Update: Thursday On Life Of Ami (Episode 31-33)

Jasuben tells Shruti to empty the house because she is selling it. Shruti is shocked after Jusben goes. Shruti and Daadi get worried when Jassuben declares that she is selling the house and Shruti needs to vacate the place immediately. While Daadi and Shruti are talking together, Shruti says how will she do everything and says she does not earn a lot of money even to buy a house. She adds that even if they change their house then how will Ami, Khushboo and Daadi adjust.

Daadi tells her to call Sanjay and ask him and to tell him about that. She says that she does not want any favour from Sanjay. Daadi says she don’t take any favour but just to ask him as he will give her good suggestions. Shruti calls him but he does not pick the phone. Then she calls home and Parul picks the phone, Shruti asks him if Sanjay is home, Parul then informs her that he had a fight with his mother and went angrily to the office.

On the other hand, Sanjay is practicing how to propose Shruti in the office. He is trying all types of plans to propose Shruti. The receptionist comes to his cabin and sees him doing the practice, she starts laughing and then Sanjay sees her. She gives him the phone which he forgot in his business partners office. He takes the phone and tells her to knock the door next time she comes to his cabin. She goes to the reception, where the receptionist and 2 employees are gossiping about Sanjay and Shruti.

The receptionist tells the employees that Sanjay was talking something about Shruti and then the employee asks who knows that there is something between Shruti and Sanjay. Shruti listens to them talking. They also say that Sanjay spent 5 lakh rupees in Shruti's mistakes and that there is a rule in the company that if an employee makes a loss, they are removed from the job but Shruti was not removed.

Shruti who goes to Sanjay's office to seek his guidance and there she overhears the employees talking about how Sanjay has reimbursed an amount of Rs five lakh to save her job. She gets furious and angrily goes to Sanjay's office. She shouts at him and questions Sanjay about this favour that why he is doing such a big favour and he does not a charity. She keep shouting at him why didn’t he follow the companys rule and remove her from job. He says that he does not want her to go and does not like it seeing her in trouble.

She says that she knows how to fight for herself and doesn’t want his help, she further tells him to remove her from job but he refused and says he can't do that. Shruti is continuously telling him to remove her from job and he says no, no and then he confesses that he is in love with her. She asks if he is joking. He says no and says he loves her. She gets angry and sad at the same time. She tells him that he was his best buddy but he made the relationships bad and she thought that if any trouble is there then Sanjay is there but he has made her sad.

Shruti leaves angrily saying that he has ruined their bond of friendship and breaks all relations with him. Shruti is troubled in her cabin and the receptionist comes and tells her that she is having a meeting. Shruti says she can't come because she is not feeling well. The receptionist says that she has to come because she has made the presentation. Shruti says okay.

Sanjay sits and thinks about his conversation with Shruti regarding his confession of feelings. Then Sanjay’s servant comes and tells him to have his lunch. Sanjay then asks him whether Prabha ( his mother ) had breakfast. Then his servant says that she did not have breakfast. He then leaves as he learns that his mother is upset with him and calls her to know the reason but Prabha doesn’t pick up his call and his father picks it up and also taunts her.

Then Sanjay asks him to give the call to his mother and he asks her to have breakfast and she taunts him. Sanjay's father overhears the conversation and suggests Prabha to let Sanjay take his own decisions. Then at meeting, Sanjay and Shruti’s idea clash and Shruti excuses herself saying she is not feeling well. At home, Baa and Khushboo do the advertisement of the 2 new shows. Ami returns from the picnic and narrates the tales to Daadi and Khusboo about her trip being very good.

Meanwhile, Shruti comes and Ami then tells her that she has found a girl for Sanjay. Shruti gets angry on hearing Sanjay’s name and starts yelling at Ami without any reason and also tells her to go and study. Ami smells something fishy and calls Sanjay to ask him whether he has had any fight with her mother as she is getting angry by hearing his name. Ami then tells Sanjay about the girl and tells him to visit them the next day at 5 as she has got a surprise for him. Later at night, Shruti and Sanjay are thinking about the conversations and their moments spent together as a friend.

Daadi tells Vienilal to clean the house properly because it is Diwali. He tells her that he will clean everything but she just say Jai Krishna ! Jai Krishna! Then Ami comes and tells says hi to Khushboo. She asks how is she doing and reminds her that Madhu is coming in the evening and asks why is she getting ready in the morning. Ami says that she is the main person who is going to make Sanjay and Madhu meet so she has to get ready and look good. Then Khushboo asks how will she tell their mother about that, Ami says that she will tell her somehow.

While everyone is having breakfast, Ami tells her mother that todays breakfast is good and informs her that she has called Sanjay andadhu to meet each other for marriage in the evening at 5. Then she tells that she is sorry but now she has called them and she (shruti) has to handle the situation in the evening. She further tells her mother to says everything good and praise Sanjay in the evening to Madhu so that she will get impressed. Shruti then asks why all this and how? She would have done this later but now it's okay.

At sanjays house, Sanjay tells his father that he told Shruti that he does love her but she did not say anything and shouted at him. Sanjay's father suggests him not to force his feelings on Shruti and let her decide on her own and adds that sometimes people take time to know their emotions. Sanjay says okay and leaves happily for breakfast. Then, he sees that Parul and his mother are seeing at gold bangles and jewellery. He then asks his mother if she can have breakfast with him. They both go at dinning table for breakfast. Then Parul comes and tells that they both are going at jewellery shop in the evening to take jewellery for Bhavna. Sanjays brother asks him to stay in the evening at home so that both of them can go to a club to spend time with each other.

Sanjay tells that he is not going to stay at home because he has to visit Shruti's house. His brother tells him that all that can be done later but now he should stay at home for Bhavna sake. He says he can't because he has promised Ami and Khusboo and he goes. At Shruti house, Sanjay comes and looks at Shruti. Then he asks Ami what surprise are they giving him. Ami tells Sanjay that she has found a girl for him and he is going to meet the girl named Madhu. He is shocked and just when he is about to says something, the bell rings and Ami opens the door. Madhu has come with Naani. Ami introduces Madhu to Sanjay and her family.

Then Madhu sits while Sanjay looks at Shruti. Then Madhu starts asking Sanjay questions. He also asks questions and they both answering each other questions. After a while, Sanjay admit that she is very talented and impressive. Later Madhu tells about her boyfriend that Rohit says like that.

Ami asks if Rohit is her brother? She says no and that he is her boyfriend. Sanjay starts laughing and Madhu asks why is he laughing? He says that all had called them both for their marriage meeting. She also starts laughing and says that it was cool. Ami is open-mouthed stunned. Shruti and everybody laughs at Ami's stupidity. Madhu tells Sanjay that it was nice meeting him.

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