Update: Tuesday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 282-284)

Aryan tried to get Suhana up. She opens her eyes. Aryan asks if she is okay? She say yes. He asks why was he so tensed? She says she just fainted. He says this happens when people like her come to the temple and tells her they should go.

Suhana sits on the stairs. He asks what’s wrong now? She tells him she feel like she came here with Massi Kamla. He says this is her fear from wedding and assume that she is just restless and asks if she wants to marry him or there is some second thought? Suhana says she lost her memory but her heart is same. Still she don’t have any feelings for him but Aryan says in arrange marriage people fall in love after wedding.

Suhana gets up. Aryan says he don’t want anyone to blame Suhana. Aryan once again fails to inform Suhana that he will not be marrying her. Kamla and Vitthal are in hospital. Mehta tells Dheraj that the police are still looking for Kalpana and he fear that they shouldn’t get any proofs. Vitthal hears the doctor talking about Kalpana with Suhana's uncle, he goes in and asks the doctor about it.

He asks what shouldn’t the police know about her and asks where Kalpana is? She is there hope and his wife is living in that hope that they will find her. He asks the doctor to tell him if he know anything about her. Kamal comes in and asks Vitthal to leave him. Later, Kamla shows Kalpana's photograph to the doctor and says this is Kalpana they are looking for and asks if he have seen her somewhere? Seeing this the doctor gets shocked and he apologizes to her that no such girl came here but maybe she is alive.

Kamla tells Vitthal that this little hope matters to her so much. She takes him out and him if he have drunk again? She tells him that the doctor is a nice man and asks what will he get if he doesn’t tell them. Vitthal says money. Kamla asks if he is mad? Vitthal says he feel like everyone talks about her.

Suhana and Aryan comes out of the car. Aryan takes Suhana to a place to eat momos. Suhana says she don’t like momo’s at all. there they come across a gang of goons who tease Suhana. Suhana asks if they dont have manners? They them asks her to teach them? Aryan tells her to come and not to talk to them. 

Suhana gets angry with Aryan when he refuses to fight for her and tells him someone is teasing his fiancĂ© in front of a lot of people and he is saying all this. He says they are so many and they will beat him. Suhana leaves in anger and and she drives back home.  Aryan says that’s what he wanted. He wants her to go home and tell everyone that he don’t deserve her. After Suhana drives away, Aryan takes off his coat and beats up the goons. 

Kamla come to work. Kavita asks is this the time to come? She thought Suhana will come and save her and she have got her stuck in her magic but she can’t fool her. Kamla tried to explain to her about her daughter but before she could complete her sentence, Kavita tells her to keep her personal problem in her house and to just focus on her work, Kamla assures her that it won’t happen again. Suhana is swapping TV channels but she isn’t liking anything.

Kamla comes in and asks why is she so resented? Suhana informs her that some thugs were teasing her and Aryan tells her to ignore them and eat momos. Kamla says she will talk to them and adds that sometime he have to act wisely and they should ignore people like them and that Aryan was right. Later, Suhana and Kamla find out that it is her birthday the next day through Meethi that comes in and she will inform everyone. Suhana continue her discussion with Kamla and clearly tells Kamla that she didn’t like Aryan’s act at all and she feel like Aryan doesn’t love her.

Kamla again mistakely call her Kalpi and then call her Suhana. Just then, Suhana too address her as mother and suddenly asks if Maasi Kamla is okay? Kamla says in her heart why she felt like she called her mother. Suhana asks if she miss Kalpi a lot? Kamla then tells more about Kalpana to Suhana that Kalpi wanted to achieve a lot and she wanted to give them things they could only dream off. They educated her as much as they could. But Kalpi is lost somewhere and she know she will come back. She has to come for her family.

Suhana begs her to calm down. Suhana finds the story of Kalpana very familiar and tell Kamla that she feel like she know her when she talk about Kalpana. Kamla says she love her that’s why she feel like that. Suhana hugs her. Dheraj over hears their conversation and asks Suhana to take her medicines. He tells her the doctor said that this one is so important for her recovery.

Next day, Kamla tells Vitthal they have faced hard times before but he was her courage back then and begs him to give up drinking. Pakiya comes in, Kamla says it's Suhana’s birthday. Pakiya asks what is she gifting her? Kamla smiles.

Suhana gets a lot of gifts. She asks what was the need of these gifts? Sanjay says she is Suhana Dewan and asks why there is no need of gift? Kamla does her arti. Suhana asks for her gift from her. Kamla gives her gift a rolled paper to Suhana on her birthday and seeing the gift she gets emotional and smiles at Kamla. Kavita tells Kamla it's party today so they have a lot of work. Dheraj asks if she have a lot of work too, Suhana says Kavita talk a lot. Kamla reminds Suhana it's her birthday and she should start a new life today. Suhana sits on the bed and inform her Massi Kamla that she want to start her life from a new note. She looks at the drawing Kamla gave her.

Sanjay welcomes everyone to the party. Kavita asks where Suhana is? He replies that she must be getting ready. As it is Suhana's birthday and Aryan decides to surprise everybody during the party by giving the news about cancelling his marriage with Suhana. He think she agreed to this relationship because of family pressure. Meethi says Suhana sister is coming. Just then he sees Suhana arriving for the party, he stares at her and gets mesmerized by her beauty.

Aryan feels like he goes closer to her and asks for her hand. They dance on the song ‘muskurane’. Suddenly he comes to reality. Suhana comes in and smiles at Aryan. Aryan tells Chandni she look so good today. She replies that she know where his eyes was when he said that. He deny it mistakely address her as Suhana and later says Chandni and that he is coming in a moment and he even gets her a cake. The cake is all set for Suhana.

Aryan lightens the candles. Suhana smiles at him. Sanjay suggests Suhana to cut the cake. Suhana blows the candles and cuts the cake and feeds the first piece of cake to Kamla. Kamla denies but Suhana asks her to eat. She makes everyone else eat after wards. Suhana receives the presents from everyone while Kamla distributes the cake to everyone.

Kamla gets a call from inspector Damli in which she replies that she is in Dewan house right now and she will let him know when she come back. Meethi tells Suhana to dance with her. While Meethi dances, Suhana joins her and everyone is enjoying at the party. Later, the doctor also arrives at the party with flowers. Suddenly the lights turn off. Aryan comes on the floor and dances on the song ‘badtamez dil’. He moves with Sanjay and Chandni. Everyone enjoys his dance. Suhana extends her hand to dance with him but he drags Chandni instead and dances with her. Suhana is disappointed.

Dheraj sees Mehta at the party and welcome him and tells him he have been waiting for him. Mehta warns Suhana's uncle Dheeraj that Suhana should never meet her real parents as this can lead to her memory returning. Aman comes there and asks what's going on? Dheraj tells him to shut up and if he was not there with Suhana he wouldn’t have to handle all this. Sanjay calls Dheraj.

Mehta gives the bouquet to Suhana. Later the doctor gets a shock when he sees Kamla at the party. He informs Kamla that he is their family doctor and asks what she is doing here? Kamla replies that she work here and that actually Vitthal left work when Kalpi was lost. So she have to work. Suhana then informs her Massi Kamla that doctor Mehta saved her life.

Mehta goes to Dheraj in order to passed the information to him and just then, Dheraj gets a call. He goes out to receive it. Meethi tells Suhana she want to eat ice cream. Suhana suggests her to eat the cake. She decline and says she wants to eat ice cream. Aryan too agree to let her eat and she should eat too. He gives her a bowl. Meethi says when Massi Kamla gives her something he kisses her and she should kiss her too. Aryan says why not and kisses her. Meethi then tells him to kiss Suhana sister.

Dhamli comes there and asks Dheraj that he has to get some papers signed from Kamla. Dheraj let him go in. The watch man tells Kamla that some policeman has come to meet her. Kamla signs the paper. Dhamli says to sign where Kamla Yadav is written. Dheraj gets shocked at Yadav. Dhamli says they will find Kalpi soon.

Dheraj asks Mehta to come to his room. The doctor informs Dheeraj that Kamla is Kalpana's mother and that means she is Suhana's real mother. Dheeraj gets shocked learning this. Dheraj again asks if he mean Kalpi and Kalpana are same. Mehta says yes and advice him to do something to fire the lady and that there is no drug better than a mother. He adds that the family lives close to the patient to gains her memory. Dheraj says this shouldn’t happen and Aman will be in a great trouble and decides to separate Suhana and Kamla.

Mehta tells him to fire Kamla as soon as possible. Dheraj says she should not get her memory back and if his brother get to know about Suhana’s death, his son will be in trouble. Aman comes and informs his father that Sanjay is looking for him. Kamal tells Suhana that she is so happy as a new inspector is looking after Kalpi’s case. Sanjay introduces Suhana to someone. Aryan comes there telling him to leave these introduction and he will dance again.

He tells Chandni that he really enjoyed dancing with her and he think she should come on a drive with him. Chandni tried to calm him down and reminding him it's Suhana's’s birthday and he should dance with her and he is drunk. He says why not and asks Suhana if she will dance with her. Suhana hugs her father Sanjay. But Aryan initially gets drunk during the party and misbehaves with Suhana in front of Diwaan. What Diwaan does not understand is that Aryan is doing this on purpose only so that Diwaan gets furious with him and rejects his marriage with Suhana.

Aryan goes on to misbehave with the guests present at the party. Aryan asks a woman aunty if she will you dance with him? Sanjay goes to her to apologize. Aryan then tells Suhana that she is his wife to be and asks if she will you dance with him? He suggests her to drink with him. He then admire a man that he is looking so cool. Everyone is shocked. Suhana father asks what is Aryan doing and that he is drunk.

Aryan then tell another another man that he have a nice moustache and asks if they are real or not. He asks a lady aunt to dance with him and that he can tell her something to reduce weight saying this is so important. He is telling her a trick with which she can reduce 4 kg in a day and advice her to wash off her make up. Aryan then reminds Suhana  that after few days they will be together. He hugs her and says he can do anything for her. He gives her flowers and says this is all for her. Suhana tried to conscious him that everyone is seeing what are he is doing.

Sanjay too tells him to control himself and asks if he don’t know where he is standing and suggests him to go in but he insists to sit here and party. He begs Suhana to dance with him. He holds her hand and takes her to the floor. He starts dancing and falls with her on Sanjay and apologizes to Sanjay. He insists Suhana to dance with him once again. Finally Sanjay Diwaan shouts at him and asks how dare him to say all that to his daughter and that if he was not the son of his pal, he would have kicked him out. He thank God that they have seen his true color and he is the one who wanted her to get married to him. Aryan says of course uncle, he will marry her.

Sanjay tells him to shut up and inform him he is cancels his engagement with Suhana right now. Everyone is dazed. Aryan says in her heart finally. Sanjay says if he can’t stand on his feet then how will he take her responsibility and adds that the guy who can’t respect elders, how can he send his daughter with him. Aryan asks Suhana what is her father saying. Sanjay says it's his Suhana’s birthday asks why is he in front of him. He asks Dheraj to take him out of here. Dheraj takes him out while Sanjay apologizes to their guests on Aryan behalf.

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