Update: Wednesday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 410-411)

Aaliya says it is going to be 10 am and Pragya must have left by now. Tanu says she don’t think that she will leave without any drama. Aaliya calls Mitali, asks her to go to Pragya’s room and if she is there, to kick her out. She asks Pammi to bring her special breakfast. Mitali sees Pragya coming down herself, and thinks her hands will not be pained. She asks where is her stuff? She asks what did she think that she is her servant and Aaliya said this. Pragya comes downstairs.

Aaliya tells Tanu that Pragya will cry and pleads for forgiveness. She says she will start her emotional drama. Tanu says she want to beat and kick her out. Aaliya says who have stopped her? Pragya goes past behind them and sits on sofa. Aaliya asks how dare she to sit? And says she should have left by 10 am. She asks her to take her stuff and leave. Pragya says if she don’t leave then….Aaliya says she will kick her out of the house and calls Raj, Akash, and Robin.

Abhi thinks Daadi might hear Aaliya’s voice and thinks to stop her as she couldn’t bear it. Daadi asks what is happening? Abhi says 24 hours are over and Aaliya is doing drama. Daadi asks him not to worry that she will not leave Aaliya today. She will teach her a lesson and she will be punished. She asks Daasi and Abhi to come.

Raj asks Aaliya why she is shouting? Aaliya says she asked Pragya to leave before 10 am, and if anyone goes against her then they have to bear her anger. She asks Raj to kick Pragya out of the house. Pragya says nobody will move from their place. Aaliya says so she is ordering them. Pragya says she can give her order too, and says everyone will see who is the real boss? Aaliya says she is the boss. Pragya says one should forget the dream in the morning. Aaliya asks Raj and Taya ji to kick her out. Pragya says she get worried about things and says she might get mad because of her frustation. She says she know how she got her name written removing Abhi Mehra’s name.

Pragya informs Aaliya that she knows everything as to how she changed Abhi's name on the property paper. Then, Aaliya asks her as to why is she saying the thing she already knew and also  asks Pragya if she has any proof with her in order to prove her crime. Later, Pragya explains Aaliya about the the reverse prank played against her and that she knew that she is after her brother’s money and knew she would do such cheap things that’s why she hide the papers in the shoe rack. She adds that she knew she would get her name written on the papers.

Aaliya says it was a good story and asks for the result. She says if a movie has a good climax only then it gets hit and asks how will she proof that she have put her name and removed Abhi’s name. Pragya says she have proofs and witness about this. She says climax is not done yet. She asks Ronnie to call the lawyers. Ronnie calls the lawyers. Aaliya gets shocked seeing the lawyers and Pragya asks her why is she shocked and asks her to tell who are they? Aaliya denies knowing them. Pragya says it doesn’t matter as they know her. 

Pragya then brings out Aaliya's reality before Abhi and the entire family and shows the original papers photo, Aaliya photos when she met the Lawyers, when she told them to remove Abhi’s name and write her name. She adds that she had a complete video clipping when she was stealing the papers from the shoe rack and also when she had explained her plan to the lawyers. She asks Aaliya if she like the climax?

Aaliya tears the photos and says her proofs have been destroyed. Pragya says Purabh have many copies. When they all see the evidences are against Aaliya, everyone start believing Pragya. Abhi is shocked to learn that his own sister had been plotting to take all of his assets including his business. Aaliya tells Purabh that he should have supported her in which Purabh replies that she have been bad with his friend, and he just hate her and she don’t deserve any relation.

After Pragya produces all the evidence against her, Aaliya gets furious and starts blaming Pragya for everything stating that she have snatched her Purabh and now the family, house and everything from her. She asks Pragya what did she think that she will be saved? She says she will not be saved now. She charges towards her and tries to harm her by pushing her out of the house, but Abhi comes to Pragya's rescue and slaps her. He expresses his disappointment towards her saying it is a waste to talk, explain or punish her as it will not have any affect on her. He adds that it is not worth saying anything because she is like this from the beginning and it is in her habit to betray and gets happy to snatch other’s rights.

He have always forgiven you, but not anymore and she have lost the chance to be forgiven for the last time. He will not break his relation with her, but he will never take her name from now onwards as he declares her dead for him. He apologizes to his dead parents and says he couldn’t make their daughter a good person. He couldn’t fulfill his responsibility, but will do other responsibility. He finally calls the commissioner and asks him to send his team to his house. Aaliya looks angrily. The police team comes there, arrest Aaliya and take her away.

Abhi gets sad talking to Daadi. Abhi says one brother have failed today and that it was his mistake and should be punished for her bad upbringing. He used to be egoistic about her upbringing and he should be punished for her crimes. He feels guilty for sending his younger sister to jail and says his parents will feel bad when they come to know that he sent his younger sister to jail. Daadi consoles him asking him not to think like that, and that their parents were good and that he is a good person like his parents but Aaliya was different since morning. She adds that his parents would have done the same thing if they were alive and Aaliya needs to be punished, and she might value love and family. Purabh says Daadi is right, and she has never valued his love. He says they should thank Pragya the most for bringing out her truth to everyone. Tanu and Raj looks angrily.

Abhi then thanks Pragya for bringing out his enemy in front of him. He further remains upset with Pragya for breaking his heart in order to expose Aaliya and that she have also done the same thing. He says his sister and wife have betrayed him. Pragya says he is thinking her wrong and she just want to prove the truth. Abhi says he wants his fuggi to stay with him and asks her to transfer the property on his name. Pragya gets emotional, but control herself. She says first she has to find out about the person who is behind the attack on her, and she will search for Bulbul’s killer after that she will name property on his name. She says the killer might be anyone and takes Tanu’s name.

Tanu tries to fill Abhi’s ears and asks him to ask her why she haven’t told about Aaliya’s truth when Daadi fainted and got ill. Abhi asks her why didn't she take Aaliya's name when Daadi got ill. Pragya replies that she was waiting for the forensics report finger and she thought Aaliya’s finger print will match with that found on the rope, but it doesn’t match. She says she wants to search for the proof which will lead her to catch Vijay.

Abhi goes to his room in very much anger. Pragya asks if he is angry as he lost the challenge. He replied that she was always complex and never tried to be simple and that it's preplanned game. Pragya says she wants to check something. Abhi says she is complicated and asks why can’t she be simple. Pragya asks if she haven’t done this, he wouldn’t have believed her and that she did this to make him believe her. She asks if he will believe her if she tell him the truth? Abhi nods. Pragya asks him to wait and that soon the truth will be out in a right way.

Tanu asks Raj as to why is he silent instead of helping Aaliya who is in jail. Raj gets angry and asks her what she wants him to do or Should he tell the police that they are also with Aaliya and arrest them. Tanu asks him not to say anything like that, and informs him that she doesn't want to go to jail then her baby will born in jail. Later, Raj says he has decided about himself and asks her not to talk anything about Aaliya and warns her not to follow him else he will give proofs to Pragya against her. Tanu gets tensed but initially both Raj and Tanu are worried that Pragya might get to them after Aaliya. Daadi congratulates Pragya on her first success.

Purabh says Tanu’s truth should also come out. Pragya says she is not alone and says third partner is with her. Daadi asks her not to worry and asks her to concentrate on her mission. She asks her to promise and asks her to inform them about her planning. Purabh says the same. Pragya promises and says they have to keep a keen watch on Tanu. Daadi says she think she will not meet her partner. Pragya says they have to keep her away from Abhi else he will come in her talks. Tanu comes to meets Aaliya at the prison. Aaliya says she has been waiting for them. She asks where is Raj? Tanu tells her that Raj refused to help her.

Aaliya asks her to do something to free her. Tanu asks her to trust her and informs her that she will have to spends few nights at the jail. Tanu says she is tensed as Pragya is keeping an eye on her, and that Raj will not help them. Aaliya says she will do something to Pragya and will try to make her suicide. Tanu asks her not to say that in police station else she will be hanged for Bulbul’s murder. Tanu says Pragya’s target might be her, and she got trapped. She says she might not know about Nikhil and her. Aaliya asks her to do something. Tanu says okay and leaves.

Pragya asks Abhi why he didn’t have coffee? Abhi says he was lost. Pragya says she will heat the coffee again. Abhi says he was thinking about her and he have decided to walk on her way. He requests Pragya to express her feelings to him. Abhi says she said that few things can be explained in a simple manner and asks her to clear his confusion but Pragya refuses to express her love in a direct manner saying everything is simple. Abhi says everything is complicated and asks her to make him understand, and tell him what she feels for him. Pragya says what a girl, wife, boss feels for a rockstar. She goes to bring coffee.

Abhi asks her to come back with an answer. Raj thinks Pragya is alerted and will check everything in detail. He decides to keep an eye on her. He comes to her and thanks her for bringing out Aaliya’s truth and that he can’t think that Aaliya would do such a thing. Later, Tanu sees Raj speaking to Pragya and trying to befriend her. Raj asks Pragya not to feel alone and he is with her. Tanu believes that Raj has changed the parties. Pragya says this fight is hers only and she can’t risked anyone’s life. She thanks him. Raj thinks to search a way to take Pragya in his words. Tanu thinks to inform Aaliya about Raj.

Pragya says Abhi wants to share his feelings with her, but she is helpless. Abhi thinks he will not give her a chance to think and asks why she is hiding. Pragya says she wasn’t hiding. She shows the fuggi toy and asks who she is? Abhi says she is his fuggi. Pragya shows the rockstar toy, and asks him to get answer from his fuggi. Abhi talks to fuggi toy and says he will not ask Pragya now. Pragya sees him hiding and thinks to tell him about her feelings for him.

Tanu comes to Raj and says this was his plan. She couldn’t think that she will please Pragya. Raj explains to her the motive behind his attempt that he is a practical man and asks her to think what to do. He asks her not to talk to him again. Tanu says he should help her but he is betraying them. Mitali comes. Raj tells her that Tanu is troubling him. Mitali asks her to wait for her sin’s pot to break and go to jail, and till then to stay away from her husband. Tanu wonders how will Pragya talk with her.

Next day, Pragya comes to meet Aaliya in jail, and acts to sympathize with her. She says she is really feeling bad for her and she can’t share her pain with anyone except these mosquitoes. Aaliya asks her to get inside and free her. Pragya says she is acting smart and she has brought a deal for her. Aaliya asks what? Pragya says she can get her out of jail, but needs a small information. She asks her to tell the name of the person who was helping her in ruining Abhi. Aaliya says that’s why she have done this and refuses to tell her anything. Pragya says she will make her life miserable inside, and asks the Inspector to give her all the details of the persons who came to meet her.

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