Update: Wednesday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 440-441)

Abhi and Pragya argue with each other via text messages. She reads that the food is rotten and if she manages this way. Pragya replies that the food was good, but might have rotten seeing his face. Abhi replies asking her to see her face in the mirror. Pragya replies that she don’t have time. Abhi messages her that all useless people say this line.

Pragya writes he is amongst the top most people in the world. While they are both busy argue via text messages, little did Pragya-Abhi or Purabh-Bulbul know about the upcoming trouble in their lives. Bulbul meets Pragya seeing her standing alone and asks Pragya to come with her. Pragya asks her to wait as important discussion is going on. Bulbul asks her to come. Abhi sends message saying wherever mogambo might be, she might be crying as he gave the name to her. Pragya get angry.

Bulbul asks her to come and asks her not to go alone anywhere. Then, Pragya asks Bulbul as to why is she so tensed and what happened. Soon Daadi comes there and asks them as to what are they doing there. Bulbul asks Daadi to take care of Pragya and to be with her as she heard Abhi planning something funny for Pragya. Pragya is angry. Bulbul says Abhi is smart and asks Daadi to be with Pragya. She says she is going to torture her Purabh. She asks Daadi to take care of Pragya. Seeing that she is worried, Pragya and Daadi ask her about the matter. Bulbul says she got a dream and asks her to accept her sayings. She asks them to come. She thinks it is good that she asked Daadi to be with her.

Bulbul asks Purabh to find a new way to surprise her. Purabh tries to get intimate with her. Bulbul asks if he will force himself on his wife. Purabh asks what she want to say? Bulbul asks what if anyone comes here. Purabh says he will not ask anything from her and looks at her lovingly. Aaliya gets jealous seeing this and have teary eyes.

While Bulbul and Purabh marriage reception was going on in the Mehra house, Abhi and Pragya were busy in their funny argument. Abhi continue to argues with Pragya and asks how dare she to send adult message to him. Pragya says she didn’t send it. Abhi shows the message to Payal. Ronnie says Pragya can’t send such message and reads "I will kiss you" message. Pragya is surprised and reads it. She says she meant to say she wants to kill him. Abhi says he will show the message to everyone present in the party and will tell the media.

Pragya threatens to file police complaint. They argue. Aaliya, who her plan is not known to her best friend, Tanu and brother Raj- who were actually her partners in crime meets Vijay alone and calls him useless and asks why he has not done her work till now. Vijay asks if she has seen Pragya. Aaliya says she is talking happily. Vijay asks her to see, and says just as she comes beneath the Chandelier, it will fall on her. Aaliya ends up impressed when Vijay tells her his plan of killing Pragya by getting the chandelier to fall on her.

On the other hand, Bulbul and Purabh greet the guest. Bulbul thinks the function is over and Pragya is saved now. She is concerned about finding the person who is planning to eliminate Pragya as she heard someone talking behind the curtains regarding this and wonders how the attacker kept quiet and thinks to inform Pragya and Daadi. Just then Bulbul notices someone reflection upstairs. Aaliya and Vijay immediately hides. Bulbul got suspicious and thinks it might be her fear after which she follow them. Aaliya lit the fire with the thread with which the chandelier is tied shaking and leaves from there.

Bulbul sees the wire and tries to set off the fire. However, hawk-eyed Bulbul, who knew something wrong would happen to Pragya, saw that Pragya is in danger as the chandelier was about to drop on her but without wasting no time, she runs towards Pragya, shouting at her to move away from the place. She pushed Pragya away at the time it was about to drop and gets injured as the chandelier fall over her damaging her face and much to the shock of her husband Purabh and other members of the family.

The Mehra family immediately ushered Bulbul to the hospital. Sarla asks the doctor to save her daughter that she might be very much hurt. The doctor tells them that they need to do her operation and asks her to have patience. Sarla cries and says she want to go inside. Daadi asks her to calm down. Sarla says if they don’t save her daughter then she will not leave them. Abhi tells her that he will not let anything happen to her. Sarla cries feeling her pain and says Bulbul needs her. Pragya cries and leaves from there. Abhi asks her to pray to God.

Pragya recalls Bulbul saving her and getting injured. Daadi comes to Pragya. Pragya hugs her and cries asking why this has happened to her sister. Daadi asks her to have trust on God. Pragya says that chandelier is about to fall on her, and she saved her. Daadi says it is done now, and that nobody can change the destiny. Pragya says she felt something wrong is going to happen, and that’s why she got them married. She never wanted this reception but agreed anyhow. She asks if her love is so weak to lose every time. Daadi says love can’t be weak and it can be suppressed for time being. Pragya says she become all alone, she can’t go near her mother and tell her that she is with her. Daadi says she will be with Sarla, and it was an accident. Daadi says Bulbul is very courageous. Pragya hugs her and cries.

So, while the doctor operated on her in the operation theater, Aaliya landed at the hospital to take due advantage of the situation by showing fake concern for Purabh and asking Purabh to say something. She get closer to him saying she will not let anything happen to Bulbul. Purabh cries and says he want to see Bulbul. He kissed Bulbul forcibly and she got angry. He asks her to apologize to Bulbul on his behalf. Aaliya promises and asks him to hold on his tears that she will talk to her and hugs Purabh. Pragya, Abhi, Daadi and Sarla appeared shocked witnessing this new development.

A nurse asks Pragya to pay the bill and asks her to sign. Pragya signs on the papers without checking the papers. The nurse asks can’t she see the papers and says it belongs to some other patient. The nurse argues with her. Pragya refuses to pay the bill for the other patient. Abhi over hears Pragya fighting with a nurse over the bill and he gets upset with her. Abhi believes that Pragya is placing money over Bulbul thinking she has refused to pay for her sister treatment. He says she is at the top, but there is no limit of her fall down. He asks if she has locked her humanity in her locker.

Pragya tries to explains, but Abhi doesn’t listen to her and asks what she knows, one is to earn money and to save it. He says she have refused to pay for Bulbul’s treatment and says he has heard with his ears. Pragya turns her face and says she didn’t say like that. She says she don’t want to explain anything to him. Abhi says he hate himself for loving her kind of woman. He asks her to be with Sarla and Purabh. Pragya says when he don’t want to listen to her…then. 

Abhi says if he had any relation with her then he would have slapped her. He asks her never to show any concern for him if he was to be admitted in the hospital and not to spend any money on him. He adds that he don’t believe in God, but she made him trust God. If ever there is God, then he will pray asking him to keep him far from her. He just want to remember his fuggi. Hamari Adhuri Kahani song plays in the background. Pragya looks on.

The doctor comes out of ICU and informs everyone that that the operation was difficult, but they removed the glass pieces from her face and neck. Sarla asks about her. The doctor says she is out of danger. Purabh is happy. The doctor tells them that there are still some complications as some pieces of chandelier got into her face and her vocal cords have been severely damage  and her face is damaged severely. He says her face will not be normal after the bandage is open so her look will get changed a bit and will not be able to speak as they have to cut her cord, and that’s why she couldn’t talk. Hearing all this Aaliya gets happy from inside and on the other hand, Purabh got tensed and asks if she can see him atleast. The doctor says there is no more complications. Purabh is shaken. Aaliya smiles hearing all this. She pretends to support him. However, Purabh states that he will accept Bulbul the way she is and he don’t need anything else except his Bulbul. He hugs her again. Tanu looks on. Abhi asks if they can see Bulbul? The doctor asks him to meet her tomorrow as she is in ICU. Sarla cries. Purabh tells her that Bulbul will be fine and asks her to go home. Sarla says she know that he loves her and she wants to stay there being her mum. Purabh promises to take care of her. Sarla insists to stay.

Aaliya goes on to celebrate the moment as is certain that Purabh will leave Bulbul and come back to her and ordered a cake outside the hospital. When she is about to cut it, the evil duo of Raj and Tanu come there and asks about the reason behind the celebration. Aaliya asks if they are following her. Raj tells her not to think that they will not understand. Aaliya asks can’t she cut the cake. Raj says even a fool can tell the reason about her happiness, and says Bulbul’s accident was planned. Tanu says Bulbul tried to save Pragya and got injured. Raj tells her if she didn't tell them the truth then she will not be part of their group anymore and will leave supporting her. Aaliya accepts to have planned conspiracy against Pragya and says it is good that Bulbul is injured now. Tanu says Bulbul is saved, and asks why she is celebrating. Aaliya says Purabh will hate her face as it is damaged and then he will start loving her. Aaliya adds that Purabh was in love with Bulbul at first sight, and says if she don’t have the same face then he will not love her, and Aaliya will take her place. She asks them to celebrate with her. Raj says off course.

Meanwhile at the Mehra house, Pragya reaches home sad and was waiting for Abhi as he has not come yet from the hospital. She thinks to call, but thinks he might get angry with her again. She went to sleep and Abhi finally arrives in a drunk state. She asks when did he come. Abhi tells her that she is having a sound sleep by ruining everyone's sleep. Pragya gets emotional when Abhi enters the room drunk and asks if he is drunk? Abhi agrees. Pragya says they will talk later and asks him to sleep. Abhi says he will praise her with his heart, she is really unique that’s why he is not getting words to praise her. Once again she have proved that he is wrong and she is right. He thanks her for making him belief that there is nothing like emotions, and money is everything, for making him belief that he is a fool to have thought that he will get back his love. He lost his money and love. He thanks her for making him belief that there will be no one who will cry for him if he dies. Pragya feels much pain and asks him to stop. Abhi falls on bed and talks to the toy rockstar. He picks fuggi toy and asks where did she go? He expresses his desire to have the real Pragya back in his life and sleeps hugging the toy. Pragya thinks Abhi is not believing in love, and decides to tell him the whole truth tomorrow behind her mission to expose Tanu and Aaliya.

Pragya thinks if he will accept her knowing all the truth. Pragya goes to Abhi while dressed up as fuggi, and asks him to listen. Abhi asks if she is his fuggi. Pragya says yes, his fuggi. She asks him not to say anything and hears her first. Abhi says he don’t want to hear her. Pragya asks him to listen to her, and says she got strength to tell the truth. Abhi asks if she is playing trick. Pragya says she is her old fuggi, but she have to changed her avatar to bring the truth in front of her. Abhi asks which truth? Pragya asks him to believe her, but to first listen to her. She says she is his fuggi and have never changed, she will always be his fungi. She tells Abhi the whole truth while he was doing workout. Abhi finally accepts her and hugs her. Pragya gets happy.

Pragya explains the reason behind her drastic change to Abhi that she came to know about his enemies after she went far from him. She says she has to take the wrong way to bring out the truth. She was all alone, but never lost her strength. She was about to reach her destination, but saw him losing strength and was in pain. She also informs him that she is unable to see him suffering because of her behavior and she don’t know if he will believe her or not, and says everything will be fine. Abhi emotionally looks at her and hugs her. Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai song plays in the background.

Abhi asks why she have chosen this way who took her far from him. He asks her as to why did she think that he wouldn't believe her words. Then, he asks her as to why didn't she  tell  him  about the truth before her make over and that she have enmity with her mum and have done a big sacrifice. He says she know that he love his fuggi very much and he wanted to request her to end the drama. Pragya says she can bear anything to keep him far from his enemies and to protect him. Abhi says if she continue this drama then he will tell her to stop it, and that he love his fuggi very much. Allah wariyan plays in the background. Later in the morning, Pragya looks at Abhi while he is sleeping and goes.

Sarla sees her daughter in the ICU and begins to weep seeing her daughter's bandaged face.  Purabh consoles her and asks her to have strength and not to fall weak. Sarla however, shows trust in Purabh's love for her and is certain that Bulbul will be fine and tells him that she is hopeful that Bulbul will also recover from this accident.

Pragya decides to bring her imagination to life and changes her clothes, makesup and comes back in  the old look of innocent fuggi that she earlier was to tell Abhi the truth as he was all set to go to the hospital to see injured Bulbul's condition. A flashback is shown, Pragya sees Abhi wearing her specs. She picks the specs and wears it. Abhi wakes up and thinks to leave before Pragya comes. Pragya looks in the mirror.

Abhi thinks he should not see her face and spoil his mood. He was standing in the room and Pragya calls him from behind telling him to please listen to her once as she wants to tell him something very important. Abhi says he doesn't wants to know anything from a cheater like her. Pragya then says okay if he don't want to listen but asks him to please turn and look at her once to which Abhi replies by saying that if he does so is their any kind of magic that's going to happen as he will not get to see her face ever again. He goes away from there.

Pragya gets upset when Abhi does not  both to look at her and leaves the house. In the hospital, Aaliya tries to make use of this opportunity and does everything possible to impress Purabh. She brings fruits and tells Purabh that she brought it for them. Sarla refuses to eat it. Aaliya asks her to eat it for Bulbul and talk nicely with her. Purabh says he will cut these fruits. Aaliya smiles. Purabh makes Sarla eat the fruits. Abhi comes to see Bulbul and asks Sarla how is she doing? He further tells Sarla to not to take tension. Sarla says she is not tensed at all, and says her son in-law's are more than sons to her. She looks at the door. Abhi says she will not come and spend money. Pragya comes back to the dressing room and thinks Bulbul is paying for her fight. She gets Purabh’s call.

Pragya says Abhi is hating her very much and he can’t bear her. She will tell Abhi the truth and says she can’t take risk because of the drama. She will tell the truth to him. Purabh says this is not easy. Pragya says the result will not be bad than this and says Abhi might get angry or stop talking to her and that it is a matter of right and wrong and asks him to inform her once Abhi leaves from the hospital. Abhi receives a call from Tanu as she tell him to come home and meet him as she wants to talk  about something related to property papers and their marriage.

Aaliya and Tanu are in car. Tanu asks Aaliya to stop the music as she don’t want to hear. Aaliya asks if she is jealous of her happiness. Tanu says she is angry at herself as her friend is selfish. She asks her to give her an idea to deal with her enemy. Aaliya says she have a very good opportunity in front of her, and she have already taken Pragya’s signature and asks her to force Abhi to marry her. Tanu smiles. Aaliya plays the music again.

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