Update: Monday On The Vow (Episode 429-431)

Guruji tells Sindoora that God has given her the answer. He then asks Divya how Benares was and says that her roots are here and she will stay back because her future is linked with this house. On one hand, Sindoora realises that Divya is the one whom Guruji had warned her of; on the other, Samrat assumes that Divya will belong to him!

Meanwhile, Rajiv asks Divya about her trip and Amar but she remains evasive. On the other hand, Amar is in a dilemma wondering how to arrange for the money because nobody is willing to help him. Bindiya promises to ask her father for help and not let any harm befall Chintu.

Meanwhile, Sindoora tells Chandra that Amar is indeed Sagar and Divya is Vidya. Chandra tells Sindoora that she can kill Divya any time. Sindoora says that she won't do anything wrong for the next 15 days but will surely let Divya get a whiff about Samrat and Kamna's relationship. On the other hand, Kamna tells Divya that she is in love and speaks out her feelings to Divya.

Divya too thinks about her feelings for Amar. When Divya asks her who her love is, Kamna only replies that even she knows him but before Kamna can reveal his name, Samrat enters the room. Samrat decides to silence Kamna somehow. Meanwhile, Bindiya pleads with her father to help Amar, so he agrees. On the other hand, Divya continues to be lost in thoughts of Amar. She begins to eat with a spoon but then remembers Amar's words and starts eating with her hand!

Seeing this, Samrat says that it's good to imbibe the local values because she will, anyway, be staying back! Divya assures him that Guruji's prophecy will turn untrue because she would be leaving for London in 2 days. Divya decides that she must go away from Amar. On the other hand, Bindiya's father agrees to help Amar only if marries Bindiya. Amar is stunned!

Amar gets furious with Bindiya's father and says that he won't let him take advantage of his helplessness. Bindiya's mother tells her husband that Amar will not return to him but he asserts that Amar will have to come back to him. Meanwhile, the owner of taxis gives Amar some money and his wife offers him her jewellery but Amar refuses to accept it. In Delhi, Samrat asks Divya to stay back but she replies that her governess, Mrs. Samantha, is waiting for her.

Samrat then informs her that Mrs. Samantha is no more. Divya is devastated while Samrat is relieved that Divya will not be going to London! On the other hand, Amar returns home and overhears his father telling his mother that they will have to vacate the house immediately because the new proprietor would take possession of it.

Meanwhile, Kamna turns up in Samrat's room but he asks her not to meet him. She expresses her desire to spend the next day with him because it is her birthday, so he promises to take her to the same hotel where they had spent good times. Chintu asks Amar whether Divya had phoned, so Amar asks him not to think about people who are not worthy of it! Chintu then gives Amar money that he owes him, so Amar breaks down.

Chintu's condition worsens then and Amar is devastated! Divya is sitting on a wall looking at the pendant of her parents when Samrat touches her and she gets startled. In the process the pendant falls down the cliff, so she is upset. Samrat decides to use the situation to his advantage and goes down the valley to get it. Divya asks him why he had risked his life, so he lies that he loves her. On the other hand, Amar agrees to marry Bindiya.

Bindiya's father gives Amar the money and puts forth another condition that Bindiya must not hear about the deal. Amar agrees. Meanwhile, Samrat takes Divya to a restaurant and Kamna too comes to the same place! She gets upset to see him with Divya. Samrat sees Kamna and realises his mistake! Meanwhile, Amar's father is about to hand over the house to the new owner when Amar gives him the money.

Amar lies that he has taken a loan from the taxi owner. On the other hand, Samrat cooks up a story about wanting to pacify Divya because she had lost her governess, so Kamna feels guilty about suspecting him! Meanwhile, Amar calls Bindiya home and tells her that he wants to marry her.

On the other hand, Samrat tells Divya that perhaps she has fallen in love for the first time in life! Samrat asks Divya to shut her eyes and Bindiya asks Amar to shut his. Samrat asks Divya whether it was him she had seen with her eyes closed, and Bindiya asks Amar whether he had seen her. In reality, Divya and Amar see each other with their eyes closed!

Later, Divya goes to the prayer room and tells Lord Shambhunath that she is in love with Amar and is confused. Just then a flower falls on the Holy Text placed. She is about to lift it when she hears a man's voice say, 'I have brought it for you, Vidya.' She then recalls Amar's mother says that the text will offer an answer to all her dilemmas. Divya is taken aback to read a line that says Lord Rama is incomplete without His consort Sita!

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