Update: Tuesday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 408-409)

Everyone gets surprised as Aaliya informs them that Abhi didn't do anything for her till now and even snatched Purabh from her. She blame Abhi for insulting her and treating Bulbul as his own sister getting her married to Purabh. She also informs them that Abhi slapped her when she tried to marry forcefully but as destiny had she is no more now. She later informs them that she has tried to convince herself asking to wait for the right time. Daasi also tries to tell Aaliya that Pragya can behave like that but she being Abhi’s sister can't behave like this and to be in manners with her brother.

Daadi pointed her out that because of her Abhi have given a chance to her, she justifies that she got only hate in her life at all times tells that Aaliya is in the house because she recommended to Abhi last time to excuse her else she would have been out of the house and it's the time she has to bear this. Aaliya declares that she has the power today and it is time to avenge her brother too and as the boss, she is going to decide who will stay in the house. She passes her first order and tells that Pragya would have to leave the house in 30 minutes and asks Tanu to take responsibility to send Pragya out in 30 minutes.

Pragya went back to her room to pack her stuff out and takes along Fuggy doll and a picture of Abhi. While packing her stuff, she only thinks to sort out the things. She prayed that Abhi will give her a glimpse of love while walking out and only wishes that Abhi tries to stop her before she leaves his home.

Mitali thinks that Pragya was only torturing them little and thinks that Aaliya is a bigger problem than Pragya. Meantime, Akash and Rachna thinks of handling out the problem of how to stop Pragya from leaving and that Aaliya won't listen to anyone, they decided to talk to Purabh about this. Akash calls Purabh up and tells him that things have got worse at Abhi's home and Aaliya has hot all the power in her hands in MM and ask him to come and stop Aaliya as he is the only one who can control her.

Pragya comes down with suitcase and while she was moving out of  hee house with her bag, Aaliya tells her that one work is remaining as one thing is not yet completed. She stopped her and said that will check out her bag as it's the time to check every outsider.  Aaliya asks Tanu to check her suitcase out for any valuables. Tanu pulls out Fuggi doll and taunts Pragya. Pragya warns her to put her down otherwise it would not be good for her. Abhi who was looking away till then, is surprised to see Pragya taking along Fuggi doll.

The second thing Tanu takes out was the the photo of Abhi and tells Pragya there is no need for her to take it with her. She throws the frame in front of Abhi, Abhi is now more surprised and thinks why is she taking his picture and thinks of Pragya's love once again. They both shared detailed moments in the eyes contact and Hamari Adhuri Kahaani song plays in the background. Both Abhi and Pragya recollect the past events starting from their marriage and cry.

Daadi think if Pragya leaves the house now, the whole family, house and Abhi-Pragya relation everything will be spoiled. Meanwhile, Purabh tries to take a shortcut but the road is blocked, so he is delayed and thinks has to take a longer route now.

Pragya packs her suitcase and leaves, when Daadi get heart attack and calls out Pragya and falls down. Everyone is tensed, Pragya stops and comes back, but stops seeing Aaliya in her way. Seeing his Daadi’s situation, Abhi folds his hands and requests Aaliya to allow Pragya in and that he would be her slave to do anything that she will order him later. Aaliya does not heed, but Tanu insists that they should allow Pragya for Daadi’s sake.

Aaliya says she is giving concession and not permission and that Pragya can stay only one day, till next day 10 AM, after which she doesn't want to see her in Mehra's house.

Daadi gets emotional and thanks Abhi for stopping Pragya from leaving the house. Akash suddenly says she don't know what Abhi did to stop her. Daadi asks what did Abhi do? She asks him to let her know. Abhi says let it be and asks his Daadi why did she want to stop her and as to why is she feeling pity for Pragya despite her facing so many troubles because of her. Daadi says when Pragya was leaving, she saw the old Pragya in her and got emotional. Abhi asks her to take rest and sleep and asks Akash and Rachna to take care of his Daadi and leaves from there. Pragya looks at Daadi from outside the house.

On the other hand, Aaliya appreciates herself and feeling proud of herself and says she can do anything now, she was hopeless two days before, but now can do anything. She suddenly feels Abhi has lost his trust in Pragya and says this feeling is awesome and she has become the queen of the world. She decides that after Pragya will leave the house, she will insult Abhi more and more every day. Raj comes to meet Aaliya. Tanu stops him. Aaliya asks her to let him come, and says after all he is also a team member.

Raj comes and asks that he wants to know what was happening downstairs and and ask how how can she do anything without informing him. Aaliya says she don’t want to repeat her words and says she told clearly that she is the owner of everything. Raj reminds her of her words that they are team and says whatever money she got would be distributed among them. Aaliya says she can do perfect stuffs by being herself and she has planned everything and did all the hard work, and asks why would she distribute the money to them. 

Raj get angry and says he should have thought that she can cheat him. Aaliya asks him to go to Daadi’s room and cry. Raj asks her to celebrate for now that he know her weakness, when she will be caught then she will come to him. Aaliya says she was just joking and asks how can she betray him when they both are her team members, suggests they should celebrate.

Purabh comes to Daadi and asks if she is fine? Daasi says Aaliya was kicking Pragya out of the house, but seeing her going Daadi got unwell. She says Abhi pleaded in front of Aaliya and took her permission to let Pragya stay for a day. Rachna feels bad for Abhi. Daasi says even Pragya didn’t insulted Abhi like this, the way Aliyah hurt him. Purabh is worry but he is happy that Pragya is in the house and asks Daasi, if she knows the truth.

Daasi says no. Purabh asks Rachna about Abhi, and thinks to talk to Aaliya to make her realize her mistake. Daadi wonders where will Pragya stay after she leaves the house, and also worries for Abhi. Abhi is heartbroken about the fact that his own sister had backstabbing him for so long, just to take revenge and recalls the insult meted to him by Aaliya and gets teary eyes. Pragya happens to see him crying. Ya Rabba song plays in the background. Abhi looks at her and wipes her tears. He says he don’t want to talk to anyone and asks her to go. Tanu asks Aaliya to get her married to Abhi after kicking Pragya out.

Aaliya is thinking something. Tanu asks her to reply. Aaliya says they haven’t thought about Nikhil’s reaction after knowing that everything is transferred on her name. She says Nikhil will ask her to marry him. Tanu says she don’t want to marry him and asks her to do something. Aaliya asks what if Abhi leaves the house, will she also go with him. Tanu replies why will he do this? Aaliya says Abhi will not tolerate her behavior and will leave the house. Tanu says yes and asks what to do.

Purabh calls Aaliya. Tanu asks her to handle Purabh and leaves. Purabh enters her room. Aaliya says she is happy to see him and glad to see he moved on. Purabh blunt out that he is not at all happy to see her and asks her not to consider him as her friend. Aaliya asks why is he over reacting and tells about her revenge. Purabh asks why is she taking revenge and why is she destroying her good family, and getting everyone against her.

Purabh asks her to stop else everything will be ruined. Aaliya says Abhi had ended relation with her and asks him not to interfere in their matter. Purabh tries to make her understand her mistake but Aaliya says she is not doing wrong. Aaliya thinks she is doing this for both of them and says her life’s biggest mistake is loving him. Tanu comes and says she will lose Purabh. Aaliya says she will plan to get him and asks her to wait and see.

Purabh comes to Pragya and asks about Abhi. Pragya tells him that Abhi is sitting inside his room for a long time. Purabh knocks on the door asking him to open the door. Abhi opens the door and see that Abhi is drinking. Abhi asks about him and asks about Sarla and says her house might have changed. He says everyone has changed in his house, or may be they were also same before and he has changed. He have decided that he don’t have to work for him, seriously as there is no use.

Abhi says now his family is also his and have no family. He would work for whom, and asks him not to come to the house again. He will come and meet him. Purabh says he can understand why a man is stronger than woman as woman can show their pain by crying but man can’t do that. Abhi says they have and can take out their emotions. Purabh says he is strong and asks him to look at him. He says his life breakdown as he lost the love of his life Bulbul. He have all reasons to drink, but he don’t want to drink. Then he asks why is he drinking. Abhi get emotional and says they will handle this painful situation gives him strength and leaves. Abhi cries.

Tanu recollect Aaliya’s words and thinks she has done wrong with Abhi and decides to support Abhi. She again recollects Aaliya's words and thinks if Abhi leaves the house and decides to think first and talk to Abhi later. On the other hand, Abhi is hurt due to Aaliya's behavior and thinks why he is recalling this again and again. He is shattered to know that his sister had back stabbed him and there was no one whom he could trust now. 

Pragya notices Abhi depressed and decides to stay by his side as she thinks she can’t see him like this, and thinks he needs her support. He didn’t know his sister’s truth, but she know her truth. She have to take care of him and help him come out of depression. Pragya asks him not to cry. Abhi asks her to leave him alone. Pragya says she is going tomorrow and asks him to talk or fight with her for the last time, as he will miss her. She sits beside him and says she know what he is feeling now.

Abhi replies that she can’t feel what he is going through and she don't her pain. Pragya says she understand his pain and also have solution for it. She hugs him. Abhi breaks the hug and says she can’t understand his pain. He have brought Aaliyah up and brought everything before she would ask for it. He would have name his property on her name if she had asked him, but she have taken revenge from him and showed him that she is rich today.

Pragya tries talking to him. Abhi says he loved Pragya, but she have snatched his everything and she is now showing sympathy as she have become poor. Pragya says he have also betrayed him and taken her signatures. Abhi says he has taken her signatures to get his property. Pragya says okay and asks him to forgive her. Abhi refuses and says his heart doesn’t allow him to believe on anyone. He blames his destiny. Pragya hugs him and asks him not to curse his destiny. She asks him to give her a chance.

Abhi says so that she can betray him again and asks her to leave him alone, as he can’t bear any more betrayal. Pragya cries and says she won’t leave him and promises to always stay with him after they both share an intensely emotional moment. She asks him to believe her if he have loved her once. She hugs him and cries. Tu Meri Jaan Hai song plays in the background. She wipes his tears and asks him to close his eyes, and think that he is in other world.

The morning, Abhi wakes up and confused if his memories from the previous night was a dream or reality and thinks if Pragya left. He thinks he doesn’t have anything then why does she said that she will not leave him. Pragya comes to his room. Abhi tries talking to her. Pragya says she have supported him as he was sad. Abhi is shocked when Pragya comes around back in her mogambo mode and asks why she give him false hope and asks why she want to stay with him, as there is nothing left with him.

Pragya says he will not understand. Abhi says he have understood, and that he is a Rock star and will get money if he do 2-3 concerts. Pragya says he have become clever as he is staying with her. She adds that he would have thrown her out of house after taking her signatures. Abhi asks who told her this? Pragya says she will not leave this house if he asks her. Abhi worries about Aaliya. Pragya asks if he want her to stay in the house, then what about Aaliya, even God can’t send her out.

Abhi thinks why she is talking so confidently. Pragya challenges him and asks him not to call her mogambo if she wins the challenge. Abhi asks her to take her bag and says if she wins, then he will make her wear her specs, and if she lose then she have to leave with her bag. Pragya says this will not happen. Saiyyara Re song plays in the background. Abhi wonders what she is going to do.

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