Update: Tuesday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 438-439)

Abhi is watching TV and laughs. Pragya asks him to lower the volume. Abhi thinks he should not mess with Pragya until he gets POA papers. Pragya gives him tablet and asks him to take it before he sleep. Abhi thanks her. Pragya thanks him for supporting her and protecting her from getting insulted.

Abhi asks her not to thank him, and asks her to do him a favor. He asks her to give him all the drawer keys. Pragya asks him not to worry that she will not go anywhere. Pragya asks him to see the arrangements. Abhi says he will not look in the arrangements and he will only eat the medicine. Abhi thinks he wants to keep Pragya busy and says to lets see what he do tomorrow.

Daadi asks Ronnie to bring fresh flowers. Mitali comes there. Daadi asks her if she has done her work. Mitali says she forgot. Daadi asks Pammi if she send the cards to the guests. Pammi says she will do it now. Daadi says it seems she have to do all the work. Pragya is sitting on sofa and pretends to be reading magazine. Abhi thinks how to keep her busy so that he can do his work.

Abhi comes to Daasi and tells her that Pragya is reading magazine and making Daadi do all the work. He asks her to make Pragya do some work. Daasi comes to Pragya and asks if she is not having any shame that today is her sister’s reception. Pragya says she have done her work and gave them money. Daasi stops everyone and says no one will work until Pragya works. Pragya says she thought to gift her freedom, but she think she don’t want that. She asks Mitali to do the decoration again. Tanu tells Aaliya that Pragya might also give them work to do. Aaliya says she will not go and thinks he has to bring Vijay inside.

Abhi gets few men to get the almirah that have the documents signed by Pragya, opened. He tells the workers to take out the almari fast before Pragya comes inside else he will cut their money. He comes back to the room. Meanwhile, Pragya listens to some sounds and asks from where this voice is coming and comes inside. She gets worried to see the workers removing the cupboard and understand the reason why the men are disposing the cupboard and asks what they are doing?

Abhi takes her to the room and informs her that he is throwing the old cupboard to make way to new one and he is willing to place the new cupboard in the same place . He says he is not talking about her as her expiry date is not near. Pragya realizes that Abhi is doing all this for the property documents and asks if he asked someone before buying new furniture. She asks him not to touch her cupboard and state that there is something important inside. Abhi says he has many important things inside, and asks her not to argue else he will make her expiry nearer. The workers tell that the work is done.

Abhi finally manages to lay his hands on the documents with the help of the carpenter and is extremely happy as he can teach Pragya a lesson. Pragya thinks what to do as he got the papers. Abhi kisses on the papers. She says he got Alladin’s lamp and he have to do something before he makes use of it. Abhi comes back to the room and thins to hide the papers before Pragya returns. He hides the papers in the lamp and then hides it inside the bed cover. Pragya peeps in the room and notices this. Abhi then makes a small hole inside the bed and hides the papers. He thinks Pragya can’t find the papers.

Pragya decides to steal the papers back immediately. Aaliya does her make up and thinks she is looking perfect. Tanu asks if she is getting ready for their reception. Aaliya says yes that she is not having any problem. Tanu says she can help her and enquiries with her of her plan that she has against Bulbul. Aaliya refuses to divulge with her plan and says she will do it alone. Tanu asks how will she fight with them all alone. Aaliya asks her to go that she prefers to be left alone.

Purabh makes Bulbul wear the pearls necklace. Aaliya later comes to their room with a wedding gift. She gives a gift to them from her side that she pray to God for Bulbul happiness. Bulbul takes the gift. Aaliya thanks them and smirks before leaving.

Abhi sees Pragya doing her make up and asks if she will scare the kids. Pragya says if he think himself as a child. Abhi says he is talking about the kids. He asks her to go from there till he comes back. Pragya thinks to steal the papers and tries removing the tape sealing the bed. Abhi comes just then and asks what she is doing? Pragya says she is searching for her earring. Abhi sits on the bed. Pragya asks what is he hiding?

Abhi says when he can’t hide his feelings then what else can he hide? Pragya asks him to go and change his suit. Abhi says he will wear other suit in her farewell. He then tells that he will not make her leave if he gets back everything. He says who will clean the room, get torture by himself etc. Pragya says she will see him after the reception. Abhi says he is going downstairs and asks her to come. Pragya then closes the door, gets the papers back from bed. She thinks to hide the papers. She replaces the papers and seals the bed.

Abhi and Pragya welcome the guest. Abhi says he has to think of a new name for her soon and that her villian girl will be over soon, and says he hit the jackpot and that her intelligence will be gone soon. Pragya says she will tell everything to Tanu. Abhi says this idea is of Tanu. Pragya says she is PhD in fooling people. Aaliya thinks how to make them move from the place so that she can allow Vijay to come inside. Abhi welcomes Sarla and Jhanki. Tanu asks Aaliya why is she standing alone.

Aaliya says she was thinking about her as Abhi is spending time with Pragya. Tanu says she will go to Abhi now and will prove that he loves her. She asks Abhi to come as she needs to talk. Pragya asks Abhi not to go. Abhi says his soon to be wife is calling him, and asks who she is? Pragya gets sad and tensed and fears of losing Abhi. Aaliya thinks if Pragya goes from there, then she will call and asks Vijay to come. Survi comes and talks to Pragya. Pragya asks Ronnie and Payal not to let anyone enter the party without checking the invitation.

Just then Vijay comes indisguise of a sardar and says he is from catering department. Ronnie calls Pragya and lets Vijay inside. Survi talks about Karthik and says she is shifting to other city. Abhi comes and asks pragya to welcome the guests. Pragya signal him to see Survi. Abhi asks her about Karthik. Pragya tells him that survi is leaving the city. Abhi asks Pragya to stop Survi till he comes back. He calls Karthik and asks how he is? Karthik says he is fine. Abhi asks if everything is fine between him and Survi. Abhi says she is here. Karthik thanks him and says he will come there. Pragya makes Survi understand about the real life partner and asks her not to make a sudden decision. Survi says her own partner start walking on the wrong path if circumstances are wrong, and asks who can know better than Pragya. Pragya looks on.

Indu Daasi teases Bulbul and asks her not to get shy so much. Purabh also teases her but she pinches him as he teases her saying that he has not seen her feeling shy. Then Aaliya comes to Bulbul and Purabh and gifts them something and wishes them best for their married life and also asks them to give their child as a return gift. She pretends to act happy for the two of them but at the same time is excited about the plan that is supposed to bring an end to Pragya. Daadi can’t believe it. Meanwhile, Pragya and Abhi's Daadi discuss about the drastic change in Aaliya. Pragya says she told her once Purabh and Bulbul get married, Aaliya will have to accept that her marriage is not possible with Purabh.

While Purabh and Bulbul's reception ceremony goes on, Aaliya who has plans to get Vijay inside the house to execute to kill Pragya wonders where Vijay is. Suddenly he comes from behind. She asks him to finish his work fast. He tells her there are so many people around, but not to be tensed that it will be done.

Aaliya goes to Purabh and Bulbul and tell them enough of their drama. All are confused and shocked. Aaliya says she will have to tell their secret to everyone now. Daadi asks what secret? Aaliya says that they are number one boring couple and it looks like they are in someone else’s reception. But surprises everybody by saying Bulbul and Purabh are boring couple. She gives them punishment of dancing with each other.

Purabh and Bulbul dance romantically on Gerua song. Abhi is immediately lost in thoughts about Pragya and imagines him and Pragya dancing as well. Tanu comes to him and breaks his imagination. She asks whether he took the papers back. He says yes. Tanu gets happy seeing that Abhi has got his money back as they can now get married. She goes. Abhi and Pragya look at each other. Pragya thinks he is so good but then why he’s getting trapped in Tanu’s talks. Then she says it’s not his fault. He believes anyone, but she won’t get trapped. He made her sign on the property papers, but she won’t sign on the divorce papers. She will make sure she frees him from his enemies. Abhi thinks he’s doing all this for her and once he gets everything back, he will put forth a condition to Pragya that if she wants to stay with him, then she has to be fuggi. He then thinks even if his fuggi is back, he will have to marry Tanu. He remains silent.

The dance finishes. All clap for Bulbul and Purabh. Later, Bulbul wonders why there is no effect on Aaliya as she’s behaving so normal and was looking like the happiest person there. She decides not to think about that and heads back to the function. Bulbul was going around thinking happily of her marriage then she later seens Vijay, who is wearing a disguise, speaking to a man about his plan to kill Pragya. Bulbul instantly worried but fails to get hold of these men as they disappeared when she reach there.

Abhi seems ecstatic as he has the documents that will give him back the power and wealth that Pragya currently holds and after the party, he will tell Mogambo he has the property papers being signed by her but in the time being he should do something to irritates her, he decides to celebrate his victory and entertain the guests so he pulled Pragya to the dance floor and when she wanted to protest he pressed her nose and they start to dance very romantically and while they are dancing Tanu fumes seeing them closer, Daddy is very happy and Bulbul thinking she can’t tell her sister what she heard because she looks happy and she is going to be upset.

Bulbul thinks who could want her sister died, she mention each one to see the possibility if she should tell Purabh or not while he’s trying to make her happy and decide not to. Pragya was doing a plate to eat and Abhi took it from her then Vijay too pass by them where the plate of food is and mixes poison in Pragya's plate and sent it to Pragya. Unfortunately, as fate would have it, because of Abhi who tries to irritate Pragya by taking away her plate, which was poisoned. Aaliya's plan fails miserably with this as Pragya won't have poison. Aaliya is dismayed with the failed attempts and disappointed that her own brother made her plan fail and asks Vijay to execute his other plan to kill Pragya and he assures her not to worry that once he aim, he shoots.

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