Update: Wednesday On The Vow (Episode 405-407)

Divya tells the sage that she does not believe in rebirth, so he asks her whether sometimes she feels that she has gone to some place or met someone familiar but can't remember anything. He says that it is because they are linked to one's former birth.

The sage asserts that Lord Shambhunath has beckoned her to Benares for a big reason! Meanwhile, the doctor asks Amar to get an MRI scan done for Chintu, and informs him that the cost would be around Rs. 15,000/- Amar and Chintu meet their father when they come out of the clinic but Chintu lies that he had visited the doctor for a sore throat.

Sindoora informs Hema that she wants to get Samrat married to a simple, homely girl like Kamna. Hema is delighted! Sindoora tells Chandra that it won't be tough to trap Samrat in Kamna's web, and Divya will not like it! She says that she'll use the chance to throw Divya out of the house then. Hema informs Harish that Sindoora wants to get Samrat married to a simple Indian girl like Kamna! Hema orders Kamna to give her complete attention on Samrat. In Benares, Amar's father informs his wife that Chintu has a serious ailment but Amar had hidden it from them.

Amar's father promises to tend to Chintu. Meanwhile, Kamna takes a glass of milk for Samrat, so he mocks her that it's his age to enjoy, not drink milk! Samrat holds her hand and says that he knows she loves him. Kamna blushes and runs away. Sindoora witnesses this. In Benares, Amar looks around for a rich tourist, while Divya reaches Varanasi railway station at the same time and looks for a taxi.

Divya and Amar miss seeing each other. A taxi driver asks Divya to go to a government office and hire a cab, so she agrees. Another man gives the driver money. Meanwhile, Chandra asks Sindoora why she celebrates Sagar and Vidya's death anniversary every year although she hated them, so Sindoora replies that she has to pretend before the world. Sindoora asks Chandra to keep Samrat away from the ceremony because if he were to see Vidya's photograph, then he would ask too many questions.

Hema asks Kamna to tend to Uma, so Sindoora asks her to look after Samrat too as he would be returning soon. In Benares, the man who had paid money to the driver tells Divya that he is a guide and asks for Rs. 2000/- Divya goes in his taxi and she holds her scarf against the wind and it falls on Amar's face. Divya asks the driver not to bother getting the scarf back. On the other hand, Bindiya is dressed as an American tourist and asks Amar to take her around and gives him a Rs. 1000/- tip. The driver then takes Divya in a boat while Amar takes Bindiya on another boat along with Chintu.

The driver manages to slyly take away all of Divya's money and then jumps into the river. Meanwhile, Sindoora reaches the temple to perform the rituals for Sagar and Vidya's death anniversary. However, everyone is stunned to see Sindoora's photo instead of Sagar and Vidya. Aniket who turns up there warns Sindoora that she will be finished soon! He then shows Sindoora Sagar and Vidya's photograph.

When Sindoora asks the priest to go ahead with the ritual, Aniket warns her that Vidya is back and Sagar too must be on his way! He mocks at her that he can see the fear of death in her eyes! Aniket is taken away. The priest tells Sindoora that such obstructions are considered a bad omen but they go ahead with the ritual. Rajiv wonders whether Sagar will also return. On the other hand, Kamna and Samrat collide into each other again and they fall.

Hema is pleased seeing this. However, Rajiv who is watching this is not happy. Meanwhile, Amar sees through Bindiya's disguise and chases her. At the same time, Divya just about manages to reach the banks of the river. However, Amar accidentally bumps into her, and they fall into the river. They meet each other just the way they had in their previous birth. Amar saves her. Divya complains about everything going wrong from the time she has reached Benares. She accuses Amar of throwing her in the river just to steal her bag! Amar gives her bag back.

Divya then accuses Amar of being a worse criminal than just a petty thief! Amar orders her to apologise to him in front of everyone but she bluntly refuses. Meanwhile, Rajiv tells Mahua that he is worried about Samrat's affinity towards Kamna. Just then he sees Kamna taking a glass of juice for Samrat and Hema encouraging her. A man phones Sindoora and asks about Aniket who has told the press that he is her husband and knows a lot about her. He warns her that they can be in trouble during the mayoral elections! The man advises her to tackle Aniket soon or she'll never be a mayor once the media gets to her! Sindoora asks Chandra to tell their man to take Aniket out of Delhi till she becomes a mayor.

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