Update: Thursday On The Vow (Episode 408-410)

Samrat is cleaning his rifle, so he asks Kamna to shut the door because he does not want anyone else to know that he has got a rifle home. Samrat tells Kamna that despite having grown up in the same house they never spoke much, or they could have become friends or even something more! Just then Rajiv walks inside the room. Meanwhile, Divya is teased by everyone when walking on the streets of Benares and no auto rickshaw driver is willing to take her around.

Chintu asks her to apologise to Amar but she refuses. She is even refused a room in hotels. Every time the children hold a placard asking her to apologise to Amar. Dawn turns to dusk, so finally Divya relents and apologises to Amar. Amar gets her a room in a lodge but she bangs the door to his face. Meanwhile, Hema talks about a new show "Rock and Roll Family" on ZEE TV where 3 generations will dance.

Hema gets nostalgic and misses Shalu. In Benares, Chintu gets angry when Amar tells him about Divya's misbehaviour but Amar tells him that Divya is good at heart. Chintu asks him whether he thinks she'll hire him as a guide and then give him her expensive ring. Amar says that he didn't see any ring. On the other hand, Divya promises not to return from Benares till she seeks revenge from Amar by asking him to apologise to her!

Amar tells Chintu that he should apologise to Divya. Amar says that her eyes looked so familiar and feels that he shares some bond with her! Divya phones Amar and seeks his services as a guide to see Benares. Amar willingly agrees. Meanwhile, Samrat tries to phone Divya but she is not reachable. Sindoora tells him that girls from abroad don't take long to change their object of affection! She then says that she will always wish that he would spend time with a domesticated girl and marry her instead. Just then Kamna comes to his room with a glass of milk.

Sindoora vows to remove his obsession about winning over Divya and compel Kamna to create a rift between Divya and him! Meanwhile, Divya showers all her attention on Chintu and gets irritated when Amar answers her! They then go to Lord Shiva's temple but there's a long queue outside. Chintu tells her that only Amar can take her inside without having to wait in the queue. Divya requests Amar to help her, so Divya places her hand in Amar's.

Bindiya sees Amar holding Divya's hand in the temple and is hurt. Divya intentionally puts her expensive bracelet inside Amar's pocket. Amar and Divya offer prayers together in the temple. Suddenly, Divya screams that she has lost her Rs. 300,000/- worth bracelet. She complains to the policeman nearby and asks him to search Amar, her guide. Amar is shocked when the cop removes her bracelet from his pocket! Amar pleads innocence but she accuses him of being a thief! Divya then says that she can forgive him if he apologises to her in front of everybody! However, Amar refuses to apologise because he has done no wrong and goes to jail with the cop.

Amar feels hurt hearing people suspecting him. When he's sitting in the jeep, Divya tells him that she hopes he will never do with any other girl what he had done with her! Bindiya blames her for falsely accusing Amar but Divya retorts that she only gave him a dose of his own medicine! Divya decides to leave Benares and says goodbye to Lord Shambhunath but Amar's father says that it isn't time for her to leave yet. He assures her that Amar is not a thief, so Divya apologises. Meanwhile, Chandra informs Sindoora that it's impossible for them to get hold of Aniket.

Sindoora asks her to tell their man Ranga to only take Aniket away to some deserted place for now. She then tells Chandra that Divya going missing is strange and they must find her, so that they can use her as well. In Benares, Amar is released on bail by his father. Divya who is waiting outside the jail apologises to Amar but he promises to get even with her!

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