Update: Tuesday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 240-242)

Pakhi comes in. Gauri asks where were you ? Pakhi says did you let kalpi meet Ragahv ? Gauri says no I didn’t . Pakhi smiles and saysoh that’s so good. You have always favored me.
Pakhi says to gauri you know that I did all this for Ragahv. I even sent my parents out of this house but what should I do to kalpi / How can I send her awyaw from me. I worked with you but now you have to work with me. You have to fulfill your promise. Garui says I remember when I called you at first or I asked you to come.

She recalls Pakhi came out of the car. She asked why you called me here ? Gauri said to tell you about your bad luck. The Raghav you love is going to marry kalpi. Pakhi said no. Gauri said I know you can do anything for Ragahv. You an her him if I want. Pakhi asked what can you do ? She said whatever I want because I am Ragahv’s mom Gauri Singahniya. I lost my memory. Pakhi asked why you wanna help me ? Gauri said its a deal you will help me and I will help you. Your mom dad killed my hubby they took him from me. They made me like this. My son has been an orphan even when I was alive. pakhi asked what you want from me ? Gauri said I want revenge. Pakhi said if you are right then I have to seek revenge from Kalpi and kamla maa. How can kamla maa get kalpi and Ragahv married when she knew that I love Ragahv. GAuri said you can decide if you want Raghav or your parents. Pakhi said I can do anything to get Ragahv. Gauri said okay then I will do anything to get you Ragahv.

Gauri says that that you helped me. You don’t need to ask for help. This is your right and I will get it to you. Pakhi says thank you Gauri aunty. Pakhi says I will show kalpi her worth in Ragahv’s life. I have challenged her that I will get Ragahv. GAuri says he didn’t divorce you just because of me. I didn’t let kalpi meet raghav neither will I let him. Pakhi says that’s so good. She sees kamla there. she is so shocked. pakhi goes to kamla and says Kamla maa you are here. Kamla says what could I do. you left, I was so worried for you so I came here to meet you but after seeing you and Gauri talking like this I feel so good. AGuri leaves. Pakhi says yeah we have decided that until Ragahv is not well we won’t do anything that’s hurt him. Well what different does it make for you. In your eyes kalpi is Raghav’s wife.

Kamal says Ragahv’s wife is just you and no one will come between you. SHe comes forward but pakhi turns her face on the other side. Kamla says pardon me that I concealed all this. I didn’t want to hurt you. There was no other intention. Pakhi says we will talk about it later you better go from here now. She has heard Ragahv coming. Kamla is about to leave. Ragahv stops her saying kamla maa.. kamla smiles and stops. Raghv comes to her and asks you here. SHe asks how are you ? He says I am better now kamla maa. Kamla says thank you, you saved me and kalpi. Ragahv says who says thanks to their own people. is kalpi with you I thought that she’d come. Kamla says kalpi came but gauri tai said.. Ragahv says why didn’t she tell me. Let me ask her. He goes in. Kamla says there is something that’s not right. SHe leaves.

Gauri sasy kamla shouldn’t doubt that me and Pakhi are on the same side. She will be on kalpi’s side and there will be no one to stop Raghav and kapi meet. Ragahv shouldn’t know this truth. Ragahv comes in and asks why you look upset ? Ragahv says kamla maa told me that kalpi came here. GAuri says yeah she came here and you were sleeping so she said she won’t disturb you. So just saw you and left. Ragahv says I am just waiting for this year to get over and I will make her mine. I can’t wait for that day.

Nettu says this is so good kamla is stuck between kalpi and poki again. Was so amazing when poki threw the sindur.
She sees kamla and kalpi. She says where were you kalpi ? You ashamed us in front of whole chowl. Kamla says stop it madam. nettu says no I was just asking. She leaves. Kalpi asks kamla did you meet Raghav?
Vitthal comes in and asks how are you both ? How was the day? kamla says good everything. He asks kamla to make the tea. Kamla says what I saw was weird how can Gauri tai accept Pakhi like this she has always hated her.

kalpi is in the balcony. There Ragahv says I knew kalpi would come. SHe can’t live without me. Ragahv calls her. Pakhi comes and takes the phone. she says do the dressing and take the medicine. Kalpi has received the called. Pakhi says leave it Ragahv. he says what are you doing ? Pakhi says you are tickling me. Leave my hand. Ragahv says you leave what are you doing ? Pakhi says Ragahv you should leave me. Kalpi is so shocked. She switches her phone off. SHe recalls Pakhi’s challenge.
Ragahv takes the medicine and says I am done now. Anything else ? sHe gives his phone back. Kalpi’s phone is off. Ragahv says why is her phone off ? Pakhi says in heart what she listened at the phone must have switched her mood off.
pakhi goes out and says stop dreaming kalpi. They prick when they shatter. 

Kamla says to vitthal Ragahv is facing all this because of us. He saved us. Vitthal says you know I don’t like talking about him. He ruined our life. He is taking pills. Kamla asks what is it ? He says sleeping pills because I can’t sleep. Kamla says let me bring water. She replaces it with some other and says lie here I will massage your hair. He sleeps after some time. Kamlas says in heart both are my daughters.
Kamla says iam on the same spot where happiness of one of daughters will ruin other’s.
kamla says I have always been with pakhi. My daughter kalpi has seen so much pain. I don’t wanna do any injustice with her. kalpi comes there and says let me do your feet massage ai. Kamla sits kalpi does her massge.

Next morning kamla gives kalpi the stuff to make tea and coffee. Kalpi says I will make fresh for the costumers. Manda come with the dish. All other ladies come as well. Kalpi says place it in the kitchen. We will list and give the money in the end and manda tai you will handle the counter. A beggar comes there. kamla gives her the food. Nettu says give them everything. Make food and kamla will keep giving it to beggars. Manda says stop it nettu. kalpi says will someone come in this weather ? Nettu says yes more and more beggars. PAkiya has made the menu cards for the restaurant. kalpi says did you make it ? He says yes I am the hero.

Pakhi is making food for Ragahv. She says in heart if husband gets used to wife’s food he never leaves. Pakhi asks where are you going ? Pakhi says office. She says I was making this for you. Ragahv says I can’t I have an important meeting. Pakhi says why don’t you get a day off. He says I wanted to but some foreign delegates are coming. I will come late as well. Pakhi places her hand on the flame and then screams. Ragahv comes to her and asks what happened ? Pakhi says my hand got burnt. Ragahv sasy who asked you to work. He holds her hand washes it. He asks are you feeling better ? Pakhi says no. He does the icing. Pakhi says this is all I want you care and your time. Ragahv says you can come we will go to the doctor. pakhi says I will be fine let it go. Ragahv says its a serious burn doctor is on the way to the office.

Kalpi goes to the restaurant. kamla asks kalpi t do different arrangements. Kalpi asks pakiya to distribute the pamphlets. Vitthal says paste the posters on roads kamla says kalpi will be busy in work she will forget everything Vitthal says I want that too. She should forget Ragahv. Kamal says I told you pakhi is angry with me. When I went her house I saw her with gauri. how can they change so suddenly. Vitthal says these rich people change very often. You don’t know when their rivalry turns into friendship.

First costumer comes to the restaurant. Kalpi takes the order. Some others come as well. Pakiya comes up with a TV he says I have got a cable connection as well. Kalpi has got good response from the first costumers. Pakiya says big cafes have these TV’s. Pakiya says india’s best cine star is coming on Zee TV. I will watch that show. Manda says who know what this show will be like. Pakiya says judges are pareniti chopra and sunali. Don’t forget to watch.

Raghav drops stops the car at the store to get medicine. Kalpi is there too. Pakhi sees her before they could see each other. She is dazed. Kalpi gives her money and leaves. kalpi is looking for an auto. Raghav is about to see her. pakho opens the door and it hits kalpi. He umbrella fall on the ground. Ragahv holds her and places her umbrella over her. Pakhi is shocked. he pakhi couldn’t you see. He says come I will drop you pakhi says I will go with an auto. Ragahv sasy wait let me get you an auto. He goes pakhi comes out and smiles at kalpi. She says don’t get his sympathy as love. Kalpi asks what happened to your hand ? SHe says it got burnt. Ragahv cares too much so he took me to doctor. Pakhi says this auto is your identity and this car is mine. Kalpi says pakhi don’t forget that you had half of my milk. Kalpi goes and sits in the auto. pakhi says lets go raghav it was my mistake. I should have seen her while opening the door.

kamla and kalpi are in café. kamla says looks there are so many costumers. Our café has started working. Kalpi serves the guests. Later she thinks about Pakhi’s challenge. She says I would have given yoy my life pakhi but I can’t give you love.
There pakhi says everything is in my control now. My husband and my hosue. I feel bad for you kalpi. Me and Ragahv are same rich people. We have same class and you are poor girl. How you saw this dream that’s never gonna fulfill.

At night, kalpi is arranging the seats in café. She sees Raghav there. ‘Tu hi ho’ plays in background. Vitthal calls kalpi, Ragahv leaves. Vitthal comes and sasy come upstairs its about to rain.
Pakhi says why is Ragahv not home yet ? She calls him but he is not receiving. She says is he with kalpi ? It won’t be good for you kalpi.

At morning, Kalpi says I have to leave for café ai. She says the pamphlets we distributed will help a lot. Vitthal prays for her. Kamla says it was good yesterday. Kalpi says it will be even better today. Vitthal also leaves for his work. Kamla says I will be in café as well.

Ragahv comes downstairs. His newspaper drops the pamphlet of Kalpi;s café. Pakhi sees it. she comes with the breakfast. She hides the pamphlet.
Sammy calls him and says we can’t book any hotel for delegates. Ragahv says I have to leave.

Kamla calls pakhi but she doesn’t receive it, Pakhi says how can I receive your call your daughter is my opponent. You didn’t even stop her. She calls at different restaurants and books a table for Ragahv so it can help him. SHe says he will feel good.
Nettu comes out and calls pakhi. Palhi receives it. Nettu says how are you ? Pakhi says why have you called ? Nettu says I am your mom I am worried about you. WHy don’t you leave Ragahv. Pakhi says disconnect the call. Kamla is over hearing her. nettu pretends like pakhi is being nice to her.

Downstairs everyone is busy in decorating the café. Nettu says kamla and kalpi are spending the money on all this. You people are just fool.
Ragahv is on his way. He gets a call from the hotel where pakhi booked. The asked who booked it ? They tell him pakhi’s name. the guests says we want to have some indian food. Do you know some good indian cuisine place ? Ragahv stops his car by kalpi’s café. He opens the door and smiles at kalpi. Everyone is shocked to see Ragahv with his guests. Nettu says this was left. Raghav comes forward. kamal says you shouldn’t have come here. There are a lot of miseries in our life already. We don’t nee your help.

Ragahv says I know you don’t need anyone’s help. Actually right now I want your help. There are some foreign delegates with me who want to eat traditional indian food. I know you won’t keep your guests hungry. I hope that you will serve them well. Nettu says in heart I will serve them. First I will see Kamla’s action. Kamla says welcome to the delegates. Kamla says to the women we have to serve the guests. They do the arthi of the guests. Manda says to nettu aren’t here too many cockroaches. Nettu says there are so many that they can come in plate as well. kalpi asks for order. Ragahv orders one plater of each dish.

vitthal calls kamla and asks how is everything going ? She says there are so many costumers here. He says I have left the factory. Manda says to kamla all the costumers will be happy today. She takes out a cockroach and places it in t a dish. kalpi goes and serves it. kamla asks will you like some souldkari ? Its the Marathi drink. They serve it. Kalpi gives the glass to Ragahv. Song, ‘tum hi ho’ plays in the background. They both gaze and smile at each other.

There pakhi says I am sure Ragahv will be so impressed that I arranged the lunch for him. SHe gets a call from restaurant and they inform her that Ragahv is not there for lunch.
Pakhi calls Raghv and asks where are you ? he says we changed the plan in mid way. The delegates wanted some indian food so we came to kalpi;s café. Kalpi is standing there. She sees the cockroach in the plate. Kamla comes there she sees it as well. They are dazed and don’t know what to do.

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