Update: Tuesday On The Vow (Episode 432-434)

Divya goes to the prayer room and tells Lord Shambhunath that she is in love with Amar and is confused. Just then a flower falls on the Holy Text placed. She is about to lift it when she hears a man's voice say, 'I have brought it for you, Vidya.' She then recalls Amar's mother says that the text will offer an answer to all her dilemmas. Divya is taken aback to read a line that says Lord Rama is incomplete without His consort Sita!

Divya is thrilled with the answer and decides to phone Amar to inform him that she loves him! However, she recalls her promise to Bindiya. Rajiv and Mahua notice the happiness and the immediate anguish in Divya. Mahua asks her who she is in love with, so Divya says that she doesn't want to think about the one she can't acquire. Rajiv then asks her not to lose her love. Divya decides to phone Amar and is stunned to hear Amar's father inform her that Amar is getting engaged today! He gives the phone to Amar. Divya congratulates him but he disconnects. On the other hand, Divya tells Samrat that he is nothing more than a very good friend to her but he still proposes marriage to her and begs her to give him one chance. Divya accepts. Amar's mother cleans the cupboard and finds Divya's dress. Bindiya decides to keep it in Divya's memory but a furious Amar warns her not to keep any memories of the one who cheated them! A guilty Bindiya says to herself that only she knows the reason behind Divya's action. Meanwhile, Samrat informs Sindoora that Divya has agreed to marry him. Sindoora is taken aback and recalls Guruji's prophecies. She tells Chandra later that Divya will never become the daughter-in-law of the house! On the other hand, Amar's pre-nuptial ceremony is on but Chintu notices that Amar is not happy. He tells Amar that it is Divya he loves, not Bindiya, and urges him to call off the marriage because three lives will be ruined! Amar sees someone just then and is shocked.

Amar's mother asks Amar why he's marrying Bindiya if he loves Divya but he convinces her that he is very happy with his decision to marry Bindiya. Meanwhile, Mahua tells Divya that Kamna will be delighted to hear about Samrat marrying her, so Samrat reminds her that Sindoora has suggested to them to be wary of reporters because of the elections, and if Kamna's parents hear about it, then it would be disastrous. In order to get Harish, Hema and Kamna out of the way, Samrat decides to send them on a long trip to Singapore the very next day and gives Harish a credit card too. They are simply delighted but Kamna is upset. Samrat convinces her that all he wants is for her to be happy and see the world. He even promises her dinner at their favourite hotel. Sindoora tells Chandra that they must use Kamna now and end Samrat and Divya's relationship forever! On the other hand, Samrat books a room for them and they have dinner. Sindoora brings Divya to the same hotel saying she has come to check it for the wedding guests. She opens Samrat's room and pretends to be surprised to see him. Divya and Samrat too are surprised to see each other. Sindoora does not find Kamna anywhere. She is annoyed at having lost a golden chance to expose Samrat. She promises Chandra that a big ruckus will take place during Samrat's engagement party next day.

Sindoora asks Hema and Kamna to cancel their trip because she will be holding a party for Samrat where she wants him to confess about his love in front of everyone. Kamna is happy. On the other hand, Divya is against a grand engagement celebration but finally gives in to Sindoora's request. Samrat comes home and is surprised to see a party being held at home. Sindoora announces that her dear Samrat will soon reveal the name of the girl he's in love with. Samrat is shocked while Kamna is happy. Samrat says that it is Divya. Kamna, Hema, Harish and Rajiv are shocked! In Benares, Amar draws the face of the girl he was never able to earlier and is taken aback to see that it is Divya he has sketched! He crushes the paper and throws it but Chintu picks it. Meanwhile, Sindoora tells Samrat that he must get engaged right away. Samrat and Divya exchange rings, and Kamna weeps. Sindoora calls Kamna but she walks away crying. Later, Kamna demands to know from a drunken Samrat why he had cheated her. However, he manages to cook up a story again to her and cautions her against informing anybody! Divya comes to the room just then and Kamna makes an excuse for her tears. In Benares, Amar's father overhears Bindiya's father tell his wife that he has bought Amar! Later, Amar's father demands to know from Amar why Bindiya's dad had said that he has bought him!

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