Update: Thursday On The Vow (Episode 423-425)

Divya is about to eat it when Bindiya throws it and tells Divya that it is not good. Bindiya returns home and cries uncontrollably. She tells her parents that Amar does not love her at all because he is crazy about Divya. Her parents assure her that they will fix her marriage after `Holi'. Logs of wood are burnt on the eve of `Holi' to signify the death of evil.

Amar sees the bonfire and sees hazy images of a lady watching a barn burn. He wonders who she is. Divya hugs Amar and wishes him. Everyone around is shocked at the display of affection. On the other hand, the eve of `Holi' is being celebrated in Sindoora's house too. Sindoora tells Chandra that she wants `Holi' celebrated in style next morning by spiking drinks with narcotics! Rajiv tells Mahua that he fears something untoward will happen today.

An intoxicated Samrat plays with Kamna, and when Rajiv goes to rescue her, Chandra tries to distract him. Samrat takes Kamna away to visit his friends. He introduces Kamna to his friends as his girlfriend and says that he loves her. When he is alone with his friends, one of them tells Samrat that the bedroom is all his! On the other hand, an intoxicated Amar takes some red powder and heads towards Divya.

Amar goes to apply red powder on Divya but she holds his hand and it falls on her forehead. Everyone looks on shocked as applying of the red powder on a woman's forehead is symbolic of a married Hindu lady.

Amar apologises to Divya but she laughs off the matter saying that he is intoxicated. However, Bindiya is extremely hurt. It starts raining and the colours get washed off but Chintu points to Amar that the colour on Divya's forehead has not been wiped off! Meanwhile, Rajiv tries to phone Samrat but he does not answer.

Rajiv tells Mahua that he is worried for Kamna because she is not aware that Samrat is only cheating her and does not love her. On the other hand, Chintu challenges Amar to confess his feelings to Divya, so Amar accepts it. Amar goes up to Divya and says that he is in love. He then falls on her shoulders and passes out. Bindiya starts weeping. Meanwhile, Samrat tries to get intimate with Kamna but she says that it's wrong to do so, before marriage. Samrat pretends to be hurt and accuses her of not trusting him. He walks away and Kamna cries.

After a while, Amar gets sober and recalls everything that happened during the `Holi' celebrations. Amar realises his folly and goes to apologise to Divya. He overhears Divya tell his mother that she must return to Delhi, so he assumes that she is upset with him. Meanwhile, Chandra's men come near Amar's house and click photographs of Divya but are unable to click Amar's photograph. They finally manage to click a photograph of him but his face is covered with colours!

Bindiya is shattered that Amar does not love her and just does not care about her from the time Divya had entered his life, so she decides to kill herself. Meanwhile, Samrat and Kamna return home and Chandra notices a rift between them. Rajiv tells Kamna that he hopes that she did not anything that was not right. Kamna is guilty about hurting Samrat's sentiments. On the other hand, Samrat informs his friend on the phone that Kamna did not give in but he assures his friend that the prey will walk into his trap! Kamna goes to talk to him but he brushes her aside.

Sindoora asks Chandra to see the game Samrat is playing with Kamna, and prides herself because she has brought up Samrat and he will definitely get what he wants! Meanwhile, Bindiya goes to jump into the river but Divya stops her. Bindiya accuses her of ruining her life! Divya assures Bindiya that Amar is only a friend, so she asks Divya to swear by Lord Shambhunath that she does not love Amar. However, Divya is not able to.

Bindiya says that she has seen love for her in Amar's eyes and he will love only her even if she goes away. Divya assures her that Amar will forget her. Meanwhile, Kamna goes to The Home for Children to donate a cheque and as planned by Sindoora, Samrat goes to fetch her. On the other hand, Divya informs Amar that she will leave for Delhi later in the day. Divya tells his mother that the time spent with them were the happiest moments of her life. However, Amar is shocked.

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