Update: Wednesday On King Of Hearts (Episode 511-512)

Aanya tells Siddharth to have something and not to think about Roshni. Aanya further tells Siddharth that Roshni has moved on in her life and is giving attention to Neil. She says Roshni didn’t bother to speak to him before taking a decision of marrying Neil. She asks him to give a chance and move on too.

Siddharth gets angry and tells Aanya that it is his call to move on or not. It is Roshni’s wish to move on and asks when he is not interfering in her decision then why she? He apologizes to her and asks her to focus on how to convince her mother. He tells her not to think or say anything wrong about Roshni, and leaves. Meanwhile, Neil sees a couple and gets reminded about their wedding night and Roshni asking him for time. At the same time, Roshni messages him and asks him as to where he is. Neil exclaims that he is just over thinking and he shouldn't try to read Roshni's mind. He messages Roshni that he is coming home and buys flowers for Roshni on the way.

Simran comes to Naina’s house and tells that she is missing Anya and Siddharth. She shows the necklace to Anya and Naina and asks her to call Siddharth so that he will make her wear it. Naina asks Ragini to see it. Ragini says it is good. Siddharth comes. Simran asks Siddharth to make Anya wear it and asks him not to make any excuse. Siddharth says he is getting late and have to leave. Simran asks Siddharth not to show attitude and make Anya wear it. She asks Ragini to give the necklace to Siddharth. Siddharth and Roshni look embarrassed. Roshni gives the necklace to him. Siddharth makes Anya wear it hesitantly. Mithul looks at their reactions. Anya smiles. Siddharth leaves. Anya asks how is it? Simran says it is good. Roshni thinks Siddharth is moving on, but she is stuck on the same place. She says she will try to move on for his and Anya’s happiness. Roshni thinks she will sleep before Neil comes home. Neil comes home calling Ragini. Roshni pretends to sleep and covers herself with blanket. Neil sits on the bed and is about to touch her, but sees Roshni closing her eyes and thinks she is feigning to be sleeping. He gets sad and goes out of room.

Naina hears a sound and comes out of her room. She sees Neil drinking and wonders what happened to him again. She recalls Neil’s condition when his girl friend ditched him. A flashback is shown, Neil breaks the things and started drinking wine. Flashback ends. Naina says her son can’t become like old Neil, nobody should know this, she won’t let this happen and will do something. The next morning, Roshni helps Neil wear suit and asks him to talk to her. Neil says he is going to office and pushes her slightly. Roshni looks at her hand. Naina calls Roshni and says Neil brought this saree and flowers for her. Roshni says she slept yesterday night. Naina says it is not good if husband and wife sleeps in different rooms a day after marriage. She asks her to understand the matter of Neil, and asks her to take care of him. She says she is not her mother in-law but her mother and asks her to share her heart feelings.

Siddharth asks Anya to talk to Naina sooner and faster. Anya says she will talk after the party. Siddharth says he want to go from here as soon as possible and asks her to convince Naina. Siddharth sees Roshni’s hand wounded and asks her what happened? Roshni says nothing and leaves. While Roshni is wearing clothes, and setting her dupatta. Mithul sees her and asks Siddharth to go as Ragini is calling. Siddharth goes to her room. Roshni thinks Neil has come and asks Siddharth to help her attach the dupatta. Roshni turns and sees him. Siddharth asks about her injury. Roshni says this is her room and begs him to just go. Siddharth leaves. Roshni recalls getting the injury. She thinks what to tell Siddharth that his memories are wall between Neil and her.

Ranjeeth tells his mother's Mithul that if the Party is a success then he will not help her next time. Mithul asks him to wait and watch as she organizes blind fold dance performance in the party and all couples gets blind folded. Simran welcomes everyone to the party and tells about an exciting game, where all the couples will be blind folded, and the woman will choose her partner. She says it will be fun and begins the game. First a couple plays a game, next is Roshni turns to comes. Naina asks her to go. Roshni is blind folded and touches the men to identify Neil. She goes past Neil and choose Siddharth instead. Naina is shocked. Simran is angry. Everyone claps for them. Naina asks them to come. Simran says next turn is Anya. Anya too mistaken Neil to be Siddharth. Simran says music please. Siddharth-Roshni are paired together, Anya-Neil and other couple gets to dance on the dance floor and dance on the song Pyaar Ki Ek Kahani Suno. Mithul smirks. While Neil and Aanya are paired together, Neil realizes it to be Aanya and stops dancing which result them loses in the competition. Neil takes out his blind fold and sees Siddharth-Roshni dancing together and gets irked seeing them together and leaves. Siddharth and Roshni continue to performs a sensuous dance performance and both forgets everything while dancing as they dance passionately and win in the competition. They remove their blind fold and see each other. They get embarrassed. Anya seems to be upset too.

Neil drinks wine in the house bar and thinks of Roshni’s words that she is not ready for consummation. Siddharth and Roshni are sad. While the reception party of Roshni and Neil are still on, Ranjeeth comes to Roshni and apparently misbehave with Roshni, once again asking her to also dance with him. Roshni tried to stop Ranjeeth but he holds her hand tightly and asks her to come on. Siddharth comes there to rescue her and is furious with him by hardly keeping his hand on his face. He asks how dare he to touch her? Mithul comes to her son’s rescue, but Siddharth continues to beat Ranjeeth. Mithul begs someone to save her son from Siddharth. Neil comes there. Siddharth raises his hand on him without seeing his face and then realizes and stops. He says Ranjeeth was misbehaving with Ragini. Neil slaps Ranjeeth and says Siddharth did right. In a rage, Mithul asks why is he not beating Siddharth as he as well danced with Ragini. She have seen for the first time that more than a husband, outsider is in pain. Neil, Ragini and Siddharth are shocked. Neil thinks about Mithul’s words and gets angry. Anya sees Siddharth’s hand injured and offers to bandage his wound. He asks her not to do drama and is leaving. Roshni holds his hand and takes him to his room. She starts bandaging his hand. Siddharth apologizes to her and says they are going from here, far away from this city and country and adds that she have bear so much, but anymore. Roshni’s tears falls on his hand. Naina calls Ragini and she leaves.

Simran comes to Anya and asks about Siddharth and her. Anya says everything is fine. Simran says she is Siddharth’s mother and knows everything. Anya says they are acting to be in marriage. Simran says okay, that she will call off this marriage as this baby is not Siddharth’s and she don’t love him. Anya stops her and says she love Siddharth. Simran smirks.

Anya tells Simran that she loves Siddharth and hearing this, Simran says she know and smiles. She decides to help Aanya and asks if she need her help? Anya accepts Simran's help. Simran hugs her and smirks. Anya feels happiness. Simran says she is her mum too, just as she is Siddharth’s mum. Anya thanks her and calls her Mum and the duo begin their plans. Meanwhile, Roshni thinks what she will answer to Neil. She is thinking about Siddharth as to how he beat Ranjeeth up. On the other hand, Siddharth looks at his injured hand. Roshni thinks of something and wonder why she is thinking like this. Mere Rubaru song plays in the background. Siddharth too thinks about Roshni but claims that it is late and nothing can be sorted out as he thinks everything is ended, they will leave from here. Anya comes to Siddharth and asks about his injured hand. Siddharth asks her to try and convince her mum that they are leaving from here in just 4 days.

Neil, in a drunken state, meets Roshni in her room telling her to come, holding her. He makes her sit on bed and says she is looking so beautiful today. He tries to get intimate with her by kisses her on her cheek surprising her and gets even more closer to her, while apologizing for Ranjeeth’s behavior. Roshni tells him that it is too late. Neil says he need to dance with her but Roshni pushes Neil away and asks him to stop it that they have to go to office in the morning. She adds that he seems to be tired too and should rest. Neil gets up to go from their room, Roshni holds his hand and asks him to stop. Neil pushes her on the bed and says he want to have party and goes.

Mithul and Ranjeeth talk about Siddharth beating him. Mithul swear to take revenge for all the slaps. She tells Naina that Siddharth and Neil have beaten Ranjeeth up. She says Siddharth acts as if Ranjeeth misbehaved with his wife. She says when Ragini can dance with Siddharth, then why can’t she dance with Ranjeeth. Naina asks what nonsense is she saying? Mithul says she don’t want to stay in their house. Naina asks her to stop crying that she will talk to Neil. Mithul says Naina is their support, else she would have leave from here and hugs her. Naina wonders what is happening. Mithul smirks.

Next morning, Siddharth sees Neil sleeping in the hall and wonders what he is upto. He finds wine bottle in his hand and thinks he don’t drink. He wakes Neil up and asks what happened? Neil says he slept late after wrapping the party. Siddharth looks on. Neil comes to his room holding wine bottle. Ragini/ Roshni looks on. Neil keeps the bottle on bed and asks Ragini if something happened last night and did he hurt her? Ragini turns her face. Neil apologizes that he don’t know what had happened to him. He holds his head. Ragini asks him to sleep. Neil asks her to go to office that he will rest today. Ragini accept, and says she will bring coffee for him. Naina comes and asks if everything is fine. Roshni says yes. Naina sees the wine bottle.

Anya informs Simran that she started having feeling for Siddharth, and tells her about Siddharth’s plan to go from there in 3 days. Simran asks her not to worry that she has a plan. Anya looks on hopeful. Siddharth and Roshni are in the office. Roshni thinks if her mother would have been alive, then she would have make everything fine. Siddharth looks at her. Anya comes there and feigns to faint. Siddharth holds her and makes her drink water. Anya says she is fine. Siddharth asks her to come to the hospital for check up. Roshni thinks Siddharth is happy with his marriage and wonders why she is feeling sad.

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