Update: Monday On The Vow 2 (Episode 414-416)

Amar informs the priest that they had taken refuge in the temple because of the riots the previous night. The priest asks them to return home because his parents must be worried. Meanwhile, Bindiya is upset hearing that Amar had gone to fetch Divya from the airport. Divya asks her father to speak about her marriage proposal soon. Bindiya's father promises his wife that if anyone from Amar's family dares to reject Bindiya's proposal, then he will bring them to the streets! On the other hand, Amar takes Divya to the lodge but the manager informs him that all the room are occupied.

Divya suggests to Amar that she can stay in his house, so he agrees. However, tongues begin to wag when neighbours see Amar and Divya together. A neighbour comes to Amar's house and accuses Amar of having spent a night in the temple with Divya, a foreigner, and foreigners had no morals! Amar gets furious with the man for slandering Divya! Amar assures his father that he has not committed a sin and they had taken refuge only because of the riots.

Amar's father asserts to his neighbours that although Amar may have many shortcomings, he will never cross his limits. Later, Amar's mother gives Divya a sari to wear. Meanwhile, Chandra informs Rajiv that he will have to leave for Singapore for an important business deal. Rajiv refuses initially but eventually agrees. Rajiv is surprised when Chandra informs him that he will have to leave later at night itself. Sagar is surprised and impressed to see Divya in a sari but suddenly, recalls images of Vidya in a sari.

Amar and his family sit for dinner, and he asks Divya to forget about spoons and forks, and eat with her hand instead. Meanwhile, Rajiv tells Mahua that Sindoora wants him out of the way because of Samrat and Kamna. He brings to Mahua's notice how Sindoora's behaviour towards Kamna had changed after Divya's arrival. Rajiv fears that something wrong is going to happen. Later at night, Divya tells Amar that she feels her parents have become stars in the sky. Amar recalls hazy images of a boy who tells a girl that those who die turn stars! Divya tells her that perhaps somebody had told her so but she can't recall who.

Divya then phones Samrat from Amar's house and informs him that she is in Benares. Sindoora is stunned when Samrat tells her that Divya is in Benares and realises that it is no coincidence, and Divya is indeed Vidya! Sindoora asks Chandra to trace the call from Benares right away! On the other hand, Amar's mother prepares `kheer' and says that Amar loves it. Divya can't figure out how she already knows that Amar likes it! Suddenly Divya completes the recipe of `kheer' that Amar's mother mentions. Divya and Amar's mother are surprised.

Amar relishes it, so his mother mentions that Divya has prepared it! Amar is impressed and keeps looking at Divya, so Chintu slyly puts a green chilli in his dish, and Amar eats it! Amar realises Chintu's prank and begins to chase him. In the process, Amar collides into Divya and holds her. Just then Bindiya comes to the room and asks Divya why she has come to Amar's house as well! Meanwhile, Chandra gives Sindoora the phone number and says that they'll find out whose number it is and inform their men. Samrat overhears.

Sindoora tells Samrat that they had just found about Divya and she wanted her men to only find out if she was all right. Samrat asks Chandra to give him the number. Meanwhile, Amar tells Bindiya that Divya is his guest and is good at heart. Bindiya apologises to Divya for speaking rudely with her, so Divya forgives her. Bindiya decides to play `Antakshri', a singing game. Amar starts singing a romantic song when he again recollects an image of a lady wearing a sari. Bindiya is not too pleased hear him sing the entire song. Later, Divya praises the simple and happy lives they lead but Amar replies that they are always short of money. Just then, cops arrive and give Divya her suitcase and purse.

They inform her that the riots are under control now. Divya says that she can now leave for Delhi. She tells Amar that she can never forget her Benares trip. Divya extends a hand of friendship towards Amar and asks him to call her Divya, not madam. Bindiya too places her hand on theirs and says that she is also a friend, but Amar snubs her. Bindiya feels hurt. Divya tells Amar that Bindiya loves him, so he replies that she is only a friend. Divya says that friends can become lovers too, so Amar asks her whether there can be anything more than friendship between them also then!

Divya gets flustered. Just then Samrat phones Divya and she mentions that she is living with Amar's family. She abruptly ends the conversation when Amar calls out to her. Samrat is very annoyed. Sindoora overhears this. Chandra informs Sindoora that she has already sent Divya's photograph and informed her men to do their job. Sindoora tells her that they will use Kamna to lure Samrat to stay back in Delhi and not let him go to Benares! Mahua overhears and realises that Rajiv's suspicions were right. Sindoora then phones Amar's house and is stunned to hear Sagar's voice on the other end!

Chandra tells Sindoora that she must be imagining things but she asserts that it was indeed Sagar! Chandra redials the number but Chintu answers it, so she reassures Sindoora. However, Sindoora asks Chandra to acquire full information about the man whom she had spoken to, earlier.

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