Update: Thursday On King Of Hearts (Episode 484-485)

Roshni continues to cry. Sid says she will not come if you call her, but she will come when her Sid calls her. He calls Roshni and says it is me Siddharth. He asks her to come out and wishes her happy birthday. He brings candle on the cupcake, and cuts it on Roshni’s behalf, and also cuts his finger. Roshni looks at his injured finger, but doesn’t get affected. Sid says you are not affected as you are Ragini Desai. He says new name, new style, new clothes, life style, life and relations. He asks why? He shouts and asks why? He asks why this drama? He asks why did you leave me to die every moment. He says you don’t have the right to kill my Roshni. He asks why???

He holds closer to Roshni and says I was thinking why my love didn’t give me a chance to meet my Roshni once, but my love was not betraying me. He says my Roshni was betraying me. He asks why did you leave me so far. Roshni cries. She asks him to leave her hand. Sid says I have felt this pain since 2 years, and now you have to bear it. Roshni asks him to leave her hand. He says you can go if I leave you, and then I will die. I can’t let you go. Roshni shouts asking him to leave her.

Roshni says I went far from you as I can’t bear tears and emotions. She says this is what we get when we are together. She says whoever was near us, left us. She says our relation has ruined everything. I feel suffocated and feels like burden in this relation. I can’t see us romancing and the people around us getting killed. She says I have killed Roshni Patel who knew only to love. She asks sid, do you accept love which is kept on someone’s death. She holds his face and says I want to show what Roshni have went through. She asks him to look around and see what she has lost. She says DD Patel and Mrs. Khurana were never friendly. She says you have lost your sasumom. She says open your eyes and see. She asks I can’t forget anything…She says I killed Roshni and moved on….She says God knows that Roshni loves only Sid…but she was Roshni, but I am Ragini…I don’t feel any emotions or love. Sid is shocked.

She says I’m Ragini , not Roshni. We both can’t ever be together. She says it is just a feeling. Siddharth and Roshni are just a feeling not real. Sid says that you see everything I see only Roshni. She says that you’re thinking about yourself, this time I’ll die myself if anyone gets destroyed because of us. She says you are living without Roshni na. Aanya is good for you. Keep living as you are. Roshni goes away making him leave her hand.

Mami sees them and thinks something is wrong. Sid says we have suffered a lot ,our love has , now we won’t. Ragini goes and hugs Neil saying take me home. She is crying. They sit in car and she sees Sid staring at them. He runs behind the car as they go away. Sid has flashbacks of them and is walking on a road as a song plays.

Roshni is thinking and crying. Neil looks at her in concern. She remembers how she told Sid of him coming between mom and her. Sid remembers what talk they had today. Roshni remembers Sid saying the difference between us is you see everything , I see only Roshni. Sid takes Roshni’s pic and pours alcohol on it he throws it in fire. As the pic is heating he tries to blow the fire out.
He lies down on road. 

Neil gives a tissue to Roshni seeing her cry. She says I’m sorry. He asks why. She says made so many efforts for me and I..he says then don’t ask for gift if I forgive you. She smiles. She feels cold. Neil turns off the AC for her and opens the window. Neil says I don’t want to know what happened to you. 

Simran is concerned as Sid isn’t home. She says I think something will go wrong as it is Roshni’s birthday. Raj asks her to calm down , he’ll be fine. Bunty and Raj go to find Sid and he finds him laying on road. Sid falls as they reach home. He laughs and says where do I go dad. Bhag ke kahan jaye deewana jab ishq ho gaya begana. He tells Raj and says she is alive dad, Roshni. He says I’m fine dad. Sid stumbles in his room , he sees her pic. Raj says why are you drunk for someone who is dead.

Raj says she was my daughter I love her , I remember her. Sid says yes dad remember her, very much, she left us. Sid says I felt sad because she wasn’t with me , I never remembered her. I felt void without her. He looks at her photo. Rubaru plays. He says I felt the void of Roshni. He says she is in my life, in my heart. After she left, now I remember. She left me, away from me. Very far. I can’t feel her inside me. Now I remember a lot. I wish I hadn’t met her, at least she would have been with me.

Sid tells his family that Ragini has snatched his Roshni from him. He breaks Roshni’s photo frame angrily. He says I was idealistic. He says Roshni’s death news was fake, everything was a lie. Raj and Bunty are shocked. Sid says well played sweet heart. Bunty feels his pain and gets teary eyes. He says I don’t understand it. Sid says your brother in law’s life is ruined. He says that girl have ruined me. Raj is shocked too. Sid says I don’t understand either and asks him not to get emotional. He says did you remember hitler Desai, she is my sasumom’s reflection….Roshni. He says she is my Roshni, then says he is not my Roshni but Ragini. He says Ragini has killed my Roshni. He says I have to stay alone now. He says your saala is finished.

Raj is in shock. Sid tells him that Roshni has snatched smile from my face. She has done wonder, now this is life.  He says when I met Roshni after two years, I couldn’t stop staring at her. I hugged her and looked at her. He says she was standing alive in front of me. He says she asked me to stay my life with someone’s else, and she will spend her life with someone else. He says she has taken my life from me. He says people do change. He says he is tired and lie down on the floor. He feels pain as the glass piece pierced into his feet. Raj asks what have you done? Sid says this wound is nothing in front of what Roshni did to me. Raj thinks Roshni is alive.

Neil asks Ragini to sleep for sometime, and says we will meet tomorrow in office. Roshni holds his hand and thanks him. She says I mean it. You are really a good friend. Neil says I know, I am the best. He hugs her and says good night before leaving. Roshni looks at the flower vase and puts water in it. She thinks about their conversation juda hoke bhi song plays. The water overflows from the vase as she is lost thinking. She sees water over flowing and cries. She asks DD to help her, says she went far from Sid. She asks why did he come back? She says why am I feeling weak again and cries.

Neil comes back home. Mami asks where was you? She says everyone was asking about Ragini and you. She says Ragini was looking sad and I might know the reason. Neil says he don’t want to listen and goes. Mama comes and laughs on her. He says Neil has shown your place in one go. Mami asks him to stop it and says I will enquire what is cooking between Ragini and Jamai Raja.

Neil gets Ragini’s call. She says she wants to shift to Delhi and can’t stay there anymore. Neil says I am in lobby, will sit and discuss. Ragini says okay. Just then she hears someone knocking on the door. She opens the door and finds Raj standing.

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