Update: Friday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 444-445)

Aliyah, who stays in the outhouse, feels as if she is in the jail and sees Tanu coming and thinks she is one who always comes with her problems and decides to bare Tanu's nonsense in order to find out what's happening at Mehra house. Then, Tanu comes to Aaliya and tells her  that sha have a good news. Aliyah gets exited. Tanu tells her that it's her news and informs her that  Pragya is helping her in finding about the blackmailer.

Aliyah asks her as to how did she believe in Pragya's words. Tanu says she don't have any other option. just then Nikhil comes in and he is shocked to hear this at the entrance door. Nikhil comes in and asks if she will take Pragya’s help?.

Tanu says all this is his fault and now the blackmailer gave the proof to another blackmailer and he is asking for  20 lakhs. Nikhil says he will try to get the money and asks when did the blackmailer call her. Just then, Mitali bangs the door and everyone gets scared.

Tanu immediately hides Nikhil. Mitali comes in and asks why are they both tensed but they give some excuses. Mitali says she heard some 3rd persons voice. Aliyah gives some excuses and they send Mitali out. Tanu starts shouting at Nikhil why is he coming to the Mehra house when she asked him not to.

Tanu informs her and Nikhil about the concert, hearing this which Aliyah gets as it's an opportunity to take revenge from Abhi her brother and asks Tanu when and where is the concert. Tanu says she don't know and she will tell her when she she get to know. Aliyah thinks now she can do what she came here to do and that the concert will definitely be a flop and Abhishke Mehra’s downfall will start as she will tarnish his reputation.

Abhi thinks that Mogambo is not a person who he can talk peacefully with and now Mogambo will see what he will do. Daadi will be on 1 side and him on the other. Then he will see how she won't give him a divorce. Meanwhile, Daadi, Purabh and Pragya are in Daadi’s room. Daadi asks why did she call Tanu without telling Abhi first. Pragya says she got angry. Abhi while going to his Daadi’s room thinks he have to attack Mogambo with a full proof plan. Ajay catches Abhi and talks to him about Raj.

Abhi says he will first talk to Daadi about something important and then come to him. While the team are discussing on how to tell Abhi and at the same time, Abhi knocks hia Daadi’s door. Purabh sends Pragya into the bathroom to hide. Abhi comes in and asks Purabh what is he doing here.

Daadi says she called him here to talk about him and Pragya’s divorce. Abhi again starts talking against Pragya, Daadi and Purabh get tensed. Pragya listens to everything from the bathroom. Pragya’s saree gets stuck in the door and while removing it she hurts her head and makes a noise. Abhi notices it and Daadi makes a painful noise to distract Abhi.

Daadi asks Abhi what was he saying. Abhi says now they will behave how she is behaving by talking to her rudely. She hasn't seen his anger yet and if she sees it then she will give the divorce the same day and tells Daadi and Purabh to talk to Pragya rudely. Abhi sees them silent and ask what happen. Daadi says he is right. Abhi says it's time to tame the tiger and while leaving he looks at the bathroom door and Daadi again makes a painful noise to distract him.

Abhi tell Purabh to do something as she only listens to him and leaves. Pragya comes out of the bathroom and says what to do now as he is so angry. Purabh says they have to do something as she already informed Tanu. Purabh and Daadi at the same time tell Pragya to convince Abhi. Purabh says if they are doing the concert to trap Tanu then he have to start the preparations and leaves. Daadi also gives excuse and leaves before Pragya can say anything .

On the other hand, Tanu thinks of asking Pragya details about the concert and thinks that she can't ask her directly and even Pragya won't tell her. Just then, Tanu notices Ronnie and decides to ask him. Tanu sweetly asks Ronnie about the concert. And Ronnie starts his drama irritating Tanu. Pragya pray at the mandir and asks god for his blessings as she doesn't want to loose Abhi and this battle. She is just a stem away from victory and she has to do this. Pragya gets up and thinks how to do. and thinking that if she keep on thinking then when will she do. He is so angry on her that what ever she tell him she won't give a straight answer and thinks of calming his anger first.

Abhi is watching television and switches off the TV seeing l Pragya. Abhi thinks that she has something important to tell him. Pragya stumbles seeing his anger and tells him that there is a rock concert in few days in which she has organized for him. Abhi gets surprised and gets very happy as he hadn't done a single show for months. Pragya watches with a shocked face as Abhi excitedly talks about the concert. Abhi says of course he will do the concert. He tells her to keep tickets prices as low as possible so more people can come and also asks her to put big hoardings saying WELCOME BACK ABHI and keeps telling her to do this and that. Pragya watches him surprisingly.

Abhi asks Pragya why is she looking like that. He is so happy and asks if she isn't? Pragya says yes she is and Abhi gives Pragya Hi 5. He feels that it is the right time to blackmail Pragya and ask her to give him divorce. He further puts a condition in front of Pragya that he will performed concert for her wherever she wants, but only if she gives him divorce immediately and hearing this condition by Abhi, Pragya gets stunned and depressed at the same time.

Abhi says after that where ever she tell him, he will perform there. While Tanu is thinking, Abhi come to her room. Abhi says he so happy today and is relaxed and he just put a bomb in his enemy’s territory. Tanu asks what did he do with her. Abhi says she always makes everyone dance to her tunes but now he will make her dance. Abhi tells her that he won't perform the concert until Pragya gives him Divorce.

Tanu thinks Abhi have created much bigger problem now and wonder how will she catch the blackmailer as her plan with Pragya to find the blackmailer fades. Abhi notices she is lost and asks why is she nervous when she have to be happy Tanu says she is not nervous an asks why did he do like that. She reminds him that this is his career. Abhi says Mehra Abhi the rockstar can do concerts any time. But now He have to teach a lesson to Mogambo.

Pragya tells Daadi that Abhi refused to perform in the concert and is blackmailing her for divorce. Daadi ask her as to why didn't she try convincing him. Then, Pragya informs her that she tried all means and even threatened Abhi, but it did not prove to be useful as he refused her unless she signs on the divorce papers. She asks Daadi to do something and says it is the last chance for her and her truth might come in front of him before Tanu’s truth comes out.

Daadi asks her not to worry. On the other hand, Purab calls Akash up for the preparations of the show and asks for his help in Abhi’s concert but Akash refused saying he is busy with Raj. Raj takes the call and says Akash will attend the concert, and tells that he will take care of his work. Purabh thanks Raj. Raj tells Akash that Abhi is doing a concert after many months and it should be a hit only and he fears Aaliya might do something in the concert. Akash later agrees on Raj requests as the concert needs to be a hit.

Daadi comes in Abhi's room with sweets in a happy mood and makes him have sweets. She says she is very happy praising him as he is going to sing soon in a concert. Abhi asks her to sit and says he has refused to do the concert. He says that he put a condition in front of Pragya that he will do the concert only if she gives her divorce. Daadi says he is ruining his career because of Pragya. She says Pragya is organizing a big concert and he needs to do the concert otherwise his fans will be disappointed.

Abhi says he is doing all this for his baby and Pragya is strict towards him. Daadi asks him to think about his baby and if he don’t perform then Pragya will not let him marry. She gives him idea to perform in the concert and makes an announcement of marriage in front of his fans, they will do protests in support of him and Pragya will agrees to give him divorce because of his fans’ pressure. Abhi likes her idea, praises his Daadi by asking which film she has seen to get this idea. Dadi asks him to say yes to Pragya. Abhi says now he will do the concert and leaves. Daadi thinks if Abhi makes an announcement of marriage on stage then she gets worried of the consequence.

Aaliya at house thinks that she can’t rely and trust Tanu to get successful information in her plan as even she had a lot of problems. She then thinks she needs to enter Mehra mansion somehow to get the details of the rock concert. Abhi waits for pragya and thinks he can’t hold on his excitement. He messages Pragya to come if she wants to hear good message. Pragya comes to the room holding the phone. Abhi thinks she is fast and out of excitement, Abhi tells Pragya that now he will do the concert and will perform for his fans without any condition.

Pragya asks if he is joking? Abhi says music is his life and nobody makes fun of his own life. Pragya asks if he change his decision of divorce. Abhi says his decision haven’t changed and he can’t break his fans’ heart and will keep his professional and personal life separate. Pragya gets suspicious as according to her Abhi has something else in mind and needs to find out. Abhi asks if she is feeling happy thinking about the money which she will get, and says their lives will be changed after that. Pragya thinks Daadi might have told him something and decides to ask Daadi.

Pragya comes to Daadi's room and says she need to ask her something and asks why Abhi agrees to do the concert but Daadi is looking quite and tensed as she made a mistake while convincing Abhi and this may cost Pragya. She then asks if she want to know why Abhi has changed his decision. Pragya says yes and says Abhi is very excited and seems like he is getting happiness for life. Daadi says she did a mistake and was thinking about how to correct this mistake.

Pragya asks what? Daadi says when she went to convince him, she didn’t get any idea and tells her everything. She then apologizes to Pragya that she don’t know what she said, she just wanted his approval for the concert, as this was their last plan. Pragya says why this idea? She says if Abhi makes an announcement in the concert then she can’t save her marriage. Daadi says she will make it up and will do something to make everything alright to rectify her mistakes. She assures her that everything will be fine and asks her to make the arrangements.

Rachna brings Sarla outside her room on the wheel chair and says everything will be fine. Tanu walks up the stairs and looks at them. Rachna hears her baby crying and goes to her room leaving Sarla near the stairs. Tanu thinks to take advantage of the situation and pushes the wheelchair along with Sarla from the stairs and immediately hides. Pragya runs to stop the wheel chair. Tanu thinks it is too late as her mother is going to her sister, Bulbul. Sarla’s wheel chair is about to fall from the stairs, but Aaliya comes there and saves her by applying force holding the wheel chair from falling down.

Abhi sees all this and asks Aaliya, how dare she? He move towards her and is about to slap Aaliya but Pragya stops him and holds his hand. Abhi says she is only doing drama as he is very well aware about her intentions and that she will not interfere in their lives. He asks Aaliya, if she didn’t feel shame for trying to kill a helpless person.

Abhi gets angry and asks Aaliya if she thought of killing Sarla and chides everyone for allowing Aaliya to come inside. scolding Aaliya for trying to kill Sarla. Pragya interferes and tells Abhi that he is mistaken that Aaliya didn't try to kill her mother but she actually saved her mother from falling down the stairs. Then, Abhi refuses to believe Pragya saying that he knows about Aaliya very well and that she is acting to be nice and that it's her new plan. Rachna, Ajay and Pammi takes Aaliya’s side.

Aaliya asks them to stop it, and says that she doesn't want anyone's sympathy and she came here to give something. She opens her bag and says she found some important papers outside the house and came inside to give them and that the papers were actually important. She says she would have kept it in outhouse, but then thought that they will accuse her for stealing it and it was better, as it is better to be called a thief than a murderer. Pragya checks the papers and says it is really important, and they would have suffered loss.

Aaliya adds that she don’t want to become good and leaves. Pragya asks her mother not to worry and rest. She asks Daadi who took her out. Rachna says that it was her mistake and she took her out. She blames herself for the carelessness and apologizes. Pragya says her intentions were good, and that they need to be careful with her mother next time. She wonders if it was accident or Tanu’s conspiracy. She sees someone hearing them and opens the door. She finds Mitali hearing their conversation.

Tanu scolds Aaliya for saving Sarla and increasing her tension. She calls her selfish. Aaliya says she is doing important work and they will talk about her issues later. Tanu asks why did she save her life, and asks why is she taking her enemies side? Aaliya asks her to shut up and stop blaming her. She says she asked her to give the details of the concert, but you ignored her.

Tanu tried to give her an excuse but Aaliya stops her saying she went there to get the details, but when she saw Sarla about to fall, she held the chair. Aaliya asks Tanu to give her all the details of Abhi's concert otherwise she has to pay big time. On the other hand, Daadi asks Mitali why she is hearing them secretly and says she think she is among their enemies. Rachna says Mitali might have pushed Sarla and she had heard her saying that she want to take revenge from Pragya. Daadi asks Mitali to say if this is truth?

Mitali says yes, that she wants to take revenge from Pragya for ruining her marital life, but can’t harm Sarla. She just want to take revenge from Pragya and want to make her feel how she is feeling now. She admit that she was wrong about Raj, and have accepted her mistakes but Pragya can’t be right always. Pragya have done wrong and can’t know her feelings as she herself left her husband. She tells Pragya that she can’t know how she is feeling as her husband is not talking to her anymore. She tells Daadi that Pragya have ruined her marital life and she will destroy her.

Pragya says she have never thought bad about her and asks if you haven’t pushed her mother then she asks what was she doing outside the door. Mitali says she was not hearing their conversation as she was only standing outside the room waiting for Daadi as she want to talk to her. She folds her hands and tells Daadi to convince Raj as only she can save her marriage. Dadi assures her that she will make him understand, asks her not to worry and hugs her.

Akash comes to meet Purabh and tells him that he has a good location in mind for the concert. Purabh tells Ronnie that Akash will handle all the concert arrangements now. He tells about the trap laid to catch Tanu’s boyfriend. Akash thinks Aaliya is also conspiring against Abhi, and thinks he should not inform them, and handle her alone. Abhi is depressed thinking about Aaliya’s words and gets soft corner for her. He feels sad though. Pragya asks why he is sad? She consoles him that he should be happy as his sister have done good thing today, saving her mother.

Abhi made a harsh comment by mistake saying Pragya will not understand as she don’t have a sister. Hearing this, Pragya gets sad, misses Bulbul and says she don’t have any sister. Abhi sees her sad and asks her not to get sad and to make her happy, Abhi tries to cheer her up and did many funny things after he tells Pragya the list of songs that he is going to sing at the concert and that he will start the concert with a happy song. He tells about the chosen songs and tells the meaning attached to it.

Pragya still looks sad. Abhi says he will do something different on stage, and he will also dance. He has nobody with him to practice with, and asks her to dance. Pragya refuses and falls in his arms. Main Tujhe Ishq Karne Ki song plays in the background, after which they shared a romantic moment looking into each others hand.

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