Update: Thursday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 442-443)

Pragya cries and tells Daadi that at one side, Bulbul is in hospital and at the other, Abhi is hating her and thinks her wrong. She tells Daadi that she also don’t understand her pain. Daadi wipes her tears and asks who told her that she couldn’t understand her pain, and that Abhi doesn’t hate her, but her new avatar. She convinces her that time has not come to reveal the truth and that Abhi will be trapped in the whirl if she reveals the truth now before their motive gets successful.

She tells Pragya to wait for the right time to comes and be strong as she needs to believe in her love for Abhi and he will definitely accept and love her her immensely when the truth will come in front of him but till that time she needs to be careful as one mistake can cause her a big failure. Pragya promises to come to her, and says she fell weak. Daadi tells her that Abhi is hers and will always be hers. Pragya agrees and tells Daadi that she want to meet Bulbul and see her once. She says her mother would be there, and feel bad seeing her. Daadi says she will do something to make her meet Bulbul. Pragya leave.

Abhi thinks Tanu pressurizing him for marriage. He recalls promising her to marry once Bulbul gets fine. Manzilein song plays in the background. Pragya sees him holding fuggi’s specs and sees him getting emotional and hides before he could see her. Hamari Adhuri Kahani song plays in the background. Pragya is still sad and she makes up her mind to remain emotionally strong. Pragya arrives to her room before Abhi in her earlier dressing style. Abhi comes to his bedroom and remembers Pragya and suddenly he gets shocked seeing her in her innocent fuggi avatar.

Abhi gets emotional seeing the old Pragya back. However, Pragya walks inside the changing room. Purabh continues to wait for Bulbul to gain consciousness in the hospital. He calls Daadi and tells her that Bulbul might gain consciousness in sometime, and asks if she talked to Pragya. Daadi says she wanted to tell the truth to Abhi, but he told her about his hatredness, so she step back. Purabh is happy to know that Pragya has not revealed the truth before Abhi and asks Daadi to take care of Pragya. Daadi too asks him to take care of Bulbul. Sarla comes and tells Purabh that he brought nice flowers.

Pragya comes out in her usual night gown and attitude. The moment she came out like that, Abhi asks her about the changed appearance to which she replies that now she doesn't want to talk to him as he doesn't want sometime back. Abhi told her that he knows that she will never change again as she is a person with no heart feeling and cares only about money and he forget that the dead people won’t return. Pragya goes to bed with tears in her eyes. Hamari Adhuri song plays in the background. Abhi gets teary eyes.

Tanu knocks on Aaliya’s door. Aaliya opens the door. Tanu says she has seen a bad dream that Bulbul got fine. Aaliya says really and asks didn’t she see dream that Abhi kicked her out after knowing about her and Nikhil’s truth. Tanu asks what will happen if Bulbul tells her name or Vijay’s name. Aaliya asks her to read negativity book and says Bulbul can’t speak now as her vocal cords are damaged. Tanu says they have also made plans before and failed. She says Pragya won. Aaliya sees Mitali standing and asks what she is doing? Mitali asks them to take her also in their plan.

Aaliya says she want to tell Raj that Mitali is the one who took his signature and sent him to jail. Mitali gets shocked and says she didn’t hear anything. Tanu and Aaliya smirks. In the hospital, Pragya comes along with Daadi to see the condition of Bulbul. Pragya then asks Ronnie to take care of Bulbul and be there. Ronnie promises her. Daadi asks Pragya to meet Bulbul. Suddenly Abhi comes there and says she has refused to pay the bill. Abhi asks her to answer him first that he saw her fighting with the receptionist for the money outside. Daadi tells him to let her do whatever she warns. Pragya asks him to talk at home. He gets a call.

Tanu tells Aaliya that they should go to the hospital and see Bulbul. Aaliya says she don’t want to go and tells her about her appointment in Salon. Tanu says she has a strong feeling that something wrong is going to happen. Daasi comes and asks what are they talking about? Aaliya tells her they are sad about Bulbul. Daasi asks if they are going to the hospital. Aaliya says no as she can’t see her condition. Mitali comes holding the newspaper and says it is written that dreams are coming true. She reads the news. Tanu gets tensed. Aaliya tells that they are going to the hospital. Daasi asks them to take some stuff. Mitali laughs.

Pragya comes in Bulbul's room and cries seeing her condition saying Bulbul should have thought about Purabh and there before saving her and getting injured instead. She got her married to make everything fine in her life and promises not to let anything happen in her life again. She asks her to wake up and says she can’t see her in this condition and suddenly the door opened. Sarla comes to the ward and sees Pragya crying holding her hand. She asks what is she doing here.

Sarla sees Pragya in the hospital with Bulbul and instantly gets furious and asks Pragya why she came here to see her daughter then she adds that she knows that she cares for the money that she is spending on her treatment and asks her not to spend a single penny on Bulbul as it won’t be profitable for her. Purabh says please, and asks her to give something to Bulbul. Sarla asks him to give himself. Everyone gather in the ward. The doctor asks them to go as the patient can go in shock seeing everyone.

Daadi asks Sarla to go, but she refuses. Later, Bulbul slowly regained consciousness and everyone get happy seeing this and call the doctor. Abhi calls the doctor but Aaliya on the other side get nervous. Purabh tells the doctor that Bulbul want to say something. Since Bulbul is unable to speak and can only communicates by writing down on a notepad, the doctor gives her a letter pad  writing pad. Bulbul writes something on it.

Purabh takes the writing pad and reads it that the accident was caused as she was trying to save Pragya from the chandelier as it's about to fall on her and got injured. He reads read further that somebody is trying to kill Pragya in the reception. Abhi asks if she see that person’s face and to tell the name who was behind this. Bulbul writes that she has not seen his/her face, but saw someone lighting the fire on the thread tied to chandelier which made the chandelier fall on Pragya. Then Abhi says he will find that person and will not let him go unpunished. Purabh too swears not to leave that person.

Abhi says it is Purabh right to punish that guy. Tanu asks Aaliya why don’t she think of the result before taking any action. Aaliya asks her to shut up. Tanu says Abhi will find the person and then asks Purabh to punish him. She tells Aaliya that her Purabh will punish her. Aaliya asks her to stop talking negative. Tanu asks her not to take her name if she gets caught. Aaliya says she is really selfish, and says they need to keep eyes on Abhi for now.

Daadi and Purabh are sitting beside Bulbul. Daadi feels bad. Purabh says she might have thought to inform them, but before she could reach them, she got injured. He thinks how to catch the man. The doctor checks Bulbul and says she will recover soon, the more she sleep, the more she will recover. Purabh asks Bulbul to recover fast. Abhi and Pragya leave the hospital and in their car to find out about the person trying to kill her. Abhi then tells Pragya they should keep their differences at side and need to work together to find the actual culprit behind all this. He says he can’t bear anyone hurting his family and she is clever and that’s why she is on this mission. Pragya agrees that they should start with the beginning. They come home. Pragya asks Ronnie to makes some calls to get details of all the persons in the party and to find out about the person who had arrived at the reception without being invited. Ronnie says okay.

Pragya says may be the person is a family member. She says that decorator can’t come alone in this house, and someone might be helping him. Abhi gets angry. Pragya says they should do the investigation, and find the culprit. Abhi says he will do the enquiry. Pragya asks him to hurry up. She thinks may be Aaliya is helping him, and thinks she might be the one who want to see her dead.

Abhi then asks everyone to tell if anyone of them is involved in this otherwise if he finds out later that the person has to face severe consequences for trying to kill Pragya. Ronnie comes to Pragya and tells him the caterer was admitted in the hospital after someone had beaten him harshly and the caterer that had arrived at the reception was not invited. He adds that the decorator Vijay is behind all this as he replaced the actual caterer at the wedding reception by beating him. Abhi says he will not leave him. Aaliya get tensed. Abhi goes to his room with Pragya and she tells him that they need to find the person at any cost.

Tanu gets worried. Aaliya is angry at Vijay for beating the caterer. Tanu says they should inform Vijay that Abhi is in search of him. Mitali comes to their room. Aaliya scolds her for coming to her room without knocking on the door. Mitali says she came to see Raj and she will not leave them both if Raj ends up with any problem. Tanu calls Raj and says Mitali wants to talk to him. Mitali scolds him for picking Tanu’s call and goes out of her room talking. Daadi tells Daasi that someone want to kill Pragya. Daasi says nobody from the family will do this planning.

Daadi says Abhi is very angry and will not leave the person. She gets worried for Bulbul and says Purabh is shattered. Daasi says Bulbul is hurt because of Pragya and she didn’t cry even once for her. Pragya reminds him that Vijay had accused him and again came to harm her. She says the person who hired him again is same, and he has no personal enmity with her. Abhi says may be she have so enmity with some outsider. Pragya says no. Abhi says only Vijay can tell them. Pragya thinks where to find him. Abhi and Pragya ask God and Devil for his address and argue. Abhi says he have an idea and asks her to come.

Abhi asks Pragya to come with him. Tanu gets tensed and asks Aaliya not to take her name if she is caught. Aaliya and Tanu begins to panic as Abhi has found out that Vijay is behind Bulbul's current condition. Just then Abhi knocks on her door. Aaliya opens the door. Abhi asks Aaliya to call Vijay and asks him to meet her and that he know she have his contact number as he heard her talking to him. Aaliya is shocked. She pretends to call, and says he is not picking her call. Abhi asks her to call him.

Aaliya says he might be sleeping in a drunken state. Abhi insists. Aaliya calls Vijay and says she wants to know who conspired to kill Pragya, and even offers to give money. Vijay is surprised when Aaliya asks him to meet her and he agrees that he will tell his name. Abhi asks her to tell him to meet her. Vijay agrees. Aaliya says work is done. Pragya looks on. Aaliya later is worried as she is aware that her reality might come out. She tries to call Vijay to warn him of Abhi's plan but does not pick his phone.

Pragya and Abhi come to the hospital. Purabh asks Abhi who is the murderer. Abhi says he is decorator Vijay. Purabh is shocked and says they should inform the police. Abhi says they have to catch him red handed and asks him to be with Bulbul. Pragya says she is going with Abhi. Purabh asks her not to go. Pragya says she want to punish the killer and she will also keep eye on Abhi. Purabh agrees.

Abhi says he will send them to their honeymoon once Bulbul gets fine. Pragya looks smilingly. Abhi says if she refuse to give money then he will sell this hospital. Tanu tells Aaliya that she have presented Vijay in a tray to Abhi and says there is no way to get clean in his eyes. Aaliya says her confidence is high and she will call Vijay again. Aaliya call him, but his phone is switched off. She gets angry. Raj comes and asks what has happened? Aaliya says nothing. Tanu tells him everything. Aaliya asks how can she do this, and says Abhi is going to trap her. He says he would have help her but he have a flight to catch. He asks her to go to Vijay’s house and stop him from meeting Abhi.

Next morning, Abhi does dumb bells exercises and asks Pragya to wake up. He says he is exercising as he have to save her from Vijay. Pragya says she is a champion and will fight with him. She asks him to think again and that they should involve the police. Abhi asks her not to worried and says if he catches them, then he will leave her with him as she is his target. He thinks he will teach Vijay a lesson.

Janki and Sarla are worried for Bulbul. Janki says they should take her home and she will be fine. She don’t know what is written in her destiny, and says the accident always happens with her. Sarla get emotional seeing her daughter's condition and says she used to talk then, but now. Janki promises Bulbul that she will make her favorite food and make her eat with her hand. Sarla cries hearing her.

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