Update: Friday On Life Of Ami (Episode 3-4)

Shruti scolding her sister-in-law that Ami is her daughter and it is non of her business if she pass or fail she says she wants her daughters to be independent. Baa asks them to stop the charade, Navin commands his wife to go, she leaves with Aishwarya. Navin remains behind and apologizes to Shruti he takes his mother ,s blessings and leaves from there.

Ami is in tears, she runs to the room and dives on the bed and cries, Shruti comes and consoles her, they hug tightly as Ami promises that she will do well next time in her examination. Kushboo comes there and says she passed and says Ami is being hugged instead of her. The trio hug and the two kiss kushboo on the cheek.

Its morning, kushboo wakes up and is shocked that Ami is reading she jumps out of bed and goes to call Shruti and Baa who are jinxed and at the same time happy to see Ami reading, they praise her change. Kushboo goes through Amis new timetable she taunts her about the timing then the two start playing, kushboo asks if playing is included in the timetable. Shruti is proud to see this and they all put up the timetable on the chart board. Ami promises her mother she will study frm now on.

the door bell rings its a cable personnel officer who is there because they were instructed to disconnect the cable. Everyone is shocked as to who called them Ami comes and say she did. Baa and Kushboo protest but the cable is disconnected. Baa and Kushboo tries to brainwash ami about no more watching Ranbir Kapoor. Shruti requests Ami to take Baa to the hospital because of an appointment. Shruti leaves. Ami starts to study but she is confused. Shruti is notified by a fellow motorist that she has a puncture.

sanjay comes in car, he sees shruti and they Sanjay and his mother offers her a lift and she agrees and goes with them. The woman praises Shruti who has played dual responsibility in her family as a single parent, the ladies joins forces and start lecturing Sanjay to get Married.

ami baa and khusboo are on their way to the hospital and meet their friends. They invite them for a movie she needs to take baa to the doctor. All go to see barfi movie …

They see jassu behen at theatre she sees ami and kushboo after break…

amo her ba and khusboo reach home and shruthi is waiitng…
amii says they could not meet doc as appointmt gt cancelled reason being thy say tht doc grandma passed away shurthi says thy didnt go to doctor.. she asks khusbhoo where did you go???
She says the truth. Ami is worried.

Ami trying to apologize to Shruti about going to the Cinema Hall which was free, Shruti opposes her and says she has failed in her upbringing, Ami says the Picture was free. Shruti says its important to take responsibility of Baa ‘s treatment. Ami concludes that Jassu Behen told her but Shruti says the Doctor called and enquired about Baa.

Kushboo says she is young therefore she couldn’t make such a decision. Ami says that Baa is older than them and she agreed. Shruti informs everyone that Ami has been promoted in tenth grade. Baa wants to say something but shruti stops her. Kushboo takes the extension and calls Nani over. Shruti goes to her room, nani arrives and is about to follow her but Baa tells her to stay with ami and she will talk to Shruti. Again portion of the old roof falls on Amis head.

Baa tells shruti that she is and has always been good daughter to her. She has taken care of her, Harsh and her two beautiful grand children. The duo have an emotional talk and finally baa hugs shruti.

Nani is outside the house with the girls, Ami tells her she wishes that Shruti forgives her mistake, Kushboo teases Ami. Nani gives Ami a tifin with khaman ,Ami‘s fav sweets but before she takes Kushboo reminds Ami about her promise, no khaman for atleast a month.

Shruti talks to Sanjay about Harsh insurance money which was supposed to have already been given to them, the two joke . Sanjay offers to accompany shruti when she goesfor a follow up at the insurance company. She Agrees. 

Ami is staring at the khaman as she doesn’t want to break her promise. kushboo comes there and sees her staring at the the tifin. She takes the khaman and starts to eat in front of Ami. Ami can’t take it no more she takes the tifin and enjoys the khaman

Nani takes out a bundle of money from her cupboard. Her son asks her where she is taking the doo.Nani remembers how the roof fell in Ami She tells him and requests for some money from him, the man doesn’t want to. His wife brings his side bag. Nani and Sheela tries to woe the miser in togiving the doo. Finally he gives in

Shruti has bought second hand books for the girls, kushboo seems happy but Ami doesn’t.
Nani comes and gives the girls a skipping rope, she asks them to go and play . Nani asks if shruti is going to the office, she says yes. Baa goes for the tifin.

Nani gives the money to Shruti but she refuses. She tries to convince her moreover she suggest for Shruti‘s Punar Vivah, Shruti isn’t happy with it. Ami overhrd this and is stunned.
Ami gets angry after hearing about Shruti’s 2nd marriage. She says everyone that no one can take place of her father. She runs to her room and locks herself inside. Everyone asks her to open the door, but she is very angry and starts throwing stuff around. She gets a teddy bear in her hand and remember her dad. She sits down with it and cries. Shruti Nani tell her to listen to them at least, but Ami screams that she doesn’t want to talk to anyone

Khushboo returns home and asks everyone what happened. Dadi says Ami has locked herself inside the room and is very angry. Khushboo thinks of something and runs outside saying she is going to save her lamp. Khushboo gets into the room from a window. Ami has her lamp in her hand and asks why you came here? Khusbhoo annoys her by taking Jassoo ben name again and again and with her talks. She smartly takes the lamp away too. Khushboo goes on and on and now asks her, how many days are you trying to stay inside? For one day fruits will be enough, but then you will need food too. Ami gets annoyed and says it’s better to talk to them instead listening to your crap. Ami opens the door. Everyone comes in. Ami looks at Nani with anger. Nani was going to say something, but Shruti stops her. Nani takes Khushboo and leaves. Dadi also leaves. Khusbhoo asks them why Ami was angry? Nani doesn’t answer and sends her outside to play.

Dadi tells Nani, don’t you know how much she loves her father? Nani says, I am a mother and thinking about my daughter’s future.

Inside the room, Shruti explains to Ami, we are a family and we share ideas with each other. That doesn’t mean we do everything that we discuss. She gives her few examples and says, we never did that. Nani loves us a lot so she worries about us and that is why she shared that idea. Ami hugs her and says, I was scared what if you marry someone else. Shruti says, I will never do that. Both hug tightly. Ami then says Dadi and Nani must be fighting, let’s go to them. Dadi comes in and tells Shruti that Sanjay called her. They come outside. Shruti tells Sanjay that she took few days off so she can spend some time with her daughters and finish some other work. Sanjay then tells her that they have to go insurance company tomorrow. Shruti tells this to everyone. Everyone thinks they will get insurance money tomorrow.

In night, Shruti is sorting out insurance papers and remember her husband, Harsh. Harsh used to say that money can be best friend and not having money can be worst enemy. Shruti says, you were right Harsh. She cries and hugs the papers file.

In morning, Dadi tries to wake Ami up, but she doesn’t. Dadi then throws water at her and wakes her up. Dadi has brought prasad and tells her that Shruti already left to go to insurance company. Ami tries to take prasad but Dadi tells her to get ready first. They already start planning what they will do once money come.

At insurance company, Shruti tells Sanjay, I have come here 35 times. Sanjay says, this will be last time. They enter the office. A manager informs them that they can’t give them money because Harsh didn’t die in an accident, but he committed suicide, and therefore, this policy is invalid.

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