Update: Thursday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 432-433)

Daadi says that it is not safe to talk in the room. Rachna asks her to talk in her room. Purabh worries for Abhi and Pragya. Daadi says they are together and asks him to call Abhi. Nikhil thinks Sarla has escape and wonders what his goons might be doing? He gets angry. Abhi gives directions to Nikhil to reach the place. He gets Purabh’s call and informs him about Sarla’s kidnapping. Purabh says he will reach there with the police and informs Daadi. The goons come to Sarla and hold her.

Sarla says his son is coming and will not leave them. The goons laugh and tell each other that they have to take Sarla from there fast. Abhi and Pragya reach there along with Nikhil searching for her. Pragya finds her mother’s chain and shows it to Abhi. Nikhil thinks to divert their mind and get separated from them. He gets a call. He says he will attend the call and leaves. He talks to Tanu and informs her that Sarla had escaped, but his goons managed to kidnapped her again.

Tanu asks him to kill her and says she is finished. Nikhil thinks if Sarla is found then everything will be ruined. He calls his goon and scolds him. The goon tells that they are taking Sarla from a secret place and will shift her to other place.

Purabh and Ronnie are in the car. Purabh tells Ronnie that Sarla was kidnapped, but later called Abhi and Pragya. Ronnie asks him to call Abhi. Purabh calls Abhi. Abhi tells him that the goons took Sarla again. Purabh says they are professional criminals and asks him to take care. Abhi asks Pragya to come as it is the other way. Nikhil sees the goons taking the kidnappers, and diverts Pragya and Abhi to stop them from seeing Sarla. Daadi and Rachna talk about Sarla. Tanu is tensed and thinks she has to do something. Daadi and Rachna come to her room.

Daadi asks why she is looking tensed. Tanu says deny. Rachna says it is showing on her face. Tanu says she is tensed as Abhi is with Pragya since last night. Daadi says just this thing. Tanu asks what if she spent night with someone. Daadi says then she will not allow her to enter house. Tanu asks why she is differentiating between them. Daadi says Abhi went for a good cause and that’s why she is supporting him and that Abhi is near his destination. Tanu asks what? Rachna says Abhi got Sarla aunty. Tanu acts as shocked, but then covers up and says she is happy as her marriage will happen. Rachna and Daadi think Tanu is not involved in kidnapping.

The goons open Nikhil’s car. Sarla thinks she can’t die knowing the truth and hits the goons with a rod. Nikhil comes and scolds the goons again. He thinks he didn’t want to do this, but have to do before his career can spoil. Abhi tells Pragya that they will go home with Sarla. Pragya says she is here only. Nikhil sits in his car while covering his face. Sarla sees Pragya on road and calls her aloud. Pragya and Abhi look at her. Sarla proceeds towards them, Nikhil comes in his car and hits her as he doesn't want her to reveal his secret and escapes from the spot. Abhi and Pragya are shocked. They seek the passersby help, to take Sarla to the hospital, who is badly hurt and no one lend a helping hand. Ronnie and Purabh reach the spot. Abhi tells him about the accident. They get her inside the car.

Tanu thinks what might be happening there, and gets tensed. She thinks to call Nikhil and check. She sees Nikhil’s 5 missed calls and thinks there should not be any missed calls. She calls him. Nikhil asks her to come to meet him. Tanu asks why, and says she will also be trapped. Nikhil asks her not to call him if she gets in any problem. Tanu comes to meet Nikhil and asks if he killed Sarla. Nikhil says he had hit Sarla with his car, but Abhi and Pragya was there. He says they didn’t see him, but took Sarla to the hospital as there might be chances of survival for her. Tanu gets shocked hearing this and cries. She threatens to abort his child and she will leave the city. She adds that she will never marry him and don’t trust him anymore. Nikhil promises to make everything fine?

Abhi, Pragya and Purabh takes Sarla to the hospital as she is badly injured. The doctor informs Pragya that Sarla is in critical condition and should be operated as soon as possible and asks them to wait till he completes it. Pragya gets worried seeing her mother badly hurt and later cries her heart out recollecting the time spent with her mother since her childhood. Abhi too is hurt seeing Sarla in hospital and feel bad seeing Pragya upset. Later, he comes to Pragya and tries to gives her strength saying nothing would happen to her mother and asks her not to lose hope. He says he can feel what she is feeling now. He asks her not to be quiet else his troubles will increase.

Pragya forwards her hand. Sanam Re song plays in the background. Pragya who has already lost her sister Bulbul and now she fears if she loses her mother, she will become weak. She hugs Abhi and asks why this is happening with her, first Bulbul left her and now her mother is in danger. She breaks the hug and apologizes. Tanu and Rachna come to the hospital. Rachna enquires with the receptionist. Ronnie thinks Abhi asked him not to let Daadi meet Sarla as he fears for Daadi’s health. Ronnie asks Daadi to sit in the waiting area. Daadi refuses and insists to see Sarla. Her health worsens. Ronnie says Daadi don’t know the situation there and says Abhi and Pragya are finding it hard to cope up with the situation. He asks Daadi to take care and leaves to get the medicine.

On the other hand, Tanu meets Nikhil who is responsible for Sarla condition in the hospital and asks him to go and not to come to the hospital or its premises, as she feels Pragya and Abhi may doubt him. Tanu comes to Pragya and shows her fake concern for Pragya saying she felt bad hearing about her mum. She tries to scratch her wounds with her words. Pragya gets angry. Tanu turns to Abhi and asks how did it happen? Abhi tells her everything. The doctor comes out and informs that they did the operation, but she is still unconscious. He tell them that they can't tell anything about Sarla's health condition until she gains consciousness.

Abhi is in dilemma as to whom he should support - his girlfriend who is waiting for him to get married to her or his wife, who is upset that her mother is in hospital but as he can't see Pragya in trouble and he still loves loves and asks the doctor if they can shift Sarla to their home. The doctor agrees and asks them to take the hospital equipments with her. Pragya insists to see her mother once. The doctor refuses and says she is in OT. Pragya hugs Abhi as the doctor does not allow her to see her mother, who is unconscious and cries again. Tanu looks for Abhi and thinks she should ask Ronnie. She then thinks not to ask Ronnie. Ronnie turns to her and bores her with his words. Tanu gets angry and says if she gets angry then he will have to get himself admitted in the hospital. Ronnie asks a nurse if any room is free. Tanu gets more angry when the nurse suggests her to get her eyes check. Ronnie says he will never tell her where Abhi is.

Raj comes home to get his file. Mitali hugs him and says she knew that he would come home as he can’t live without her. Raj asks her not to touch him and says he hates her very much as his life have ruined because of her. Mitali asks her to forgive her. Raj says he couldn’t forgive himself as an innocent person died because of his mistake. He asks her not to come near him again. Abhi gets in a dilemma as he recalls Sarla before going to operation theater, gives Pragya’s hand in his hand and thinks why she did this. Pragya thinks Abhi loves mother as his mum and thinks she can feel his pain as well. She thinks to control on her emotions and also decides not to increase his confusion. She tries to reduce Abhi's burden by speaking to him that she knows what he is thinking and asks him not to get tensed. Abhi asks her if she know what he is thinking? Pragya says she have an answer, but whenever they are weak, this happen. Abhi says he is not thinking this. Pragya says he is thinking about his marriage with Tanu. Abhi blunt out that she is wrong and says Sarla gave Pragya's hand in his hand before fainting and that her mother wanted to convey something, and says may be she knew something which he don’t know or may be they all are hiding something from him. He will find out from Sarla once she gets fine.

Purabh tells Daadi that the accident’s impact was high. They feel bad for the accident. Purabh goes to talk to the doctor. Pragya comes to Daadi and hugs her crying. Daadi console her and asks her to take care of herself. Rachna asks them to sit and talk. Pragya cries and talks to Daadi. Daadi says Sarla betrayed death and came back.

Tanu comes to Abhi and informs him that she wish to talk to him. She informs him that her dad called her and asked her to come as her mother is not well. She says although they are upset with her, but called her as she is their daughter. She says she is confused and says what to do. Then, Abhi asks her to go as soon as possible saying he is there to take care of Sarla. Tanu thanks him and says she will come back soon. She comes near stairs. Later, Nikhil asks Tanu as to how did she think of going, leaving him alone there and again asks if she is mad to go. Tanu tells Nikhil that she doesn't want to live in tension and says she can’t wait until Sarla gets consciousness. She asks Nikhil to kill Sarla and she will return hearing the good news. Nikhil says Abhi is taking her home and taking all safety measures. Tanu asks Nikhil not to call her until Sarla is alive and asks her to do whatever he wants.

Sarla is shifted to Abhi’s room. The nurse asks Pragya to get some medicine. Ronnie says he will bring. Janki comes there and calls Sarla name. She says this can’t happen. She asks Pragya to make her sit and that Sarla can’t go alone leaving her. She asks her to give her money and go. She never took money from her as she don’t want to leave her, and Sarla also don’t want her to leave. Pragya says she is fine and not leaving her. Janki asks why Sarla is not talking and asks Pragya to make her understand. She don’t want to see her lying on bed unconscious and cries a lot on seeing Sarla's condition. Pragya consoles her and says nothing has happened to her mother. Janki cries badly. Abhi asks Ronnie not to let any outsider come in this room. Ronnie asks him not to worry. Nikhil calls Abhi and says he came to the accident spot. Abhi tells him about Sarla’s accident and tells everything. Nikhil acts as surprised and wonder if Sarla told him everything. He gets tensed.

Abhi wonder why was Pragya's mother kidnapped as there was no call for ransom as well. Pragya asks Abhi what he is thinking? Abhi says he don’t understand why her mother was kidnapped as there was no reason to be thought. Pragya says they would get call for ransom, but nothing of that sort. Abhi says if the reason is not money, enmity then what it would be? Pragya thinks if Tanu is involved in this and thinks why will Tanu get her mother kidnapped. She thinks Tanu is normal hearing about her mother, and thinks the kidnapper will try to harm her again. She asks Abhi to talk to commissioner and increase the safety of her mother. Abhi says he already talked to the commissioner and her mother will be safe. Nikhil thinks the police didn't come till now, and thinks Sarla might get consciousness in the morning. He thinks to kill her in the night itself. He sees a compounder coming to Mehra house, and stops him. He then kidnaps him and wears his clothes.

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