28 July: Today In History

Today is Friday, July 28th, the 209th day of 2017. There are 156 days left in the year.

Today’s Highlights in History:
1945:  A U.S. Army B-25 bomber flying in heavy fog crashed into the 79th floor of New York’s Empire State Building, killing all three people in the plane and 11 people in the building. The U.S. Senate ratified the United Nations Charter by a vote of 89-2.
1540:  King Henry VIII’s chief minister, Thomas Cromwell, was executed, the same day Henry married his fifth wife, Catherine Howard.
1794:  Maximilien Robespierre, a leading figure of the French Revolution, was sent to the guillotine.
1821:  Peru declared its independence from Spain.
1914:  World War I began as Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia.
1932:  Federal troops forcibly dispersed the so-called “Bonus Army” of World War I veterans who had gathered in Washington to demand payments they weren’t scheduled to receive until 1945.
1959:  In preparation for statehood, Hawaiians voted to send the first Chinese-American, Republican Hiram L. Fong, to the U.S. Senate and the first Japanese-American, Democrat Daniel K. Inouye, to the U.S. House of Representatives.
1965:  President Lyndon B. Johnson announced he was increasing the number of American troops in South Vietnam from 75,000 to 125,000 “almost immediately.”
1976:  In earthquake devastated northern China, killing at least 242,000 people, according to an official estimate.
1977:  Roy Wilkins turned over leadership of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People to Benjamin L. Hooks.
1984:  The Los Angeles Summer Olympics opened.
1995:  The jury in Union, South Carolina, rejected the death penalty for Susan Smith, sentencing her to life in prison for drowning her two young sons (Smith will be eligible for parole in 2024).
2002:  Nine coal miners trapped in the flooded Quecreek (KYOO’-kreek) Mine in Somerset, Pennsylvania, were rescued after 77 hours underground.

Actor Darryl Hickman is 86.
Ballet dancer-choreographer Jacques d’Amboise is 83.
Musical conductor Riccardo Muti is 76.
Former Senator and NBA Hall of Famer Bill Bradley is 74.
“Garfield” creator Jim Davis is 72.
Singer Jonathan Edwards is 71.
Actress Linda Kelsey is 71.
TV producer Dick Ebersol is 70.
Actress Sally Struthers is 70.

Quotes Of The Day:

It takes courage to love, but pain through love is the purifying fire which those who love generously know. We all know people who are so much afraid of pain that they shut themselves up like clams in a shell and, giving out nothing, receive nothing and therefore shrink until life is a mere living death.

Anyone who falls in love is searching for the missing pieces of themselves. So anyone who’s in love gets sad when they think of their lover. It’s like stepping back inside a room you have fond memories of, one you haven’t seen in a long time.

Update: Monday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 459-461)

Tanu asking Abhi if he called her. Abhi says yes and asks her to meet a special person and share her problems with her. Tanu says she got her checked today. Abhi says she is a different doctor and asks her to share her problems. Tanu asks if am I mad? She shouts. Abhi says you see blood coming out from tap, doll, etc. He asks her to share her problems, if really it happens then he will not come and save her.

Purab and Pragya ask her to share her problems, and say baby will be stressed. Doctor asks her to talk to her as if she is her friend. Tanu says I am feeling strange since 2-3 days. She tells about blood coming out of tap, doll hanging and message written on the glass. Doctor asks if you have seen any reflection? Tanu says no. Doctor says did anyone die recently? Tanu gets tensed and says no. Doctor asks her to rethink and says if you have done murder unintentionally. Tanu shouts at Abhi for calling Doctor like a police.

Doctor asks her to calm down and says usually patients feel like seeing the person they have killed them, and says it might be guilt. She asks her to speak her heart out and face the situation. Tanu thanks her and asks her to stop it. Abhi asks her to listen to him. Tanu says you are mentally torturing me. Abhi asks her to relax. Doctor says she might see those things again and says she will harm her own life or others too. Abhi asks what do you mean?

Doctor says she can attack anyone being scared. She says there is one solution for this and asks her to take out fear from her heart. Tanu thinks if she is right then I will get mad. Abhi asks her to confess and says we will take out some solution. He asks her to recall and tell him, says I will not tell you anything. Tanu says I am not guilty, haven’t done anything and says I don’t need this doctor’s help.

Aaliya checks the music CD and thinks why there is waste music inside the CD. She thinks Abhi might tried to fool Pragya and have written important on the CD. She thinks she shall steal music again. Abhi asks Tanu to listen to him. Tanu says I don’t want to meet her and asks him to leave her alone. Abhi asks her not to bother him late at night. Tanu says Doctor is increasing her problems and says there is no truth. Abhi says you makes me feel lower infront of Pragya and she might be laughing in her heart as I am marrying you. He says I will not interfere in your life.

Purab and Pragya laugh and think about Tanu’s troubles. Just then Pragya sees Tanu standing on the door and her smile vanishes. Tanu asks them to laugh more on her and enjoy. Pragya says we were not laughing at you. Tanu scolds Purab for taking Pragya’s side and laughing at her. Purab says we were not laughing at you and says he called the psychiatrist on Abhi’s insistence. Tanu says that doctor was making me mad by her questions. Purab asks why you are over reacting if you are normal.

Pragya says I think that doctor said right that you have done some mistake intentionally or intentionally or have killed someone. She says you did you get angry on doctor. Purab asks her same question. Pragya says if you are acting to gain Abhi’s sympathy so that he asks for divorce from me. Tanu says what is your problem? Pragya says when I asked you to tell me who is supporting Aaliya, you didn’t help me…She says I will not help you, and will give divorce only when I wanted. She says today I paid the doctor’s fees, but again I won’t waste my money. Tanu goes angrily. Pragya and Purab do hi five happily.

Tanu comes to her room and thinks what to do? She thinks Ronnie called her and thinks how to trap him when he could be seen by her only and not by others. Pragya thinks Tanu will tell her truth in 2-3 days. Abhi sees her smiling and says you might be laughing at me and saying ram milaye jodi one crazy and one mad. Pragya says I didn’t come here to tell you this and says I came here to tell you about Doctor’s sayings. She says Doctor said that Tanu is unwell, and if we don’t get her treated then her condition will be ruined. She says Doctor asked them to keep an eye on her. She says she will get her best treatment but she has to co operate. Pragya asks Abhi if you have seen Ronnie as she didn’t see him after concert. Abhi says no. Pragya says don’t know where did he go? Pragya thinks Tanu will confess to have killed Ronnie.

Nikhil coming to Abhi’s house and looks for Tanu. He thinks where is she? Mitali comes and asks why he is looking here and there like a thief. Nikhil says he was looking for Abhi. He asks her to give message to Abhi, and asks him to meet him. Mitali asks him to go and talk to Abhi, and says she is not a herself, but bahu of the house. Nikhil sees Purab and thinks to avoid him else he will doubt on him. He gets in Sarla’s room and thinks she is here. He tells Sarla that you will be killed soon as you know our secret. He says you will die silently and no one will know, don’t worry.

He holds her hand and says it seems you are cursing me. He says if you gets well, then I will kill you. He says once Tanu marries Abhi, then I will tell truth to everyone. Sarla holds his neck. Nikhil gest shocked and asks her to leave him. Sarla falls from the bed holding his feet. Nikhil kicks her and comes out of room. Pragya hears the noise and comes there. She sees Nikhil and asks what he is doing here? Abhi and Tanu also comes there. Nikhil cooks up a fake story and says he saw Sarla fallen and says he came out to inform them. Abhi asks him to help him lift Sarla.

Nikhil pretends to fall and comes out of room. Tanu asks why did you come here and asks what happened? Nikhil says I was worried about you and that’s why came here. He tells her everything. Tanu says you have gone mad? Nikhil says I didn’t know that woman will hold my neck so tightly. He asks why your phone is switched off. Tanu says I got call from Ronnie’s call and shows her phone. Nikhil says you have gone mad and says there is no call from him.

Dadi asks what happened to Sarla? Pragya says I think Nikhil have done something and says it is good that we reached here at right time else don’t know what would have happen. Dadi says it is not right to leave her alone, and says we have to be careful. Pragya says tonight will be scariest night of Tanu. Dadi says he made a good plan. Pragya thinks Tanu’s baby should be safe. Purab comes and tells that he talked to doctor.

Tanu and Nikhil are in room. Tanu and Nikhil ask each other to go and check Sarla’s condition. Nikhil asks Abhi, how is she? He says Sarla might have walked and came till the door. Abhi says if this is the thing then this is good news. He asks Abhi to inform him. He asks about his purpose of visit? Nikhil says he came for work but time is not right. Abhi tells Pragya that they shouldn’t think negative and says Nikhil said that she might have walked till the door. Pragya thinks Nikhil is responsible for Sarla’s condition and tried to harm her.

Later Pragya tells Rachna that Purab went to Allahabad. She says we shall go and check Tanu as Ronnie might have called her by now. Tanu thinks it is good that Sarla doesn’t get her voice back. She thinks to sleep and says she will see the recording in the morning. She gets call from an unknown number and he says he is Nikhil, asks her to come out of house. Tanu agrees and goes.

Pragya and Rachna come to Tanu’s room and she says she is not here. She says today is the night of our win, and says she will take Abhi there. They leave. Tanu sits in the car and thinks where is Nikhil? Just then Ronnie holds her by her neck and tries to suffocate her to scare her. Tanu gets scared. 

Tanu running out of car being scared. Ronnie also comes out of car. Aaliya hires a goon to steal Abhi’s music CD and asks him to steal waste/scrap written CD. He agrees. Pragya takes Abhi outside. Abhi says you wanted me to meet someone. Pragya says yes and hopes Ronnie is doing his work well. Pragya touches flowers and Abhi asks her why she is waking up flowers. Pragya says she is making flowers sleep. They argue….Ronnie hires some goons and says Tanu will be shocked seeing multiple goons.

Tanu regrets to come out and says she will not be saved today. Pragya wonders why Ronnie haven’t given her any signal. Tanu sees many Ronnie’s there. Abhi says nobody will come here and says he will go inside. Pragya asks him to wait. Tanu shouts seeing many Ronnie’s surrounding her. Abhi and Pragya hears her. Dadi gets restless and says she will go out and see. Rachna says you can’t go there and asks her to come inside. Pragya thinks she will make Abhi see Tanu’s truth.

Just then Abhi sees a thief sent by Aaliya and goes behind him. Aaliya sees Abhi and goes from there. Pragya thinks she have to ask Ronnie to delay their plan. Tanu gets up and thinks Ronnie is really a ghost as she is seeing 4 Ronnie’s. Ronnie appears infront of her. Tanu tells him to let her go and offers money. Ronnie thinks where is Abhi and Pragya? Pragya comes there and thinks where did Abhi go? She thinks to record the conversation. Ronnie tries to hit her with a rod.

Tanu tells him that she is pregnant and says she will tell Abhi that she is betraying him and this child is not his. She promises to tell that the baby is of Nikhil. Pragya records everything and thinks this truth will expose you. Tanu accepts all her crimes and says she is behind Sarla’s kidnapping and accident.

Pragya thinks Tanu will lie again. Abhi comes there and says where is Pragya? Just then he sees Tanu there and asks what she is doing here. Tanu cries and says she has gone mad. She says I didn’t know how I came here and acts, without revealing to him about Ronnie.

Aaliya sees Pragya, Rachna and Ronnie. She thinks Nikhil have killed him. She records their conversation. Pragya tells Ronnie that she have recorded Tanu’s confession. Aaliya is shocked. Pragya asks Ronnie to go from there and says Tanu can do anything if she comes to know anything. She asks Ronnie to pack his bags and leave. Rachna says I will make him understand.

Aaliya smirks. Abhi asks Tanu to sleep and not to worry. He asks her to think about their future. Tanu thanks him for supporting her and says when you are with me, I feel so safe and get strength. Abhi asks her to call him if she gets bad thoughts.

Tanu thinks about Ronnie and gets up from sleep. She asks her to think good, and says if he was a ghost then he would have done something with her. She gets Aaliya’s call. Tanu picks the call. Aaliya asks her to come to her house and says I got a good stuff which you will like. Tanu agrees. Aaliya smirks.

Abhi comes to room and asks Pragya not to switch on the lights. He says I have seen everything and says I am letting destiny play games with me. He says I am all alone. Pragya says I am with you. Abhi asks her not to trouble him as he is already tensed. He says I am worried about Tanu and says she was crying and asked me to safe her from getting mad.

He says he will get mad, as he couldn’t fulfill his promises. He says he want to kill everyone and himself and asks Pragya to sleep if she don’t want him to kill her. She thinks I will talk to him in the morning, and says your problems will be solved. She says you will get your love and I will get you, and this life will look beautiful.

Update: Monday On Lies Of The Heart (Episode 28-29)

Samrat is watching the news,sitting on his bed.. Urmi changes and comes.. Samrat sees some sweater lying on the bed and throws it away! Urmi remembers how lovingly she had made that sweater for Samrat and becomes upset.. Samrat asks her to come closer as it is their Suhaag Raat and the night fades.. Next morning,Urmi gets up and gets ready.. She looks at Samrat fondly as he sleeps but is afraid to approach him 

She comes outside her room.. She sees Samrat’s father talking fondly to his plants She introduces her to the plants Samrat’s mother comes just then and they go inside.. Meanwhile,back in Urmi’s house, her mother worries over Trisha’s behaviour but Trisha consoles her saying that Trisha was being childish.. Urmi’s mother worries why Trisha doesnt like Samrat and blames Trisha’s mother for not talking about this before.. Trisha’s mother consoles her that Samrat has been a very good son in law from what they have seen but the latter still worries.. They get ready to make preparations for Pag phere rasam..

Urmi is serving food at her Sasuraal.. Samrat;s bhabhi notices her hands having some marks from the previous night when Samrat had pressed on the bangles but Urmi tells them that it happened while she was removing it.. Her bhabhi teases her! They all prepare to eat but Urmi tells them that she would eat later.. She gets teased again..

Ishan comes just then and remarks that Samrat would be sleeping but he comes just then! Ishan remarks over Samrat having gotten up early.. He takes Samrat to the room..Urmi looks on..They ask Urmi to get ready for Pag phere rasam and tell her that they would accompany her too.. In Urmi’s room,preparations are being made..A light hearted banter between the family ensures .. Anu hopes that Urmi stay for a day but her Dadi tells her that Urmi’s house is her Sasural..

Gaurav comes.. He asks Urmi if she is fine.. Samrat’s mother remarks that they would take care of Urmi..Back in the room, Ishan asks Samrat if he is happy with Urmi ! He tells Samrat that with Urmi,all his difficulties would reduce and his life would seem beautiful ! Samrat laughs and replies that this is not filmy duniya and he wont change just because of anyone and it does not make any difference.. Urmi ,who has come just then,hears all this..

Ishaan tries to make up for the situation, when he finds urmi overhearing the entire conversation. He goes onto praise urmi and the female in general, by saying that Behind every successful man, there’s a woman. He pretends to be surprised that urmi is here too. He says that samrat couldnt tolerate that ishaan was praising urmi, where he himself was doing so for the last some time. urmi smiles at that, while samrat is tensed at ishaan lying for him.

Urmi tells that she would go with gaurav for the pagphere rasam. Samrat again gets into a banter about how useless these relations and rituals are. But ishaan points out that he’s very lucky to have urmi. Urmi asks them to eat first and them go and meet gaurav. Samrat agrees. Urmi leaves, a little disappointed. After she’s gone, ishaan reprimands samrat for being so cold and rude.

Outside, all congratulate samrat’s bhabhi, diwakar’s wife to be blessed with a boy soon and blessing them all, they begin to leave. She teases urmi’s family to come back by the evening for samrat’s sake, as he would be very distressed at that. Rashmi’s mother also points that out. Samrat’s family remarks that Urmi should come soon after the Pag phere rasam but Samrat tells that she can stay for some days there,it would not make any difference and in fact he would be more content in his bed, shared by none.

Urmi is saddened, while others are tensed. as usual, ishaan lightens the mood, saying that once she doesnt return, then samrat would go running after her. Samrat’s bhabhi too points that out. Shashi asks gaurav to keep urmi ready in the evening, and samrat would come and pick her up. urmi looks up at samrat expectantly, while he doesnt look up from his phone. urmi takes everyone’s blessings, and still finds samrat busy in his mobile only. she sits in the car wanting one last glance from him, before she leaves, but he doesnt. Urmi is tensed, when samrat doesnt even cast a glance at her.

Ishaaan shows the wedding pics, when everyone wants to see it, and offers to show it on thelaptop for everyone to see. Shashi comes in with a precooked idea, asking samrat to tread carefully, and not do something that he would regret later. Samrat asks her to speak clearly. Shashi starts reprimanding samrat for telling urmi to stay for three days if she wishes, as if given the relaxation once, will loosen his grip on her.

Samrat and ishaan are amused at her concern. Ishaan however is tensed at that too. He starts protesting in urmi’s favour. She says tht all girls are good, but this applies to everyone. Her husband tries to put some sense into shashi, also pointing out along with ishaan saying that urmi didnt like samrat’s idea at all. samrat is as usual careless about it, liking what he did.

Samrat’s father tries to teach samrat some marriage advise, and asks him to try and understand women, who dont want to say everything aloud, but wants to be understood. Shashi is called in the kitchen. though frustrated, she again tries to tell samrat not to pat heed to what he said, and follow his gut instinct instead.

Anu is anxiously awaiting Urmi’s arrival and is excited when she has come. She calls the entire family. as her car screeches to a halt, they all welcome urmi, who also meets her family happily. rashmi takes urmi inside, after saroj and nirmala does the puja and the arti. Rashmi starts asking about lavish lifestyle at Samrat’s place. Urmi nods. saroj comments that she’s looking very beautiful, and asks if everything’s okay and she didnt have any problem. Urmi gets emotional at hearing this. She breaks into tears and hugs saroj tightly, while saroj is tensed. All are slightly upset.

Anu asks what happened. She tries to cheer her up, but urmi doesnt let go of saroj. saroj asks her to speak the truth if everything is okay. urmi nods. They ask her to be happy then, as its a time of happiness. they all think that these are tears of happines, while rashmi again gets into a banter about the lavish and extravagant lifestyle. Buaji says that samrat and his family are equally fortunate too.

Rashmi’s parents too are teased about it. Urmi starts smiling at this. They are happy to see this. Granny asks urmi to take the Lord’s blessings and then eat something. as they all go on, saroj still looks tensed. Later, while nu and others are chatting teasing her about samrat, urmi remembers his dry behaviour.

Urmi sends message to samrat asking if he really wants her to stay here. She is tensed about the answer. Samrat reads it and messages back that if she doesnt have a problem, then why would he, and she may do what she wishes. She is saddened at samrat’s careless and dry attitude towards her. The screen freezes on urmi’s distraught face.

While samrat is beingnadvised by ishaan and his father, shashi is still fuming that samrat shouldnt give in to urmi’s wishes like that. She explains her plans to Samrat’s bhabhi as to how she should always keep urmi down.

Urmi messages back asking if he wont have a problem or her coming or not wont make a difference to her. When samrat gets the message, he gets irritated but ishaan asks him to understand whats urmi is expecting out of him and send her a romantic message instead. samrat is irritated. Meanwhile, all are chatting and dont turn down any chance of teasing urmi for Samrat.

Urmi starts blushing. saroj comes to her rescue, wwwwwhile nirmala asks her to come to her, so that they stop teasing her. Anu asks about the sweater, and urmi gets sad remembering it. She then asks urmi what he gave on their first night. rashmi shuts her up, saying that this should be between a husband and wife. urmi is sad.

Meanwhile, rashmi’s parents are giving rashmi the presents that they have brought for everyone. rashmi is still gloating about how she has gotten urmi lucky by marrying hier to samrat. But her father expresses concerns for shashi’s and samrat’s behaviour, these days. They both hope that everything would be alright with urmi and samrat.

But rashmi says that maybe only urmi rules, instead of samrat. Rashmi’s parents are discussing with rashmi, about how samrat doesnt listen to anyone let alone urmi. She warns rashmi that tomorrow if anything happens, then rashmi would have to respond, having been the intermediator for this marriage.

Rashmi says that urmi doesnt have anything else to be tensed about, except for that. Rashmi’s mother is still concerned for it. Saroj overhears their conversation and is tensed to hear about all this. Meanwhile, she sees that urmi is tensed and sad sitting in her room.

Update: Monday On Life Of Ami (Episode 52-54)

Sanjay being told by everyone to give a sweet to bhavna. Then he picks up one and gives to bhavna and everyone clap. Shruti is unable to see this and is feeling jealous and so she goes away drom there. Then prabha goes to her and then shruti tells prabha that because of her there will be no problem in the marriage and she will not do something such that sanjay and bhavna’s marriage will gain any problem.

Then prabha tells her that she does not need to act and she knows that shruti has come there to make another plan to take sanjay in his love. Then she tells shruti that her plan has failed and shruti cant do anything and then she tells her that what hse had said to her about forgetting sanjay and how she had blackmailed her and then she tells her that if she interprets in their marriage and even if she thinks of becoming the daughter in law of the house then she will have top go through her dead body.

Prabha goes. Sanjay standing behind the window listens to this and then says to himself that how could mom do this and why did she blackmail shruti. Then bhavna comes and talks rudely to shruti that now she cant do anything as sanjay is all hers and that house. Shruti starts crying. Sanjay goes out.

Then shruti goes home and khushboo then asks her that how was the function. Shruti sits down. Then jasuben comes and tells shruti that she had to empty the house in 2 days but why is she still there. Then shruti tells her to give her sometime more and she will surely empty the house when she gets another house. Then jasuben tells her that since so many days she is saying that she will go but she is not and she will remove them if they don’t go on time and then she goes. Shruti starts crying and then dadi and ami tell her not to cry.

Next day everyone is preparing for the marriage and preparations are in full swing. Prabha comes and a sweet man comes and gives her a sweet made by him to taste. She tastes and tells him good and tells that it should be made in large quantity and guests should not complain. Then sanjay’s business partner comes and asks everyone standing together that whether sanjay is ok or no.

Everyone say yes then he tells them that today sanjay gave him his resignation letter and is saying of going forever to U.S. then they get shocked and pravbha tells him that she will talk to sanjay. Then dad tells that he will talk. Prabha tells him that he will not be able to tell him to stop, then dad tell that he will at least be able to understand him.

Sanjay comes home, dad makes him understand that what he is doing is like acting like a coward and his son never acted like that and why is he running like this and then dad tells him that his son(sanjay) always fought in tough times also and now also he should do that and then goes and tells prabha to listen to what sanjay is saying. Prabha goes where sanjay is packing his bag, mom tells him that why is he doing this does he not care for her happiness and what will he do with bhavna.

Sanjay tells her that she is not cared about him and his happiness and is always thinking of herself. Prabah tells him that she wanted only that her son should get all the happiness of the world. Sanjay tells that today she has to choose between him and her stubbornness and if not then he will go away to U.S. then he tells her that she blackmailed shruti and now she has to go to shruti’s house and tell her to be the daughter in law of that house and make her wear those bangles which she gave to bhavna. Then mom tells ok.

Prabha telling her daughter riddhi that she has to to do something because marriage is today. Riddhi asks prabha that what should they do now. Prabha tells that if they allow sanjay to go to U.S then they will gain a lot of loss and if they make shruti their daughter in law then the loss will be less and she will be able to atleast have her son in front of her. then riddhi says that what is the decision. Mom tells her that they will go and make shruti daughter in law but today it is their loss but that same loss will be her victory afterwards and will put her one step above her victory.

At home shruti is sitting and thinking of sanjay wearing her the ring and is sad. Then someone knocks at the door. Shruti gets up and sees that it is prabha and sanjay’s dad. Shruti then gets amazed to see prabha and dad there. She then asks them how come they are there. Then prabha and dad come in and prabha tells her that she has come take her hand for her son sanjay and wants her to become her daughter in law and then shruti gets shocked and tells her that before she did not wanted but now…… then prabha tells that now she has realized her mistake and then she removes then bangles and gives to shruti and tells her that she should think once and sanjay is also wants to marry her.

Dad also explains her and then dadai and ami and khushboo listen that. Then prabha and dad go bidding them. At home sanjay is desperate to know about shruti. Riddhi is getting mad at seeing sanjay’s desperation and then teels him that he will soon get a phone call. Then he gets a message from shruti that she wants to ask something to sanjay and wants him to meet her in the park. At home ami is angry and she goes away in her room. A

At the park sanjay and shruti meet each other. Shruti asks sanjay that did prabha come by her own or was she told by him. Sanjay tells that its only that prabha has understood what he needs and in what he is happy. Then shruti says ok and then sanjay asks her what is her answer then shruti tells she has to think as she has 2 children and is someones daughter in law. Then shruti goes but looks back once.

At home ami is angry and khushboo and dadi are trying to pacify her. then nani comes and dadi tells her that good she came and tells her only to speak to ami. Then dadi takes khushboo out and goes out of the room. Nani then tells ami that she is only giving shruti trouble. Ami gets shocked and gives an expression of “ how am I troubling her”. then nani tells her that she is making her sad a lot and she is only thinking of herself and not of shruti. She tells that shruti has done everything for her and khushboo and is her both mother and father and has done everything for her and also earns money for them. She is very sad and will stay sad for her whole life if she does not make her happy.

Nani tells her that if harsh is seeing this then how sad must he be feeling that shruti is sad. Then she tells ami that if she does not want sanjay as her dad then it is ok but she cant take that authority from khushboo as khushboo also needs that love of a dad. Nani tells her that shrutio has done everything for them so now she should do something for her.

Shruti asking sanjay that did prabha tell on her own to be her daughter in law or did she do on someone’s saying. Shruti then tells sanjay to look in her eyes and tell the truth. sanjay tells her that he will make sure that when she comes after marrying then mom will not tell anything to you, khushboo and ami. Then he tells that she only realized that what her son needs. Then shruti tells him that I will take some time. Sanjay tells her that don’t take so much time that her whole life goes in that.

Then shruti goes but looks behind and then both have their flashback’s and the song dermiyaan is being played in the background and then shruti goes. At home sanjay goes and then prabha tells him that she went to shruti’s house and also told her to marry sanjay and also gave her the bangles but she did not respond. Sanjay tells her that shruti will come today only to marry him and he smiles. Prabha thinks that shruti should say no to marry then she can marry sanjay to bhavna. At home shruti comes and then sits. Then ami tells her that if she wants to marry sanjay then she does not have any problem.

Then shruti gets happy and nani also. Then ami tells that sanjay is good and khushboo tells that she also likes sanjay uncle a lot. Then the background music is being played. Then shruti gets up and goes and looks at harsh’s photo. Then dadi comes and tells her that she knows what shruti is thinking and that she is thinking that if I marry then what will happen of her.

Dadi tells her that she does not need to worry for her because she has her second son pravin and can live with her. then she tells shruti that she has done everything for them after harsh went and has kept their care and now its their turn and she should marry sanjay as he is a good man. Then they both cry and dadi tells shruti to call sanjay and tell him that she will marry him.

Then at home sanjay has got ready and the time has come. Mom tells him that how much will he wait then he says that until shruti says yes. Then sanjay goes out and mom switches the light off but sanjay’s phone rings and mom sees that its shruti’s phone she takes it but does not respond. Then shruti tells dadi that he is not picking the phone and then shruti calls again but prabha cuts the phone and shruti tells that sanjay cut the phone. Then mom goes out and then tells to herself that sorry sanjay but u will have to wait for the whole life.

Then mom tells him to come. Then the house phone rings prabha tells him that let it be it must be someones phone and they go for the marriage venue. Then the servant picks the phone and shruti asks where is sanjay he tells that he just went now for the marriage venue then shruti keeps the phone and she tells this to everyone. They tell her to go to that venue and marry sanjay and tell her that they are with her. then shruti goes in an auto. Then nani tells dadi that she has proved today that she cares for everyone. Then nani tells dadi that she is sad that she will lose a daughter in law then dadi tells that she may lose a daughter in law but has got a daughter.

Then they both cry and catch each others hand and dadi tells that she will do sanjay and shruti’s kanyadan after their marriage. At the venue place sanjay and his family enter and everyone is happy but sanjay is not and he is not smiling also. Then riddhi tells him that they will take care of his shoes if anyone comes to take it. Then she tells that they will hide his shoes and no one will get it and when he will need it they will give it to him, but sanjay is sad and does not respond. Prabha thinks in her mind that in sometime if shruti doesn’t come then it will be good and sanjay will marry bhavna.

Update: Friday On Life Of Ami (Episode 49-51)

Sanjay going towards shruti and then he says that he loves her and makes her wear the ring and gets engaged to her. Ami and khushboo get shocked getting unconscious. Ami then goes away from there crying khusboo goes behind her to stop her.

Bhavnas father comes and shouts sanjay tells that why did he say yes to marry bhavna if he wanted to marry that woman. Sanjay says that he did not wanted to do this but it happened.

Prabha then blames shruti that she has only caught sanjays attention and has trapped him in her love. She says that shruti and her whole family is included in this plan3 Then dadi tells her to stop and tells her not to blame her daughter in law.

Then sanjay tells prabha not to blames shrutis family. Khusboo comes running in and tells that ami has gone somewhere. Then shruti and sanjay go away to find ami. Dadi and khusboo go home. Ami is walking on the road. She is thinking of what shruti had told her. Shruti had told her that she will never marry someone else. Shruti and sanjay are finding ami shruti also then remembers what she had said to ami. Ami then goes in the park Sanjay then goes finding ami and reades to the park.

He then sees ami and calls shruti and tells her that shruti is here. Sanjay goes to ami, ami tells him to stay away. Then she tells him that he cant take her dad’s place and she hates him a lot. Shruti comes and listens this. People are looking there. Ami then hugs shruti. Shruti tells sanjay to go and he goes. Then ami tells shruti tells her that she will not do anything that will change ami’s dads place. Then she hugs ami and go home. At home khusboo tells dadi that why sanjay did that. Then ami and shruti come. Dadi and khusboo ask ami that is she ok, but ami goes in her room. Khusboo also goes.

Shruti then tells dadi that they should not disturb ami now. Shruti goes in her room and sees at the ring and start crying. At home, dad tells prabha that now they cant do anything and sanjay will marry shruti only. Sanjay comes prabha tells him that he made a fun of bhavna today and their family got insulted. Sanjay says he does not care and goes.

Next morning sanjay gets up and shruti calls him and says that she wants to meet him right now in the park.

Sanjay entering the park and then he waits for shruti there. Then he sees shruti coming in the park and then when she is walking a romantic song plays in the background and sanjay looks at shruti continuously. Then shruti comes. Sanjay is looking at her, then shruti tells sanjay that whatever happened yesterday was very bad and she felt very sad. She tells him that one cannot tie his relationships with other without the others permission.

Sanjay says that he only needs her support. Sanjay then puts his hand forward. Shruti then tries to remove the ring and give it to sanjay. Then shruti tries to remove the ring but in vain. Sanjay then tells her that even destiny wants sanjay and shruti together. Then finally shruti removes the ring and puts it on sanjay’s hand. Then sanjay smiles and tells her that he will go and marry bhavna but shruti will come on her own to stop him from marrying her, then he tells that he knows that shruti loves him but she will ultimately propose him on his marriage day

Then shruti goes at her home ther outside her mom is standing and is happy Mom tells her that she is very happy because sanjay wore her the ring. Shruti then tells her that she gave him the ring away and she does not want to marry him. Ami listens this and gets happy and goes and hugs her. she tells shruti that she is very happy because shruti did not give her dads place to saniav.

At sanjay’s house san jay gets an offer on his phone from the office that there is a deal with a U.S bank and for that he will get lots of money but has to shift to the U.S forever. Sanjay says no because his family lives in india and he cant leave them. Prabha listens this and then sees the ring in his hand. She then gets happy and then tells him that he was going to ask for forgiveness from bhavna and their family Then sanjay calls bhavna and tells her sorry and tells that he did not wanted to do this. Then he keeps the phone and goes. Prabha thinks in her mind that the ring has now come and bhavna will also come.

At home shruti is folding clothes. Dadi comes and sits near her. dadi then asks that is everything ok then shruti says yes. Then ami and khushboo come and tell that can they play antakshari. Shruti says yes. Then they start playing and ami starts singing a song. Then shruti’s turn comes. Then she says that she does not a song from this letter. Then suddenly the bell rings and shruti opens the door. At bhavna’s house prabha and her daughter have gone. They tell bahvan’s mom and dad that they want to tie the relationship again and all this will not happen again and they are very soory for what had happened and that they will again not get a boy like sanjay. Then prabha gives them some time to think.

Prabha and her daughter give each other a cunning smile. Then after sometime bhavna says yes and they all get happy. Back at shruti’s house Sanjay is there at the door. Ami gets angry. then sanjay comes in and says that he wants to talk to ami. Then he tells ami that he is sorry and he is going to marry bhavna. Ami says that is it true and then she forgives him and says that she cand sees him as his friend or uncle but not her dad.

sanjay telling shruti that now that their fights have been solved that’s why he needs her help for an important assignment on which he is working. Then dadi tells shruti that she should go as sanjay has told her sorry. Then khushboo also tells her to go. Ami is ignoring. Then shruti takes her purse and then they go and sit in sanjay’s car. Then sanjay tells her that he is going for his wedding shopping. Shruti gets shocked and tells why? Then he tells that now that their fights have solved so she should not have any problem.

Then shruti sits quiet. Then they go to a garment shop to buy clothes for bhavna and him. There the manager sees sanjay and then tells his staff that sanjay is their regular customer and his marriage is there so he tells them to show him kurtas and sarees. The staff shows him kurtas and then he shows to shruti and asks which one then shruti says that one is good. Then he immediately packs it. Then he goes in the womens section. There he sees some sarees and tells shruti to try one. Then shruti tries one and then the staff woman says that it is looking good, trhen sanjay packs that.

At sanjay’s home everyone has got ready and the decorations are done. Prabha says that now everything good has happened and dad is very sad. Then her big son comes and tells that he has done all decorations and has also tied two black strings on the ends of their home door so that no problem comes this time. Prabha says good that it is done but then dad tells her that is she doing good with sanjay. Prabha says that he(dad) never talks good.

Today is sangeet and everyone have settled down and bhavna and sanjay are sitting there. Shruti copmes. The sanjay bribgs her inside but everyone is speechless and mom tells her daughter that shruti still does not have shame. Then shruti comes in and says Namaste to dad. The sangeet starts. Everyone cheer sanjay and bhavna for a dance. Sanjay and bhavna then start their dance and sanjay looks at shruti everytime to make her feel jealous. After the dance bhavna goes at prabha and takes her blessings.

Prabha then tells that her daughter in law is very beautiful and dances good. The she tells that she will give a gift and she takes her family bangles which her dadi had given her and gives it to bhavna. Then she makes her sit on the sofa and sanjay also besides her. then she tells each other to give each other one_one piece of sweet in their mouth. Bhavna gives sanjay and everyone clap. Then sanjay also gives and looks at shruti. Shruti is feeling little jealous and uneasy.

Update: Friday On Lies Of Hearts (Episode 25-27)

In her bedroom, Anu gets nostalgic seeing the empty cabinets in her wardrobe where urmi's cloths used to be kept. she gets steamed seeing her pic with urmi, and recalling old memories and their fun together. she runs and goes to embrace aroj, saying that she is missing urmi.

saroj excessively gets enthusiastic. She says that how she was anticipating having the whole entire bedroom to herself, however now that she's gone, she doesnt like the room by any stretch of the imagination. Saroj solaces her.

Granny and masi excessively come and console them telling them to be glad for Urmi's bliss, and not cry and be strained. Anu wants to call, but is her mom stopped her saying that it wouldnt look decent. In any case, Masi says that they can but non should cry or else she too would feel sad. 

Urmi picks their call, and joyfully talk, while Anu says that she misses her soo much. Saroj too inquires as to whether she is cheerful and fine there. In the mean time, Urmi is called another ritual, and Saroj hearing this, says she would talk later and ends the call.

Urmi comes down along with others, and shashi is very disturbed when she sees expensive gifts being bestowed on urmi, when she is full of complaints with what came from urmi’s side. Shashi goes onto say that this suits as she is samrat’s wife after all. Samrat too finally descends down. he again starts complaining about the rituals, when she tells him about a ritual. He is told tht this is the last ritual. He comes and sits beside urmi for the rasam.

Samrat’s bhabhi tells him that he would have to play the game of finding the ring in the milk, along with urmi so that they can determine that who would have the say in their relationship, being the dominant one. samrat says that where he is, only his opinion matters, and noone else’s. Urmi is shocked to hear such a statement, while he says that he doesnt need this game to find that out. the screen freezes on urmi’s tensed face.

The game finally begins, samrat rudely says that this game wont decide on his life, as it isnt a toss, and ishaan makes up for it, by lightening the mood, and converting samrat’s statement into teasing. Samrat’s mother too agrees. samrat asks them to rpogress soon so that they dont lose much time. Samrat’s mother gives urmi’s hand in his, and asks her to open the sacred thread. She complies.

Later, urmi’s bhabhi gets nostalgic with her husband about their first night after their wedding, and how they overcame their initial nervousness, and went on to become lovers. They both say how the other have completed each other, and both are lucky to find one another. They hug.

In her room, urmi is sitting with the ghunghat taken properly, awaiting samrat’s entrance anxiously and nervously. Samrat finally enters and urmi looks up shyly. He bolts the door, and turns around to find urmi, looking away shyly. He smirks and moves closer to her. She awkwardly raises her eyes to meet his. He lifts the veil and uncovers her face, while she looks away nervously. He cups her face and turns ir towards her, while she starts smiling in nervousness.

He gets into a poetic mode, and recites lines in her beauty. she looks up at him, and enters into a romantic eyegaze. he gives her a gift, which is an expensive piece of jewellery. she says that its very beautiful. He says that its less beautiful than nher. She thanks him for the gift. she says that she too got something for him. He asks what. she shyly takes out the sweater for him, and he compliments tht its very beautiful. She says that she herself made it. he says that its priceless for him then. she asks if he liked it. he says thats not an option.

He excuses himself, and goes onto wear the sweater over his sherwani, and asks her how he looks wearing the sweater that his wife made for him. She comes and says that he’s looking very handsome. He thanks her yet again for it. She hesitatingly goes to try on her set. But he stops her with his hand and says not right now. She asks him why. He lifts her on his arms, and teases her for whats to follow. He takes her on the bed.

On the bed, finally samrat gets intimate with her, as he starts kissing her, on the hand, around the nape of her neck, and she shivers with a sensation that runs down her spine, and is filled with ecstasy at the physical proximity with him. He takes off her anklets kissing her feet, and she closes her eyes as she shivers. He takes off her dupataa and kisses her on the forehead as she smiles with her eyes closed.

He takes off all her jewellery one by one, following it wih the kisses at the place which it adorned. A sudden voice calls out to her, and she is broken from her dreams, and she realsies that she had been dreaming, and finds that samrat is calling to her. He asks her to go change and not sit in this filmy style. urmi is shocked at her romance having been crushed brutally. she eyes him shocked. he asks how did she fall asleep. she said that she didnt realise that she dozed off.

She still smiles as he takes off his watch. But he is disappointed when he asks her to go and change, and himself puts on the news and sits down to watch. He indifferently asks her to and change while she is sad and disappointed that all that she dreamt of, isnt turning to reality. she eyes him hurtfully one last time, before going to the suitcase to get a change of clothes. She takes out a nightie, and goes to the bathroom to change.

Trisha again gets into a conflict with her mother, who also agrees that samrat’s words maynot be good, but his character is. Trisha tries to show the truth behind samrat’s noble seeming deeds. But her mother doesnt hear anything, and asks her to put down the phone. Before trisha can explain, nirmala cancels the phone, while still in frustration that one day trisha would land them in deep trouble. she leves the room. Trisha tries her number again, as saroj walks in the room. Triahs calls up her mother, but saroj picks it up instead.

Triahs doesnt realise it and goes onto vent her frustration, that even she wanted to be in urmi’s marriage and be happy for her. And because she wanted her happiness, thats why she didnt want him to get married to samrat, as only she herself has seen samrat’s real ruthless side. Saroj is shocked and tensed to hear this. trisha says that samrat isnt a good man, and very soon they would see it too, and that this marriage wont give anyone anything except for regret. trisha cancels the phone, while saroj is tensed.

As urmi goes onto take off her dupatta and starts taking off her jewellery, as she had imagined samrat would do, she remembers her dream and a tear escapes her eyes, as she is sad at her dream having been shattered, and samrat’s indifferent behaviour towards her hopes and expectations of him. she starts crying incoherently. The screen freezes on her sad and distraught face.

It is night.. Samrat is watching the news,sitting on his bed.. Urmi changes and comes.. Samrat sees some sweater lying on the bed and throws it away! Urmi remembers how lovingly she had made that sweater for Samrat and becomes upset.. Samrat asks her to come closer as it is their Suhaag Raat and the night fades.. Next morning,Urmi gets up and gets ready.. She looks at Samrat fondly as he sleeps but is afraid to approach him ..

Update: Friday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 456-458)

Everyone returns home as the holi celebrations come to an end. Pragya, Abhi and Tanu enter the house completely intoxicated, having consumed 'Bhaang, and behave in a funny manner. Abhi says he wants to apply black color on fuggi’s face. Pragya hides behind Daadi. Tanu asks why he want to blacken her face, and that he can just apply black color on her face. Daadi says her face is already blacken.

Abhi says he haven’t applied black color on her face and he wants to play with fuggi. He plays with her. Daadi asks Purabh to take him to his room. Meanwhile, Tanu begins fighting with Pragya over a plate of sweets. Aaliya steals a CD from the house and the entire family remains oblivious to her presence in the house. She thinks it is good and they will not know what happened today. Abhi asks Daadi to send Pragya to the room. Daadi says okay and says their plan is ruined.

Abhi asks what plan? He says he understood that his Daadi wanted him to drink Bhaang, but failed. He says it is good that he haven’t drink Bhaang, else he would have talked like a stupid fellow. Purabh asks him to sleep. Just then they hear Pragya’s voice and go downstairs. They see Pragya and Tanu fighting for the plate, and argue to eat the sweets.

Purabh asks Pragya to leave the plate. Ajay asks them to share the sweets and eat. Daadi comes and asks what happened? Both of them say that they will eat the sweet and fight verbally.

Daadi asks Mitali to bring another plate, and asks Pragya to come with her, that she has more sweets. Tanu also follows them and insists to eat sweets. She adds that she has more right on Abhi and is going to be his wife. Pragya says she is his ex wife. Purabh asks them to ask Abhi who is having more right on Abhi. They say okay and goes inside. Daadi says they will fight now. Purabh says he will record the happenings in the room. Abhi asks them to hold his hand and pull him towards them. They talk pulling him towards them.

Purabh and Daadi come there and decides to let the trios stay together in the same room. Purabh leaves after fixing a mobile in the room to record their conversation. He asks them to think who is pregnant? Abhi gives chocolate to them. Pragya says Tanu is pregnant, but the baby is whose. Abhi says the baby is his. Tanu says when did she say, and says baby is her? Abhi tells Pragya that she should also have a baby. Pragya says she want baby too and asks Tanu who gave her baby.

Tanu says her boyfriend gave her baby and she will tell her boyfriend to give her baby. Abhi says he will not give her baby. Tanu says he is not her boyfriend, but her to be husband. Pragya cries and says she need baby now. Abhi asks her to wait. He brings Pragya’s toy rockstar and gives it in her hand. Pragya asks her toy rockstar to give her baby. Tanu laughs and says it will not give her baby. Pragya says she will sleep with her boyfriend. Tanu says she will also goes and sleep with her boy friend.

Next day, Daadi shows the recording to Abhi. Tanu gets shocked and wonders when did she say this? Daadi asks her to tell whose baby is this? Abhi asks Tanu to tell him everything. Daadi asks her to say the truth? Abhi says they will watch video. Daadi plays the video again. Abhi tells Daadi that they were under the Bhaang effect and this madness go after the effect is gone. Daadi says people say the truth while being drunk. She asks her to say whose baby is this? Tanu is shocked.

Tanu says what wrong did she say? This all happened when Abhi was her boyfriend, but now he don’t behave like a boyfriend to her. She says Abhi praised Pragya on the stage infront of everyone, and didn’t even took her name and made her get insulted. She want to die, but raising his mistake, and will be punished after giving birth to the baby. Abhi blames Pragya for making him drink Bhaang. Pragya refuses.

Abhi blamed Pragya for making him drink Bhaang. Pragya says she didn’t give Bhaang to him and says she is very conscious about his image in public, as it will be a loss to her. She tells Tanu that it is her mistake to get pregnant when she knows that Abhi is already married. She have become lenient and they all have taken her for granted. She threatens them to kick Tanu out of the house. She asks Daadi to make Abhi understand and make him hear his heart, so that he can get answers for his questions. Tere bin song plays in the background.

Pragya leaves after giving Abhi a sound piece of advice and making it clear that she only cares for his public image as it affects her reputation too. Abhi tells Tanu that whatever Pragya said was unintentional. Tanu tells Abhi that he is living in his past life and Pragya don’t care what happens in his present life, and he is just profit and loss statement for her.

She doesn’t care for him, but she is still same Pragya for him. Abhi says he got an idea to remove her from his heart and get rid of the feeling. He will get insulted, and he would hate her so much to overshadow the love in his heart. He adds that he wants Pragya to behave in such fashion so that it will make him hate her more and he know what to do know? Tanu wonders what he will do now?

Meanwhile, Daadi asks Pragya why did she speak so much? Pragya says he is unable to decide and is becoming joke infront of the world. She can’t tell him Tanu’s lie and couldn’t tell about her proof. She says when Tanu told him her life’s biggest truth, he didn’t believe her. Pragya does not seem happy with Daadi and Purabh's plan of recording her interaction with Abhi and Tanu while she was drunk and asks why did she make that video? Daadi says they thought she will take Nikhil’s name as her boyfriend, but she was clever not to take his name.

Pragya however understands that Daadi's plan could have worked if Tanu would have mentioned Nikhil's name. Daadi and Purabh decide to go forward with Ronnie's plan of frightening Tanu so that she will blurt out the truth. Purabh then shares his idea with Pragya and says Ronnie will scare Tanu to make her speak the truth. Pragya says she have to hear earful from Abhi now. Abhi thinks about Pragya’s words and gets restless. Pragya comes to the room.

Abhi thinks to let her speak first, else she will think he is fighting with her unneccessarily. Abhi sits on TV’s remote and the video is played. Pragya insists to have baby. Tanu tells her that her boyfriend gave her baby and she will ask her boyfriend to give her baby. Abhi asks her to shut off the TV. Pragya says he is sitting on the remote. They argue. Abhi tells Pragya that people say the truth in a drunkard state and says whatever she want will happen. Pragya is clueless.

Later Ajay and Akash tell that everyone is silent. Abhi asks if he is joker to show skit. Tanu talks to Nikhil and asks him to let her handle the situation at home. She says she is going to hall to have dinner with everyone. Abhi apologizes to Ajay and says he is bored and doesn’t feel like laughing or crying. Ajay asks him not to worry and have food. Tanu comes to dining area and asks what is in the food? Daadi asks her to sit and have her favorite food. She adds that her favorite soup is kept in kitchen and asks her to bring it. Tanu calls Robin. Daadi says he is on leave. Tanu says okay, she will bring the soup and leaves.

Tanu comes to the kitchen and sees that the electricity is off. She gets worried and tells herself to take the soup. She finds blood coming out from tap and shouts for Abhi. Abhi rushes to her. Daadi and others also follow him. Tanu tells him that blood is coming out from the tap. Abhi asks why is the light off. Mitali switches on the light. Tanu tells them that she has seen blood coming out from the tap. Abhi says it is just water. Pragya says still she is feeling colors hangover and asks her to consult a doctor for her family. Tanu says she is fine and need to rest. Mitali shouts seeing a cockroach. Tanu asks if she saw the blood. Mitali says no and that she saw a cockroach. Daadi, Pragya and Akash smiles. Abhi brings Tanu to the room, and asks her to rest and calm down her mind.

Pragya tells Ronnie that he has done right. Daadi says Tanu was shocked. Ronnie says he will scare her much. Pragya says Tanu is with Abhi now, and asks Ronnie to behave like ghost. Ronnie assures her. Pragya asks Daadi to sleep for sometime as everyone will be shocked in sometime. Daadi laughs and says okay. Later Ronnie goes to Tanu’s room and thinks she is sleeping peacefully after snatching Pragya’s sleep. He will snatch her sleep now? He wears a mask and scares her. She reads his message on the mirror that he will take revenge from her. She is shocked.

Tanu getting frightened seeing Ronnie's ghost and yells for help and tries to open the door. She turns towards Ronnie and sees him taking knife out from his blood doused body. She apologizes to him and requests forgiveness. She opens the door and runs out. Ronnie hides. Abhi comes and asks what was the matter? Why you are yelling? Tanu says somebody is in the room and wants to murder her. Pragya requests who will want to kill her, and says there is a tight security at home. Abhi tells Tanu to go to her room and says he will check who wants to kill her.

Pragya thinks Tanu haven't took Ronnie's name and says they shall terrify her more. Abhi asks Tanu to come inside, however she declines and cries. Abhi goes inside the room. Tanu followed  him and is frightened. Abhi says there is no one here. Tanu takes looked at the mirror and says it was written that he will kill her. She reveals to Abhi that there is still blood there. Pragya takes a seat and see nail polish on floor. She says you have hued your nail with blood. Tanu asks what rubbish? Pragya says it is your nail polish. Abhi asks what happened ? Pragya recommends him to take her to a specialist, and be frantic if he wants to. She asks Tanu not to wake her up again with her shouts.

Abhi thinks Tanu is feeling frustated as she is not married yet. He thinks to get her psychiatric treatment. Pragya talks to someone and says she will not do any concert now and is tired. Abhi comes to her and says he needs to talk to her. He says we have to do something before Tanu’s condition worsens else I will be responsible. Pragya asks why you? Abhi says he couldn’t fulfilled the promise made to her and that’s why she is behaving this way. Pragya asks do you need permission? Abhi asks her to call a good psychiatrist or tell him if she can’t call anyone. Pragya thinks Tanu is suffering because of her bad deeds and thinks she shall accept her crimes else she will get mad.

Rachna asks Mitali about Akash. Mitali says he went to office. Rachna says he has not woken me up, as I was awake because of baby. Mitali says you are lucky to have a loving husband, and says her friend is coming home. Tanu tells Nikhil that everyone is thinking her mad. Nikhil asks why did she take so much stress and says it is just your imagination. He asks her to be normal. Tanu says I thought you will understand my pain, and can’t take Ronnie’s name even after seeing him. She says one day you will know that I told everything truth. He asks her to fix a camera. Tanu says okay and says she will fix camera to know the truth. She keeps the camera and thinks to switch it on before sleeping.

Mitali’s friend Kalpana comes to meet her and talks about her city Kolkata. She asks her to come to Kolkata and do watch VishKanya…..to know about its secrets. Mitali says I will watch it as I enjoy knowing others’ secret. Tanu gets Ronnie’s call and thinks Nikhil is having his phone. Ronnie calls him and says tonight will be last day of your life. Tanu comes out of room and collides with Mitali. She apologizes to her.

Mitali asks her to show her eyes. She checks her eyes and says it is fine. She asks her to get her treatment done by the psychiatrist before she gets mad, and tells about a baba. Tanu says I am absolutely fine. Mitali says I have seen this condition before, and asks if the ghost is male or female. Tanu says I am already tensed and asks her not to increase her BP. Mitali says okay, I am not interested. She says Abhi called you to meet him.

Pragya tells Sarla that they are waiting for Tanu’s truth to come infront of Abhi and says she will take revenge for her condition. Purab comes and says yesterday night Bulbul came in his dream and told that Sarla couldn’t sleep entire night. Pragya says Abhi wants to show Tanu to a psychiatrist. Purab says he knows some doctors.