Update: Wednesday On The Vow (Episode 435-437)

Amar confesses that he has indeed taken a loan from Bindiya's father but would repay every penny, and assures him that the marriage was not a condition to the deal. Meanwhile, Samrat tells his family that he wants to have a court marriage immediately, so Rajiv says that they don't know Divya's opinion yet. However, Divya replies that she'll go by with what the others say.

Sindoora announces that the wedding will take place 10 days later in a traditional manner. She later informs Chandra that as per Guruji's prophecy, the next 10 days would be harmful for her and that's why she had fixed the particular date! Sindoora then mentions her plan for the coming days. Chandra asks her what will happen if Divya recalls her previous birth in the span of 10 days, so Sindoora replies that she will not let that happen! On the other hand, Amar's photograph falls from Divya's book and flies near Sagar's room. Vidya sees a hazy image of a woman drawing a red line but suddenly the line disappears.

Divya remembers someone giving her the Holy Text at the prayer room the other day and wonders if all these instances are linked to her previous birth. Meanwhile, Divya haunts Amar even in his sleep. The next day, Sindoora is surprised to see Divya wearing Indian attire. Sindoora tells Chandra that they must find out what happened in Benares for Divya to have changed so much! Divya goes to the temple with Mahua and finds the place and the deity of the goddess very familiar. Later, Divya asks Mahua whether she has ever felt a place appear familiar despite having never gone there. She also says that she's heard that it's linked to one's past life. Mahua is flustered. Divya then sees a truck approaching and recalls hazy images of Aniket's accident! 

Divya stands in the middle of the road, so Mahua pulls her away. Divya tells her that there was an accident that had occurred on the same road and even she was present! When Rajiv learns about it, he asks Mahua to make sure that Divya does not mention to anybody about recollecting her previous birth, especially Sindoora. Rajiv decides to visit Benares and find out about Amar because he knows that he's Sagar! Meanwhile, seeing Amar sullen, his mother reminds him that he will be getting married next day and requests him to let go of memories. On the other hand, Divya collects the courier sent by Chandra's man. Divya hands the envelope to Mahua and goes to give the offering to Uma.

Uma asks Divya to get Sagar quickly for the religious ceremony. Divya wonders what Uma is talking about, so Hema mentions about Uma waiting for her son Sagar and his wife Vidya to attend a religious ceremony but they had got killed on that fateful day. Hema refuses to reveal anything more. Sindoora phones Guruji and he cautions her not to play with destiny, and remain alert for a few days more. He says that he can see a source of immense strength heading towards her door. Sindoora sees Divya just then. Divya decides to seek answers from Sindoora to help her solve her dilemma, so she informs her about hazy memories that she has been recollecting recently. On the other hand, Mahua reaches the room just in time and changes the topic by asking Sindoora to bring Divya's wedding forward by a few days on her parents' anniversary.

Later, Mahua advises Divya not to tell anyone about what she's been feeling as the family may misunderstand and deem her unworthy of Samrat. Divya visits Lord Shambhunath's temple. On the other hand, so does Amar. Divya and Amar confess to Lord Shambhunath that they were marrying their respective partners but did not love them. However, Amar promises the Lord to always keep Bindiya happy and never let her know that her father had paid him for Chintu's treatment and asked him to marry Bindiya in return for the favour. Bindiya overhears and is devastated! Meanwhile, Divya bows before the deity and her forehead gets smeared with the sacred ash, so a priest nearby tells her that the Lord has heard her prayers!

Amar goes near the banks of the river and immerses Divya's dress, a shirt given by her and his drawing. However, Bindiya picks them. Meanwhile, Uma comes out to her room and tells Divya to get ready for the prayers. Mahua and Chandra are taken aback. Chandra orders the help to take Uma back to her room. Divya asks the man not to, so Chandra asks her not to interfere. Divya reminds her that she is going to be the daughter-in-law of the house.

Chandra warns her that they are Sindoora's orders, so Divya offers to speak to Sindoora and change things! Sindoora watches this and realises that Divya is already challenging her position at home! Uma prays to Lord Shambhunath and when she bows, the pins of the courier packet get stuck to her sari! On the other hand, Mahua remembers that she had left the envelope at the prayer room but is unable to find it.

Meanwhile, Chandra's man phones Sindoora to inform her that the courier had already been delivered at her place. The courier now lies beneath Uma's bed! Bindiya tells Amar on their wedding day that she does not want to marry him. She says that love is most important in a marriage and he does not love her. Bindiya then shows him everything that he had immersed in the river. Amar assures her that he does not love a girl who had deceived him and his family.

Bindiya then informs him that Divya had put on a charade only for her happiness and had promised never to come between him and her. She tells Amar that he can never belong to her, so she cannot marry him. Bindiya informs Amar that even Divya loves him a lot. She then tells her parents that she does not want to marry Amar. Her father goes to slap her, when Amar reveals the entire truth. Later, when Amar is leaving for Delhi to fetch Divya, his mother gives a set of gold bangles for his bride.

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