Update: Monday On The Vow (Episode 444-446)

Sindoora is stunned to see Sagar at the party and runs to keep him away from Divya! Just then, Kartar sends Amar away to fetch some groceries. Sindoora orders Chandra to ask her men to be after Amar as he is in Delhi! Chandra orders her men to keep an eye on all the waiters.

Henna is applied on Divya's hand but she is gloomy thinking about Amar. She is asked to dance and is heading towards Amar when Sindoora sees Amar and takes him away so that Divya cannot see him. Sindoora and Amar come face to face with each other for the first time.

Sindoora slyly puts a bracelet inside Amar's pocket. Chandra comes then and tells her that she has lost her bracelet. Sindoora accuses one of the waiters of having stolen it. Kartar protests but agrees to have his men checked. Amar and he are shocked when he removes the bracelet from Amar's pocket.

Sindoora accuses Amar but he pleads innocence. She then blames Kartar for hiring a thief like him and sending him to a party of the elite! Kartar scolds Amar for betraying his trust. Sindoora then asks Chandra to make sure that Amar and Divya don't see each other and also asks her to order Ranga and his men to do their job. When Amar is leaving the premises, he gets thrashed by Sindoora's hoodlums, and Divya feels that Amar is nearby and in big trouble.

The chain with the holy bead falls off from Amar's neck. Divya collapses and hurts her head. Rajiv is tending to her when Divya momentarily regains consciousness and says that Amar is nearby. She passes off again. Rajiv comes out of the party and Kartar tells him about Amar, the boy from Benares, being a cheat. He wonders whether all this is Sindoora's ploy! When Amar is walking on the road, a man gives him a life.

Sindoora tells Guruji that it was the most dreadful moment for her to see Amar and Divya together, and she is sure that they have returned as Sagar and Vidya, respectively. Guruji replies that they have, so she should understand its implication. Sindoora asserts that she will not them unite but he replies that Divya and Amar will get married exactly 2 months later and reunite. And the day this would happen, her defeat will be inevitable! 

However, an arrogant Sindoora retorts that she will see whether the stars win or she will! Meanwhile, the man who helped Amar takes him to a house where Sindoora greets him as Sagar. He says that he is Amar, not Sagar. Sindoora offers Amar a job for Rs. 10,000/- and he accepts it. Later, Sindoora tells Chandra that if one has to finish off the enemy, then he should be nearby!

The compelling saga about a genteel, lovely but illiterate girl, Vidya who hails from the holy town of Benares in India, and marries Sagar under strange circumstances. Sagar is the son of a rich landlord but has been rendered intellectually challenged because of an accident. Sindoora, Sagar's eldest stepsister, is very greedy and wants to grab all of her deceased father's property that he had willed to Vidya before dying. She hates Vidya and spares no opportunity to humiliate and torture her, along with the help of her other two sisters, Mahua and Chandra.

However, Vidya tries to keep the family united with her calm demeanour and extraordinary patience. With her love, she even manages to get Sagar on the right track and he eventually falls in love with her, but their new found happiness is short-lived. The plot takes an interesting twist when Sagar and Vidya get killed by Sindoora but they are reborn as Amar and Divya, respectively. Will they be able to avenge their death from Sindoora in their new life?

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