Update: Monday On Life Of Ami (Episode 52-54)

Sanjay being told by everyone to give a sweet to bhavna. Then he picks up one and gives to bhavna and everyone clap. Shruti is unable to see this and is feeling jealous and so she goes away drom there. Then prabha goes to her and then shruti tells prabha that because of her there will be no problem in the marriage and she will not do something such that sanjay and bhavna’s marriage will gain any problem.

Then prabha tells her that she does not need to act and she knows that shruti has come there to make another plan to take sanjay in his love. Then she tells shruti that her plan has failed and shruti cant do anything and then she tells her that what hse had said to her about forgetting sanjay and how she had blackmailed her and then she tells her that if she interprets in their marriage and even if she thinks of becoming the daughter in law of the house then she will have top go through her dead body.

Prabha goes. Sanjay standing behind the window listens to this and then says to himself that how could mom do this and why did she blackmail shruti. Then bhavna comes and talks rudely to shruti that now she cant do anything as sanjay is all hers and that house. Shruti starts crying. Sanjay goes out.

Then shruti goes home and khushboo then asks her that how was the function. Shruti sits down. Then jasuben comes and tells shruti that she had to empty the house in 2 days but why is she still there. Then shruti tells her to give her sometime more and she will surely empty the house when she gets another house. Then jasuben tells her that since so many days she is saying that she will go but she is not and she will remove them if they don’t go on time and then she goes. Shruti starts crying and then dadi and ami tell her not to cry.

Next day everyone is preparing for the marriage and preparations are in full swing. Prabha comes and a sweet man comes and gives her a sweet made by him to taste. She tastes and tells him good and tells that it should be made in large quantity and guests should not complain. Then sanjay’s business partner comes and asks everyone standing together that whether sanjay is ok or no.

Everyone say yes then he tells them that today sanjay gave him his resignation letter and is saying of going forever to U.S. then they get shocked and pravbha tells him that she will talk to sanjay. Then dad tells that he will talk. Prabha tells him that he will not be able to tell him to stop, then dad tell that he will at least be able to understand him.

Sanjay comes home, dad makes him understand that what he is doing is like acting like a coward and his son never acted like that and why is he running like this and then dad tells him that his son(sanjay) always fought in tough times also and now also he should do that and then goes and tells prabha to listen to what sanjay is saying. Prabha goes where sanjay is packing his bag, mom tells him that why is he doing this does he not care for her happiness and what will he do with bhavna.

Sanjay tells her that she is not cared about him and his happiness and is always thinking of herself. Prabah tells him that she wanted only that her son should get all the happiness of the world. Sanjay tells that today she has to choose between him and her stubbornness and if not then he will go away to U.S. then he tells her that she blackmailed shruti and now she has to go to shruti’s house and tell her to be the daughter in law of that house and make her wear those bangles which she gave to bhavna. Then mom tells ok.

Prabha telling her daughter riddhi that she has to to do something because marriage is today. Riddhi asks prabha that what should they do now. Prabha tells that if they allow sanjay to go to U.S then they will gain a lot of loss and if they make shruti their daughter in law then the loss will be less and she will be able to atleast have her son in front of her. then riddhi says that what is the decision. Mom tells her that they will go and make shruti daughter in law but today it is their loss but that same loss will be her victory afterwards and will put her one step above her victory.

At home shruti is sitting and thinking of sanjay wearing her the ring and is sad. Then someone knocks at the door. Shruti gets up and sees that it is prabha and sanjay’s dad. Shruti then gets amazed to see prabha and dad there. She then asks them how come they are there. Then prabha and dad come in and prabha tells her that she has come take her hand for her son sanjay and wants her to become her daughter in law and then shruti gets shocked and tells her that before she did not wanted but now…… then prabha tells that now she has realized her mistake and then she removes then bangles and gives to shruti and tells her that she should think once and sanjay is also wants to marry her.

Dad also explains her and then dadai and ami and khushboo listen that. Then prabha and dad go bidding them. At home sanjay is desperate to know about shruti. Riddhi is getting mad at seeing sanjay’s desperation and then teels him that he will soon get a phone call. Then he gets a message from shruti that she wants to ask something to sanjay and wants him to meet her in the park. At home ami is angry and she goes away in her room. A

At the park sanjay and shruti meet each other. Shruti asks sanjay that did prabha come by her own or was she told by him. Sanjay tells that its only that prabha has understood what he needs and in what he is happy. Then shruti says ok and then sanjay asks her what is her answer then shruti tells she has to think as she has 2 children and is someones daughter in law. Then shruti goes but looks back once.

At home ami is angry and khushboo and dadi are trying to pacify her. then nani comes and dadi tells her that good she came and tells her only to speak to ami. Then dadi takes khushboo out and goes out of the room. Nani then tells ami that she is only giving shruti trouble. Ami gets shocked and gives an expression of “ how am I troubling her”. then nani tells her that she is making her sad a lot and she is only thinking of herself and not of shruti. She tells that shruti has done everything for her and khushboo and is her both mother and father and has done everything for her and also earns money for them. She is very sad and will stay sad for her whole life if she does not make her happy.

Nani tells her that if harsh is seeing this then how sad must he be feeling that shruti is sad. Then she tells ami that if she does not want sanjay as her dad then it is ok but she cant take that authority from khushboo as khushboo also needs that love of a dad. Nani tells her that shrutio has done everything for them so now she should do something for her.

Shruti asking sanjay that did prabha tell on her own to be her daughter in law or did she do on someone’s saying. Shruti then tells sanjay to look in her eyes and tell the truth. sanjay tells her that he will make sure that when she comes after marrying then mom will not tell anything to you, khushboo and ami. Then he tells that she only realized that what her son needs. Then shruti tells him that I will take some time. Sanjay tells her that don’t take so much time that her whole life goes in that.

Then shruti goes but looks behind and then both have their flashback’s and the song dermiyaan is being played in the background and then shruti goes. At home sanjay goes and then prabha tells him that she went to shruti’s house and also told her to marry sanjay and also gave her the bangles but she did not respond. Sanjay tells her that shruti will come today only to marry him and he smiles. Prabha thinks that shruti should say no to marry then she can marry sanjay to bhavna. At home shruti comes and then sits. Then ami tells her that if she wants to marry sanjay then she does not have any problem.

Then shruti gets happy and nani also. Then ami tells that sanjay is good and khushboo tells that she also likes sanjay uncle a lot. Then the background music is being played. Then shruti gets up and goes and looks at harsh’s photo. Then dadi comes and tells her that she knows what shruti is thinking and that she is thinking that if I marry then what will happen of her.

Dadi tells her that she does not need to worry for her because she has her second son pravin and can live with her. then she tells shruti that she has done everything for them after harsh went and has kept their care and now its their turn and she should marry sanjay as he is a good man. Then they both cry and dadi tells shruti to call sanjay and tell him that she will marry him.

Then at home sanjay has got ready and the time has come. Mom tells him that how much will he wait then he says that until shruti says yes. Then sanjay goes out and mom switches the light off but sanjay’s phone rings and mom sees that its shruti’s phone she takes it but does not respond. Then shruti tells dadi that he is not picking the phone and then shruti calls again but prabha cuts the phone and shruti tells that sanjay cut the phone. Then mom goes out and then tells to herself that sorry sanjay but u will have to wait for the whole life.

Then mom tells him to come. Then the house phone rings prabha tells him that let it be it must be someones phone and they go for the marriage venue. Then the servant picks the phone and shruti asks where is sanjay he tells that he just went now for the marriage venue then shruti keeps the phone and she tells this to everyone. They tell her to go to that venue and marry sanjay and tell her that they are with her. then shruti goes in an auto. Then nani tells dadi that she has proved today that she cares for everyone. Then nani tells dadi that she is sad that she will lose a daughter in law then dadi tells that she may lose a daughter in law but has got a daughter.

Then they both cry and catch each others hand and dadi tells that she will do sanjay and shruti’s kanyadan after their marriage. At the venue place sanjay and his family enter and everyone is happy but sanjay is not and he is not smiling also. Then riddhi tells him that they will take care of his shoes if anyone comes to take it. Then she tells that they will hide his shoes and no one will get it and when he will need it they will give it to him, but sanjay is sad and does not respond. Prabha thinks in her mind that in sometime if shruti doesn’t come then it will be good and sanjay will marry bhavna.

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