Update: Tuesday On The Vow (Episode 402-404)

Chintu teases Amar about drawing the eyes of his future wife! Chintu assures him that the day he sees his future wife, he would be able to draw her face as well. Amar wonders why he feels that he knows the person. Meanwhile, Divya comes to the kitchen to ask for tea, so she wonders how she knew the way to the kitchen! On the other hand, Amar stands outside Rajendra Pratap Singh's mansion and wonders why he is always drawn towards it.

Amar then sees a red stole fall from the terrace and hazy images of Sagar throwing a stole on Vidya. However, Chintu tells him that nobody lives in the mansion, so no stole could have fallen! In Sindoora's house, the cook is unwell, so Divya offers to give food to Uma. Divya calls Uma as `Ma' and wonders why she addressed her that way. Uma is delighted to see her daughter-in-law back and hugs her. Divya wonders why Uma is so happy to see her if Vidya was cruel! Uma asks her where Sagar is. Just then Sindoora comes to the room and sternly advises Uma to rest.

Sindoora warns Divya not to repeat the mistake. Later, Divya voices her opinions strongly about a man who had three wives. Sindoora thinks about the stark contrast between the docile Vidya and the assertive Divya. On the other hand, Rajiv looks at Sindoora and is certain that Vidya has returned as Divya, and his son too will come back to get justice! In Benares, Amar takes Chintu to a good doctor who advises certain tests for Chintu and says it will cost Rs. 5,000/- Meanwhile, Hema informs Sindoora that Uma, who would hardly eat on her own, ate everything because she must have thought that Vidya has returned! Sindoora is with reporters, so one of them asks Sindoora about Sagar and his wife getting killed many years ago under mysterious circumstances.

Hema informs the reporters about Divya looking just like Vidya but Sindoora manages to silence her. Later, Sindoora slaps Harish and warns him to ask his wife to keep her mouth shut or they'll be thrown out! Sindoora tells Chandra that she has put everything at stake for the post of a mayor and will not let a girl ruin it all! She says that she must send Divya away and stop Samrat from marrying her. Samrat overhears.

Sindoora lies to Samrat that she was talking about someone else and not Divya. He then asks her about his marriage with Divya because it will be profitable. Sindoora tells him that she will do everything as per his wishes. Chandra asks Sindoora what she'll do if Samrat insists on marrying only Divya, so Sindoora replies that she'll distract him. She then tells Chandra that she does not want Divya to be around the next day as it is Sagar and Vidya's death anniversary. In Benares, Amar shows Chintu the chain with the holy bead and tells him that a fisherman had found it inside a fish and given it to his father for him! The chain happens to be the same one that Vidya had given Sagar and it had fallen in the river.

Meanwhile, seeing foreign tourists, Amar disguises himself as a sage and deceives them by teaching them yoga. Chintu takes money from them, and just then the genuine sage appears and Amar escapes! Meanwhile, Samrat collides into Kamna and asks her where she was for so long, so she replies that she had gone for a charitable cause. Hema tells Kamna she is sure that Samrat loves her. Sindoora overhears. Hema asks Kamna to find out about Divya and Samrat's relationship. Kamna and Divya hit it off well. Divya suggests that she'll dress up Kamna in a different way and make her more beautiful! When questioned about Samrat, Divya replies that Samrat and she are only good friends. A happy Kamna leaves and blushes when she collides into Samrat. Sindoora decides to use Kamna to divert Samrat's attention from Divya!

Chandra asks Divya to see the Taj Mahal in Agra and Sindoora suggests that they see it on a Full Moon night, which was on the next day, so Samrat decides to leave with Divya for Agra the same night. In Benares, Amar is happy with the day's earnings and distributes it amongst the little boys. He finds one of them missing and goes back to the sage. He informs the sage that he is a poor boy and used deceit for money. However, the sage says that he can see it in his face that he has wealth in abundance.

Chintu informs the sage that Amar cheated the tourists for money for his treatment. Amar gives the sage the money but he returns it to him. He asks Amar to always remember that he is destined for abundant wealth! Meanwhile, Divya goes to a sleeping Uma and tells her that she is going to see all of India and will return to see her soon. Divya then goes to the prayer room and seeks the blessings of the Gods for a safe and pleasant journey to reach out to her roots. As a bonus, she seeks for her true love also. And lo! A flower falls on her hand! Sindoora says that it implies God has answered her prayers.

Samrat and Divya leave. Chandra phones Samrat and summons him home because of an urgent meeting next morning. However, Divya insists on going to Agra alone and Samrat promises to come to Agar by next evening. Sindoora informs Chandra that it was her plan to send Divya alone and have Samrat focus his attention on Kamna instead. On the other hand, Divya is informed that she has sat in the wrong train as it is going to Benares, not Agra. A sage asks Divya to go to Benares because Lord Shambhunath wills so! A fellow passenger speaks about Benares and rebirth.

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