Update: Monday On The Vow (Episode 399-401)

Divya makes the cross sign in front of Lord Shambhunath and prays saying that although she does not know Him, He seems like He would grant every wish. She rings the temple bell and just then sees Sindoora. Samrat comes to Divya's rescue. Sindoora wonders why her past has resurfaced! Why Divya looks so strikingly similar to Vidya! Whether Samrat was only a means to bring Divya here, and if she indeed is Vidya, then was Sagar also reborn? Meanwhile, in Benares, far away from Delhi, Amar, who looks just like Sagar, is a local tour guide.

Amar returns home and relishes the `kheer' prepared by his mother. His father asks him whether he made any money for the day. He scolds Amar of being irresponsible and spoiling other children too in the locality. On the other hand, in Sindoora's home, when `paratha' (Indian bread) is served, Divya tells Samrat that it's too oily. Samrat informs her that only Sindoora decides the menu and nobody dare question her. Divya apologises to Sindoora but asserts that she can't eat it. Sindoora asks the cook to get what Divya wants for breakfast. An excited Divya then says that she wants to see all of India but Samrat reminds her that Sindoora doesn't like people talking loudly.

Divya replies that a dining table is a place where the entire family sits together and one must talk! Rajiv is pleased that there's someone to challenge Sindoora's grip over the house! Meanwhile, in Benares, Bindiya, a girl from Amar's neighbourhood, harasses Amar although she loves him. On the other hand, Samrat asks for Rs. 100,000/- from Sindoora to entertain Divya but she advises him to spend sensibly. Samrat asks her to endure Divya because things will soon change for the better. Sindoora gives him the money. Samrat thinks that once he marries Divya, he wouldn't need to beg from Sindoora any more!

Divya sees the help going inside a room and wonders who is inside, little realising that it is Uma who is still waiting for Sagar and Vidya to return! Divya is about to step inside the room when Samrat stops her. In Benares, Amar's younger brother, Chintu, gives Bindiya an idea to woo Amar. When Amar is bathing in River Ganges, Chintu takes Amar's towel away and gives it to Bindiya. Bindiya harasses him for a while but he manages to snatch his clothes. Amar gets furious and chases Chintu but Chintu faints.

Amar manages to revive him but decides that he must take him to Delhi to show him to a good doctor. Meanwhile, Samrat takes Divya to the family jeweller. The jeweller sees Divya and addresses her as Vidya. Divya is surprised and says that she is not Vidya. When she picks an ornament, he says that even Vidya used to like such delicate jewelleries. Divya then goes to a handicrafts shop and Aniket sees her. He calls her Vidya, so Divya says that that she is not Vidya. Aniket holds her hand, so Divya screams for help. Bystanders catch him and she goes away. Aniket warns her to be wary of the lady who had killed her! Divya returns home and ponders over the day's incidents. Hema asks her whether she recalls anything, but stops short on seeing Sindoora. At the dinner table, Divya asks Sindoora who Vidya is. Sindoora and the others are shocked!

Divya says that she's called Vidya by everyone, so she asks Sindoora who Vidya is because even she had addressed her by the same name. Sindoora walks away. Meanwhile, Amar hires a taxi named Vidya Sagar to take tourists around Benares and says that he likes the name a lot! Amar hopes that he can make good money for the day. On his way, Amar sees his father talking to Bindiya's father and wonders why he was appealing to her father.

Meanwhile, Divya meets Sindoora and asks her whether she really looks like Vidya and who Vidya was. Sindoora lies that Vidya had destroyed her family and snatched the only heir to the family away, and that's why nobody wanted to discuss Vidya. On the other hand, Hema tells Divya that she must be wondering what the link between Vidya and she is, so Divya requests her never to speak about Vidya. But Hema asserts that she has been reborn as Vidya and returned to her own home! Divya asks her to go away.

Meanwhile, Amar asks Bindiya what his father was talking about with her father, so she says that she'll find out. In Sindoora's house, Harish is happy with Hema's scheme to remind Divya about Vidya so that Sindoora gets scared of her and does not let Samrat marry her. And they could thus get Samrat married to Cheenu's daughter, Kamna, instead! On the other hand, the mystery about Vidya continues to baffle and worry Divya. She wonders where Vidya and the heir who died because of Vidya are. Meanwhile, Amar absent-mindedly ends up drawing someone's eyes and wonders whose eyes he always ends up sketching!

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