Update: Monday On King Of Hearts (Episode 496-497)

Siddharth apologizes to Naina. Naina says she forgave him and asks him to have food. Siddharth says they want to make an announcement and that they have decided that they will all go on an overnight picnic. He says he and his father have brought a big farm house in Lonavala and they have to go at least once. Neil apologizes that he can’t go. Siddharth asks Naina if Neil was very boring and studying types. He thought to play games there.

Neil tells Ragini that they will also go for picnic. Naina smiles. Roshni looks on. Mama calls Mitul. Mitul is seen eating mango in the kitchen. He says she just knows two things, one to spy and other is eating mangoes. He slips and falls down. Mitul asks how they will go on picnic now. Mama writhes in pain. The doctor does his bandage, and says no picnic and he should rest. Mama tells Neil and everyone to go that he will manage. Neil tells Mithul that the car have come, and they would leave. Mama says he will take care. Neil holds Siddharth’s hand and asks him to sit at the back seat with him. Siddharth agrees. While In the car, they were playing antakshiri. Siddharth sings Acha sila diya tune and asks Ragini to sing. Everyone sings. Just then the driver loses balance on the car and tells them the break have failed. Everyone is shocked. The driver somehow manages to stop the car. Neil scolds the driver.

The driver says he has checked, but Siddharth asks Neil to take the family members under the tree and that he will handle the driver and see the car. He gives money to the driver for good acting and asks him to go. Siddharth tells that they have to stay there till other car comes. Neil suggests that they should walk till they reach the farmhouse. Roshni decline and claims that it is hot. Siddharth says he brought umbrellas. They start walking holding umbrella. Neil praises Siddharth for his thought. Anya too praises Siddharth. Roshni stumbles and she broke her sandal heel. Mitul asks her to break other heel of her sandal. Neil lifts Roshni in his arms and starts walking. Roshni asks if he is sure? Neil says he will try.

They reach the farmhouse. Naina compliment the farm house and they go inside the farmhouse. Siddharth looks at Roshni. Roshni says Neil lifted her as her heels was broken. Siddharth goes near her and gets closer. Roshni called Siddharth name. Siddharth too called Roshni name. She asks him what? Siddharth gets very much closer and asks if she ask any explanation from her. He asks her to freshen up. Roshni thinks when did he clarify? Anya tells Siddharth that Arav is getting better. Siddharth says he is very happy and her heart is saying that everything will be fine.

Siddharth says he will start his second plan, and Neil have to trapped for this. He have to make her realize that every relation is not perfect, but they have to make it perfect. Anya says Mitul will help them. Anya prays to God to help them. Mitul comes there and asks what happened? Anya says she was praying for everyone and prayed that they should reach home safely. Mitul says she will take out evil eye from them all. Naina says there is wrong in her mind and asks her to enjoy the picnic. Siddharth thinks Mitul will execute his plan now.

Aanya and Neil's aunt uses incense in the house and it makes the people in the house feel suffocated. Everybody gets out of the house and accuses Aanya's aunt. Later,all the people decide to sit in the park and have some snack. At the same time, Aanya says that she wants to eat spicy noodles. Siddharth says he will make noodles for his love on the candle and asks Anya to see if something is burning. Anya says yes. Ragini looks on. Siddharth says he is talking about candle. Siddharth makes the noodles and makes Anya have it. Anya says it is tasty. Roshni recalls Siddharth making noodle for her. Siddharth asks Ragini where the sauce is. Naina says it is inside. Roshni goes to bring it.

Siddharth asks Neil why Ragini seems to be lost and asks if he is sure. Siddharth asks where the plates is and goes to bring it. Roshni asks why did he come? Siddharth says his Anya likes spicy and he came to take spices. Roshni says she is not interested in his talks. Siddharth gets closer to her and asks her to wipe her face. Mithul comes there and claims she came to take water. Siddharth gives her angry look and then smile. Mithul is confused. Siddharth asks Ragini to bring a plate for Neil. Neil says it is okay that he will eat from his mum’s plate. Siddharth and Anya displays their affection publicly leads Roshni to get jealous listen to their romantic conversation.

Later in the evening, everyone is sitting near the bonfire. Anya says it is boring and says they should play dumb she rads. Mithul acts as getting attacks. Ragini recognized the word as murder. Siddharth says he thought it is mirgi. Anya tells Ragini and Siddharth will be in one team and they will be in other. Roshni describes him the word with the signs. Siddharth couldn’t say it right. Roshni holds his hand and gets closer. They both are lost in each other’s embrace. Siddharth says the word titanic correctly. Roshni hugs him and says he is the best, she was about to express her feeling with " l" but she stops and says she is impressed. Siddharth says she didn’t completely the last two words. He then say "I love you too Roshni" and further says he is impressed. Anya tells Roshni that she have used her husband and it is not allowed in game. Siddharth says he was used and laughs. Everyone laughs. Siddharth plays the next and signs Ragini about the word. Ragini says dil, rishta. Anya says time up. Neil says it was love story.

Naina laughs and says even a buddu could figure out. Siddharth says yes. Anya plays next. Neil guesses it right. Naina says she will go and have beauty sleep. Ragini says she will also sleep. Neil suggests they should sleep outside. Anya says it is good and asks how? Neil says sometimes he do exciting things. Ragini asks how? He says he will set tents for everyone. Siddharth says offers to help him and bring stuff from inside, as ladies are ladies. Neil says men have to do the work, and asks Ragini to sit. Neil and Siddharth make the tents, and says they will all sleep in nature’s lap. Siddharth says they have done wonderful. Neil asks everyone to go and sleep in different tents. Siddharth says Ragini and him have the same color tent.

Ragini says she wants to change her tent. Anya says they will not scare him as ghosts. Neil says he would love to invite her in my tent, but they are binded by the society rules. Siddharth thank god that society rules. Ragini agrees that she will manage. Neil assures her that her tent is strong. Ragini says okay. Siddharth says good job. Neil asks Siddharth to sleep well and hugs him. Anya and Siddharth say I love you to each other, and says society rules, they have to sleep in different tents. They say god bight to each other. Anya leaves. Siddharth gets in his tent. He asks Roshni, if she needs his help. Roshni closes the tent.

Later in the night, the tent in which Roshni was staying falls down on her. Siddharth runs to her rescue and helps her come out of the tent. Roshni hugs him. Neil and others come out. Mithul blames Neil for the ill- planning of the tent. Neil says he have done it personally, and apologizes. Siddharth recalls taking out the rod from the ground. Mami says she has done everything and taking off evil eye then how did this happen. Siddharth says even his mom believes on this inauspicious things and says she knows some healer. He says there is nothing wrong and how can she think everything is inauspicious. Siddharth says how can she believe on these things. A scared Roshni decides to go back to her room. Neil takes her to the room. Meanwhile, Siddharth says good night, he rolls a paper and silently throws same paper from his pocket near Aanya's aunt.

Mitul Mami pick the paper and sees Aura healer number. She says she will contact him. The next day, Naina says the idea of picnic was really refreshing and praises Siddharth. At the same time, a priest enters (Bunty as Aura healer). Naina says she didn’t call him. Mitul says she called him. The healer goes to Siddharth and says who is this handsome guy? Siddharth says he is his parents’ son. The healer says he is a diamond. He starts pointing out the things that are good and bad in the house. Roshni says he have seen him somewhere. The healer says he come in girls’ dream. He tells Neil that there is some danger. Neil says new mad fellow has come and asks Ragini to come for the launch. Naina gives them best wishes.

Ragini tells her employees that it is the collaboration launch of Khurana and Neil company and says it is an important day. Siddharth admires her beauty. Neil takes her pictures. A photographer sees the picture and asks Neil, why did he call him. Neil says no, he just clicked the pictures. While Roshni is walking, she falls down as she steps on the wire. Siddharth runs to hold her. Roshni falls in his embrace. The photographer says nice pose. Roshni excuses herself. Ragini asks Neil, if he see the cover picture? Anya says they should get Puja and tells about the recent incidents. Neil asks what happened to everyone. Roshni says they should get it done. Neil agrees. Roshni says it is late, and asks them to go home that she will do the work. Neil says she want all the credit and asks how mean? Roshni says of course she is mean and asks them to go. They leave.

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