Update: Monday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 297-299)

Dheeraj and his son who are responsible for this planned accident discuss with each other about doctor Mehta's death. Dheraj tells Aman that Mehta had to die because of his mistake. Aman replies that he saved themselves and he saw Kamla going to the hospital and called him. Dheraj says he was a sentimental kind of man and he knew he would say all this to Kamla and that he did right and he had to die.

Aryan comes to Suhana. Suhana asks if there is anything important in which he reply her that he just wanted to wish her good morning and that it's raining. There is too much water outside and autos are on strike. Suhana asks if he want to go somewhere. He says he is talking about Massi Kamla and how will she come? Suhana says she will pick her up but Aryan disagree saying that he will. Suhana claims she is her Massi Kamla first, so she will come with him too. Aryan thank God in his heart that he will spend some time with her this way.

While on their way, Suhana suggests him they should surprise her. Aryan agrees and says they will go directly to her doorstep. Suhana says he have become intelligent and just then, they see Kamla coming where some thugs come on a bike and snatch her purse. Aryan hits the thugs. Kamla asks what's the need of that?Aryan runs to her and asks her if she is okay. Kamla tells Suhana to take Aryan to the doctor. Arayn says he will drop her and will go after that.

Sanjay tell Dheraj that Suhana wants to join the office. Dheraj says that’s a good thing and tells him to ask Aryan when is he going from here? Dheraj says he will. Kamla overhears this.

Aryan is scares seeing the injection and turns on Suhana’s side. He claims he is having the pain because he have a bruise and asks why is he crying. He then asks Suhana to says nothing as he is going out. he smiles.

Vitthal calls Kamla up and informs her that he met the cop today and he told him that Mehta knew something about Kalpi and that she is that their Kalpi is alive and Mehta wanted to tell them. Kamla says for the first time he’ve believed in this and she know they will find Kalpi soon and Kalpi will come back to them soon.

Suhana makes fun of Aryan and taunts him about getting injected by the doctor for his injury. Suhana suggests Aryan to call the driver and he shouldn’t drive. He refuses that they have got time to spend together after so long. Aryan is looking for a good song. ‘Teri galiya’ plays. Suhana tells him to stop here as the song is so good. She then thanks him for what he did for Massi Kamla and that he didn’t care about his life and saved her.

Suhana and Aryan come home. Kamla asks about his hand in which he reply that it's fine. Kamla asks what the doctor said? He says it's nothing major. Aryan then says he is going to change. Kamla gives her water to drink. Suhana later goes to Kamla to sit with her as she want to talk to her and speaks to her about Aryan and takes her advice regarding him and asks if she feel that Aryan has changed as he saved her. Kamla says she have always trusted him since the day he fought for her in the market. He told everyone how to respect a woman, he know relationships and she have seen love in his eyes for her. Eyes never lie and she is sure he will never disappoint her. Suhana recalls all that Aryan has done to make her feel better and how he protected her in the rain. Suhana then tells Kamla that what she like she like that too. Kamla says her decision is right.

Suhana enters her room. It's all decorated with lights and stars. Aryan comes in, he comes closer to her and and tells her he know he made a mistake and he got to know that he love her a lot. He is saying the truth that he can't live without her. He really love her. He bows down and holds a placard and surprises Suhana by proposing to her if she will marry him? He has designed it delightfully and takes out a ring. Suhana tried to say something to Aryan but stop the moment he see Kamla and asks her to come in and then informs her that Aryan has proposed to her. She asks what would she do now? Kamla says she think love should be answered with love. Suhana says she like what Massi Kamla like. Aryan smiles. Kamla says she is glad they both have decided to marry each other and she think Sanjay won’t be happy with the relationship and until he accepts, his relation will be incomplete. Aryan asks Kamla to guide him how to talk to him. Kamla offer to talk to him and they should see if he agrees. Kamla makes Suhana hold Aryan’s hand. He screams. Suhana apologizes to him. He giggles. Kamla says he is so mischievous and hugs them both.

Kamla goes to the temple. She takes a rickshaw and sits in it. She recalls her accident. She later sees a car behind and notices the same car that had killed Doctor Mehta and decides to follow it and asks the rickshaw driver to follow him but they miss the car. Vitthal tells Pakiya that since he have met Suhana, he feel better and he like to go out and work. He then tell him to bring his shoes. Pakiya gives him his shoes. Vitthal also tells him to bring yogurt and sugar. Pakiya says there is no yogurt. Vitthal tells him to bring the sugar only. Pakiya wishes him luck.

Kamla comes to Dewan house and finds the car outside Suhana's house. She asks the watchman whose car is that in which he reply that he don't know and realizes that the killer is one among the family members and understands that the person is even responsible for giving the wrong medicines to Suhana.

Kamla goes in and sees Suhana drinking a juice. She tells Suhana not to drink it that she will make a new one for her. Suhana says in her heart that she have to talk to her as she sense she is worried for something. Suhana asks her what the problem is? Sanjay asks Kamla to make tea. Sanjay gets a call and stands with shock and asks what is he saying? He then thanks the caller. Dheraj asks if everything is okay? Sanjay says Mehta is in the hospital. Dheraj stands up in shock. Sanjay says he met with an accident but he is alive and he will be fine. Dheraj says they will go to meet him. Kamla says in her heart that no one looks fake here even after Vitthal’s call.

Kamla tells Suhana that there is a silver colored car outside and there is a smiley pillow behind that car and asks whose car is that? Suhana says he don’t know. But if it's in their yard then it must be theirs. Kamla says in her heart that he have to figure out whose car is it.

While Suhana is busy in doing the presentation. Aryan texts her "I love you". He comes in from the window. Suhana says someone will see him. He says that means they are locked in a room. Suhana tells him to go. He holds her from back and says he need one thing that every guy needs. She says she don’t know what he is saying. Aryan says he will make her understand and tells her that he want a kiss from his Suhana but Suhana tells him to go out.

Kamla gets shocked when she sees Sanjay Diwan, Suhana's father getting into that car and conclude that Sanjay planned the accident for Mehta and that Sanjay is Suhana’s enemy and thinks what is the secret?

Aryan and Suhana are out on the beach and they are having a beautiful time together. The song ‘muskurane’ plays in the background. Suhana is about to fall but Aryan manages to saves her. Suhana smiles and the duo take a selfie. Suhana sits with him on the bike. They stop by some street where children are playing football. Aryan too plays with them. Suhana smiles looking at him. Vitthal is singing to Kalpana’s photo, the theme song. Kamla comes there and asks what's wrong? He says the hope of this song has increased. Kamla looks at the photo and smiles. They wipe each other tears. Vitthal then asks if she went to Dewan house and also asks if she figure out who is plotting against Suhana? Kamla says yes that she saw that silver car and informs Vitthal that she had seen Suhana's father Sanjay Diwan entering the car that caused the accident of Dr. Mehta. Vitthal asks if she see him driving the car? Kamla says yes she saw him. Vitthal convinces Kamla that a father cannot cause harm to his daughter and Kamla also realizes that Sanjay Diwan cannot be the killer and says it's their car. Vitthal says there is someone from the house doing this. Kamla tells him their family members. Vitthal says Dheraj and Kavita are their family members and asks if the driver and his wife are doing this? Kamla says what will they get from doing so? Vitthal tells her to keep trying that she will find something and he is with her. Kamla says she can’t see Suhana in trouble. Vitthal says they can’t see Suhana in trouble and suggests to make tea for her.

Dewan is worried for Suhana as it's 1:00 am. Suhana comes in with Aryan. Sanjay on the lights. Sanjay asks Suhana what is she doing? Later, Suhana tells her father about her relationship with Aryan. When Sanjay Diwan finds out that Suhana has begun to develop feelings for Aryan, he shouts at him. Aryan tells Suhana's father that Suhana has pardoned him and she loves him and they have decided that they will marry each other. All they need is his nod. Sanjay tells Aryan that he misusing his leniency and he have proved what he wanted to. Aryan asks him to give him one chance and that he know he love Suhana. He can’t live without her and he promise he will keep her happy. Sanjay asks if he thinks it's a joke and reminds him of what he had done during the birthday function, his mood has changed today and it might change later and how can someone trust him? Sanjay tells Dushela that Aryan is fine now and he is leaving this house and tell her to bring his bag. Aryan tried to convince him further but Sanjay says not a single word more and then asks him to leave the house immediately. Suhana tells her father that Aryan has changed and she have forgiven him for the party. She begs him to pardon him. Sanjay tells Suhana that people like him never change as they change their color again and again and he can’t see her upset. She is innocent and he did what they both wanted but he made him change his decision in the birthday party. He let him live here even after that because he is his pal’s son. Sanjay says there is no room for Aryan in his house and he gives him his bag and plead with him to go. Suhana begs her father to please listen to what Aryan wants to say but Sanjay insists him to leave. Aryan assures him that he love Suhana. Sanjay tells him not to force him to throw him out of his house. Aryan takes his bag and glares at Suhana. Aryan leaves. He turns back and again looks at Suhana. Sanjay tells Aryan not to ever think that he will marry Suhana and this will never happen and that this is his final verdict. Sanjay closes the door while Suhana is in tears. Dheraj too tried to convince his brother but Sanjay says it's too late and tells him to go to his room. Suhana leaves as well. Sanjay tries to stop her but she leaves. Suhana is crying in her room while Aryan look in Suhana’s room from the window. Suhana comes to the window and looks at him. Aryan comes forward.

Kamla comes to Dewan house while Pooja is going on there. Dheraj asks Sushela to bring Aman and Kavita. The pooja starts. Kamla tells Suhana that Aryan told her everything. Later, Kamla decides to convince Sanjay Diwan to forgive Aryan and accept his relationship with Suhana after the pooja. Kamla prays to God to give her strength to find the truth.

Kamla goes to Sanjay that he wants to talk to him. Aryan comes in and plead with Suhana's father to give him one last chance and that he truly love Suhana. Sanjay says one minute Aryan, he gives him the ticket and says he have flight for tonight and he think he should go back to his home.

Sanjay says this is his ticket for tonight and he think he should go back to his home now. He leaves. Aryan, Sushela, Aman and Kavita leave as well. Suhana comes to Aryan. Kamla tells Aryan not to worry as God is at home. He will take all his problems and asks him to go and and rest as he is standing outside the whole night. Suhana tries to console him, telling him everything will be fine and asks him to calm down. Kamla goes to the temple and plead God to make Suhana and Aryan one.

Aryan is standing on the terrace with Suhana and asks if she is with him? Suhana says on every note. She will never leave him alone. Aryan smiles. Aryan takes out the bangles and says his mom gave them to him and he wanted her to wear these as they are their family bangles. He won’t leave without her. He says now this guy will take his bride from here. He hugs her but initially Suhana and Aryan decide to threaten Suhana's parents by pretending to commit suicide in order to make them agree to their marriage

Kamla goes to Sanjay that he know he is worried for Suhana but she wants to say something. Sanjay asks Kamla what she wants to talk about? But she is quite. Sanjay asks if it's about Aryan? He reminds her that he is Suhana’s father and he will never decide anything for her that will upset her. Aryan is an irresponsible person and he should stay away from Suhana and that she is here to take care of Suhana. He begs her to do that and not try to be Suhana mother. Kamla says she never tried to be her mother but being her Massi ( aunt ) she just want to tell her father the truth. The truth is that Suhana loves Aryan and she can’t live without him. Aryan has changed and Suhana knows he loves her and that Aryan did all that because he thought Suhana is not happy with him. He didn’t want Suhana to be blamed that’s why he did all that. So he can throw him out. But he know the truth after leaving her and came back. She have seen it in his eyes. Suhana and Aryan are happy together. She have seen that they are always happy together and asks him not to part them. They can’t live without each other.

Sanjay and everyone come to the roof top and see Suhana and Aryan on the edge. Aryan tells Suhana's father if only he agree then they will come down. Sanjay Diwan initially rejects their requests but Kamla begs Sanjay to please listen to them. Aryan tells him he don’t have time and tell him to say yes but later Sanjay falls into their trap, telling him to stop that he is ready and agrees for the marriage. He begs them to come down. Suhana and Aryan are extremely happy and decide to climb down the terrace, just then Suhana slips and is about to fall down. Aryan immediately holds Suhana's hands. Everyone is worried. Aryan assures Suhana nothing will happen to her. He pulls her back up and hugs her. Everyone heaves a sigh of relief. Aryan says he couldn’t live without her. Sanjay hugs her and asks if she is okay? Suhana says she is fine. Sanjay tells Kamla that she is right and he should have listened to her. Sanjay Diwan then promises to announce their marriage while celebrating Ganesh Chathurthi tomorrow and tells Aryan nothing like the previous party. Aryan says he don’t repeat mistakes addressing him as father. Sanjay hugs him and apologizes to Kamla if anything hurt her. He is a father but he couldn’t see his daughter’s heart and Aryan but she got them easily. Aryan asks if he can make Suhana wear the bangles? Sanjay nods. Aryan makes Suhana wear the bangles. Everyone claps.

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