Update: Wednesday On The Vow (Episode 420-422)

When Amar spits on the road, Divya asks him to promise her never to repeat the act, so Amar obliges. On the other hand, Chandra's men continue to trace Divya. Amar and his family get ready to go out with Divya and Bindiya. Everyone is shocked to see Bindiya dress like a city girl.

Amar makes fun of her and she is hurt, so Bindiya goes away. Meanwhile, Sindoora shows Samrat a court notice indicting him for killing an endangered black buck. Sindoora assures him that no harm will befall him but he must not leave for Benares. Chandra informs Sindoora that all tourists will attend the 'Maha Pooja' festivity to be held in Benares the next night and her men are sure that Divya and her guide Amar will surely come for it.

Sindoora says that she will know by next night whether they are indeed Sagar and Vidya or somebody else. The next day, Amar gifts Vidya a 'churidar kurta' (An Indian attire) and asks her to wear it for the 'Maha Pooja'. Sagar then sees Bindiya and asks her not to change herself because she is nice just the way she is.

Bindiya is delighted but when he sees Divya in a churidar kurta, he compliments her. Bindiya feels bad and goes away. In the temple, the priest puts garlands around Divya and Amar but Divya exchanges them. Amar then recalls marrying Vidya in his past life!

Bindiya who is also at the temple is stunned to see this and so are the others. Bindiya is furious with Divya. The priest informs Divya that the exchange of garlands implies she is married to Amar now! Divya says that she took Amar's garland only because she likes roses. Divya retorts that love is important in a marriage and she does not believe in such superficial rituals. Amar too plays down the incident. Divya apologises to everybody and Bindiya is relieved. Chandra's men shoot videos of Sagar and Divya. One of them phones Chandra.

Sindoora asks the man to send her the photographs of all the people around Divya. Meanwhile, when Amar gets worried wondering where Divya has disappeared, Bindiya gets angry and goes to break Divya's garland around him but he warns her not to touch it and also scolds her for speaking ill about Divya. Meanwhile, Sindoora informs the family that it is `Holi' next day and she has arranged for a party so they must go to the market. She says that her only worry is that when Samrat returns home from work, there will be nobody to take care of him.

Hema assures her that Kamna will stay at home. Mahua offers to stay back but Sindoora insists that she come with them. In Benares, Amar wonders why he is always thinking about Divya, so Chintu replies that he is in love with her! Later, when Divya goes to call Amar for dinner, it starts raining but Amar enjoys getting drenched. He pulls Divya also and even she enjoys the rains. Divya's bracelet gets stuck in Amar's wrist band and he recalls hazy images of a similar incident.

Amar's mother is worried seeing Amar and Divya return home drenched. Later, she questions him whether Divya and he share anything special, so he assures her that there is nothing. However, he tells her that whenever he sees Divya, he recalls hazy images of some past incidents and feels that he has known Divya from long or a previous birth. Amar's mother asks him to promise her not to get close to Divya but he walks away. Amar's mother later reminds her husband about an astrologer's prophecy years ago that Amar would leave home when he turned 22 because he was born for an important mission. She is certain that Divya will take him away.

On the other hand, Amar can't get Divya out of his mind and wonders aloud if he has really fallen in love with Divya. Bindiya overhears and is shattered. Meanwhile, Samrat returns home from office and calls out to all his domestic help. He drinks and goes searching for them. He sees Kamna come out the bathroom and drying her hair. 

Samrat assumes that Kamna has intentionally left her room door open for him, so he goes inside. Just then, Rajiv comes and asks Samrat what he's doing in Kamna's room. Kamna is surprised to see Rajiv and Samrat. Rajiv later warns Samrat not to dare repeat such acts because as a father he will not tolerate it. Meanwhile, Bindiya gets some sweets for Amar and his family but when she goes to the room to give it to Divya she replaces it with a poison laced sweet!

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