Update: Thursday On Twist On Fate (Episode 442-443)

While Pragya is waiting for Abhi at the dining table she recollects her conversation with Abhi and thinks that he might be waiting for her. Meanwhile, Daadi asks everyone as to why Abhi didn't come for dinner yet and asks Pragya to go and call him. Pragya refuses to leave the table and asks if she is asking her? Dadi says no and asks Tanu to go and call him. Tanu says okay.

Pragya then informs everyone about her fear that Abhi might demand for a divorce if she talks to him. Everybody wait for Abhi while he waits for Pragya and thinking about convincing Pragya for a divorce with his sweets talk. Tanu comes there. Abhi doesn’t see her and thinks she is Pragya. Tanu asks if he got any call. Abhi says he got same old call and asks her what happened?

Tanu asks why was he waiting for Pragya? Abhi says he was waiting for her so that he can talk to her about the divorce and he will drop the idea? Tanu asks him to talk and apologizes to him. Abhi says okay, and asks her to go. Tanu says Pragya is having dinner with everyone and will not come now. Abhi says okay and says he will talk to her after dinner. Till Abhi did not come, Pragya thinks this is the right time to take a step, and messages Daadi and Purabh. She leaves. Abhi and Tanu comes too.

Abhi asks where Pragya is? Just then Nikhil comes. Tanu gets tensed seeing him. Nikhil says he came to ask about Sarla’s recovery. Abhi says it will take time for her to recover. Nikhil says okay, and that he will leave now. Abhi and Purabh ask him to have food with them. Just then Pragya calls Abhi  from an unknown number as a watchman’s voice. Tanu is horrified and about to fall when Pragya poses as the security guard and calls up Abhi, but then Mitali holds her.

Nikhil gets shocked too. Pragya tells Abhi that someone is betraying him. Tanu is worried that her truth is about to be revealed but she snatches the phone from Abhi and asks how dare the watchman trouble Abhi. Watchman/Pragya apologizes to her and says he thought to get money from Abhi. Abhi takes the call and warns him not to call again. Pragya disconnects the call. Abhi asks Tanu to relax, and suggests they should have dinner. Nikhil asks if there is any problem? Abhi says no.

Later, Abhi decides to speak of the divorce with Pragya and organises the room well in order to impress Pragya to convince her in agreeing for the divorce but he ends up spraying the room fresher on Pragya's face accidently while spraying the room. Pragya coughs and starts to feel unwell and the asks why is he spraying the room. Abhi apologizes to her and says he have sprayed mosquito repellent. Pragya says it is the freshener. Abhi says the room is looking fresh and mosquito. Pragya says the mosquito will not be killed, but she will get killed. Abhi says he will give his breath to her. Pragya thinks he might be thinking to talk about divorce and she uses it as an excuse to divert Abhi's mind from the divorce. Abhi asks which smell she likes? Pragya says she likes sand smell. She goes to sleep. Abhi thinks what to do? Pragya opens her eyes and asks him to sleep. Abhi says he is not getting sleep and asks her to sleep. Abhi says what to do, so that she wakes up. Pragya opens her eyes and asks him to switch off the lights. Abhi switches off the lights. Pragya asks him not to sit and says she is scared of his shadow, asks him to sleep.

Abhi asks her to get up and talk to her. Pragya refuses. Abhi asks her to say yes and sleep. He tries to speak about the divorce that Daadi talked to her about it but Pragya says no in anger. Abhi says okay and asks her to sleep. He says he thought to go on a walk in the garden and asks if she will come. Pragya succeeds in diverting the topic as she pretends to sleep. Abhi leaves. Pragya thinks she can’t get late and have to bring Tanu’s reality in front of everyone. Tanu thinks it was good that she was with Abhi at that time, else her truth would have come out. She thinks to call Nikhil and enquire with him. Later, Pragya comes face to face with Tanu by coming to her room. Tanu asks what she is doing here and asks her to leave. Pragya says she came for her betterment. She frightens her when she informs her that she has learnt a secret about her and she is thinking of what to do, whether to enquire about the thing which she came to know about her, and asks her to see her attitude then. Tanu says she didn’t mean that and that her mood was bad since morning. Pragya says it seems to be very important thing and that’s why she is apologizing to her. Tanu asks what is she saying?

Pragya tries to scare Tanu by telling her that she received a call from an unknown number who told her that he knows her secret, and wanted to tell her. She says she is thinking to deal with him. Tanu gets scared. Pragya says she is joking? She will not do this deal of 20 Lakhs rupees as she is not interested knowing about her. Tanu asks her to sit, and says nobody know about it. Pragya says she is not interested to hear about her ex boyfriend and all. Tanu gives her water and says someone is blackmailing her and she want to know about him, but not getting any clue. Pragya asks her to file police complaint. Tanu says she doesn't know what proof he has against her, maybe he has her morphed photographs. Pragya is shocked to here her lie. Tanu says Abhi will be worried, and asks her to help her and that the blackmailer will do deal with others, if she refuses. Pragya says she want Abhi to give 2-3 hits before marriage and says she want just profit. If she suffers losses because of Abhi and her (  Tanu ) then she will not let them get married. She asks her to end all this. Tanu requests for Pragya's help. Pragya agrees and says he was Abhi’s fan. Tanu thinks the watchman have done deal with someone. Pragya agrees and says she will not give any money though. Tanu thanks her. Pragya says she can back off if she think it to be loss.

Abhi waits for Pragya and thinks if Pragya went. He thinks Pragya was doing drama as she knew that he was talking about divorce. He thinks to show her anger and thinks where did she go in the night. He decides to wait for her in the room itself. Abhi thinks to pass the time and play guitar. He plays the guitar and recalls his fuggi.

Pragya comes to Purabh and says plan is successful. Daadi asks what happened? Pragya says Tanu got tensed and asked for her help. Purabh says what they would do now? Pragya thinks to call her at some place. Purabh says he will search for a place. Ronnie also says the same. Pragya asks him to search the place. Tanu wonders why did Pragya agreed to help her, and thinks she is more clever than Aaliya. She thinks she is not doing this for her, and needs to find out about that reason.

Tanu doubts on Pragya’s intention to help her, and says she would take Aaliya’s help, but then thinks she is alone as even Raj will not help her. She thinks to take Abhi’s help and decides to talk to him. Abhi is still playing the guitar, and imagines Pragya. He thinks what is happening with him and why he is seeing fuggi. He reminiscences old Pragya/fuggi and the happy moments with her. He smiles at the thought, but feels pain too. He plays the music. Tanu comes to his room and sees him playing guitar. She thinks there is something for sure. She sits beside him and asks him to continue playing guitar. Abhi says his old memories are related with this guitar, which he don’t want to recall. Tanu wonders what to do and what to ask with him? She says she heard him playing guitar and came and that she talked to Pragya and she told her that she is at loss. She says if Pragya suffers any loss, then she will not let them get any profit. Abhi asks what did she mean? Tanu says if she suffer loss then she will refuse for divorce and then their marriage can’t happen. Abhi says he haven’t talk to her till now, and fears about her rejection. Tanu thinks what might be the reason for Pragya help to her. Abhi plays guitar again.

Later Pragya wakes up and sees Abhi sleeping. She thinks to leave before he wakes up. Abhi falls down from the couch, gets up and thinks where Pragya is? He thinks he will talk to her today. Pragya comes out of the dressing room and thinks he might have went out. Just then Abhi comes to the room. Pragya is tensed seeing him. Abhi asks if she is escaping from him and that she said that she will talk to him in the morning. Pragya sits down to talk. Abhi thinks how to start? He says she isn't giving him chance to speak, so he will talk to the point? Pragya thinks she is trapped and he will tell her about the divorce now.

Abhi says this is not the right time to talk because of Sarla’s condition, and he can compromise but can’t do injustice with his baby. Pragya thinks he is not his blood and he is mistaken. Abhi says he can’t marry Tanu until she give him divorce. Pragya gets up and says she can’t allow him so early. Abhi says he will earn more money and will compose 4 songs daily. Pragya says she need time to think. Abhi says his fuggi wanted him to marry Tanu. Pragya thinks they are already divorced. Abhi folds his hands and asks Pragya to agree, and says he will be at her service all his life. Pragya says she can understand, and needs time. Abhi says she is trying to make her understand with love, and tells her not to force him to force her to give him the divorce.

Pragya refuses to give divorce and asks what he will do? Abhi says no, and says legally she is his wife and he is legally her husband. They are married since long time, he didn’t get any emotional or physical love and it is his right to fulfill his needs, and he will do everything. He can lift her in his arms, can keep her on bed and romance her, Sanam Re song plays in the background. Pragya goes out of the room. Abhi wonders what he was doing? He wanted to scare her, but was doing it. Pragya comes to her mother’s room and cries thinking about Abhi’s words. Abhi is tensed too thinking about his words. Pragya cries. Abhi thinks he got emotional instead of scaring her. He looks at fuggi and rockstar toy, and tells himself that he can’t love her as she is just fuggi’s lookalike, and not fuggi. Pragya thinks to tell the truth and clear the distance between them. Abhi thinks he can’t do this as he have promised Tanu, and she is carrying his baby. He says this is wrong and breaks glass with his hand, hurting his hand.

Sarla hears her crying and thinks where her daughter is. She moves her finger and drops the injection bottles with it. Pragya comes near her and asks if she is fine? Sarla blinks her eyes and cries. Pragya asks her not to cry and says these tears are given by her. She is tired of lying and hiding the truth from Abhi, she can’t hide her feelings and want to be with him. She says Abhi asked for divorce from her and she can’t handle it anymore and cries badly.

Pragya speaks to her mother that her strength breaks if she cries. She is her daughter and will not get scared if Abhi tries to scare her. She will go and talk to him right now, and leaves. Sarla cries. Tanu thinks where Pragya is, and sees Ronnie, she thinks he roams like a housefly. Ronnie asks if she wants to ask something. Tanu says no, and then thinks to ask him. She asks what is he doing here? Ronnie says the house is his sister, so he is here.

Tanu asks where Pragya is? Ronnie asks if she has any important work with her. Tanu refuses to tell him. Ronnie checks the appointment diary and says she have no appointment with her. Tanu asks him to tell straight about her whereabouts. Ronnie asks if she wants to know about the phone call of the milkman. Tanu thinks he knows about it. Ronnie also asks her to hire any personal assistant for her.

Abhi thinks about his conversation with Pragya. Pragya comes back to him and says he should know the reason about her refusal. She want to know why her mother have done this, and refuses to give him divorce until she tells them why she gave her hand in his hand. She says may be her mother thought she will die and gives their hand in each other hands to fulfill her last wish. Abhi says he know, and they don’t know when Sarla will get fine. Pragya says she is not asking him to wait till she recovers, but asking less time till she find out about her wish and whatever he have done few minute ago, was right now. She adds that he can’t come near her without her wish, and if he try to do something forcibly then she will not give him divorce under any circumstances. Abhi looks on.

Mitali cries. Pammi asks her why she is crying and asks her to stop it. She asks her to visit her father. Mitali says she is not missing her father or the kids. Pammi asks why she is crying then? Pammi asks her to know why she is crying? She then says it is just an excuse for her to skip house work. Ajay sends Pammi and talks to Mitali. Mitali tells him that Raj has forgotten her since he started new work, and doesn’t give time to her when he comes home after 2-3 days.

Ajay says he will make Raj understand and asks her not to cry, and make tea for him. Mitali says okay and leaves. Abhi with his injured hand thinks Pragya wants to find out about Sarla’s wish, and thinks their divorce is getting late. Tanu comes to the room and sees Abhi’s hand bleeding. She asks where the first aid box is, and asks how can he be so careless. Abhi says it is in the drawer.

Tanu bandages his hand and asks how he got this wound. Abhi says his hand was hurt when he was trying to joint the string of guitar. Tanu looks at the broken glass and thinks why Abhi is lying? She thinks Pragya might have refused to give him divorce and wonders why did she do this? Abhi asks Tanu to come out with him. Tanu thinks if Pragya comes to meet her when she is not at home.

Pragya and Purabh wait for Ronnie. Ronnie comes wearing suit with googles and hat. Purabh tells that he came to know about a location, and he has selected one. Purab says it will be easy for them to trap Tanu. Pragya asks who will bring Abhi there. Daadi says she will call him there. Pragya says no, and tells that she will tell Abhi that there will be a concert there. Everyone likes the idea. Pragya comes to the room and thinks where Abhi is? She sees the broken glass and blood stains on the floor.

She thinks Abhi has hurt himself. Abhi comes to his room and thinks Tanu went as she got a call. Pragya questions him why he hurt himself. Abhi says he is happy and haven’t harm himself. She sees his hand and asks who have tied bandage on his wound. Abhi says Tanu have applied bandage as she couldn’t see his wound. He adds that Pragya also came, but haven’t seen his wound. Pragya says she didn’t see, else she would have done it. She removes the bandage and looks at the wound and apologizes. Abhi looks at her. Sanam Re Sanam Re song plays in the background. They have an eye lock. Pragya imagines to kiss his wound and hugs him. She says the wound is deep and that she will call doctor.

Tanu thinks she is tired searching for Pragya and decides to rest for sometime. Just then Pragya comes to her room and asks why did she go to her room and why is she interfering in her life. Tanu says she brought her in the house. Pragya says she didn’t tell her to interfere in her life. Tanu asks her to say what she do? Pragya thinks she has to control her emotions, and apologizes to her. She says she was searching for her everywhere. She informs her that she got the blackmailer’s call and called him to Abhi’s concert. Tanu asks why the concert? Pragya says she can’t waste her time in searching places and asks her to handle him.

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