Update: Friday On Life Of Ami (Episode 34-36)

Madhu tells Ami that relationships are not made like this. They are made by god. Then she gets up to go and tells them that she felt better meeting them and tells that her boyfriend is waiting so she will go. Bhavna goes to Sanjay's house, Sanjay's mother shows the engagement ring to Bhavna. Bhavna gets happy then she goes as her mother and she are going out.

Sanjays mom then shows dad the ring. Dad tells that what if sanjay puts the ring in shrutis hand mom sees at him and tells that it will not fit her. at home sanjay and khushboo are teasing ami as she failed. Then sanjay gets up to go . Ami tells him that she will not give up. She will this time take the whole information of the woman and then make her meet sanjay. Sanjay looks at shruti and tells ami that first she should concentrate on studies and leave all this time waste ami says that beside studying she will do this also.

Then Sanjay tells Ami that if he says that he has found the girl then? Ami and Khusboo learn that Sanjay likes someone, they insist him to tell them about the girl. He smile. Ami asks excited that who is the girl. Sanjay says he was just joking. Then he leaves and then goes at his car. Shruti goes to leave him. Sanjay then turns behind and sees Shruti, a love song is played in the background. Sanjay comes near Shruti and tells her that he forgot his car key, Shruti goes to bring it and comes back. She tells Sanjay that from today not to come in this house, Sanjay tells that he will not come but both of them will meet atleast in the office and he leaves.

Naani ( Shruti's mother) hears this and smells something cooking between Shruti and Sanjay. She asks her about it to tell her the truth at her house. She tells Shruti to say it inside as she is having urgent order so she is going to help Shruti and Daadi are at Naani's house. Naani asks Shruti the truth but Shruti says that Sanjay has done something that a best friend should not do. Shruti's mother asks if he take her advantage.

Shruti says that no that he has not done that but he proposed her. Her mother gets happy. Shruti asks why is she happy. Her mother says that Sanjay is a good man and suggests Shruti to give her decision a second thought and should marry him. Shruti asks what is she saying and tells that she loves only Harsh. Her mother then asks what did she say when Sanjay proposed her. Shruti says that she shouted him and went from there.

Shruti's mother starts laughing and Shruti says why is she laughing. Her mother says because she knows that Shruti has shouted at him, because she has right on him to shout and so she shouted and went. Her mother tells Shruti that she must not have recognized that she too loves him. Shruti thinks.

At home Daadi, Ami and Khushboo have get up as it's morning. They go to see Shruti as she is still sleeping. All three get amazed that Shruti is still sleeping. They wake her and asks what happened. Shruti lie that she is not feeling well. Ami and Khushboo tell Shruti that today she will only rest and not work. Shruti says okay. Ami and Khushboo get ready for school then Daadi asks Shruti why does she get scared to go to office.

Shruti says that she is not scared but only that she is not feeling well. While in office, Sanjay tells the peon to call Shruti and the peon informs him that Shruti has not come then the peon leaves. Sanjay calls shruti shruti is getting ready at home she sees the call and pick it. Sanjay tells Shruti that she has to serve the notice period of one month and hence needs to come to the office even after resigning.

Shruti ignores Sanjay’s calls but Daadi picks up the landline and tells him that Shruti is not well. Sanjay talks to Shruti and tells her that she got the job due to her capabilities but if she wants to leave, she has to serve the notice period of one month and hence needs to come to the office even after resigning. Shruti agrees to come the next day

Jassu Ben visits Shruti's house and asks for a date when they will move out as she has to tell the builder. She offers to waive their 2 months’ rent if that helps them shift fast and asks her to vacate the house in two months.

Ami and her friends pass chits while the teacher is taking class and get caught. She reads out the chit and it is a list of qualities that Sanjay is looking for in a girl. The teacher throws the gang out of class. Shruti making dinner and Daadi wonders if Sanjay is coming home as she is making his favourite dish. She says no.

Sanjay reaches home and Prabha Sanjay's mother shows him the engagement ring she has bought for Bhavna. Sanjay plays dumb and asks whether she found another guy for Bhavna. Prabha tells him not to joke. He tells her that he has told his stand. Prabha points out that when he was a child she never gave him Suyash’s second hand clothes or toys and so he should consider properly while taking a marriage decision.

Naani comes home and passes Jasuben’s message to remind Shruti and asks what that was about. On learning that they have to move, Ami gets furious as her dad’s memories are attached to the house. She demands to know why her mother did not confide in her as she could have solved the problem. Ami picks up the phone and says she will ask Sanjay to help them. Shruti gets angry and stops her telling her to put down the phone. She pleads with everyone to stop calling Sanjay for every issue as he has already helped them so much. She requests her family members not to involve Sanjay in their family matters.

Shruti's mother is about to leave and asks Shruti to answer her questions honestly. She asks if she think of Sanjay the whole day and at the same time answering the answer before Shruti could say anything with a yes. She asks if she feel bad for behaving like that with Sanjay? She again says yes and lastly, she asks if she is upset only because Sanjay profess his love to her. Shruti does not answer to the point and Naani says she first has to untangle her own feelings and if she finds she does not love Sanjay, she should tell him that clearly and move on.

Ami is in bed upset and thinking about Jasu Ben’s threat and her father. Her restlessness wakes up Khushbu and they reminisce the days with their dad. Ami says his memories reside in this house and if they leave that house, it would be like losing their dad again. Ami is upset that her mother has forbidden them from calling Sanjay and Khushbu asks whether she will call. Ami says first they should help him find a girl and if Jasu Ben troubles them more, they will ask for his help or tackle it their own way.

Ami tells her Daadi about her emotional attachment to the house. An emotional Daadi, Ami and Khushboo says that they will never ever vacate it and they will fight to get their house back as it has all memories of Harsh and for his memories they won't leave the house. At Sanjay’s house while Prabha is calling Sanjay, she gets Riddhi’s call and she goes outside. Then Sanjay’s dad and Suyash have talk or a small tiff regarding who wants the newspaper and then Trisha comes and takes the newspaper from them.

Sanjay comes and Shani tells Sanjay to have the prasad but Sanjay says that he is getting late so he won't eat it. At the same time, Prabha comes inside the house with a tensed face and tells everyone that her daughter Riddhi is being harassed by her husband Yogesh. Sanjay says that he doesn't think that her husband would do such a thing then Prabha argues with him and blames Sanjay for Riddhi's condition as he supported Riddhi and Yogesh's love marriage and he leaves for office.

At Ami’s school, a new teacher comes and then Ami and her friends select her as Sanjay’s bride and start removing information about her and they go to the principal’s cabin to see her appointment letter to check her education details and rest of her family details. The principal sees Ami and her friends and she gets angry as they enter the cabin without her permission and were stealing an appointment letter.

On the other hand, Shruti comes to office and tells the receptionist to tell Sanjay that she is in her cabin. As she is going in, she gets a phone call from Ami’s principal saying that she wants to meet her immediately. She then keeps the call and tells her receptionist to inform Sanjay that she is going to Ami’s school. When she is leaving, she clashes with Sanjay and then informs him that she is going to Ami’s school.

She comes to Ami's school, meets the principal who complains about Ami's mischievous behaviour. Shruti then apologises to the principal and assures her that Ami wouldn't do such a thing again. Once they come out, Shruti shouts at Ami and tells her not to choose a girl for Sanjay and tells her that she need not do this and shouts at her and tries to explain to her.

At Sanjay’s house, Prabha and Parul are deciding the menu for dinner and suddenly Riddhi is shown coming and crying calling out to her mother. At the office, Shruti meanwhile comes to Sanjay and tells him that she wants to talk to him. He says that if she wants to talk about the job then they have already spoken about it and he doesn't want to speak again on that issue. Shruti says that it's not that and it's about something else. She is about to say it but the business associate comes and then Sanjay tells her that he will talk to her later.

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