Update: Thursday On The Vow (Episode 438-440)

Amar's mother asks him whether he will return home, so he promises that he will. Amar bids a tearful farewell to his family. Meanwhile, Sindoora scolds Mahua for misplacing her courier.

Sindoora then tells Chandra that Divya is indeed Vidya and Amar is Sagar but she only wants to see Amar once and gauge her enemy! On the other hand, Rajiv gets down at Varanasi station, and at the same time, Amar leaves for Delhi. Chandra sees Kamna vomitting and informs Sindoora. Sindoora wants Divya to learn that Kamna is pregnant with Samrat's baby so that she would leave the house! 

Meanwhile, Amar reaches Delhi and says aloud that he has arrived! Rajiv reaches Amar's house and asks Bindiya about Amar, so she replies that he has gone to Delhi and his parents have taken his younger brother for treatment. In Delhi, Amar looks at the people and decides to change his appearance. Amar then phones Divya to inform her that he has come to Delhi to apologise to her, little realising that Samrat is on the other end!

Amar narrates the entire truth, and Samrat tells him that he's got the wrong number. He then deletes Amar's number from Divya's phone. Samrat asks Divya about Benares and Amar. He suggests that she invite Amar and his family for their wedding but Divya is crestfallen. Meanwhile, Amar prays to God for a solution and vows to find Divya and take her to Benares, come what may!

Amar and Divya miss seeing each other as Amar is more worried looking out for the thieves. Samrat returns to his room after shopping and Kamna seeks to talk to him but he warns her not to let anybody know about them. Divya enters the room then and shows Kamna her wedding shopping. Divya asks Samrat why he had spilled the drink on her in the car because she felt that he wanted to hide someone from her! Samrat denies it, so Divya assures him that even if there was someone, she doesn't mind as everybody has a past.

Samrat replies that he'll never let his past come between them and hopes the same from her. Divya changes the topic. On the other hand, Amar promises God that he will surely find Divya even though he has been robbed of everything. Meanwhile, Divya brings Uma out for dinner, so Uma asks her whether Sagar has eaten. Divya replies that Sagar has not yet returned. Sindoora is about to get up but is stopped by Chandra.

Rajiv comes to Amar's house again in Benares and when he sees Amar's mother, he realises that it's the same lady with whom he had exchanged his baby. She points to Divya's sketch and tells Rajiv that Amar has gone to find her. Rajiv is shocked. He is further stunned to see Amar's photograph because he looks just like Sagar! He recalls Guruji's prophecy and realises that Sagar and Vidya have been reborn as Amar and Divya, respectively, to finish off Sindoora!

Chandra's men see Rajiv. Meanwhile, after wondering in Delhi, Amar stands in front of Sindoora's house and a sense of d    vu fills him. Just then Divya sees Amar's reflection on the car glass but he's gone when she turns around. Amar sees a crowd cheering, 'Sindoora Singh' and wonders why the name sounds familiar. Sindoora is on her way to give a speech when Chandra's man informs her that Rajiv has come to Benares to search for Amar. She then feels that Sagar is somewhere very close to her and is stunned beyond belief to see Sagar through her car window!

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