Update: Monday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 436-437)

Abhi is upset seeing Sarla's condition and recalls how she loved him and recalls Sarla giving him sweater once. He gets emotional and keeps his hand on her head. Daadi comes and asks Abhi to take some rest. Abhi asks Daadi not to worry and says everyone want her to gain consciousness, but he need to be with her as he have some questions in mind. Daadi says they all want to know who is responsible for her condition, and asks him to sleep.

Abhi says Sarla did something before fainting, and that she gave Pragya’s hand in his hand. He asks what does she mean? Why did she do this? He think she wants him to support Pragya. Pragya hears him and gets emotional. Abhi says Sarla might wanted him to accepted Pragya back in his life and why she wanted this, as she said yes for Tanu and his marriage. She hates Pragya and now why she wants Pragya and him to unite.

Abhi discuss with his Daadi that he is getting tensed by thinking that why Sarla puts his hand on Pragya's hand and again asks his Daadi as to why would Sarla think to patch up things between Pragya and him when she hates Pragya. Daadi explain to Abhi that because Sarla is  her mother and might want Pragya and him to be together as she wants to see her daughter happy.

Meanwhile, Pragya listens to their conversations and decides to change Abhi's taught process as soon as possible. She wipes her tears and asks Abhi if he is still thinking the same thing. She says her mother got unconscious immediately. Abhi says he wants to know why she want to see them together, even after knowing Tanu’s pregnancy. Purabh tells Ronnie to make Pragya have food. The compounder comes to them, he tells Purabh he wants to go home as he is worried about his pregnant wife and adds that he will come in the morning. Purabh lets him go. Tanu thinks now NIkhil can come here. She calls him and tells everything.

Nikhil says she should have make sure that Sarla was given that injection. Tanu agree and informs him that she went to meet Aaliya. She asks him to come and not to involve her. Later Tanu comes to Aaliya, she asks for help but Aaliya refused to help her and asks her to get go. Tanu gets irked and leaves. Abhi thinks he just hates emotions. He thinks he had taken a decision, but now this problem. He thinks he wants to fulfill Sarla’s wishes, but seeing Pragya he couldn’t. He thinks he couldn’t make any new relations, never. Pragya thinks about Abhi’s words and gets worried. She asks Abhi if he talked to the commissioner.

Abhi who is sitting alone in the dark says he talked to him. He asks why is she upset and blames Pragya for Sarla’s condition. He says her enemy might be responsible. He asked her to distribute his money among all, as everything is happening because of the money and they can harm her and his Daadi. This all have started since she have changed and took over everything. He questions her about what's her truth and reality to which she replies that he is just taking too much of tension without any reason. He ask what did she want? Money or Family. At once she don’t want to leave money and at the other she care for her family too. His fuggi can’t be selfish and asks her to look at him if he is the same who used to live life like a song. He is distressed and his confidence level have gone to zero. He is mad as he is speaking his heart out to the person responsible for his condition.

Nikhil comes to Mehra mansion and says he felt bad hearing about Sarla and that he couldn’t come before because of his friend’s dad dead. He tells that he met some goons there in that street, and starts trying to manipulate the whole family by holding them in conversation cooking up a fake story. He tells that he followed the goons, but came to know that they work in the under construction building. Tanu thinks he is a big dramatic. Nikhil asks if they have noted down the car’s number. Pragya says no.

Nikhil says he can understand. Abhi says once Sarla gains consciousness, they will ask her about the kidnapper, he will punish the kidnapper with his hand. Nikhil excuses himself and says he needs to send an urgent message. He messaged Tanu to go upstairs and kill Sarla till he keeps everyone busy. Tanu gets tensed and goes upstairs. Nikhil suggests Abhi that they should hire kidnappers and convinces him. Abhi agrees and asks him to call the detective company.

Nikhil says okay and hopes Tanu does the work fast. He pretends to call detective, and says their phone is switched off and it is difficult to get them. Tanu enters Sarla’s room, she picks a pillow and tries to suffocate her but just then, Sarla gains consciousness shocking Tanu. Ronnie comes there and asks what is she doing there. Tanu acts in a strange way and says she was giving pillow to Sarla. Ronnie sees Sarla’s eyes open and goes to informs Pragya. He comes downstairs and passed the news to Pragya that Sarla have opened her eyes.

Pragya gets happy and says she will go and check. Nikhil says it is a miracle. Abhi says he is a lucky guy and asks him to come. Nikhil gets nervous and wonders what to do? He thinks Abhi will not leave Tanu and him. Tanu wonders what to do? She decides to escape before others come. Pragya and others come inside. Pragya and Daadi get happy seeing Sarla gaining consciousness. Purabh says  his mom will be alright. Abhi looks emotional and smiles. Tanu gets tensed.

Everyone gets happy as Sarla regains conscious and went to see her. Abhi asks everyone to give some space to her by letting her rest. Then, Purabh informs him that he needs to ask Sarla some questions and asks her as to who kidnapped her. Pragya also asks her to say it and they will not leave them. Later, Abhi also promises her that he would definitely see the end of the person who kidnapped her. Sarla tries to speak but she is unable to say anything. Pragya asks why is she unable to speak. Tanu and Nikhil get tensed. Meanwhile, Abhi calls the doctor and asks him to come as soon as possible. Mitali thinks she couldn’t get masala information from Sarla.

On the other hand, Aaliya comes to meet Raj in his office in order to seek his help. Raj says she doesn’t need his permission to come. Aaliya says she needed permission as she was thrown out by her family. Raj asks when did she come out of jail? Aaliya says good news is that she is out and tells that Abhi don’t think that Raj have done wrong and have forgiven him. Raj says he have done wrong and will do his penance. He clears to her that he is changed now. Aaliya asks really.

Raj says he will not help anyone in their wrong doings. Aaliya says it is his misunderstanding, and if Abhi does anything wrong again with him then he will again change. Raj says he don’t want to talk to her, and refuses to help her in her wrong endeavors and asks her to leave the wrong path as Abhi is a right guy. Aaliya says it is wonder now, and quite sad. She don’t want to interfere, she is alone, but not weak. Raj says he didn’t want everyone to hate her more and that’s why he took Bulbul’s murder blame on himself. Aaliya says Bulbul have committed suicide and she will not let his sacrifice go waste. She asks him to see what she does.

On the other hand, Nikhil and Tanu starts fighting over why Tanu failed to kill Sarla and woke up. Nikhil says Sarla couldn’t speak and they should go and find out. Tanu says she will not go and asks him not to meet her. Mitali comes there and asks what are they both doing here? Tanu too asks what is she doing here? Mitali says she asked this question first. Nikhil asks if Sarla told something. Mitali says she is trying to speak, but words are not coming out and that Abhi called the doctor and asked him to come. Nikhil tells Tanu that there is some problem and asks her to come. Tanu refuses to come and asks him to call her if there is any good news. The doctor checks Sarla and also checks her reports while everyone waits anxiously. Abhi asks why is she not speaking? The doctor says he don’t know what to say and he can’t decline the truth. He tells them that Sarla is paralysed. Everyone is shocked.

Daasi asks what do he mean? The doctor says her body is paralysed. Daasi asks him to check her properly. The doctor says she can hear them and see them, but she can’t move her body or speak. Abhi asks when will she be fine? The doctor says they can’t tell anything and asks them to consult to physiotherapist help. Nikhil is happy hearing this and thinks Sarla can’t get well and Abhi and Tanu will marry now.

Pragya comes to her room and thinks about the doctor’s words and asks God why is He doing all this? She prays to God to make her mum well. Abhi comes there and starts blaming God that God is helpless and don’t have a voice to speak. He said that he is no more and if he is there then he will give pain to his devotees. He says God is made of stone and don’t help anyone. But Pragya takes God side and says God is there and helps his people.

Abhi asks then to ask him why He breaks trust of his people. Pragya says she know that there is God and will not leave trusting him. She says God have saved her mother from death. Abhi says okay, that he is ready to agree. He asks her to tell God to make everything like before and make Sarla well or atleast return her voice. He says further that if God does this then he will be convinced that there is God. He asks her not to tell that there is God again.

Nikhil tells Tanu that Sarla is paralysed for life. Tanu gets happy. Nikhil thinks he shouldn’t fade away her happiness and Sarla is like dead now. He asks her to talk to Abhi about their marriage. Tanu agrees. Tanu comes to Abhi and says he is worried as Sarla is unwell. She shown concern about Sarla in front of Abhi and says they will take care of Sarla together and she will be fine. She further promise to take care of her till the time she is okay. Abhi asks her not to take tension else it might affect her baby. He asks her to rest. Tanu says she will take care of Sarla as he will not marry until she is fine. Abhi asks her to sleep. Tanu thinks Abhi will start thinking about her words now and gets happy. Abhi thinks what to do now and wonders about Sarla’s wish.

Pragya is then seen feeding soup to her mother. Sarla gets worried thinking about how to reveal Nikhil's truth to Pragya and everyone as she is mentally ill and asks God to do something. Pragya makes her drink soup and then she asks her mother as to what is she thinking and asks her to have the soup. Abhi comes there and teases Pragya saying that how Sarla would feel happy seeing her face early in the morning. Later, he informs her that he will serve Sarla from now and says she should see him to get well fine. Sarla smiles. Abhi says she means he is right. Pragya says he is mistaken.

Abhi says atleast he can make her laugh and it is laughter therapy. He can make her dance too with his song. Pragya asks him not to experiment on her mother. Abhi asks her to get up and says he will take care of Sarla. He makes Sarla have soup. Sarla thinks her Pragya is in front of him, the truth is also in front of him, understand the truth and accept her daughter. Abhi recalls Sarla giving his hand in Pragya’s hand. He asks Sarla why she puts his hand in Pragya's hand and that he needs her answer and asks her to blink her eyes if it is yes.

Pragya stop him from questioning her and tries to interfere, Abhi asks her not to interfere between a mother and a son. He asks Sarla if she want him to accept Pragya and not to marry Tanu. Sarla thinks what she should do? Abhi asks her to give him sign, blink her eyes, and he will fine the reason. He asks her to say it. Sarla blinks her eyes. Pragya says she didn’t say yes, but she is feeling sleepy. Abhi asks her to give some sign. Pragya says her condition is not right and asks him not to force on her mind. Abhi apologizes and leaves in anger.

He thinks how can he give her stress knowing her condition. He thinks if anything happens to her again then. Purabh comes and tells Abhi about Sarla’s bills. Abhi tells him that he doesn’t have money as Pragya is having his money. He tells that he is upset, and Daadi is crying and Sarla is unwell. Purabh thinks to meet Daadi. Pragya cries and tells her mother that they can’t tell anything to Abhi and troubled him. She tells her that they couldn’t find about Tanu’s boyfriend as there were many goons there. Sarla thinks how to tell her that Tanu and Nikhil had kidnapped her.

Pragya says she will blackmail Tanu again and when she gets exposed then she can give her hand in his hand. Purabh comes and asks why is Abhi tensed, and why is mother crying. He says he can’t see tears in Sarla’s eyes and says he will take her to his house but she didn't answer after asking again and again. Pragya finally tells him about the incident in which her mother gave her hand in Abhi’s hand before fainting and that’s why Abhi is tensed.

She adds that Abhi questioned her mother and was pressurizing on her mind, but she couldn’t let her mother sign him anything and she doesn't want the truth to come out now as she didn't know who is Tanu's child real father. Janki comes and talks to her. She jokes with Sarla and says she brought her house papers and will get her thumb impression on those papers. Purabh and Pragya smiles.

Someone knocks on the door. Aaliya asks who is there? She opens the door and finds Mitali. Aaliya asks why she didn’t tell when she asked? Mitali tells her that she badfor whatever had happened with her, and asks if she needs support. Aaliya thinks she needs a puppet to execute her plan and asks her to sit. She says she can understand her problem, and she have always helped her. She says she will help her. Mitali thanks her, and asks what would  she do for her. Aaliya asks her to make tea, so that she can think about her life.

Mitali agrees. Tanu comes to Sarla’s room and taunting her. She says she forgot that she can just hear and can’t say anything and that she must be feeling relieved on this soft mattress, and says her life is retired now and she will marry Abhi soon. She says further that her nerves can burst if she get stressed. She says she tried to save herself, but got under the car wheels and she couldn’t save herself, then how can she expose her and that her heart talks will only remain in her heart. She asks if she needs anything, water. She says she is thinking what to add sugar or poison. Just then Pragya comes to the room and sees that her mother is scared. She gets suspicious about Tanu's hand behind all this and thinks her mother wants to tell her something. Sarla signal her towards Tanu. Pragya is shocked.

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