Update: Friday On Life Of Ami (Episode 49-51)

Sanjay going towards shruti and then he says that he loves her and makes her wear the ring and gets engaged to her. Ami and khushboo get shocked getting unconscious. Ami then goes away from there crying khusboo goes behind her to stop her.

Bhavnas father comes and shouts sanjay tells that why did he say yes to marry bhavna if he wanted to marry that woman. Sanjay says that he did not wanted to do this but it happened.

Prabha then blames shruti that she has only caught sanjays attention and has trapped him in her love. She says that shruti and her whole family is included in this plan3 Then dadi tells her to stop and tells her not to blame her daughter in law.

Then sanjay tells prabha not to blames shrutis family. Khusboo comes running in and tells that ami has gone somewhere. Then shruti and sanjay go away to find ami. Dadi and khusboo go home. Ami is walking on the road. She is thinking of what shruti had told her. Shruti had told her that she will never marry someone else. Shruti and sanjay are finding ami shruti also then remembers what she had said to ami. Ami then goes in the park Sanjay then goes finding ami and reades to the park.

He then sees ami and calls shruti and tells her that shruti is here. Sanjay goes to ami, ami tells him to stay away. Then she tells him that he cant take her dad’s place and she hates him a lot. Shruti comes and listens this. People are looking there. Ami then hugs shruti. Shruti tells sanjay to go and he goes. Then ami tells shruti tells her that she will not do anything that will change ami’s dads place. Then she hugs ami and go home. At home khusboo tells dadi that why sanjay did that. Then ami and shruti come. Dadi and khusboo ask ami that is she ok, but ami goes in her room. Khusboo also goes.

Shruti then tells dadi that they should not disturb ami now. Shruti goes in her room and sees at the ring and start crying. At home, dad tells prabha that now they cant do anything and sanjay will marry shruti only. Sanjay comes prabha tells him that he made a fun of bhavna today and their family got insulted. Sanjay says he does not care and goes.

Next morning sanjay gets up and shruti calls him and says that she wants to meet him right now in the park.

Sanjay entering the park and then he waits for shruti there. Then he sees shruti coming in the park and then when she is walking a romantic song plays in the background and sanjay looks at shruti continuously. Then shruti comes. Sanjay is looking at her, then shruti tells sanjay that whatever happened yesterday was very bad and she felt very sad. She tells him that one cannot tie his relationships with other without the others permission.

Sanjay says that he only needs her support. Sanjay then puts his hand forward. Shruti then tries to remove the ring and give it to sanjay. Then shruti tries to remove the ring but in vain. Sanjay then tells her that even destiny wants sanjay and shruti together. Then finally shruti removes the ring and puts it on sanjay’s hand. Then sanjay smiles and tells her that he will go and marry bhavna but shruti will come on her own to stop him from marrying her, then he tells that he knows that shruti loves him but she will ultimately propose him on his marriage day

Then shruti goes at her home ther outside her mom is standing and is happy Mom tells her that she is very happy because sanjay wore her the ring. Shruti then tells her that she gave him the ring away and she does not want to marry him. Ami listens this and gets happy and goes and hugs her. she tells shruti that she is very happy because shruti did not give her dads place to saniav.

At sanjay’s house san jay gets an offer on his phone from the office that there is a deal with a U.S bank and for that he will get lots of money but has to shift to the U.S forever. Sanjay says no because his family lives in india and he cant leave them. Prabha listens this and then sees the ring in his hand. She then gets happy and then tells him that he was going to ask for forgiveness from bhavna and their family Then sanjay calls bhavna and tells her sorry and tells that he did not wanted to do this. Then he keeps the phone and goes. Prabha thinks in her mind that the ring has now come and bhavna will also come.

At home shruti is folding clothes. Dadi comes and sits near her. dadi then asks that is everything ok then shruti says yes. Then ami and khushboo come and tell that can they play antakshari. Shruti says yes. Then they start playing and ami starts singing a song. Then shruti’s turn comes. Then she says that she does not a song from this letter. Then suddenly the bell rings and shruti opens the door. At bhavna’s house prabha and her daughter have gone. They tell bahvan’s mom and dad that they want to tie the relationship again and all this will not happen again and they are very soory for what had happened and that they will again not get a boy like sanjay. Then prabha gives them some time to think.

Prabha and her daughter give each other a cunning smile. Then after sometime bhavna says yes and they all get happy. Back at shruti’s house Sanjay is there at the door. Ami gets angry. then sanjay comes in and says that he wants to talk to ami. Then he tells ami that he is sorry and he is going to marry bhavna. Ami says that is it true and then she forgives him and says that she cand sees him as his friend or uncle but not her dad.

sanjay telling shruti that now that their fights have been solved that’s why he needs her help for an important assignment on which he is working. Then dadi tells shruti that she should go as sanjay has told her sorry. Then khushboo also tells her to go. Ami is ignoring. Then shruti takes her purse and then they go and sit in sanjay’s car. Then sanjay tells her that he is going for his wedding shopping. Shruti gets shocked and tells why? Then he tells that now that their fights have solved so she should not have any problem.

Then shruti sits quiet. Then they go to a garment shop to buy clothes for bhavna and him. There the manager sees sanjay and then tells his staff that sanjay is their regular customer and his marriage is there so he tells them to show him kurtas and sarees. The staff shows him kurtas and then he shows to shruti and asks which one then shruti says that one is good. Then he immediately packs it. Then he goes in the womens section. There he sees some sarees and tells shruti to try one. Then shruti tries one and then the staff woman says that it is looking good, trhen sanjay packs that.

At sanjay’s home everyone has got ready and the decorations are done. Prabha says that now everything good has happened and dad is very sad. Then her big son comes and tells that he has done all decorations and has also tied two black strings on the ends of their home door so that no problem comes this time. Prabha says good that it is done but then dad tells her that is she doing good with sanjay. Prabha says that he(dad) never talks good.

Today is sangeet and everyone have settled down and bhavna and sanjay are sitting there. Shruti copmes. The sanjay bribgs her inside but everyone is speechless and mom tells her daughter that shruti still does not have shame. Then shruti comes in and says Namaste to dad. The sangeet starts. Everyone cheer sanjay and bhavna for a dance. Sanjay and bhavna then start their dance and sanjay looks at shruti everytime to make her feel jealous. After the dance bhavna goes at prabha and takes her blessings.

Prabha then tells that her daughter in law is very beautiful and dances good. The she tells that she will give a gift and she takes her family bangles which her dadi had given her and gives it to bhavna. Then she makes her sit on the sofa and sanjay also besides her. then she tells each other to give each other one_one piece of sweet in their mouth. Bhavna gives sanjay and everyone clap. Then sanjay also gives and looks at shruti. Shruti is feeling little jealous and uneasy.

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