Update: Monday On Life Of Ami (Episode 22-24)

Sanjay’s mother tells Bhavna to go for disco Dandiya. She agrees. At home Ami and Khushboo tell Sanjay and Shruti about the couple dance strategy in a group. Shruti gets passes for Disco-Dandiya but there is a condition for entry, that every group should have a couple participating in Disco-Dandiya. Ami and Khusboo successfully convince Shruti to participate in Dandiya competition with Sanjay as a couple. competition.

Ami wears her dress and Khushboo and Ami get excited seeing her dress and dance but Ami’s dress gets stuck in a kneel and it tears. Both of them get tensed. Then next day morning they do aarti and Shruti explains Ami and Khushboo why is navratri celebrated and then she also tells her about women power. Shruti also tells Ami and Khusboo about the importance of Garba.

Then Ami gets a idea n takes khushboo with her.In Sanjay's office, Sanjay comes all angry and Shruti asks himwhat's the matter. He then tells her about marriage and his mom. She tells him that he should first think whether he wants to marry or not and then asks him to list down the qualities he wants in his future wife. Sanjay then tells Shruti about his expectations from a life partner and the kind of girl he is looking for. Shruti tells him that she would help him find a girl.

Jasuben in Garba dress and also all decked up talking with a lady of their colony. They talk about going to Disco Dandiya. How they are best dressed and all will see , etc. They taunt Shruti 7 kids about not be able to come will dressed , etcAmi and Khushbu land up with tailor and tell him about dress being torn by Ami’s dancing. The tailor expresses his displeasure seeing the torn dress and says it can’t be repaired. Ami draws in paper some design and tells him to cover the hole place with this design. The tailor tells that it's difficult to do it.

Ami then praises his tailoring skills i.e buttering him so that he will do it. He then agrees.Ami is waiting for her dress in the evening, pacing up and down in the hall. She recieves her friend’s call asking if she is ready or not and she tells that she is waiting for the tailor to deliver the dress and tells that she don’t know what she will wear and come to Dandiya dance. Just then, Ami’s grandmother passes by the hall and asks Ami why is she not dressed up? Just then, Sanjay dressed in garba dress and Shruti enter the house and are surpised to find Ami still not dressed up and they too ask her about it. Shruti asks Why didn’t she tell her earlier.

Ami thinks they know it all and confesses her mistake of tearing her garba dress and that she didn’t want to inform mother in the morning because shehad only taught them to do everything by themselves with their own strength , etc. Sanjay laughs and lightens the moodand tells Ami not to be so much hard on herself. Shruti then surprises Ami by showing her a new chaniya choli that she has brought which leaves her very happy. Shruti, Ami and other ladies go in resp. rooms to dressup.Ami’s friends are ready for the dandiya dance event. All deckup up waiting for Ami to arrive. They see Jasuben, her lady friend and that lady husband and kids arrive.

Ami’s friends see them and comment on their dressing among themselves. Then they see Sanjay’s mother and Bhavna arrrive at the venue and they go inside. Then, Sanjay arrives in his car with Shruti’s whole family. First the kids and their grandmom’s get down from Sanjay’s car. Ami meets her friends and they compliment her dress and later they all go in. Khusbhu feels left out. Sanjay’s mother and Bhavna see this from far. Then Sanjay opens the car door for Shruti and she trips. Sanjay holds her hand firmly. Sanjay’s mother and Bhavna see this from far and Sanjay’s mom is not happy with this.

Shruti then goes inside and introduces her family elders to Sanjay’s mother but Sanjay’s mother starts taunting them. Shruti’s family elders are ever polite with Sanjay’s mom whiletalking. Sanjay then arrives there after parking his car. Shruti asks him if his mother is angry with her. He says why? Shruti says from her words she could make out and then they go inside.Sanjay and Shruti stand beside each other and talk. Sanjay is happy that he came outside to some place after a very long time, etc.

They have a nice friendly talk and Sanjay goes fromthere to talk with people known to him while Shruti stays there. Her brother Sathish comes there and asks her how could she wear such a dress? She is a widow and talk bad with her. Shruti gets sad. Bhavna and Sanjay’s mother listensto this talk from far and comes and gives it back to Satish by asking him if he want money from them as Shruti don’t have money to give to him. Satish leaves from there but Shruti’s mother tells her not to try to live her life by what other peoplesay and to do what her heart says.

Ami’s friends compliment her mom’s dress and ask who is that guy with her mother? They asks if he is her father. Ami says no but he is Sanjay unclue who doesn’t get a girl for himself. Her friends point out 1 girl out from the crowd for Sanjay uncle whose back turned to their side. Ami's male friends go to that girl checking her out. Ami drags Sanjay to that girl and it turns out to be Bhavna. Sanjay says hi to her and drags Ami aside and asks her what a bad joke is this.

Ami leaves and he sees Shruti from far and sees her bring cold-drink cans for both her mother’s and she also brought one extra for his mom and offers it to her but Sanjay’s mother who like a snob pushes Shruti’s offer and leaves from there. He gets upset seeing this and gets flashback of the girl list discussion at Shruti’s house. Ami learns about thelist of qualities Sanjay was looking for in his prospective wife. Ami tells him that he can't get such a girl at all and makes Sanjay realise that her mom Shruti has all the qualities Sanjay was looking for in a wife. Ami promising thatshe will get such a girl for him.

At the disco Dandiya. Khushboo is sad because Ami is with her friends and is not taking her to play Dandiya. Then she goes to a friend whom she sees. She tells him that she is alone there and they both will play together. They say okay. Jasuben and Nisha are eager to meet the singers, Preeti and Pinky. The anchor then comes and tells them that Preeti and Pinky are coming and they both enter. Everyone cheer for them and clap. Then the anchor calls Sanjay’s mother for their welcome and she goes and welcomes them with bouquets and then she calls Sanjay, he goes on the stage and he bids them. Sanjay's mother Ms. Prabha Mehta resents the presence of Shruti's family at the Disco-Dandiya night. Then Ami comes there running for the autograph and takes autograph from them and thanks Sanjay’s mother for the permission. His mother ignores her and goes from there quietly. Ami gets sad and Sanjay gets angry for this behavior of his mom. Ami gets sad.

The singers are singing and everyone is dancing. Shruti asks Sanjay if his mom is in some trouble or is she sad. He says that it’s nothing like that. Shruti tells that her behavior is like that and she is ignoring everyone. At a stall Sanjay’s mom takes Dandiya and gives to Bhavna and tells her to go and play with Sanjay. Bhavna says that he will not play with her and shows that Shruti is with him. She tells her to just go andthe rest she will handle. Then she looks at Shruti angrily. Then Shruti looks at her and goes out to her to clear her doubt.

She asks her whether she is having any problem. She says no and then she asks her again. Sanjay's mother says that she is sad because Sanjay always ignores her decisions and does not want to marry the women she wants him to marry. She tells that he does not even want to play with Bhavna and asks what to do. Sanjay's mother seeks Shruti's help to convice Sanjay to marry Bhavna. Jasuben and Nisha are listening to what they are talking. Shruti tells Sanjay's mother that she will handle the matter and Sanjay's mother gets happy.

Shruti goes to Sanjay with Bhavna and then the anchor announces that there will be competitions. In the first round there is dress competition. The judges will see whose dress is the best and they will get prizes later. Then Jasuben is excited and says she will get it. Shruti calls Ami and Khusbooand tells Ami to take care of Khusboo and also play with her. Ami says yes and asks Khushboo why is she standing alone and asks her come and play. Then Ami’s friends come and pull her, telling Ami they should go, and they leaves.

Khushboo gets sad and goes and sits near Daadi and Naani. Then the first round starts and everyone is dancing while Preeti and Pinky are singing. The judges are seeing whose dresses are good. The first round is over. Everyone go aheadfor the announcements of the winners. Jasuben is very excited and is showing off and tells Ami to go behind and stand because she will not get the prize as she has made herdress of an old saree. She tells her that she will win as she has taken a new one and she smiles in excitement and shoosAmi away.

Ami tells Khushboo that she wants to win and tells that she used to go for Dandiya with dad with a new dress but never won and tells that now also she will not win. She catches Khushboo’s hand tightly. Then the announcements are made. Aishwariya is the 2nd runner up, the first runner up is Bhavna and Ami wins the best costume competition in Disco-Dandiya. Ami gets happy and goes and takes the prize with Khushboo.

Jasuben comes and congratulates Shruti as Ami won. Then Shruti goes from there. Ashish comes there. Sanjay sees himand goes to meet him. He tells him that he is happy he came there. Ashish sees Bhavna and says that she is looking beautiful today. Sanjay tells that he does not want to marry her but still his mother is forcing him. Then Ashish who happen to be Sanjay's friend also notices Shruti and tells thatshe is looking beautiful and tells Sanjay that Shruti is very beautiful, talented, intelligent and that she should marry onceagain. Sanjy asks if he is mad? Ashish tells Sanjay that any wise man would marry her without giving it a second . Then he asks him why didn’t he (Sanjay ) think of that before.

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