Update: Monday On King Of Hearts (Episode 539-540)

Sid and Roshni are in the hospital. Neil comes there and congratulates them for Roshni’s pregnancy. Sid says your family will also be complete soon. Sid tells Neil that he need to settle scores with Payal for Roshni’s condition. Neil blames himself for meeting Ria and regrets. Ria comes there and hears him. She goes. Sid sees her going and follows her. Ria says I just came to see Roshni being worried. Sid asks her to sit and explains her about unbreakable relation. He says we have seen happiness, sadness, victory, death, loss, etc. He says we have defeated death and came back to each other, as we trust each other. He says what I can see, you can’t as you are blindfolded by revenge. He says your sister have lighted the fire and couldn’t see that she has taken all your happiness.

He says I can’t see love getting defeated and asks her to choose what she wants, if she wants happiness or sadness, Neil or pain and asks her to make a choice. Ria wipes her tears and says I have made my decision. She walks off. Sid asks her to listen to him, but she goes.
Lawyer asks Payal, if she is sure. Payal says yes. Sid comes and claps for her. Payal asks Lawyer to do as she said. Sid says 1 sec, and shows the arrest warrant in which she is accused of attempt to murder. Payal says I will not get arrested. Sid says police is also here. He calls Police and asks Inspector to arrest her. Lawyer says you can’t arrest my client. Ria comes and says I was with Payal all the time and saw Roshni falling down the stairs with my eyes. Sid says disgusting, he says I don’t hope this from you, and says you have showed that your blood is bad. Payal says you are doing mistake, the Sengupta and their property is my victim, and asks him to live life with Roshni. Sid says this is just an easy option, I don’t like it and loves challenges and family even if it is not mine. He says this sen gupta family have a big favor on me. He says if you want to ruin them, then I will ruin you. He says Siddharth Khurana is standing between you and Neil.

Payal says I will never let you get this property, because Naina did everything for this property. Sid feels pity on her thinking and says your wish. He says I will answer you with stone, and says this property will be of Sen gupta and will always be theirs, and this is my challenge. He walks out with Police. Ria apologizes to Payal and says I was diverted from revenge, but not anymore. Payal says good, and says our next target is Siddharth Khurana. She brings Roshni to his house and lifts her in his arms to take her inside. A song Rang Bahara plays. Sid shows her toys which he brought for their baby. Simran smiles looking at them and feels guilty.

Roshni apologizes to Simran. Simran says I should apologize to you and apologizes her with a hug. Roshni asks for her happiness. Simran says my blessings will always be with you. She says I can’t believe that she is becoming mum. Police comes there. Simran asks what happened? Sid asks Inspector what? Payal says now it is my turn to make you hear something. She shows the papers and says Khurana Industries have used a company for their advantage and that’s why that company have filed defamation case against your company. She says British lifestyle magazine is with Walia company and asks how is it. Sid laughs and asks her to come out of illusion. He says you can’t break or harm my family. Payal laughs aloud and says Sid, you are afraid of loss. Don’t worry. You don’t need to get scared, as someone else is in the frame. She reads another paper and says Raj will be arrested for using British lifestyle magazine wrong.

Payal reads the notice, and says Raj will be arrested for using british lifestyle magazine wrongly. Simran is shocked. Sid asks what nonsense. Inspector says you have to come with us. Raj says I will come. Sid says this is wrong. Payal laughs and says you are so expressive, gives so many expressions. She says I don’t understand who is real Siddharth Khurana, hero or zero. She says you said that I will be left alone and asks him to save his family now. She asks Inspector to arrest Raj. Simran asks how dare you? Payal asks her not to dare else she will get her arrested too. Roshni says Papa. Sid says this is wrong and tries to stop Inspector. Payal asks him to get ready to bend his knees. Sid looks angrily. Payal leaves.

Roshni tells Sid that she will also come. Sid asks have you gone mad? Roshni says I can’t stay at home. Simran tells Roshni that she needs rest now, and asks Sid to go to Dad. Bunty asks Sid why we are meeting Payal and that foreigner. Sid says we have to meet them. He goes inside and greets Mr. Smith. Payal says he is the accused party. Sid says you would have done your homework and know that I am Siddharth Khurana. I don’t bother how much you earn. Payal says enough and says lets come to the point. Simran sees Roshni over eating and gets tensed.

Neil asks Payal, how can you sleep peacefully after ruining innocent lives. Payal asks who is innocent? She says I am taking revenge. Neil says what is your enmity with Raj Khurana or Roshni’s unborn child. Payal says whoever supports you are my enemies. Neil tries to slap her, Ria comes and holds his hand. Neil is shocked. Ria asks him don’t you dare touch her. She says don’t give lecture on humanity and says now I am walking on right path. She asks him to sit quietly and see how they ruin him. Neil looks on shocked. Roshni worries about Raj. Simran says I will break her mouth.

Sid brings Raj home. Roshni says I wanted to meet you, but Sid haven’t bring me there. Sid says I brought teddy bear you. Roshni says she don’t want and asks him to tell about the case. Simran asks her not to stress herself and take the gift. Roshni takes it. Sid says good girl and tells the plan.

Payal tells lawyer that they can’t waste time and have to do something quick so that Siddharth Khurana don’t get the time to think about his next conspiracy. She faints and falls down. Mitul sees her unconscious and calls Ria.
Doctor checks her and says something is serious. Payal says there is nothing wrong. Later Ria gets a call from Sid. She says everything is happening as per plan and recalls giving her medicine to faint. Sid says we have to do everything carefully. Roshni asks him to tell what is the next plan. Sid says picture is still remaining and hero and heroine will win at the end. Roshni gets angry as Sid snores much. She wakes up Sid. Roshni says she is not getting sleep and is hungry. Sid says your mum have eaten food of three persons. Roshni gets angry. Sid asks what do you want to eat. Roshni says strawberry cake. Sid asks her to sleep as of now.

Sid is making cake in the kitchen. He asks Roshni can you learn cooking. Simran hears noise coming from kitchen and wakes up Raj. Raj comes to kitchen and asks Sid where is his basement. Simran asks what are you talking about. He teasingly beats up Sid. Sid says your bahu wants to eat cake at this time. Raj says Simran will make. Simran says yes. Sid says they will transfer property on your name Raj says definitely. Simran smiles.
Payal sees her nose bleeding and checks for the symptoms in her phone. She thinks how can this happen and calls Mr. Dixit asking him to do it so soon. She thinks how can life make joke with me.

Ria calls Sid and asks if the arrangements are done. She says we are leaving her in 45 mins. Sid asks her to come fast. Ria says okay. Sid and Raj make the arrangements for fake hospital. Bunty tells Sid that they got this studio for 1 hour and this actor is not acting properly as doctor. Actor says I am having pain in my neck, but I will act. Raj says he is looking like patient. Sid scolds Bunty. Bunty asks actor to act well, else he will be beaten. Actor goes. Sid says from where to get the doctor now. Raj and Bunty look at him. Roshni is eating something and tells that they are not picking the call. Ria brings Payal to the fake hospital and says it is recommended by our doctor. Bunty dresses up Sid as an old doctor and says even Roshni can’t identify you. Payal and Ria come to Doctor’s cabin. He introduces himself as Dr. Sulekha.

Payal says Dr. Sulekha, I was expecting lady doctor. Sid asks her to get herself treated by other doctors. Ria says this is her file. Sid says I don’t read file and can know patient by seeing her. Payal tells Ria that this doctor is not right. She says I have seen you somewhere. Sid says one man comes on TV resembling me. Payal gives him file. Two men come there and says this is our set. Bunty stops them. Roshni calls him. Bunty says I will call you later. The men say that we are akbar and birbal’s actors. Raj gives them money and ass to eat burger. The men refuse to take money. Payal asks who are talking outside. Sid says mental ward is outside. Payal gets up shockingly. Sid says there are many wards here, and we play kidney game also. Payal says this is wrong hospital and says I will not stay here for a min.. She comes out and sees Neil talking to doctor. Doctor tells him that his physiotherapy will start and he will be fine soon. Payal gets convinced that it is a hospital and comes back to Sid on Ria’s insistence.

Raj thanks Neil for helping them. Neil says Sid is doing this for me and appreciates them. Sid asks Payal to lie down on the bed. He says she is dead and then says she is alive. He says I will check your sister and asks her to take a heavy breath. He hits on her legs and asks are you feeling pain. Payal says yes. He checks her mouth and eyes and says Oh My God….He presses her neck and shockingly says oh..my God. Your kidney is failed. Payal asks how did you identify it by holding neck. Sid says you have leukemia and psoriasis. Payal asks are you sure? She imagines herself as bald and asks Doctor to tell the time left for her. Sid says it can be 1 weeks or few mins. He says have you seen anand and says you will see soon. He asks Ria to take her Didi from there and says God will take her in few days.

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