Update: Wednesday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 258-260)

Kalpana goes out and rings the bell. Then they go in. Kalpana starts doing the decorations. Pakhi asks Kamla why is she cleaning the plates with her dirty hands. Kamla reminds her that it's the same hands that brought her up. Pakhi tell her to please tie her hair to Kalpana and begs her not to mind that she had to bring the food herself. Kamla informs her that they had to but Ragahv said he will sent the car.

Pakhi says she wonder why Ragahv won’t stop helping the lower class people. The happy birthday Raghav’s note on the gate is not at the right position. Kalpana goes and starts to adjusts one of the decoration piece by climbing on a stool.

Pakhi says in her heart that she have to kick them out before Raghav comes, just then Pakhi tries to hurt Kalpana and squeezes a wire that will makes Kalpana fall on the ground. Just when Kalpana is about to fall down but Raghav catches her and asks Pakhi to bring the first aid box. He later even takes care of her by applying the ointment on her foot. Seeing this Pakhi feels jealous.

He asks Kalpana if she is better now? She smiles and says yes. Ragahv tells her that she is a guest in his party and she don’t have to work. Pakhi lie that she asked her not to but Kalpana never listens and asks if she is okay? Kalpana looks at Raghav and says she is okay. Gauri tells Ragahv to go and get ready as his guests must be coming.

Pakhi then tells Kalpana that she lost the fight and she have already won. She is Raghav’s wife and that is why last night that she has had physical relationship with Raghav and that it's a relationship that happens between a wife and a husband. Kalpana replies that she have complete trust in Raghav but Pakhi gets shocked when Kalpana does not believe her at all.

Gauri comes there and tells Kalpana to keep her focus on the food and to stay away from her son. She also warns her not to do the mistake of telling her son the truth. Kalpana leaves. Gauri tells Pakhi to send the mother and daughter along with their bill as soon as the party ends. Pakhi later says she will ruin their food that they won’t even ask for the bill.

While Kamla is working in the kitchen. She pray to God to please save the name of her café. Kamla goes out. Pakhi who makes plan to ruin Kamla's food that she has prepared for the party in order to insult them comes there and mixes some salt in the sweet and says when Raghav’s guest eat it, he will figure out that his decision of ordering food from Kalpana’s café was completely wrong.

Meanwhile, Kamla too has her plans to bring the truth out and while she and Kalpana are busy serving the food, Pakhi comes there. The moment Kamla spots her, she starts talking to her daughter that Gauri is playing with Pakhi and that Gauri wants her to be Raghav's wife. Gauri also told her that she is doing this as Pakhi is the Kapoor's daughter. She will seek her revenge through Pakhi and they have to make sure that Gauri’s truth doesn’t expose in front of Ragahv. Hearing this, Pakhi goes upstairs in anger. Kamla notices this and says they have to show Raghav the reality. Raghav must be ready and they have to send him to Gauri’s room.

A furious Pakhi goes to Gauri's room and says she want Kalpana to be Raghav’s wife. Gauri is confused and asks what the hell is she saying? Pakhi asks her why don’t she force Raghav to accept her and that she is with Kamla maa. On the other hand, Kamla who want Raghav to know Gauri and Pakhi reality takes Raghav up. Gauri says why will she do that and they have a different plan.

Kamla takes Raghav up. Gauri says why will she do that? They have a different plan. Pakhi changes her tone and thank God Raghav is celebrating her birthday, she is grateful to her for helping her. Ragahv asks Kamla what is she saying Kamla? Kamla says she was asking if she can used the room to place the stuff? Raghav says it's her house and she can do whatever she want. Kamla's plan to bring out the truth about Pakhi and Gauri in front of Raghav does not go as per her expectations but she does not give up hope.

Raghav goes down to Kalpana that he wants to tell her something. Kalpana asks Raghav what is it? Raghav says actually he but before he could tell her anything, the door bell rings and he leaves the conversation in the middle.

Pakiya tells Vitthal that they will wind up the café and watch the match. Vitthal says Nettu doesn’t let them watch the TV. Pakiya informs his father that Nettu has gone to the party with Manda. Vitthal says they will spoil Kamla’s work because they are not interested in the café and they just want a chances to humiliate Kamla. Pakiya says first he didn’t want them to take the order and now he is worried about the party. Vitthal replies his son that he is just worried about the reputation of Kamla and Kalpana. He then tell his son that he ( Pakiya ) should not have let them go.

Later, Manda and Neetu too arrive for the party and meet Kamla there. Manda is impress getting to the party and says the decoration is such a good one. Nettu tells her to stop behaving like a chow walu.

Kamla asks Kalpana why Raghav looks so worried? Kalpana says she don’t know and that he has been saying he wants to tell her something but he doesn’t speak when she ask him what the matter is? Kamla tells her daughter to ask him and he will feel better. Nettu says hi to Poki. Pakhi asks who invited her there? She tell Nettu to go from here right now. Nettu replies her not to talk like that as people will say that she have forgotten her parents after getting money.

She gave birth to her and asks if she will kick her out of her own house. Pakhi is quite. Nettu goes in and says for a little time she will enjoy in her house. Pakhi takes her guests to Ragahv and introduces him saying he is her husband to make Kalpana jealous. Raghav is quite and disturbed though. Kamla encourage her daughter never to give up, Pakhi can’t change the reality by doing all this but Raghav is all hers and will always be.

Nettu goes to mummy ji. Mummy ji says who asked her to be here? She tell Nettu to get out and asks Kamla to ask her to leave. Kamla says she called her as there is so much work to do, Kamla then tells Mummy ji to pardon her as Nettu has already suffered a lot. Mummy ji refuses to forgive Nettu and leaves.

Later, Kamla goes to the kitchen to warm the food. She sees some spices on the counter. She sees that the salt and spices’ jar is empty. She tastes the food and gets shocked when she finds out that somebody has added lot of salt and spices in her cooked food and she immediately suspects Pakhi to be behind this and wonders what she can do now. Kamla sees the cake in refrigerator and thank God Pakhi didn’t see it, as Kalpana has made it with so much love.

Kamla stares at Pakhi in anger. Pakhi proudly tells her friends the cuisine is so special today and it has come from Kamla maa and Kalpana’s cake. She will enjoy the food. Kamla goes to Kalpana but Raghav comes there and tells Kalpana that he wants to talk to her. While he is taking Kalpana on a side, Sammy comes there and wishes his best friend Happy birthday and that he have a small surprise for him. The lights turn off as the dance starts and everyone is enjoying it. Raghav holds Kalpana’s hand and insists he wants to tell her something.

Pakhi comes in between them holding Raghav’s hand and takes him for the dance. She is more like dancing alone while Raghav is standing alone. Raghav then tells Pakhi to excuse him and leaves. Pakhi does not want Raghav to stay with Kalpana and she immediately announce that it's time to cut the cake. Manda brings the cake, Pakhi asks where did the cake come from? Manda informs her that Kalpana has made the special cake for Raghav with all her love.

Raghav comes forward and cuts the cake. He gives the first bite to Gauri and then looks for Kalpana. Pakhi instantly holds his hand and wish him happy birthday. She eats a bite but during the time of cutting the cake, Pakhi and Kalpana give him gifts on his birthday. Pakhi gives him an expensive watch. Sammy compliment her gift that it's a great watch. Kalpana too comes forward and wishes him happy birthday and gives him the present. Raghav open it and see that Kalpana presents him the symbol of love, a miniature Taj Mahal. Raghav tells her that it's beautiful just like her and that he love it. Kalpana smile while Pakhi feels jealous when Raghav gets impressed with Kalpana's gift and begins to ruin the cake prepared by Kalpana and gives it to the servant to distribute it among the waiters. They should get the cake too.

Kalpana recalls Pakhi’s challenge and when she told her about her physical night with Raghav. Raghav comes there, Kalpana wipes her tears. Raghav holds her hand and takes her to his room in order to speaks to her in private. Kalpana asks him what the matter is? Raghav says he wants to tell her something. Kalpana replies him that she is his and he can share anything with her. Raghav says he is her culprit and that he have made a big mistake that she won’t be able to pardon him. Kalpana begin to worried and plead with him to tell her what it is? He reveals to her about what had happened between him and Pakhi last night. Kalpana asks what's with him and Pakhi and what happened between both of them. Raghav nods. Kalpana is shocked.

Pakhi meanwhile, tries to taunt Kamla by giving her the cake she had bought for Raghav. Kamla tells her there is a difference between the bought cake and the cake made with love. Pakhi agrees and tell her to help her with something by distributing the cake among the people. Kamla accept it that Kamla maid is at her home now and her home will be better.

Kalpana recalls Pakhi’s words. Raghav calls it a mistake and asks her to pardon him that he don’t know how all this happened. He was not conscious but Kalpana is in tears and gets furious with him that his one mistake gave Pakhi right to be his wife and he gave her right to Pakhi and that he have betrayed her. Raghav tried to calm her that he have always considered her his wife and he don’t know how all this happened. He explain to her that he just went out and Pakhi gave him a drink and he don’t know what happened later. He begs her to forgive him. Kalpana clearly tell him that she will never forgive him for this mistake. Ragahv says he can’t believe he did this. He have nothing for Pakhi in his heart and plead with her to trust him. Kalpana leaves.

On the other hand, Nettu tells Manda that it's already too late and when will they serve the food. Manda replies her not to let the name of their chowl down. Kalpana comes downstairs. Kamla tells her that Pakhi has excessed salt and spices in all the food to bring down the name of their café. Kalpana is dazed. Kamla says she can’t believe that she nurtured her. Meanwhile, Pakhi announces to her guests that is time to go and get the dinner. She serves them the biryani and says they will love it. Pakhi asks the guests how is it? She says it's really tasty. Pakhi is shocked, Kamla smiles and says she must be thinking how all this happened? When she used to extend her hand in childhood, she knew what she wanted.

She knew that she have done something to the food and she somehow fixed it. Kamla adds that she ( Pakhi ) learned to ruin things but not to fix them. There is still love in her heart for her and advice her to leave the wrong path and that if she ruin her life and relations, she will never be able to fix them for her. Pakhi leaves. Kalpana gets a call from Vitthal. He asks if everything is okay there? Kalpana assures her father that everything is fine and that everyone is enjoying the food of their café. He tells her he was worried as Manda and Nettu are there and they will ruin something. He further tell her to let him know if she get late then he will pick her. Kalpana says okay.

Kalpana looks at Pakhi and she later starts to suspect that it is another of Pakhi's plots to trap Raghav and says she will expose so many truths tonight. Kalpana later messages Pakhi through Gauri's phone and asks her to meet her. Ragahv looks at Kalpana and asks himself if Kalpana will forgive him or not? He is not even able to go in front of her. Pakhi gets a text from Gauri that she wants to talk about Ragahv. Pakhi goes up. Someone switches the board off and it's dark everywhere.

Pakhi goes up and asks what's wrong now? She keep doing something that ruins their plans. Pakhi assumes that she is speaking to Gauri and ends up revealing the entire truth about the previous night to Kalpana that she told Kalpana about hers and Ragahv’s physical relationship so she can go away from Ragahv and that they have to lie sometimes. She adds that she ( Gauri ) shouldn’t get involved in all this otherwise Ragahv will know the truth like Kamla maa and Kalpana. Suddenly the lights is turn on and it's reveal that it's Kalpana instead of Gauri.

Kalpana says she was shocked to know that her heart is so dark and that Pakhi never talked about the personal stuff like this before so she planned on knowing the truth and tell her how she got the chance when Gauri aunty left her phone in the party then she turned off the main switch and the truth is in front of her. 

Pakhi says she could have asked her and she would have told her. She can tell her right now how Raghav and her celebrated last night with wine. Then she took him to the room and all that happened and asks what happened between wife and husband. She further asks Kalpana if it's hurting her? She love Raghav and can do anything for him. Kalpana says this is not love and when she love someone, she can’t see them in pain. Ragahv is so hurt with this lie of hers and she will tell him everything. 

Pakhi asks her if she think Raghav will trust her? She reminds Kalpana that she tried all this with her mother but Ragahv didn’t trust her and that she will deny everything she say and not to forget that Gauri aunty will be with her. Kalpana tells Pakhi she know that Raghav will not trust her but when he listen to her voice then he will trust her for sure. She shows her the phone in which she records the entire conversation between her and Pakhi and decides to give it to Raghav. Kalpana then tell Pakhi to just sit and watch how she expose the truth as she have recorded all that she said.

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