Update: Thursday On King Of Hearts (Episode 502-503)

Roshni is still under drug effect and says she miss him. Neil goes to bring water for her. Sid comes there. Roshni says Sid…you have come. She says I did a mistake and have realized it. She says I was wrong, and you are right, don’t go anywhere. She says I miss you. Sid says I missed you too and will not go anywhere.

Roshni hugs him. Neil brings water. Sid sees him coming and hides. Neil asks Roshni to drink water. She refuses, but he insists. Roshni thanks him. Mitul applies ointment on Ranjeet’s wounds. Ranjeet says I will beat that man once I get him.

Neil brings Ragini to a beautifully decorated place. Ragini says if he has done this arrangement for her. Neil says he wanted to make her smile and celebrate their engagement. He asks if you are happy? Ragini says yes, of course. Waiter brings a cake. Neil asks her to cut it. Ragini says you are very unlikely. Neil says I know, I am full of surprises.

Ragini cuts the cake and finds a key inside. Neil says it is a gift for you. Ragini asks what is it? Neil says I brought a beautiful home for you in Colaba. Ragini says what was the need? Neil says once you told me that you missed the place. We will stay there after marriage. Ragini gets emotional. Neil says I hope you like it, and all that matters.

Sid and Anya are in the car. Anya asks him to cheer up and says Arav will be fine too. Roshni tells Neil that if he will eat non veg? Neil says why can’t I when you can change so much for me. He tells about his engagement which was broken with Ria. He asks about her husband. Ragini is shocked and emotional. Neil changes the topic seeing her emotional. Roshni thinks she is not doing right with Neil and recalls Sid’s words. Anya and Sid have pani puri a road side stall.

Sid makes her have it and recalls making Roshni having pani puri. Anya says it is very tasty. Sid comes to Naina’s house and sees Ragini. He tells that he wants to tell her something. Mitul opens the door. They see the news about Ragini, Ceo of Mauve, and is a drug addict too. Reporter says Ragini came closer to Neil and we came to know about this info through Khurana company.

Neil mistaken Sid and slaps him. He mistaken him and blames for ruining Ragini’s image. Sid says he didn’t do anything. Roshni asks Neil what you are saying? Neil says it is said clearly on TV. Roshni says Sid can never harm her. Neil asks why not? He says Sid is creating troubles for us. Roshni says I knew it. She says she don’t want to give explanation. Neil says truth will come out eventually. Naina says Sid is Jamai, why he will do this. Neil says truth will come. Roshni keeps warm pouch on Sid’s wound. She thinks I want to tell you something. Sid thinks I want to hear you.

Ranjeet tells Mitul that he has taken revenge on Sid and got him beaten by Neil. Neil addresses to the press and tells about Roshni sincerity. He tells that he has decided that Ragini will not only be his life partner, but also his equal partner in mauve. Everyone claps. Neil says the people who are spreading rumours should know that Ragini has made my life beautiful and happening. He says it is not easy to break mauve, and challenge to attack them from front. Sid looks on. Neil thanks everyone. Mitul tells that Ragini has done black magic on Neil. Naina asks what happened?

Mitul says Neil doesn’t think about Ranjeet and have made Ragini as his business partner. Neil comes and tells her that Ragini works for mauve as if it is her own company unlike some people, taunting at Ranjeet. Neil asks Ragini to sign on the papers and says he has board meeting tomorrow. Ragini says she don’t have those papers right now. Neil asks her to get it. Ragini calls Kesar and asks him to meet her in hotel. Mitul hears her.

Ragini tells kesar from where they will arrange the documents as everything is on Roshni’s name. Kesar asks her to give original documents and says he will see what to do? Mitul wears hotel staff’s dress and rings Ragini’s door bell. Ragini opens the door. Mitul says she came for sprinkle medicine for pest control. Ragini gives papers to Kesar. Mitul takes a paper which was fallen on ground and reads it. She says Roshni Patel, daughter of Durga Devi Patel. She comes to conclusion that she is not Ragini.

Sid talks to Anya and tells that he will meet Roshni in the hotel. Simran hears him and cuts her hand to stop him from meeting Roshni. Sid takes her to hospital. Ragini calls Kesar and thanks him. Ranjeet and Mitul comes there. Ranjeet apologizes to Ragini. Ragini says it is okay and says I have to go. Mitul keeps the paper in Roshni’s file and asks her to go to meeting.

Ragini gives the papers to Neil. Neil reads it. Mitul says bomb will explode now and we have won. Neil asks Ragini to come there and asks what is this? Roshni says sorry as she sees the joker’s sketch. Roshni takes that papers. Mitul says I have kept it with my hand. Ranjeet says where did it go then? Neil announces that Ragini Desai is his new partner. Everyone claps. Sid couldn’t take it and goes. Neil smiles. Mitul thinks someone is helping Ragini. Ranjeet says may be Sid khurana, and says he will find out about Roshni, says Neil will repent much.

Ragini tells Neil that I hope that you don’t repent for this in future. Neil says I would have done this before and says I trust you for your capabilities. Neil asks if she has any objection to be his life partner. Roshni says not at all. Neil says I have one more surprise for you. Roshni says she needs to call Kesar. Neil says call him later and takes her to show the surprise. Anya asks Sid if everything is fine. Sid says he wants to talk to Roshni. Anya asks him to give her some time and space.

Sid asks what you are telling? You know everything. He says I am going. Anya says I will come. Simran tells Roshni that Anya and Sid went to book banquet hall and smirks. Anya pretends to faint. Sid asks her to come with him. Roshni sees Sid taking anya with him in the lift and is shattered. She thinks if Sid’s mum said truth. She thinks I was going to hurt Neil for Sid who has moved on. Simran smirs seeing Roshni shattered.

Ranjeet is pushed by his friends. Roshni comes and thinks Sid is saying something and doing something. Ranjeet tells his friend that Neil is mad about her. They go to talk to her. Ranjeet says I want to see why my brother is mad about you. Roshni asks him to move back and stay in his limits. Ranjeet tries to get close, but Sid comes and slaps him. He asks how dare you to touch her. Roshni looks on. Sid beats Ranjeet angrily. Ranjeet’s friend runs from there. Sid is about to throw stone on him, but Roshni shouts no.

Sid asks why did you stop me, and asks if you are fine. Roshni says I want to talk to you. Sid says I know, but I want to hear from your mouth, says his ears are yearning to hear her. Roshni cries and says she wants to say….she gets Neil’s call. Neil asks where are you? He asks her to come and says it is urgent. Roshni says okay. Sid asks what you was saying? Roshni says I want to talk and says we will meet in night. She says she will message him address and goes. Mitul puts ointment on Ranjeet’s wounds. Ranjeet says he will expose Roshni/Ragini now.

Mitul asks him to be quiet without proofs else they will kick them out. She sees Ragini coming and scolds her son. She asks her not to tell anything to Neil. Ragini says he should be in jail, and says it is the result of bad upbringing and freedom. She tells Ranjeet that if he does any thing again then she will kill him. Mitul thinks she will expose her.

Sid thinks to freshen up, and keeps his phone down. Roshni thanks someone for the perfect decorations which she has done to surprise Sid. Sid looks at his phone and waits for Roshni’s call. Someone comes there. Roshni thinks Sid came, and says you have beautify my life and picked up my shattered pieces of life. She says when you touched me, everything got perfect. She says she wished for perfect husband, jamai, friend, and life was perfect. She says I was blinded for sometime, and ran away from true love. She says I have realized what did I lose? She says we are not perfect, but I know that you and our relation are perfect. She says she is feeling light today and wants to laugh today. She says I want to fly high and want to tell everyone that I love you…..She smiles and says I love you. The man turns out to be Neil, he comes to her and holds her hands. Neil says finally you said this. Roshni is shocked. Neil says I wanted to hear this. Sid is stuck in traffic jam. Roshni turns and is shocked to see Neil. Neil asks her not to get emotional and hugs her. Roshni cries.

Naina and Simran also comes there and congratulates them. Naina says it is so beautiful and congratulates them. Roshni thinks what is happening? Neil says all thanks to Simran, and says she has co ordinated this. Roshni thinks why did you do this Maa? Simran smirks and says Roshni asked her to do this. Simran asks Neil not to postpone the marriage. Naina says Neil and Ragini will marry on the same day as Anya and Sid, double dhamaka.

Simran smirks. Neil says we can’t wait for longer now. Sid comes there and thinks why did Roshni call me here, away from the city and calls Roshni. Naina calls Anya and tells her that Neil and Ragini also will get married with you in a week. Simran thinks I won’t let you come back to my son’s life. A flashback is shown, Simran reads Roshni’s message, and saves her number as Roshni’s number in Sid’s phone, thinks she will send a different address to Sid.

Anya calls Sid and tells him that their marriage is fixed along with Neil and Ragini’s marriage. Sid is shocked. He comes home and asks Simran why she is playing games till now. He says even though that you know that I love her and she loves me and asks her to accept it soon. Simran says I don’t know what you are saying? She says I don’t want to get involved in this. Sid says you are involved in all issues. Simran says Roshni doesn’t love you and shows him video in which Roshni is saying I love you. Sid is shocked.

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