and then slaps Tejas. Just when Tejas was about to say something to her but Ami's friends come there and they ask him to leave or else he will be beaten up. Aishwarya then leaves from there and Ami comes out with her friends.

Nisha who happen to be Aishwarya's mother sees Ami there and says that she will call Shruti and tell her that Ami had gone in a dark place with her 2 boys friends. Aishwarya's mother, who is unaware of the whole situation, calls Shruti and tells her to come to the parking place as soon as possible. Shruti immediately goes there and asks her what's the matter. Nisha tells her that Ami is involved in some wrong act with her friends in a dark place with 2 boys and tells her to ask Ami that what was she doing there with the 2 boys there. Ami then says that Aishwarya was there with a boy and Tejas was misbehaving with her so she slapped him. Nisha refuses to believe her and says that she will call her daughter and ask her now itself. Ami’s is tensed.

Nisha tells Shruti that Ami has done a mistake and she is blaming Aishwarya for that. While Nisha and everyone are waiting for Aishwarya, Ami’s friend says that if Aishwarya doesn't speak up the truth then they will be scolded for no reason and then Ami’s friend calls Archana and tells her everything. She then tells Hetal and they both catch hold of Aishwarya. Archna reveals to Aishwarya that she had recorded Aishwarya and Tejas while they were dancing together. She threatens to show the MMS to Aishwarya's mother if Aishwarya doesn't tell the truth. Aishwarya refuses at first to speak up the truth but then at last she agrees as she thinks that if her mother sees the MMS then she would be screwed up. Meanwhile, at the Dandiya event, Sanjay is going to put his and Shruti’s name for couple dance but Bhavna comes there and gives her and Sanjay’s name.

Sanjay tries to tell her that he is going to dance with Shruti but she doesn't let him speak and tells him to close his eyes and imagine the girl whom he loves and it's Shruti infront of his eyes and when he opens his eyes Bhavna says that he knows that it's her. Sanjay gets a bit disturbed and angry and then leaves from there.

On the other hand, Aishwarya comes and speaks up the truth, Nisha gets a bit irritated and then Shruti and Nisha’s husband tell Nisha to look into the matter first before she put the blame on Ami. Shruti also tells Ami that she is proud of her.

Ami and her friends leave from there and Aishwarya asks Archana to delete the MMS to which Aishwarya and her friends say that they did not remove any such MMS. Hearing this, Aishwarya gets angry and tells them that she will trap them and teach them a lesson. While Ami's friends are hiding, they see Jasuben and Nisha and Ami sets off crackers to add fun to the Dandiya night and they get scred and start dancing. Meanwhile, Shruti is going to the parking lot, a drunken man starts following and teasing Shruti in the parking lot. But Sanjay arrives on the scene and saves Shruti. He beats the man very hard but also gets injured a bit while saving her. She then ties a handkerchief on his wound, she later tells him to come fast as the competition is going to start. She then takes him with her but he tells Shruti to stops there. The screen freezes on Sanjay’s face.

Sanjay and Shruti are near the entrance of Dandiya Dance. While Shruti starts to go inside, Sanjay calls her out. She stops and turns. Sanjay goes near her. A yellow flower piece is in her hair which she doesn’t know. Sanjay goes near her and blows her hair. The yellow piece of flower blows away and Shruti smiles and tells him to come inside. She again starts to leave but Sanjay calls out her name she she stops and asks what? Sanjay says nothing.

Shruti tells him to come inside and she then asks him if he have kept their names in the couples dance. Sanjay says yes. Prabha ( Sanjay’s mother ), Bhavna and Aashish ( Sanjay’s friend ) are standing together. Prabha comes and tells Sanjay Bhavna is waiting for him for so long and asks till when she gave his and her name for the couples dance contest. Bhavna asks Sanjay to partner with her for the Dandiya competition. Ami and Khushbu also come there and tells her mother to dance with Sanjay because she is the best dancer. Shruti refuses to dance with him and pushes Sanjay to go and dance with Bhavna.

Prabha feels happy. Ami tells her mother that she promised Sanjay uncle that she will get a girl for her and asks her mother how is Bhavna for Sanjay? Prabha smiles to herself. Aashish notices not so happy faces on Shruti’s children and asks Shruti if she doesn’t mind then they can dance as a couple. Shruti still says no then her children and Prabha tell her to go and dance. Shruti then decides to participate with Sanjay's friend and says okay.

All the couples start dancing, Preeti and Pinky start singing Sawaar Loon song from Lootera movie. Satish ( Shruti’s brother ) sees Shruti dancing and feels angry. Jassuben goes and sits in chair beisde Shruti’s mother and she sees Shruti dancing. She then tells her that Shruti came someone else and is now dancing with someone else and she is sure she will go back home with someone else. Shruti’s mother hears this comment and glares at Jassuben and she is shocked. All the couples are dancing Dandiya with each other. Sanjay though is dancing with Bhavna but all his eyes are on seeing Shruti’s dancing.

Suddenly, Sanjay goes into dream, imaging himself and Shruti dance in the Dandiya dance place with no one there at all. They dance on Full Sawaar Loon song from Lootera movie. Just then, his imagination comes to an end and Sanjay realizes he is dancing with Bhavna and not Shruti. He looks at Shruti and the dance ends. Prabha feels happy seeing Sanjay and Bhavna dance.

The host in stage tells that winners are finalised and about to announce the names. The 1st prize / Best dance couple goes to Sanjay and Bhavna. Bhavna feels happy. Shruti congratulates Bhavna by shaking hands with her and Shruti draws out hand to shake Sanjay’s hand and then pulls it back. She mischievously pokes his nose and leaves. Sanjay smiles and rubs his nose. But the host stops them and asks what’s so much urgency and that it's the first time that tie has happened for this 1st prize / Best dance couple. He then announce the 2nd couple who has won is Aashish and Shruti Joshipura. Both the couples that win the dance competition are happy. Shruti’s smile, while her mother and her childern congratulate her. Both the couples go on stage and hold the trophy togehter. Sanjay stares at Shruti and they all come down.

Prabha then goes on stage and says that she bring down the curtains to this show and thanks Preeti and Pinky for their time. They say it was their pleasure and they also enjoyed it and they won’t forget this day ever.

Later, Ami takes Sanjay’s mobile and gives it to Aashish. Sanjay is with Shruti and her whole family ( Shruti's mother in-law, Shruti's mother  and her children stand with smiling faces while Aashish takes snap. Ami’s takes Sanjay’s mobile and takes snap of both the winning couple smiling with trophy. Sanjay is standing beside Shruti and Bhavna and Aashish are standing beside both of these people.

Sanjay is in his bed in his night dress and going through the snaps taken by Aashish and Ami at the event. He stops at Ami’s snap of them holding the trophy and sees himself and Shruti standing beside each other. He then zooms the picture so that only him and Shruti are visible in the picture and smile as he stares at her picture.

Meanwhile, Shruti, her mother in-law and her childer are at her home and the children are unwrapping the gifts they won at Dandiya dance. Ami opens her packet containing 1 packet each of Cashew and Almond. She tells they will gift this to Kaka uncle who is working in their house. Shruti’s mother in-law says some kind of good line and joke and they all laugh. Khushbu opens the gift containing makeup kit and then says they will gift it to Jassuben.

Shruti’s mother in-law asks why will that old lady Jassuben requests for something like that and all laugh. Shruti schold’s her mother in-law and stays what wrong words her teaching to kids in which her mother in-law replied that she is happy that Shruti brought home this silver stick / tower. Ami corrects her grandmom saying its called Trophy and not stick / tower in which her Daadi says what ever and that this navrati has been eventful with her winning and all.

Khushbhu then says yes but her mother should have danced with Sanjay uncle because they both dance well then winning chances would have doubled. Shruti says okay but still they won now. Ami says yes that Sanjay uncle is a good dancer but there is no best dancer in his world than her father. Shruti's mother in-law sees Harsh’s picture on the wall and a tear rolls down her eyes. On the other hand, Sanjay keep staring at his and Shruti’s picture in his mobile and says if she tell the same for him, and asks if Shruti also think the same way as he think about her? Shruti back hugs Ami and tells her that her dad was the best and there is no one like him.

Prabha Mehra ( Sanjay’s mother ) enters her room and angrily removes her jewels. Mr Mehra also enters and goes and sits on a chair and asks Prabha what happened? Why is she angry? She tells her husband that he always find fault with her and that if he had controlled Sanjay in his childhood  then he won’t be like this today. She informs him that Sanjay brought Shruti and her family to Dandiya Dance and that she feels so much ashamed because of his behavior.

Mr Mehra asks Prabha to clearly tells him what she want to say. Prabha says Shruti is a widow with two kids and she first used her kids to be near Sanjay and now she herself has starting drawing Sanjay towards her. Sanjay enters his parents room and angrily calls his mother indicating her to stop and says Shruti is such a gem of a person. She has courage after her husband death and with her courage, she has held her family together. She has self respect and with respect she bring up her kids and her family on her own. He tells his mother if she had known about her properly then she won’t say like this about her.

Prabha says today she have just told bad about her and tomorrow when Shruti will fully trap him, he will not even listen to her and adds that he is lashing out at her unnecessarily. Sanjay's mother asks Sanjay to stay away from Shruti. Sanjay tells his mother there is nothing like that. Prabha asks what is his relationship with her? Mr. Mehra tells Sanjay to answer. Sanjay says she is his best frind’s wife and his friend. Prabha says he is telling a lie about the relationship he is having with her and that it's called “LOVE”. Sanjay is shocked hearing this. Prabha says the whole society sees like this and says don’t he also Love her?. Sanjay leaves quietly. Prabha tells Mr. Mehra to see how their son has become.

Sanjay then tells his mother that he don’t want to name the relationship he have with Shruti so that she can tell any nonsense about this relationship. He then says if anything happens in his life Or not but Shruti will remain in his life for sure and if she consider this as his adamant nature or whatever, but not to try to change this fact of his life. Sanjay, however, declares he will never leave Shruti.

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