Update: Friday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 456-458)

Everyone returns home as the holi celebrations come to an end. Pragya, Abhi and Tanu enter the house completely intoxicated, having consumed 'Bhaang, and behave in a funny manner. Abhi says he wants to apply black color on fuggi’s face. Pragya hides behind Daadi. Tanu asks why he want to blacken her face, and that he can just apply black color on her face. Daadi says her face is already blacken.

Abhi says he haven’t applied black color on her face and he wants to play with fuggi. He plays with her. Daadi asks Purabh to take him to his room. Meanwhile, Tanu begins fighting with Pragya over a plate of sweets. Aaliya steals a CD from the house and the entire family remains oblivious to her presence in the house. She thinks it is good and they will not know what happened today. Abhi asks Daadi to send Pragya to the room. Daadi says okay and says their plan is ruined.

Abhi asks what plan? He says he understood that his Daadi wanted him to drink Bhaang, but failed. He says it is good that he haven’t drink Bhaang, else he would have talked like a stupid fellow. Purabh asks him to sleep. Just then they hear Pragya’s voice and go downstairs. They see Pragya and Tanu fighting for the plate, and argue to eat the sweets.

Purabh asks Pragya to leave the plate. Ajay asks them to share the sweets and eat. Daadi comes and asks what happened? Both of them say that they will eat the sweet and fight verbally.

Daadi asks Mitali to bring another plate, and asks Pragya to come with her, that she has more sweets. Tanu also follows them and insists to eat sweets. She adds that she has more right on Abhi and is going to be his wife. Pragya says she is his ex wife. Purabh asks them to ask Abhi who is having more right on Abhi. They say okay and goes inside. Daadi says they will fight now. Purabh says he will record the happenings in the room. Abhi asks them to hold his hand and pull him towards them. They talk pulling him towards them.

Purabh and Daadi come there and decides to let the trios stay together in the same room. Purabh leaves after fixing a mobile in the room to record their conversation. He asks them to think who is pregnant? Abhi gives chocolate to them. Pragya says Tanu is pregnant, but the baby is whose. Abhi says the baby is his. Tanu says when did she say, and says baby is her? Abhi tells Pragya that she should also have a baby. Pragya says she want baby too and asks Tanu who gave her baby.

Tanu says her boyfriend gave her baby and she will tell her boyfriend to give her baby. Abhi says he will not give her baby. Tanu says he is not her boyfriend, but her to be husband. Pragya cries and says she need baby now. Abhi asks her to wait. He brings Pragya’s toy rockstar and gives it in her hand. Pragya asks her toy rockstar to give her baby. Tanu laughs and says it will not give her baby. Pragya says she will sleep with her boyfriend. Tanu says she will also goes and sleep with her boy friend.

Next day, Daadi shows the recording to Abhi. Tanu gets shocked and wonders when did she say this? Daadi asks her to tell whose baby is this? Abhi asks Tanu to tell him everything. Daadi asks her to say the truth? Abhi says they will watch video. Daadi plays the video again. Abhi tells Daadi that they were under the Bhaang effect and this madness go after the effect is gone. Daadi says people say the truth while being drunk. She asks her to say whose baby is this? Tanu is shocked.

Tanu says what wrong did she say? This all happened when Abhi was her boyfriend, but now he don’t behave like a boyfriend to her. She says Abhi praised Pragya on the stage infront of everyone, and didn’t even took her name and made her get insulted. She want to die, but raising his mistake, and will be punished after giving birth to the baby. Abhi blames Pragya for making him drink Bhaang. Pragya refuses.

Abhi blamed Pragya for making him drink Bhaang. Pragya says she didn’t give Bhaang to him and says she is very conscious about his image in public, as it will be a loss to her. She tells Tanu that it is her mistake to get pregnant when she knows that Abhi is already married. She have become lenient and they all have taken her for granted. She threatens them to kick Tanu out of the house. She asks Daadi to make Abhi understand and make him hear his heart, so that he can get answers for his questions. Tere bin song plays in the background.

Pragya leaves after giving Abhi a sound piece of advice and making it clear that she only cares for his public image as it affects her reputation too. Abhi tells Tanu that whatever Pragya said was unintentional. Tanu tells Abhi that he is living in his past life and Pragya don’t care what happens in his present life, and he is just profit and loss statement for her.

She doesn’t care for him, but she is still same Pragya for him. Abhi says he got an idea to remove her from his heart and get rid of the feeling. He will get insulted, and he would hate her so much to overshadow the love in his heart. He adds that he wants Pragya to behave in such fashion so that it will make him hate her more and he know what to do know? Tanu wonders what he will do now?

Meanwhile, Daadi asks Pragya why did she speak so much? Pragya says he is unable to decide and is becoming joke infront of the world. She can’t tell him Tanu’s lie and couldn’t tell about her proof. She says when Tanu told him her life’s biggest truth, he didn’t believe her. Pragya does not seem happy with Daadi and Purabh's plan of recording her interaction with Abhi and Tanu while she was drunk and asks why did she make that video? Daadi says they thought she will take Nikhil’s name as her boyfriend, but she was clever not to take his name.

Pragya however understands that Daadi's plan could have worked if Tanu would have mentioned Nikhil's name. Daadi and Purabh decide to go forward with Ronnie's plan of frightening Tanu so that she will blurt out the truth. Purabh then shares his idea with Pragya and says Ronnie will scare Tanu to make her speak the truth. Pragya says she have to hear earful from Abhi now. Abhi thinks about Pragya’s words and gets restless. Pragya comes to the room.

Abhi thinks to let her speak first, else she will think he is fighting with her unneccessarily. Abhi sits on TV’s remote and the video is played. Pragya insists to have baby. Tanu tells her that her boyfriend gave her baby and she will ask her boyfriend to give her baby. Abhi asks her to shut off the TV. Pragya says he is sitting on the remote. They argue. Abhi tells Pragya that people say the truth in a drunkard state and says whatever she want will happen. Pragya is clueless.

Later Ajay and Akash tell that everyone is silent. Abhi asks if he is joker to show skit. Tanu talks to Nikhil and asks him to let her handle the situation at home. She says she is going to hall to have dinner with everyone. Abhi apologizes to Ajay and says he is bored and doesn’t feel like laughing or crying. Ajay asks him not to worry and have food. Tanu comes to dining area and asks what is in the food? Daadi asks her to sit and have her favorite food. She adds that her favorite soup is kept in kitchen and asks her to bring it. Tanu calls Robin. Daadi says he is on leave. Tanu says okay, she will bring the soup and leaves.

Tanu comes to the kitchen and sees that the electricity is off. She gets worried and tells herself to take the soup. She finds blood coming out from tap and shouts for Abhi. Abhi rushes to her. Daadi and others also follow him. Tanu tells him that blood is coming out from the tap. Abhi asks why is the light off. Mitali switches on the light. Tanu tells them that she has seen blood coming out from the tap. Abhi says it is just water. Pragya says still she is feeling colors hangover and asks her to consult a doctor for her family. Tanu says she is fine and need to rest. Mitali shouts seeing a cockroach. Tanu asks if she saw the blood. Mitali says no and that she saw a cockroach. Daadi, Pragya and Akash smiles. Abhi brings Tanu to the room, and asks her to rest and calm down her mind.

Pragya tells Ronnie that he has done right. Daadi says Tanu was shocked. Ronnie says he will scare her much. Pragya says Tanu is with Abhi now, and asks Ronnie to behave like ghost. Ronnie assures her. Pragya asks Daadi to sleep for sometime as everyone will be shocked in sometime. Daadi laughs and says okay. Later Ronnie goes to Tanu’s room and thinks she is sleeping peacefully after snatching Pragya’s sleep. He will snatch her sleep now? He wears a mask and scares her. She reads his message on the mirror that he will take revenge from her. She is shocked.

Tanu getting frightened seeing Ronnie's ghost and yells for help and tries to open the door. She turns towards Ronnie and sees him taking knife out from his blood doused body. She apologizes to him and requests forgiveness. She opens the door and runs out. Ronnie hides. Abhi comes and asks what was the matter? Why you are yelling? Tanu says somebody is in the room and wants to murder her. Pragya requests who will want to kill her, and says there is a tight security at home. Abhi tells Tanu to go to her room and says he will check who wants to kill her.

Pragya thinks Tanu haven't took Ronnie's name and says they shall terrify her more. Abhi asks Tanu to come inside, however she declines and cries. Abhi goes inside the room. Tanu followed  him and is frightened. Abhi says there is no one here. Tanu takes looked at the mirror and says it was written that he will kill her. She reveals to Abhi that there is still blood there. Pragya takes a seat and see nail polish on floor. She says you have hued your nail with blood. Tanu asks what rubbish? Pragya says it is your nail polish. Abhi asks what happened ? Pragya recommends him to take her to a specialist, and be frantic if he wants to. She asks Tanu not to wake her up again with her shouts.

Abhi thinks Tanu is feeling frustated as she is not married yet. He thinks to get her psychiatric treatment. Pragya talks to someone and says she will not do any concert now and is tired. Abhi comes to her and says he needs to talk to her. He says we have to do something before Tanu’s condition worsens else I will be responsible. Pragya asks why you? Abhi says he couldn’t fulfilled the promise made to her and that’s why she is behaving this way. Pragya asks do you need permission? Abhi asks her to call a good psychiatrist or tell him if she can’t call anyone. Pragya thinks Tanu is suffering because of her bad deeds and thinks she shall accept her crimes else she will get mad.

Rachna asks Mitali about Akash. Mitali says he went to office. Rachna says he has not woken me up, as I was awake because of baby. Mitali says you are lucky to have a loving husband, and says her friend is coming home. Tanu tells Nikhil that everyone is thinking her mad. Nikhil asks why did she take so much stress and says it is just your imagination. He asks her to be normal. Tanu says I thought you will understand my pain, and can’t take Ronnie’s name even after seeing him. She says one day you will know that I told everything truth. He asks her to fix a camera. Tanu says okay and says she will fix camera to know the truth. She keeps the camera and thinks to switch it on before sleeping.

Mitali’s friend Kalpana comes to meet her and talks about her city Kolkata. She asks her to come to Kolkata and do watch VishKanya…..to know about its secrets. Mitali says I will watch it as I enjoy knowing others’ secret. Tanu gets Ronnie’s call and thinks Nikhil is having his phone. Ronnie calls him and says tonight will be last day of your life. Tanu comes out of room and collides with Mitali. She apologizes to her.

Mitali asks her to show her eyes. She checks her eyes and says it is fine. She asks her to get her treatment done by the psychiatrist before she gets mad, and tells about a baba. Tanu says I am absolutely fine. Mitali says I have seen this condition before, and asks if the ghost is male or female. Tanu says I am already tensed and asks her not to increase her BP. Mitali says okay, I am not interested. She says Abhi called you to meet him.

Pragya tells Sarla that they are waiting for Tanu’s truth to come infront of Abhi and says she will take revenge for her condition. Purab comes and says yesterday night Bulbul came in his dream and told that Sarla couldn’t sleep entire night. Pragya says Abhi wants to show Tanu to a psychiatrist. Purab says he knows some doctors. 

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