Update: Wednesday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 273-275)

Kamla is sleeping in her bed. and so is Suhana. Kamla recalls how she met her at the temple and how she saved her. Suhana is thinking about her as well. Kamla gets up. Suhana sleeps on the floor as she can’t sleep on the bed. Kamla begs Kalpana to come and that everything will be fine once she come.

Pakiya informs Vitthal that  he have two to three interviews today and he hope it works. Kamla says in heart that they are so worried and she shouldn’t tell them about her new job and asks herself how will everything run if she don’t work. Kamla lie that she is going to the temple. Vitthal laughs and says nothing happens by going to the temple and if her God can return his Kalpana then she can go to the temple and that her wish might not come true but her hope will. Kamla feel bad and says in her heart that she is lying to her husband and son but she have no other option. Suhana's father is worried that he has to inform her about her engagement with Aryan and also has to inform Aryan's family about her memory loss.

Kamla arrives at Diwan's house and seeing her Diwan's brother Dheeraj asks Sanjay if she is educated or an illiterate. Sanjay replies him that Kamla is not educated but she will take care of Suhana. When Dheeraj learns that Kamla is illiterate he feels relaxed as he can continue to give the medicines to slow down Suhana's memory and says better that she would have no knowledge of the medicines. Sanjay welcomes Kamla in his home and tells her that Suhana must not be disturbed as she wakes up late. At the same time, Suhana comes out and says she is up and ready. Sanjay asks so early? She says she just got up.

Dheraj says it's good for health to wake up earlier. A lady comes there and asks Suhana if she is okay and that she was so worried for her? She hugs her. Suhana smiles. She says she saw her now that she is fine and asks why is she staring at her like that? Sanjay informs her that she is her Dheraj uncle's wife. Aman comes in and asks if Kamla is the new servant? Suhana immediately says she is not the servant but she came to take care of her. The driver shows Kamla the kitchen and tell her that Suhana likes pasta and pizza and adds that she should make pasta for her. Kamla makes pasta with the help of another servant.

Kavita says she will tell her everything about the house. She felt so bad to hear that she lost her memory. Dheraj tells his wife Kavita to go to her room to rest. Sanjay says no that they should do the breakfast together. Suhana is not liking the pasta and says she don’t know what she would like to eat. Kamla asks if she would like misri pao? Sanjay says she doesn’t like all that. Suhana says no that she would like to eat what Kamla suggests. Diwan later gets surprised to see many changes in Suhana as she seems to wake up very early and does not even enjoy pasta which was earlier her favourite dish and instead enjoys one of the traditional food items.

These behaviour which do not match the behaviour of the real Suhana seems to be confusing to Dheeraj's wife Kavita and Diwan and says first she woke up early and now she will eat these desi dished. At the same time gets Dheeraj worried and tells his wife to stop it. Kavita asks what did she say wrong? She didn’t know that people even change their choices after memory loss. Kamla comes up with Suhana’s dish and asks how is it? Suhana says it's really tasty and she is enjoying it. Sanjay takes a spoon and admit it's good. Dheraj says i have to leave for something important. Dheraj goes to his room. He tells Aman that his mother is so stupid. Aman asks him to relax and that no one will recognize her. Kavita comes in and asks why are they discussing her now? Dheraj asks why she said so much to Suahna? She is not well and she doesn’t remember anything and to never comment on anything she does and not to tell her what she was and what she is. Kavita says he never cared about Suhana this much before.

Later, Dheraj asks Kamla to bring the medicines. He asks her to bring the water. Dheraj then tells Kamla about the medicines she is supposed to give Suhana in three days. He leaves. Kamla takes the medicines and later meet Meethi a small girl who stays in their house. Kavita tells Meethi that she asked her not to play here. Kamla says it's not the little girl mistake and it's her mistake. She dropped the plate. Kamla asks who she is? Sanjay says she is the daughter of their driver and she is like a daughter to them.

Kamla tells Meethi that she is just like her mother. Meethi says they are friends now. Kavita tells her not to be so frank with her that she is so mischievous. Kamla tells the little girl to let her give the medicines to Suhana then they will play. Kamla goes to Suhana. Kamla gives her the medicines but Suhana refuses to take it stating that she don't wants to take the medicines. Kamla says she shouldn’t look weak and suggests to bring the sugar if it's bitter. Suhana says she gave it to her with so much love and that she don’t need sugar.

Suhana asks Meethi to come in and asks if she remember they used to play together. Meethi says she remember everything and asks why was aunt saying that she lost her memory and she also think she lost her memory. Suhana tells Meethi not to say like that. Kamla says in her heart that Suhana is just like her Kalpana.

Sanjay asks Aman to pick Aryan from the airport. He asks him not to tell him anything about Suhana. Dheraj tells him not to be late. Aman says in his heart that he is not going to pick him and he will come by himself.

Suhana says people in Kamla's chowl were so nice and tells her to thanks them on her behalf, Kamla says she will. Kamla shows Suhana a photo album that contains the photographs of hers. Suahan tells Kamla to let her look at it. Kamla says she is busy. Suhana then says she will see it later. Then Kamla decides to go through it. Dheraj asks Suhana's father why is he so worried? He says what will Aryan do when he find out about Suhana’s condition.

Dheraj says he asked him to tell Suhana about Aryan and their engagement. Sanjay says he is going to tell her every thing. Meanwhile, Suhana is looking at the photographs and asks why have she worn such small clothes. Suddenly they see the engagement photographs. Kamla says she is engaged and congratulate her. Suhana later realizes that she has already been engaged and says her father didn’t tell her anything.

Aryan comes with the driver from the airport. He stops on the way and helps is running the queues of cars. Suhana says she is engaged and decides to ask her father why he didn’t tell her. Suhana who finds out about her engagement speaks to her father about this engagement and asks why he concealed this from her but her father manages to calm her down saying when a daughters grow up then they have to get married and also convinces her to accept this engagement as this engagement was done by her own choice.

Aryan is a really nice and fine guy. He is his friend’s son and she know him since childhood. He asks if she have some moan? She says no but she is just shocked. He says he was worried how she will react to this and he is happy that she have to complain on it. He asks if he can go or is she more angry with him? Suhana smiles and he leaves with Dheraj.

Kamla asks Suhana what's wrong? She says her family is suffering for her, her father has chosen him and he must be good. Kamla says good children always do what their parents say and asks Suhana to have some rest now. Suhana asks Kamla to sit with her and that she is not used to sleeping alone. Suhana sleeps while Kamla runs her fingers through her hair. She leaves when Suhana sleep off.

Meanwhile at the chowl, Pakiya wonders why his mother is not back from the temple? He goes out in the balcony to look. Manda comes there and asks him if he is looking for Kamla? She says Kamla must have gone for some work. Pakiya asks what is she saying? Manda says she is not lying and she has got work at some house and has become a maid again. Pakiya tells her to shut up. Manda tells him about Kamla working for Suhana, the same girl who came here and fainted and that her father offered Kamla the work and she agreed. Pakiya refuse to believe her and says his mother has gone to the temple. Manda says she has gone to her work as he don’t do anything. Vitthal comes there and Manda is quite.

Suhana again sees the same dream. Kamla comes there and sits next to her. She hugs Kamla saying she saw a bad dream. She just got to know about her engagement and maybe that’s why she is seeing all this. Kamla says maybe that’s the reason and inform her that she have made a dish for her. She says this is so tasty and the taste would have enhanced if they had a tomato sauce with it. Kamla says she will make it next time.

Kamla tells Sanjay that she is done and she have to leave. He asks if she can come back? She adds that Aryan is coming to meet Suhana. Kamla agrees to come.

The father and son duo who refuse to believe Manda begin to worry. Vitthal then asks Pakiya if Manda was right? He adds that there is something Kamla is concealing and Manda must have heard something and only God knows. Later Kamla herself comes there and clears their doubt and tells Vitthal that he is right that she concealed from him. Kamla says there is no sugar, no pulse and nothing in the kitchen. She can’t see them both sleeping hungry. He left the job and Pakiya’s mobile shop can’t fuel the house so she have to do the job and agrees to be working for the Diwan's family's daughter.

Vitthal says she is repeating all that again. Pakiya asks her mother to stop working and promises to start working himself and fuel the house. He have gone for two interviews and he is hopeful. He asks his mother to promise him if he get the job, she will leave her work. Kamla smiles and says there is nothing better than this for a mother. She asks Vitthal not to be gloomy that they all need each other. She then decides to make tea for Vitthal. He holds Kamla’s hand and offers to make the tea. He then says there is no sugar and tea. Kamla takes out some money from the temple and gives it to Vitthal that they have to run the house in this.

Later Kamla goes to the market place to get the tea and sugar and there a thief tries to steal her purse. She is not letting him flee with her purse. He shows her the knife and threaten to stab her. Kamla says she is not afraid of him. He stab her and runs away but just then Aryan appears and runs after him helps her catch the thief and gets Kamla’s purse. Kamla thanks him. He asks the rest of the people around what they are staring at? He adds that they are fighting and they were just standing and looking. Kamla says everyone is so tensed in their lives that they don’t get time for others. He asks Kamal to sit in his car and says meeting a brave lady like her made his day. Kamla asks about his name? He replies that his name is Aryan. He asks her to come with me him and should go to a doctor. Kamla says she will go by herself and that she feel like she have seen him somewhere.

Sanjay asks Suhana how are the preparations? She says she just got a call from chandi who told her that she is her best friend. She think she should go to her. Suhana goes to a near by restaurant. Aryan sees her alone in the café. She asks her friend where she is? She says she will be late. Suhana checks her make up in the phone. Aryan comes and says they look good together. Suhana asks what is he saying. He gives her the coffee. Suhana state that she is not the type of girl she think she is and threaten to call the police if he follow her now.

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