Update: Friday Update On Sands Of Time

Nethra faints while leaving and she is taken to hospital where doctor says that she is serious as this 9th month. Jia thinks it was all because of her that Nethra is in hospital but Shekhar's Mom tells her that Nethra deserves it because she has done a lot of bad to their family. Jia tries to talk to Devyani and her mother but both avoid her. Inspector comes and tell Jia that they are not able to find Kshom. Jia tells God that she has not done anything bad to anyone and she loved Kshom with his whole heart then why he left her.

Doctor tells Devyani that they have to deliver the baby now because baby has changed his position and its very critical condition. Gyan and his wife now know the truth that the girl who was going marry Shekhar is pregnant. Jia and Shekhar makes special footage for television which aired live, Jia is telling that she loves Kshom very much and he should come back. On the other hand, Kshom is talking to Jia's picture that he will never ever come back. Kshom is not able to see Jia footage on television. Kshom is walking in the middle of the road and thinking of the beautiful moments which he had shared with Jia and a speeding truck comes from the other side.

The truck speeds towards Kshom. It's then seen that people encompassing the dead body. Later, Jia is decking herself as a married woman. She tells Shekhar that she had a dream where Kshom tells her that he is coming tonight. Netra after delivering is acting as a lady of repentance who has changed her self. Gyan tells her that she should stay at Pandey residence appeasing her.

Jia and Shekhar are sitting at the police station waiting for Kshoms news. Jia gets hyper. She is taken to the Pandey residence where the doctor gives her a sedative. Gyan gets a call from police. Gyan and Shekhar go to the police station where they are told to identify a dead body. They are appalled to find Kshom's wallet, coat etc…. Concurrently Jia also follows them to the police station.

Jia calls up Shekhar and asks him his whereabouts, he manages to catch Jia before she can ask a constable about Kshom. Shekhar and Gyan decide not to tell Jia about Kshoms death, Rukmini on the other hand believes they should.

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