Update: Thursday On Life Of Ami (Episode 46-48)

Sanjay tells Shruti why doesn’t she tell him that she loves him too and wants to marry him. He has taken her close to him and he is asking her but then Shruti keeps remembering the words of Sanjay's mother that she is trying to take advantage of Sanjay. She then tells him that she does not like him and he is mad. Then he pulls her and acts violently and tells her that he knows that she loves him but why is she not speaking and telling him. He gets angry with her and then she starts crying. She tells Sanjay loudly, shouting that she does not like him and that she has no special feelings for him. He leaves her and then goes behind and shouts at himself that why he did this to Shruti and hits his hand and tells to himself that why he acted violently. Shruti calms him down and he apologizes to her.

Then she makes him understand that everyone has their different opinions and she knows that he loves her a lot and she respects it but she does not like him and doesn’t want to marry him. Sanjay sadly leaves and is crying. An emotional song is being played in the background and both Shruti and Sanjay are crying. Sanjay reaches home. Shruti too is sad at home and then Ami, Daadi and Khushboo come back home.

Then Ami asks that where Sanjay is. Shruti tells that he came and went. Ami asks why he did this and why he did not wait as he was going to show him his choice of girl. Then Ami and Khushboo plan to call him. Shruti is sad and goes and keeps her head on Daadi’s lap. Daadi wonders why Shruti seems so upset and tells that after so many days she has kept her head on her lap. At home Sanjay is on his bed looking so sad. His mother comes and then understands what has happened and gets happy. Sanjay sees her and goes and keeps his head on her lap. He tells her sorry and then tells that he will now only listen to her. Sanjay's mother convinces him to get engaged to Bhavna as it will make his loved ones happy. Sanjay declares his engagement to Bhavna. Meanwhile, Ami is trying to call Sanjay but he is not picking as he is in the balcony. Then she thinks that he must be with that girl and she does not call again. Next day in office, Shruti come and is standing at the reception when Sanjay also comes. His partner asks that what is today. Sanjays servant tells that Sanjay’s mother has sent sweets as there is Sanjay’s engagement. Shruti listens and gets shocked. Everyone congratulate Sanjay. The servant gives Shruti the sweet. She smiles and goes and then crushes the sweet.

Shruti’s cabin where Sanjay comes to tell her and speak to her. He tells her that she got what she wanted but she does not value others love and she wanted to marry Harsh but she will not know others love because she never felt others feelings. Then he finally tells her to come to his house for his engagement. At Sanjay’s house preparations are being made and his mother is talking with the workers who are doing the preparations.

At Shruti’s home, Ami is talking with her friend hetal and talking about Diwali vacations. Then a courier comes at the door and Ami keeps the phone down. Vinnilal goes to receive the courier and he brings it in. Ami and Khushboo see that it is a gift and they jump on it to open it and after opening it they see that it is mehtas courier(Sanjay) and she reads the letter that they have been invited for his engagement. Shruti's family are excited as they get the invitation card of Sanjay's engagement. Naani and Shruti come and they stand at the door to listen to them.

Ami then sees that her mother has come and then goes to tell her. Shruti goes away in her room saying that her head is paining. Kumkum ( Naani ) wonders why Sanjay is getting engaged to Bhavna when he loves Shruti and goes in her room and asks her daughter why did Sanjay do like this because first he told that he would marry her and keep her happy but now he is marrying with Bhavna. Shruti reply her mother that there is no reason to shout at Sanjay because it is her(Naani) mistake not Sanjay’s mistake. Naani tells that she knows that Shruti still loves Sanjay but she is not telling it to him and she goes. Sanjay is talking on phone with Ashish and tells him to come early on his engagement.

Sanjay’s dad comes and asks him why is he doing this suicide and for whom. Sanjay says that he is doing for Shruti. Sanjay's father tells him that he should not do this and marry Shruti. They both talk for a while and then his father leaves. At home Ami starts dressing up for the engagement ceremony. She then goes to her mother and tells her that a blue saree will fit her and tells her to wear which makes Shruti furious, she shouts at her and asks her what relation does Sanjay have with them. Daadi comes and asks Shruti why did she shout. Shruti apologizes and hugs Ami and Khushboo and then tells that she can't come. Ami asks her why as it is her best friends engagement. Ami tells her that even if she doesn’t go then she will go, she and Khushboo go. Daadi smells something fishy in Shruti's behaviour and then asks Shruti what happened.

At Sanjay’s engagement. Everyone is welcoming the guests. Bhavna is looking at Sanjay and is blushing. Parul tells Bhavna that before marriage only she is getting so close to Sanjay. Meanwhile, Sanjay is waiting for Shruti to come and is continuously looking at the door. Ami, Daadi and Khusboo reach Sanjay's house for his engagement party. They are standing and looking at everything there and the decoration. Just then, Sanjay sees them but he gets sad as he does not see Shruti them. Prabha then sees them and goes there. Daadi does her Namaste but Prabha goes away from there ignoring them. Sanjay gets angry and his father also sees that. He goes and stands near Sanjay. Then ami and rest go to sanjay. They talk with him and Ami then gives Sanjay the gift. Then Sanjay asks her where Shruti is? Ami replies him that her mother did not come because her head is paining. Sanjay and his father get sad. Sanjay tells them to enjoy and he talks with someone else.

Parul is in the kitchen and is preparing for the surprise which is a big and huge strawberry cake studded with lots of cherries and is a 3 layer base cake covered with delicious strawberry cream and vanilla cream and is decorated with colourful pink sugar. Ami and Khushboo’s mouth is watering and Khushboo has got lost in its taste and is dreaming of the cake. Ami tells her that she will give her her piece of the cake and the cherry and Khushboo gets happy. The engagement procession starts. Sanjay is given the ring and Bhavna also gets the ring. Everyone tell Sanjay to wear the ring to Bhavna. He is very sad and does not want to marry. Everyone tell him to wear the ring to Bhavna. Sanjay is not wearing and is standing with his eyes closed. There Khushboo is looking at the cake kept there and is very eager to eat it. Then Ami sees her eagerness to eat. She tells her that she will do something and Ami tries to take pout 1 cherry from it. Prabha sees it and she shouts at Ami and while Ami and Khusboo are giggling and running, Ami spoils the engagement cake by mistake as Ami's hand is pushed and the cake falls down. Prabha shouts Ami a lot and asks the servant why he brought the cake before the engagement. Then she asks who called those girls and why did they do this. Sanjay says that he called them. Daadi comes there and asks for forgiveness but Prabha tells her that even if she says sorry then the cake will not come back. Ami starts crying and goes running in a room. She locks herself in a room after realising that she has made a huge mistake. Sanjay and everyone try to call her out but she does not come out. Daadi calls Shruti to the party to handle Ami. Shruti comes there. She calls her and then Ami comes out. Ami hugs her and then Shruti tells them that they should go. They depart to go when Prabha tells Shruti to stop and attend the engagement. She gives a cunning smile and Shruti stops to attend the engagement. Now Sanjay again is told to wear the ring to Bhavna. Sanjay is not able to wear her the ring in Shruti present and now he is going to wear the ring. He closed his eyes to were the ring, then he stops and he takes a decision and looks at Shruti.

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