Update: Tuesday On King Of Hearts (Episode 532-534)

Siddharth finds Payal Walia is the CEO of Park Private Limited and pledges that he will turn her life into a living hell. Siddharth tells Raj that he will meet Payal Walia. Payal Walia is seen going on a stage as she organizes a press conference. She addresses to the media and thanks them. She says hers company was small before, but become big with time. She says she is taking over Sen Gupta company and will be CEO of the company.

The reporter asks how is Neil? Payal says Neil is unwell and is unable to run the company and his family should get him treated. The reporter says Ragini was running the company as CEO of Mauve and she have sent her behind bars on attempt to murder charges. She asks Ria to come on stage and tells that Roshni married Neil for money and have attacked her sister. Siddharth and Raj watch the interview of Ria's sister, Payal accusing Roshni, saying that she tried to murder Ria.

Later, Ria comes to Neil’s house. Neil finds Ria descending the stairs and is shocked to find her and asks why did she come here. Ria starts insulting Neil and saying this is her house and asks him to leave with his mum. Neil goes on to hold Ria's neck and in the process Neil falls down. Naina takes him with her. Someone informs Payal that Neil Sen Gupta have bailed out his wife.

Payal says this is what she was expecting, but until he will save her and decides to take revenge from Neil for doing this. Siddharth says this fool doesn’t know that Roshni’s husband is Siddharth Khurana. He know how to make her taste dust and decides to teach her a lesson in her own manner. Ragini comes out of cell and asks about Siddharth. The lawyer says Neil has done this.

She comes home. Mithul says she have come home. Roshni asks what did she think that she will be there. Ria comes and says her handicapped husband can’t go from one room to another. Naina asks how dare she talk to her daughter in-law like this and is about to slap Ria. Payal comes there and holds her hand. She says they are progressive people, but not to allow servants to slap them. She introduces herself as Ria’s sister and asks Naina to move from her way. Roshni says talk is not over yet. Payal laughs and says it is over. She asks Ranjeeth to bring lemon water for her. Ranjeeth refuses. Mithul asks him to bring.

Roshni asks Payal to get up. The police comes just then. Payal acts and says she is hurting her. The inspector asks Roshni to come with him and says new case is filed by her. Roshni asks who have put these allegations on her. Siddharth comes there and says he have done it. Neil asks what is happening and why is he blaming his wife.

Siddharth tells Roshni that their relation is purely professional now. Neil tries to interfere. Siddharth says they are lucky. He tells Neil that him and his wife have ruined the Khurana enterprise name. He is Siddharth Khurana and he don’t want to see their faces and asks the inspector to take them. Payal intervenes. Siddharth asks who she is?He asks if she want him to talk to her like this. Payal says this is his house and how can he talk to her in this tone.

Siddharth asks Payal if she is woken up. He think she is in dream world and if she wake up then she could see that he is not interested to talk to her. He asks her not to interfere and asks the inspector to take them away but initially, Siddharth wants to give Payal Walia a taste of her own medicine. Roshni asks what is this drama? Siddharth reply that she will know when she reach the police station.

Payal gets irritated hearing Neil screaming and she asks his mother Naina to keep him quite or else he will need to be given electric shocks. Meanwhile, the police who takes Roshni away drop her mid way to an isolated place. Siddharth comes there, dressed nicely in suit. Roshni asks what is he doing here and why have he done drama at home? Siddharth smiles and asks her to come with him. He takes her to beautifully decorated place where he has arranged a big surprise for his beautiful lovely wife in order to spend a romantic evening together, Mere Khuda song plays in the background.

Siddharth tells Roshni that the stones there are the milestones related to their life chapters. He reminisces their first meeting, candy floss etc. He says when he met her for the first time, she was angry and all those moments on this tree. He further says the best part of his life was to see her in wedding dress with vermilion, mangalsutra etc. He got married once, and all those memories will remain in his heart.

Roshni gets emotional. He shows her the tree of relationship and says this is everything to him. He adds their middle class life, they have seen happiness and sadness together, their first child and Ayesha and this tree symbolizes this and challenges that this tree will stand strong and will never fall.

Roshni looks at the empty tree and asks why is this empty? Siddharth says this is a tree of darkness. This is the black part of their life, bad memory which I want to plucked out of his memory. He says this tree symbolizes Durgardevi’s death, her accusations for him, then she coming again with different name and then marrying someone else infront of him. Roshni asks why did he do this suddenly.

Siddharth says he have a reason . He holds her hand and takes her to show her the notice. He says whenever there is dense darkness then they would understand that light is nearer. He says sun is sparkling on their relation and says Siddharth have just Roshni in his life. He shows the notice to her, and says there are only happiness in their life. Roshni reads it and says they are married even now, their divorced never happened. She gets emotional.

Siddharth bends down on his knees to propose her with a ring. He says he have two questions for her, he asks if she love him, and second can she spend the rest of her life with him. Roshni cries as she is overwhelmed when he proposes to her with a solitaire in his hands and hugs him emotionally. She apologizes to him repeatedly. Tu Hi Tu song plays in the background.

Siddharth says he is sorry and apologizes to her. He will tear this paper and let the things be as it is. Roshni beats him teasingly and hugs him. Roshni asks if mom knows about it. Siddharth says yes. Roshni says even though they are husband and wife, she can’t leave Neil. Siddharth says she have to leave him and that Neil only loves Ria. He never loved her and sees her in her. He adds that if she don’t leave him then their love will not find a way. Roshni says then why this is happening?

Siddharth says he has a plan to know Payal Walia and she is responsible for his condition and they have to behave as enemies infront of everyone. Roshni agrees. He is about to kiss her, but Roshni stops her, saying Neil thinks her as his wife, it is wrong to kiss someone else wife. Siddharth thinks when will Neil move from their way. Later, Mithul comes to the Police station and is shocked to learn that Roshni is not in the prison although she had been arrested by the police. Without waisting much time, Mithul calls up Payal and passes her the information regarding Roshni. Payal gets angry and says if this information is wrong then she will not be spared. She thinks about Siddharth’s arrogant behavior and gets angry.

Payal visits the police station where she inquiries about Roshni? The inspector is tensed and does not tell anything about Roshni. Payal asks him to drink water and think about some excuse. Bunty calls Siddharth up and informs him about Payal Walia's activities enquiring with the Police about Roshni. Siddharth gets alerted and decides to craft a way for Roshni out of this situation. Payal asks the inspector where Roshni is and where do he sent her. The inspector says they are searching for her.

Payal thinks Mithul was right, they don’t know about her. She comes out of the Police station, and sees Roshni coming in her car with the lawyer. She asks what did she think that she will be behind bars because of her ex husband or her. Her lawyer shows her the bail papers. Payal is upset as she learns that Roshni has been released from the jail. Naina asks Neil to have medicine. Neil is sad and says he couldn’t save his family and home since he stopped going to office, everything is finished.

Naina says everything will be fine. Ria asks the men to keep the stuff. Roshni comes home. Neil happily hugs her. Ria is taken aback. Roshni asks Ria to take out those stuff. Ria says this house is theirs now. Payal comes and says they are workers. She asks Ria, who are these people? She feels pity on Neil and says she have allergy with losers and asks them to leave.

Roshni holds her hand and she and her people will leave from here. Payal says no that Roshni and her people would leave and advice her to get Neil treated by a good doctor as the disease is spreading. She adds that there are many people who roams on the road without home. She tells Ria that she will give concession to them for her and they can stay here but as a servants. Ria says it sounds good. Payal says they need manpower to clean and take care of the house. Roshni asks Naina to get their things packed that they will leave in the morning and they are habitual to live in the houses. Ria asks Payal how will they rub it on their faces if they leave. Payal asks if she is falling in love with that handicapped Neil. Ria turns her face and says no. Payal tells her not to worry, they will no.

Roshni meets Siddharth in the night and tells him that Payal asked them to stay in the house, but as servants. She asks if they are mad to listen to her. Siddharth then says if she leave then their plan will fail and asks her to have patience for 2 more days. Ria comes out while Siddharth and Roshni are talking. Siddharth asks Roshni to give him a kiss. Just then, Roshni sees Ria coming there and keeps her hand on Siddharth mouth in order to stop him from talking more. She signal him. Ria looks at there place and finds nobody.

Roshni convinces Neil to stay in the house. Neil feels helpless. Roshni tells Naina that they will manage, else everything will go from their hands. Naina signal her. Roshni tells Neil that she will go and deal with Ria. Naina tells Neil that Ragini is right.

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