Update: Monday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 426-427)

Tanu comes to the secret place, is scared and thinks it is strange place. The trios are surprised when Tanu stands outside the warehouse. Pragya and Purabh try to bring her in to record her on camera. Pragya calls her and asks her to come inside. Tanu refuses to enter inside. Pragya goes to talk to her in order to blackmails her. Pragya in disguise calls Tanu to come inside with a partner if they are coming too. She says she has to come in in order to be saved.

Tanu debates whether or not she should wait for Nikhil as Nikhil instructed her not to go inside until he comes there or go inside and listen to the watchman. Abhi comes to his room and thinks he can’t act in front of Pragya as he gets concerned for her. Abhi thinks if he sees Pragya, he will take all of his anger against Tanu out on her and out of compassion doesn't want to hurt her. Abhi realizes she is not here and thinks it is good that she is not here. He puts on stereo, hears recording of them reciting poem, and gets sad that she is not there.

Flashback starts and Abhi remembers how Pragya said she would never leave him and remembers all their romantic moments together. He gets emotional and wonders where she is? Hamari Adhuri Kahani song plays in the background. Purabh and Pragya wait for Tanu to come inside. Purabh tells Pragya why she is not coming inside. Pragya says she don’t know. Purabh figure out her boyfriend must have told her not to go inside until he comes.

Pragya gets Abhi’s call. She thinks Abhi is sad, she decides to talk to him. She tells Purabh that she will talk to him. Pragya tries to pick up the call while waiting for Tanu, but Abhi ends it. Abhi thinks Pragya doesn’t care about him and that’s why she didn’t pick his call and that Pragya doesn't deserve his anger. He looks at the wine and tries to drink alcohol to forget about the memories with Pragya, but Pragya calls back and wonders what to talk and he picks up.

Pragya says he have answered the call and now not replying. Abhi says he haven’t called her. Pragya says he called her. Abhi says it is touch screen phone and blames speed dial for the call. Pragya says "wow, I'm on speed dial?" And that his phone is smart to call her. Abhi tries to avoid the topic and says his phone is stupid else it would have blocked her like he blocked her. He asks her to stay there, as he don’t want to see her face. Pragya irritates him to get him out of his bad mood and says she can understand his situation as he have no one to take out his anger on, to talk to someone and to love someone. Abhi asks her to say what to do? They have another cute argument. Pragya says cure to his anger is that he should promise to hear Santa Banta jokes in this condition. She tells him jokes, he doesn't like her so he tries to tell her jokes. She laughs and Abhi gets happy.

Sarla is tense and thinks she can’t leave her daughter alone. Purabh thinks Tanu is waiting for her boyfriend who is her baby’s father. Nikhil comes with his goons wearing burqua. He asks her not to worry and that he will kill the blackmailer and come out. Purabh thinks they are going inside, and thinks to alert Pragya. Pragya is still listening to Abhi. Nikhil tries to creep behind her as she calls Abhi back, Nikhil takes out a knife to stab Pragya.

Nikhil who is disguised in a burqa along with his goons. He tries to stab Pragya who is busy speaking over the phone with Abhi. Purabh senses danger and sends Ronnie to the spot who is also costume as policeman. Ronnie arrives there disguised as a constable and asks what they are doing here late in the night. The goons think Ronnie as the real policeman and tell him that they were searching for burqa clas woman’s husband. Ronnie manages to drive Nikhil and his goons away. Purabh thinks he is doing over acting. Pragya is shocked with the incident and asks Ronnie what he is doing in the constable’s get up. Purabh says he asked Ronnie to dresses up like Constable. Purabh tells her that Ronnie came and saved her and that there was a man wearing the burqa. Pragya is surprised to learn that the person wearing the veil was a man and asks Purabh to follow the goons, who tried to attack her. Sarla is on the way and waits for auto or taxi. Pragya’s students see her and offer to give her lift. Sarla sits in their car. Tanu thinks if Nikhil kills the watchman then she will live peacefully. The goons try to leave, but Nikhil says the constable will go. The goons refuse to support him. Nikhil says if they are caught, then he will help him come out of the police station and he will give them double money and asks them to hide. They agree. Tanu sees Nikhil arguing with his men and she finds out that the men have absconded due to the presence of a constable. Nikhil tells Tanu that he can’t take risk again and will kill the watchman today. Tanu initially panics but Nikhil assures her that the constable will leave soon and they should hide. After an argument with Nikhil, Tanu decides to enter the abandoned warehouse herself. Daadi is doing puja. Daasi asks if she is asking long age for herself.

Daadi says she will ask long life for Abhi and her son is very worried. She is praying for him. Daasi says she is right. Rachna says everything will be fine and asks her to have food first. Daasi says they have to get Abhi and Tanu’s marriage done in the temple, and then Pragya can’t do anything. Rachna says Pragya will not return the money. Daasi says Abhi have to marry Tanu as she is carrying his baby and they will get to know if Pragya thinks about Abhi’s betterment or not. Pragya tells that Tanu might have went seeing the Police. Purabh asks Ronnie to go out and hide somewhere. Nikhil sees the constable leaving and tells Tanu. Pragya says she have to do something to bring Tanu out of her hide out. She calls Tanu and asks where she is? Tanu too asks where the blackmailer is and where is the proofs? Pragya asks her to come inside and gets the proofs. She says she did wrong by sending the people inside. She asks her to bring her baby’s father with her, as she knows that he is with her. Tanu is stunned. Meanwhile, Abhi thinks Tanu took him for granted and haven’t return home till now. He says he will punish her for sure.

Tanu asks Nikhil what to do? Tanu says may be there is some trap for him and they will get to know after they get in. Nikhil asks if she is asking him to go. Tanu says okay, and goes inside. Nikhil thinks he can’t call her as the watchman can recognize his voice. Ronnie informs Pragya that Tanu is coming inside. Purabh asks Pragya to make Tanu confesses her truth and says this is the last chance for her. Pragya is pleased to know that Tanu has entered the warehouse and she hides and gets ready to record her confession.

Just then Sarla comes to the place and thinks Pragya is going to come there. She looks for Pragya. Tanu sees Sarla and thinks her to be blackmailer. She says she brought the money and asks her to give her the proofs. Pragya sees her mother from far, but doesn’t know she is her mother. Tanu asks the goons to catch her. The goons catch her. Nikhil removes the burqa and says he has done this for their child. Tanu thanks him. The goons take Sarla from there and put her in the car. Pragya comes back to Purabh and tells him that she wants to see the person’s face. Pragya says they have to take a small risk. Purabh says they have done a mistake by thinking that they will come alone. Pragya asks what they will tell at home. Purabh says they will make plan again. She says they have proper proof against Tanu now and they have to leave from here before they come again.

Nikhil tells Tanu that he has always has a back up plan. Tanu asks what they will do with him. Nikhil says they will leave him and let him go to Abhi to tell the truth. Tanu asks if he have gone mad. Nikhil asks her to relax and says first they will see his face. Nikhil suggests they see who is blackmailing his beautiful angel. Sarla sees Nikhil and takes his name. Nikhil asks what is she doing here. He says may be aunty came here mistakenly. Sarla thinks Nikhil will catch Pragya and makes Nikhil and Tanu believe that she was the blackmailer who was trying to lay her hands  on the money and lies to him that she is the one who is the blackmailer. Tanu asks why she is lying? Sarla calls her shameless and tells her that Pragya left Abhi for her and her child. She asks her to have any shame. Nikhil says her speech is in her blood and then says like mother like daughter. He says she is blackmailing her, and asks if she can’t see Abhi’s mistake. He says she also belong to them. As she have blackmailed them for money.

Nikhil says she hid this fact from everyone. He asks Sarla if Pragya is the one who is the director of the whole drama. Sarla recollects about Pragya's words and informs Nikhil that Pragya doesn't know anything about this. Then, she explain him about the reason behind to do so that she needed money for her Kumkum Bhagya marriage hall and that’s why she blackmailed Tanu. She says she thought to inform Abhi about Tanu’s secret once she gets the money. Tanu says mother is far ahead of daughter's. Sarla tells Tanu that her home will never build. Tanu says her daughter have snatched her Abhi from her. Sarla says she is having someone’s baby and claiming that she loves Abhi. Nikhil tells Sarla that Tanu feels money is also important and he is letting Tanu marry Abhi for his money. He says Tanu will get his property and return to him and then asks right Tanu. Tanu nods yes. Sarla says she can’t marry Abhi. Nikhil asks Tanu if she has any problem if he kills her. Tanu says she will kill him if he doesn’t kill her. Nikhil asks his goons to keep Sarla in the car. He tells Tanu that he will push Sarla from the cliff and will make it look like a suicide. He hits Sarla with a rod and she faints. Tanu thinks Sarla would have died by now and thinks everyone will mourn for her death and the mourning will continue for days. She thinks her marriage will be delayed for few more days now.

She calls Mitali. Mitali asks if she is still alive and says Abhi will throw her out of the house and that she missed a big chance of getting married to Abhi as he was waiting for her in the court. She had convinced Abhi to marry her and had done all the arrangements, but she didn’t reach there. Abhi got furious. Tanu is surprised and thinks to talk to Abhi today itself as Abhi will mourn for Sarla’s death in the morning. Janki calls on Sarla’s mobile and sees her mobile in the house. She thinks what to do? And thinks she can’t inform Purabh also as he might be busy.

The goons bring Sarla to a godown and asks Nikhil why did he change his plan. Nikhil who still doubts whether Sarla is the real blackmailer or someone else is behind it and says he has his plan after a thought. Nikhil thinks something is suspicious, and thinks he would let Sarla alive for 2-3 days. He thinks if Tanu gets the blackmailer call again then it means Sarla is not the blackmailer. He asks his men not to kill her, until he confirms that she is the blackmailer and to take care of Sarla’s food as she needs to be alive for few days. Nikhil's men tie her to a chair and Nikhil asks his men to keep an eye on her. Tanu goes back home and sneaks into the room where Abhi is waiting for her. Abhi asks her to make him fool or if she think that he is already a fool. Tanu says she don’t want to disturb him and thought he will get angry on her. Abhi, who is upset with Tanu, sarcastically asks the reason for her absence at the court and that he was waiting for him madly in the court and she just made fun of him and that everyone was laughing at him as she didn’t turn up. He asks her not to show her face again and he don’t want to hear marriage word with her. Tanu explains that even if she come there, she would not have married him as it's is her helpless to marry him. She want to be his wife and not his illegal wife. Abhi asks her to shut up. Tanu says he have signed on the property papers and not divorce papers. She adds that he is still married to Pragya. Tanu cries. Abhi thinks how can he forget that. Tanu says he might be thinking that she is telling him fake stories, but this is the truth.

Tanu asks how can she marry him until he divorces Pragya. She says her baby will get a bad name then and it is her responsibility to think about her baby. She acts as innocent and says he always scolds her, and she hear it silently. She says whatever she was doing is for her baby and today she went to meet a lawyer and that’s why she couldn’t meet him today. She further lie that the lawyer said that he can get divorce easily if he gets divorce mutually. She cries and says she was thinking all this. Then she parked her car to a side and took a nap. Abhi looks on.

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