Update: Tuesday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 270- 272)

Kamal again looks at her and says in her heart that she feel like she know this stranger and also have some relation with her. Kalpana says they all feel unknown to her but she feels like she known this woman and wants to hug her. As both of them find each other familiar but don't recognize each other, Suhana’s father come in and prays. He asks Suhana if they can go if she is done.

Kamla tells him to wait for a minute and he should never leave the temple empty handed. As the priest is gone, she offer to give him prasad and gives them the prasad. Kamla compliment his daughter beauty. He smiles and tells Suhana that he have brought some stuff to be distributed among the poor people and he want her to distribute it to them. Kamla says looking at his girl make her feel like her Kalpana is alive. Kalpana begs God to give her her memory and she wants to go to her people who loved her.

Meanwhile, Suhana's uncle Dehraj speaks to the doctor and mentions his worry regarding Suhana's memory. He is worried that things can go wrong if Suhana gains back her memory. The doctor gives him a medicine that will slow down her ability to regain the lost memory and to make sure he give Suhana once or twice in a week. He adds that over dose can be dangerous for her. Dheraj then thank the doctor addressing him as Mehta. Mehta assures Dheraj that no one came to ask for her and it's better to be Sanjay Dewan’s daughter than to live an unknown life.

Kamla greets the pundit and he says he felt bad when he listened to her talking about Kalpana and not to lose hope that she will be back. Kamla asks him to let her know if there is anything to do for the temple. He replies her that there is just work of donation and he gives her a thread to bind it with the tree and pray for Kalpana. Kamla do as told and pray to bring her Kalpana back. Suhana comes there and asks what Kamla is doing. Kamla explains to her that if they bind the thread to the tree then their wishes come true.

Suhana asks if she can do this as well? Kamla says yes and gives her the thread. She feels the warmth of Kalpana when she touches her hand. Kamla then holds her hand to get her up. Suhana binds the thread and comes back down. Sanjay comes there and asks for Suhana. Kamla inform Suhana that her father is calling her. She smiles and says she will go. Kamla says to herself that she reminds her of Kalpana and she don’t know why. Suhana is distributing the stuff among the poors.

Sanjay gives one box to the pundit. He gets a call from Dheraj that he is searching for a maid to take care of Suhana and just then the 'punditji' at the temple tells him God has listened to him about a woman who can be a good maid and points at Kamla. Sanjay says he met her. Suhana comes with one box to Kamla and says it is for her and that it's actually the sweets for her as a gift. Kamla says her Kalpana likes sweets. Suhana says she like sweets as well and that’s why she came to give it to her. She don't know if she will ever meet her again. Kamla says if God wants they will be meeting anytime soon.

Kamla says she look worried and asks if there is some problem? Suhana tells Kamla about her memory loss due to an accident. She is just confused and trying to find herself. Sanjay comes and tells Suhana that it's time to go. Suhana gives the box to her and says they will meet again if God wants and that she have to go. Kamla gives her the prasad and pray that God will fulfill all her wishes. She is about to leave but looks at Kamla, Kamla smiles. Later the two of them leave each other and part ways.

Suhana arrives at her house but finds it very unfamiliar and asks when will she remember everything. They all welcome her home as Suhana and her cousin state that the house was missing her. He gives her the flowers. The butler asks if she will like orange juice or lemon tea?. Her father Sanjay Diwan gives her hope that she will regain her memory very soon and to tell them what she will drink. Kalpana says ginger tea. He tells her she never drank tea before. She insists she want to drink tea. He agrees with her. Suhana goes to her room.

Meanwhile, Vitthal’s tears drip on Kalpana’s picture. Pakiya tells his father that he always used to make tea for his mother. She must be coming soon and suggests him to make tea for her. He replies that he is making it and asks him to go to Gupta and bring it as the teapot is empty. Pakiya says he won’t give him on loan and when he went to bring the flour, he tells him to return the previous loan. Kamla comes in and asks who will give them loan for ages? Vitthal who finds it difficult to work as he continues to miss Kalpana asks what would he do?

He go to work but he keep seeing Kalpana and keep missing her. He asks how can he work? His daughter was his strength but she didn’t understand and they won’t have been facing all this if Kalpana was here. Kamla tries to explain to him that he needs to work as he needs to feed the family and that she also miss her like he do but that doesn’t mean she will run away from her responsibilities and she will do everything to save the house. He tells her to go and do as she please and not to ever lecture him again. He leaves. Kamla gives prasad to Pakiya and tell him of the girl she met and that she was just like their Kalpana.

Meanwhile, Suhana eats the prasad. The butler comes there and gives her the tea. She says there is something missing from the taste of the tea. On the other hand, Kamla says she feel like Kalpana breathes with her. Pakiya too says he felt the same that Kalpana will come back as she comes in his dream and asks him to take care of them both. She says she will come back. He cries. Kamla tells him to cry as much as he want. She believe that Kalpana will come back.

Later at night, Suhana seems to be getting flashes of her past during her dreams as she sees the accident she met with. She wakes up calling out to her mother. Sanjay and Dheraj come there. Suhana says she saw a bad dream. Sanjay tells her not to be scared that she is in her home. Meanwhile, Suhana's uncle Dheraj asks if she is recalling something then he should give her the medicine. Dheraj tells Sanjay to go to his room and rest and assures him that he will be there with Suhana. Sanjay refuses to leave and insists to stay with his daughter.

Kamla is in the temple and says to God that He created the hope in her that Kalpana is alive and He have to bring her daughter to her. Nettu comes to the chowl. Manda asks where did she come from? Nettu says she came in her car and she is not a chowl members. Manda tells her that she will always be the chowl members for her. Pakiya support Manda saying she is right. Kamla asks Nettu how she is? Nettu replies that she is good. Kamla gets to know that Pakhi and Gauri along with others have fulfilled all the rituals considering Raghav to be dead.

Nettu further informs her that Gauri has lost the hope of Raghav’s return and they have done the funerals and she think she should also but before she could complete her sentence, Vitthal interrupts her and clearly says they don’t need her suggestion. She already ruined their life and she must be thinking that this car will make them jealous. Kamla too says when she look at her, she recall the daughter who betrayed her. Nettu leaves.

Meanwhile, Suhana is on breakfast table with her family. Sanjay asks Dheraj to give the fruits to Suhana. Suhana's uncle tries to give her the medicines to slow down her memory and takes a glass of juice saying he will asked for fresh juice for Suhana. He suggests to let him bring the juice for her. He goes to the kitchen and puts the medicine in it. He gives the juice to Suhana saying the juice is fresh. Suhana drinks it and finds Rakhi in the hand of a butler. She asks if it raksha bandahan? The butler say yes and that his sister sent it to him. Dheraj tells Aman that every year Suhana binds him rakhi. Aman too says he consider her his sister from heart but he don’t believe in all the Rakhi. Sanjay tells Dheraj not to force him. Suhana asks her father Sanjay if they can go to the temple and that she felt good there yesterday. Just then, Suhana's father gets a call for the meeting. Suhana tells him not to worries that she will go with the driver.

Pakiya asks Kamla to extend her hand. He places a Rakhi in her hand saying Kalpana used to bind a rakhi in his hand. Kamla says no problem as she see nothing bad in it and tell him that this year she will bind him the rakhi and that Kalpana will come back and bind it her self.

Suhana is on her way to the temple. The driver stops the car that he need to check it. Suhana gets out of the car and sees something. She starts going in that direction and goes to the gate of the chowl and looks at the café. She recalls herself working at the café. She touches everything. People wonder there who she is. Suhana recalls hugging Kamla, Vitthal and Pakiya.

Kamla comes upstairs and says Vitthal left home in anger today and she don’t know what to do. Once Kalpana will come then he will handle everything herself. Suhana reaches her chawl and finds it very familiar. She tries to recall the moments she has spent there. She wonders in. Kamla is at the balcony, she wonders what Suhana is doing in her chowl. Suhana touches the café front. People look at her and wonder who she is. Suhana looks at the chowl temple. Kamla comes downstairs. Suhana’s head hurts and she suddenly faints there and seeing her Kamla immediately asks Pakiya to takes her to her house. Manda and Kamla too take her home. Meanwhile, the driver is looking for Suhana. Suhana's driver informs Mr.Diwan about Suhana going missing and says he will look at the temple and that he will call Dheraj as well.

Kamla attends to Suhana massages her hands. Manda reminds Kamla that she have suffered helping one rich girl already. Pakiya comes and asks the pundit if they know Suhana's address. Sanjay and Dheraj both come there too. Pakiya meets Mr.Diwan and tells him that Suhana is in their house and is unconscious.

Suhana gains consciousness and Kamla tells her not to worry that she is in her house and everything is fine. Sanjay asks Suhana if she is okay? He thanks God that she is fine and that they were so worried for her. He hugs her. Suhana explains to her father that she was walking and suddenly she fainted and that Kamla saved her. Sanjay thanks Kamla and tells her she don’t know she have done him a favor. Kamla replies that she just did it for humanity. Pakiya gets a call while Dheraj gives some money to Kamla to take it as a gift from them and to asks them if she ever need anything. They will feel glad to help her.

Kamla refuses saying there is no cost for humanity and they work to earn. Seeing Kamla taking care of Suhana, Mr.Diwan recalls her massaging his daughter’s feet. He recalls the pundits telling him that Kamla can take care of Suhana and offers her to work for them and take care of Suhana. Suhana begs Kamla not to say no that she will feel good If she come. Kamla nods. Suhana prays. Suhana later sees a rakhi near the altar and asks whom does it belongs to? Kamla says it's for her son’s. Her daughter Kalpana isn’t here so she thought she will bind him the rakhi but next year when Kalpana will be here she will bind it to him.

Kamla says she is the same girl she found at the temple. Suhana wishes to tie rakhi for Pakiya and asks if she can bind him the rakhi if they don’t mind. Kamla agrees and gives her the arti. Suhana does the arti of Pakiya and ties the rakhi on him. Pakiya gives her a small sculptor and says God will always be with her. Suhana appreciate Pakiya's gift and says it's so good and she will keep it in her room. Sanjay asks if they can go now? Kamla nods and asks her to take care of herself.  Sanjay begs Kamla to make sure she come tomorrow.

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