Update: Tuesday On The Vow (Episode 417-419)

Chandra tells Sindoora that she must be imagining things but she asserts that it was indeed Sagar! Chandra redials the number but Chintu answers it, so she reassures Sindoora. However, Sindoora asks Chandra to acquire full information about the man whom she had spoken to, earlier.

Chandra alerts Sindoora to be cautious about her moves because of the election campaigning but Sindoora asks her to do as told. Meanwhile, Amar teases Divya about Samrat and they get into an argument. Chintu asks Amar why he's getting worked up even if Samrat is Divya's boyfriend. Later at night, Samrat phones Divya and she is happy that he will be coming to fetch her from Benares but Amar gets irritated.

Samrat informs Sindoora that he is going to fetch Divya but Sindoora suggests that he leave for Benares after a few days because she needed his help in business. Samrat agrees. Sindoora asks Chandra to bring Samrat and Kamna closer soon. The next day, Amar apologises to Divya for arguing with her.

Amar then sees her hand and is relieved that she has no engagement ring! Meanwhile, Chandra's men try to trace Divya by showing her photograph to the locals. Just then a beggar who had met Divya earlier identifies her. While walking around Benares, Divya sees Rajendra Pratap's mansion and is drawn towards it.

Amar tells Divya that he feels the mansion must have belonged to him in his previous birth! Amar and Divya enter the mansion, and a feeling of d vu engulfs Amar. He then sees a red shawl near a shelf. He takes it and goes to the balcony. Seeing Divya below, he throws it and it lands over her head. Amar recalls hazy images of a boy doing the same to a girl named Vidya, so Amar calls out to Divya as Vidya. He then wonders who Vidya is.

Divya then mentions to him about many people in Delhi calling her Vidya. On the other hand, Samrat is angry hearing that Divya has gone out with Amar. Just then Kamna comes to the room and asks him why he appears worked up. Samrat's mood changes and he extends a hand of friendship towards her.

Kamna is happy. Later, Hema is about to take Kamna to the jeweller to fetch Kamna's anklets when Sindoora asks Samrat to accompany Kamna because Hema is unwell! Samrat puts the anklet around Kamna's foot and the jeweller tells Samrat that the anklets look lovely on his wife's feet. Kamna blushes. Meanwhile, Amar challenges Divya to eat spicy `golgappa' (A tangy snack), and she accepts it but loses the bet. However, when she returns to Amar's home, she has severe stomach pain.

Amar caresses her head and comforts her. Just then Bindiya comes and is hurt seeing this. On the other hand, Sindoora is happy to see Samrat thrilled about having lured Kamna! Sindoora then asks Chandra to ask her men to phone Amar's house and find out where he stays. Chandra phones someone and is shocked! What has Chandra just heard?

Chandra informs Sindoora that Aniket tried to escape from the farmhouse but has been caught. Aniket vows to bring back Sagar and Vidya the day he manages to get away from captivity. Suddenly, he finds the door open and goes out, little realising that Chandra is waiting to set the dogs loose on him. After terrifying him for a while, Sindoora's men take the dogs away.

Sindoora warns Aniket that she won't hesitate to kill him the next time and to think before trying to escape again! A reporter nearby clicks photographs of what he has just witnessed. Meanwhile, Bindiya tells Amar's mother that she has been warning Amar to stay away from Divya because Divya is only a guest. Later, Amar's father tells his wife that they must ask Divya to stay in a hotel because Amar is getting close to her. Amar overhears.

Amar's mother informs Divya that she must move into a hotel because she must be missing the luxuries that she is used to. Divya then gives Amar and his family gifts. She gets emotional and says that she has received plenty of love in their house and assures Amar's family that she has no problems staying. Amar's mother embraces Divya. Bindiya sees this and is upset. Divya informs them that she must return to Delhi.

Amar asks her not to leave until the 'Maha Pooja' festivities, a day where Lord Shiva grants everyone's wishes. Just then Amar gets a call from Chandra's man who claims to have got a courier for him but Amar refuses to reveal his address. The next day, Chandra shows Sindoora a newspaper article condemning Sindoora's atrocities on a madman. The reporter is summoned by Sindoora but he remains defiant. Sindoora orders her men to cut off the very hand with which he writes! She asserts that nobody can come in her way!

When Amar spits on the road, Divya asks him to promise her never to repeat the act, so Amar obliges. On the other hand, Chandra's men continue to trace Divya. Amar and his family get ready to go out with Divya and Bindiya. Everyone is shocked to see Bindiya dress like a city girl. Amar makes fun of her and she is hurt, so Bindiya goes away.

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