Update: Friday Update On Sands Of Time

Jia tells Tannu that there is an acting assignment waiting for her, which motivates tannu to escape from Gurmeet. Tannu even impresses Shekhar and jia with her confidence. But when she later realizes that she has to perform in real life to save Jia's husband Kshom . She backs out foreseeing the unseen danger.

Gyan and Rukmani meet Kshom where Kshom makes it very apparent that he does not need any help. We find it is none other than jia who had sent gyan and Rukmani to help. Gurmeet accidentally meets jia and develops a liking for her. The episode ends with Tannu agreeing to act for jia with a promise made by Gurmeet that she does not have to get married to her and go to Bathinda.

Kshom feels dejected to find that Shekhar is taking the care of jia and feels odd man out. Jia and Dakshi's confrontation takes place at the insurance office where Dakshi convinces the officials that she is the legal nominee to her husband's insurance amount. Dakshi is baffled to realize that kshom has been released on bail.

Here Tanisha makes karan drool over her and Dakshi barges in making Karan restless. He inreturn puts Dakshi into the room. Dakshi and Karan start discussing confessing candidly their intentions which gurmeet records it through tape recorder. Jia comes to know that Kshom has got a bail .She instantly rushes to her house where Kshom is seeing the pictures of him and her as a couple blankly.

Kshom and Jia have verbal conversation reflecting a certain quantum of disparity between them. Dakshi comes with the cops accusing kshom for assaulting her. Kshom's bail is cancelled and he is taken back to the jail. Jia tells Dakshi that she will be paid for her misdeeds.

Jia motivates Tannu to be more careful dealing with Karan and Dakshi. For the first time Tannu 's magical trick fails and Karan pushes her out of his hotel room as he was stuffing his goods into his bags with an intention of leaving the country. As he was about to leave some goons attack him in the room and steal his bags. Karan is appalled to realize that his passport is lost.

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