Update: Friday On Life Of Ami (Episode 19-21)

Sanjay Ami khushboo n Shruti entering the restaurant and they sit and then order. Then both Shruti and Ami thank sanjay for dinner. Then sanjay says that he doesn’t need their thank you coz they are yet not talking to each other. Then Shruti tells sanjay about the disco dandiya incident and says that she doesn’t want Ami to go in such a place and she is a teen and get small. Then sanjay gives a solution to this and says that they all will go to disco dandiya. Then after lot of tries sanjay and kids convince Shruti.

At Sanjay’s house, Sanjay’s mom and bhavna are selecting a dress for bhavna to go for dandiya. Then sanjay comes wid a angry look and bhavna says hi to sanjay and leaves from there. Then his mom comes to him and says that he bhavna n she will be going for dandiya and then he says that he won’t cum as he has promised the kids n he doesn’t break his promises made to kids. Then she says that its not for the kids but for Shruti. She says that whatever he is doing for Shruti is not as frnd but more than a frnd. Then he is shown tensed after hearing this.

At Shruti’s house, Shruti and kids give something to baa to eat and say that sanjay got it for them. Then she takes it and kids leave but Ami sees a utensil and waits and also hears wat baa is telling Shruti about what jasuben and Nisha are saying about Shruti and sanjay. Baa says that she trusts Shruti but she just wanted to tell her about wat peeple are thinking. Then Shruti says that she doesn’t care what people say but she cares what baa thinks and says. Ami hears this and gets angry and says that she might let jasuben go but she will teach her a lesson. Next day morning jasuben goes to milkman vegetable seller and newspaper seller she takes the respective things from them but …..behind their back jasuben ka boyfrnd is written on a paper and stuck on their back. She thinks who might have done this and then shouts out Ami and Ami comes out laughing and says that now has she understood how does it feel to insult some1.

Then jasuben says that she should look at her standard first and then speak. Then jasuben and Ami have a tiff and both leave. Ami in her School tells her friend that she is coming to disco dandiya and sanjay has arranged for the passes. Then at home jasuben comes with the chanya choli seller and he gives dresses to jasuben and tells Shruti also to choose but its too expensive so she doesn’t take the dresses but gives her sarees to stitch chanya choli.
Then at office sanjay comes to Shruti and gives her dandiya passes and then he thinks about what his mom said and says what nonsense! Meanwhile Shruti tells sanjay to sign on some papers and when he is signing Shruti thinks about what baa said. The screen freezes on her face.

sanjay’s mom telling bhavna to go for disco dandiya. She agrees. At home Ami n khushboo tell Sanjay n Shruti about the couple dance strategy in a group n they convince sanjay and shruti to come as a couple.

Ami wears her dress and khushboo and Ami get excited seeing her dress and dance but Ami’s dress gets stuck in a kneel and it tears. Both of them get tensed. Then next day morning they do aarti and Shruti explains Ami and khushboo why is navratri celebrated and then she also tells her about women power. Then Ami gets an idea and takes khushboo with her.

In office sanjay comes all angry and Shruti asks him wats the matter he then tells her about marriage and his mom. She tells him that he should first think whether he wants to marry or not and then asks him to list down the qualities he wants in his future wife. He does so and Shruti tells him that she would help him find a girl.

Jasuben in garba dress all decked up talking with a lady of their colony also decked up .. they talk about they will going to Disco dandiya .. how they are best dressed … and all will see , etc … and they taunt Shruti 7 her kids about not been able to come will dressed , etc

Ami and khushbu land up with tailor & tell him about dress being torn by ami’s dancing .. Tailor expresses his displeasure seeing the torn part in dress & says can’t be repaired .. Ami draws in paper some design & tells him to cover the hole place with this design .. tailor tells that its difficult to do it .. Ami then praises his tailoring skills i.e buttering him so that he will do it .. He agrees.

Ami is waiting for dress in evening .. pacing up & down in hall .. She recieves her friend’s call … asking if she is ready or not … and she tells that she is waiting for tailor to deliver the dress … n tells she don’t know what she will wear & come to daniya dance … Ami’s grandmother passes by hall .. asks Ami … that why is she not dressed up? Just then, Sanjay dressed in garba dress & shruti enter the house and are surpised to find Ami still not dressed up .. & they too ask her .. Shruti asks Why didn’t she tell her … Ami thinks they know it all & confesses her mistake of tearing her garba dress .. n says she didn’t want to inform Shruti in morning coz she had only taught her that we that to do everything by ourself .. with our own strngth , etc … Sanjay laughs & lightens the mood & tells Ami to don’t be so much hard on urself .. Shruti then surprises Ami by showing brand new Chaniya choli dress that she has brought … Shruti , Ami & other ladies go in resp. rooms to dressup.

Ami’s friends are dandiya dance event .. all deckup up waiting for Ami to arrive .. They see Jasuben , her lady friend & that lady hubby & that lady’s kids arrive. Ami’s friends see them & comment on their dressing among themselves. Then they see Sanjay’s mom & bhavna arrrive at venue & they go inside. Then, Sanjay arrives in his car with Shruti’s whole family. First the kids & their grandmom’s get down from Sanjay’s car. Ami meets her friends & they compliment her dress & they all go in. Khusbhu feels left out .. Sanjay’s mom & bhavna see this from far. Then Sanjay opens car door for Shruti & she trips. Sanjay holds her hand firmly. Sanjay’s mom & bhavna see this from far & Sanjay’s mom is not liking it ..

Shruti then goes inside & introduces her family elders to Sanjay’s mom … & Sanjay’s mom starts her taunting spee on them ..But Shruti’s family elders are ever polite with Sanjay’s mom while talking .. Sanjay then arrives there ( aftr parking car .. i believe .. ) & Shruti asks him … if his mom is angry with her … He says .. Why? Shruti says .. from her words i could make out . & Then they go inside …

Sanjay & Shruti stand beside each other & talk … Sanjay is happy that he came outside to some place .. aftr a very long time , etc .. they have a nice friendly talk .. & Sanjay goes from there to talk with people known to him .. & Shruti stays there .. her brother Sathish comes .. and asks her how could she wear such a dress? She is a widow , etc talk .. Shruti gets sad .. Satish & Sanjay’s mom listens to this talk from far .. & comes and gives it back to Satish by telling that if u want money from us .. she / Shruti don’t have money to give to him .. , etc .. Satish leaves from there .. Shruti’s mom tells her .. don’t try to live ur life .. by with other people say .. do what ur heart tells ..

Ami’s friends compliment her mom’s dress .. & ask who is that guy with her mom? Is he ur father .. Ami says no … he is Sanjay unclue .. who doesn’t get a girl for himself .. , etc .. Her friends point out 1 girl out from crowd for Sanjay uncle whose back turned to their side .. .. her male friends go to that girl checking her out .. & Ami drags Sanjay to that girl .. it turns out as Bhavna. 

Sanjay tells hi to her .. & drags Ami aside .. n tells what a bad joke is this. Ami leaves .. n he sees Shruti from far .. n sees her bring cold-drink cans for both her mother’s .. n she brought one extra for his mom also & offers it to her .. & Sanjay’s mom .. who like a snob pushes Shruti’s offer .. n leaves from there. He gets upset seeing this … n gets flashback of the Girl list discussion at Shruti’s house .. Khusbhu telling that u can’t get such a girl at all coz that girl is my mom & Ami promising that she will get such a girl for him

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