Update: Tuesday On King Of Hearts (Episode 541-542)

Sid says one man comes on TV resembling me. Payal gives him file. Two men come there and says this is our set. Bunty stops them. Roshni calls him. Bunty says I will call you later. The men say that we are akbar and birbal’s actors. Raj gives them money and ass to eat burger. The men refuse to take money. Payal asks who are talking outside. Sid says mental ward is outside. Payal gets up shockingly.

Sid says there are many wards here, and we play kidney game also. Payal says this is wrong hospital and says I will not stay here for a min.. She comes out and sees Neil talking to doctor. Doctor tells him that his physiotherapy will start and he will be fine soon. Payal gets convinced that it is a hospital and comes back to Sid on Ria’s insistence.

Raj thanks Neil for helping them. Neil says Sid is doing this for me and appreciates them. Sid asks Payal to lie down on the bed. He says she is dead and then says she is alive. He says I will check your sister and asks her to take a heavy breath. He hits on her legs and asks are you feeling pain. Payal says yes. He checks her mouth and eyes and says Oh My God. He presses her neck and shockingly says oh..my God. Your kidney is failed.

Payal asks how did you identify it by holding neck. Sid says you have leukemia and psoriasis. Payal asks are you sure? She imagines herself as bald and asks Doctor to tell the time left for her. Sid says it can be 1 weeks or few mins. He says have you seen anand and says you will see soon. He asks Ria to take her Didi from there and says God will take her in few days.

Payal tells Ria that she has less time, but you have to do what I started. She says I will give my POA to you so that you can do my work, even if I live and die. Sid comes home and tells Roshni that Neil helped him at the last min. Ria calls Sid and says Payal wants to give POA on her name. Sid says this is a good news. She turns and sees Payal standing in front of her. Ria says do you need anything. Payal says no, I wanted to meet you. Ria says I won’t let anything happen to you. Payal says I was shocked. She says we shall not take legal decisions in a hurry and asks her to take care. Ria thinks plan is turned down, what to do. Neil comes there and looks at Ria. She says what to do? Ria says we have to tell Sid immediately. Neil says Ria…and says nothing.

Roshni tells Sid that they shall find baby names. She says Kunal for a boy. Sid says I will have a daughter and her name will be Shariya. Roshni says she will have a son only and will become sportsman. Roshni says he will have a daughter Shariya. Simran comes and asks them not to argue. Roshni says baby is inside me, and I know. Simran smiles and asks her to eat laddoo. Roshni eats it. Sid asks what do you want? Simran says I want a grand daughter, but I know this will be grand son. Raj says even I think same. Sid says if I have a son then I will leave. Simran asks him not to tell that. Roshni says if everything comes true then I would become Ranbir Kapoor’s wife. Sid says she is living in illusion and asks her to open the door.

Neil and Ria come to Sid’s house. Sid says if Payal doesn’t sign tomorrow then everything will be problematic. Neil says everything is happening because of me and maa. Roshni tells Sid that we have to do something to their love story. Sid says we will get POA and asks them to go hom and sleep. Roshni asks what is the plan? Sid says this is my magic and asks them to go and sleep. He asks how you will go? They say we will take a cab. Sid says I will call my driver and asks him to drop you home. He calls Ramesh and tells something which is muted.

Neil and Ria are in the car. Chup Tum Raho Chup Hum Rahe song plays. They look at each other. Neil gets message from Sid that he has kept Champagne. Neil shows Champagne to Ria. Ria keeps her head on his shoulder. Driver says Sen Gupta house came. Ria says first I will go and asks him to come later. Neil stops her and says he can’t change the past, and her sufferings which she faced because of his mum. He says if we leave our past behind and start afresh. Ria holds his hand. Neil asks her to give him a chance. Ria smiles. Neil thanks and hugs her.

Sid tells Roshni that they will do as planned. He tells Payal that we want to talk to you. He says I would have fight with you if being alone, but I have many responsibilities of Roshni and baby. He apologizes and asks her to think about his baby. Payal says the great industrialist and ex CEO are bent in front of me and begging. Roshni says what she think about herself. She pulls her hairs and it comes in Roshni’s hand shocking Payal. Payal thinks about Doctor’s words that she will have a hair fall and goes. Roshni tells Sid that she has added hair removal cream in her shampoo bottle. Ria informs Sid and Roshni that Payal went to the same doctor. Sid says shooting is going on there. While Payal is driving the car, Simran comes in front of her car and says she hit me and cries.

Payal comes out of her car and apologizes. Sid, Ria and Roshni are looking at their plan. The people gather there ask Simran to take rest in godown. Payal says she is in hurry and will take her to hospital. Simran says she don’t have time for poor. Payal happens to see Simran’s face and says Mrs. Khurana. The people standing there see Simran standing on her feet, and says it is their personal matter, and leave. Payal asks what is your motive? Simran says you are a witch and curses her. Payal is about to slap her. Roshni comes and holds her hand, asking her not to dare slap her mum. Sid and Neil also comes. Payal says everyone is standing to fight with me and praises herself. She then sees Ria with them and is shocked. She recalls Ria taking her to the hospital.

Payal realizes that she was never ill and they have done this to get company back from her. She tells I will see you later Ria…but will see your lover first. She says I have lost my baba, property, home and respect because of you. She says you are guilty of me and my baba…I will bring you on road with all your family. She tells Sid that she will cut his nose in business community for helping Neil. She announces that she will get even Khurana company with Mauve. Ria says di. Payal slaps her. Neil is shocked.

She says we have suffered a lot because of them and then also supporting them. She says first you lost baba and now me, you are now an orphan and goes. Later Ria tells that Payal is very determined and will take revenge. Neil says if anything happens to you all, then I can’t bear. Sid says this war is not between you or Payal. It is between right and wrong. He says we are one family now and will win together. Payal comes there and asks them to sit and don’t embarrassed her. She says did you remember what I said? I said that I will end you within 10 hours, and says says this is the invite, come for sure. She throws the card and asks them to see the press conference. She says Steven Smith will buy Mauve and I will become wealthy, and then Steven Smith company will sue Khurana company. Sid, Raj and Neil are shocked. Sid gets irked. Payal asks them to come for food at least, don’t know if you will get it or not. Sid says lets go. Simran asks what you are saying? Sid says what she said that the food is good and I can go anywhere for good food, lets go.

Payal signs on some papers happily. Mr. Smith announces his collaboration with Khurana company shocking Payal. Sid walks on to the stage happily and victoriously. Payal is shocked and thinks she was cheated by Mr. Smith and Sid. She thinks she has signed on the papers. Sid thanks everyone and says Mauve is not my company, but of someone who took care of the company since its beginning. He says Neil Sen Gupta and Roshni Khurana took care of the company. He asks them to come on stage and asks Payal to sit. He tells that Mr. Smith is his family friend and tells that his son Peter is his good son. He tells Raj and Simran.

He tells that Mr. Steven Smith have been helping him to get company from Payal, and gives credit to Payal for signing on the papers. He says if she wouldn’t have signed on the papers then we wouldn’t have get this company. He gives company to Neil again. He asks Payal, if she like it and asks her to sign on the papers next time. Inspector comes and arrests her for fraud and attempt to murder on a pregnant woman Roshni. Payal says I am innocent and says accused is Sid and Neil. She asks Ria to tell truth. Ria says she is guilty, take him.

Sid tells Payal that you did a mistake and felt us weak because of your over confidence. He says it is bad to think me weak and says enjoy your time in jail. Payal says I will not leave you, once I get out of jail, you will be my target. Inspector takes her. Payal looks at her while going. Sid thanks Ria and says I know this was painful for you. He says truth is the God’s way, and says I am with you, like your family, we all are with you, as your family. He says Payal is your sister, and revenge motive have ruined her. He says I am proud of you, as you have chosen happiness and Neil over revenge. Payal is taken by Police, she thinks I will make your life hell and will punish even your children.

After 6 months

Next morning, everyone calls Roshni. Cook comes and says she made bhajiya for Roshni. Sid asks her to make her eat fruits, as she is getting fat. Simran takes the plate and asks them to continue fighting. Sid thinks all ladies are one team and he is alone. He tells Tai that he has taken care of Roshni for 2 months, and then she is taking care of her since 6 months. Tai says I will take care of your son also.

Raj and Simran are going out. Raj asks him to call them if needed. Sid thanks Tai for taking care of Roshni and says I can’t repay your doings. You are taking care of her, when your son is so small. Tai says my husband left me and I came here. Sid says that man will repent. Tai asks Sid to take care of Roshni. Sid prays to God to take care of his son, as this is Roshni’s eight month of pregnancy. Just then Roshni shouts for Sid. Sid runs to room and says oh God, have to take her to hospital.

In the hospital, Doctor tells Sid that 8th month delivery is complicated, but they are still trying. Lady constable allows Payal to meet someone. Sid comes to the temple and asks God to save his wife and son, and can take his life. Payal thinks I will ruin and kill them and says Siddharth Khurana is responsible for this. A man (Gaffur) comes to meet her in the hospital and smirks.

Krishna is shown and bhajan plays. Sid’s baby is born. Sid takes aarti and leaves. Gaffur says I have old enmity with Siddharth Khurana and DD Patel. He tells Siddharth made Shabnam go far from me, and that DD had ruined my business and kept me in jail. He says I will have fun to ruin Siddharth Khurana. Nurse comes out and informs Sid that his son is born. Sid gets emotional seeing his baby.

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